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  1. there's a list of pubs showing the match on the Telegraph website. would have thought the Neptune would be best bet.
  2. Can they provide you with an upgraded ticket there and then or do you pick ticket up at wembley.
  3. I was told I can upgrade my senior ticket to a full priced one on Saturday or Sunday.
  4. I find that image of Lawrence and Lampard very moving.
  5. I'll be in block 516 unless I pop me clogs before Monday.
  6. The F1 bus to Alvaston from the bus station drops you off at the Velodrome, it runs every 15 mins.
  7. There are no buses from Melbourne to Pride Park anymore. The only bus from Melbourne is the number 2 into town.
  8. As a fully fledged Rams fan from birth (76 years),made my heart skip a beat today, thanks for that. But why does it do it for you Angry, a Londoner ?
  9. I was there the last time we played them, 1957 we were top of the 3rd Div North, we won the league that season. there was over 24,000 there that day, 2 - 2 was the result. I was 14 at the time and still remember the team that played that season especially Martin McDonnell the centre half and Terry Webster goal keeper .Happy Days
  10. The 25th for me unfortunately my 77th Christmas day.
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