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  1. This is the latest match on Rams tv, and what a match it was,we won 5- 0. But it was also the day I did one of the most embarrassing and shameful things in my time as a Rams fan. I was waiting at a bus stop on Harvey road for a bus to take me to the Osmaston Park hotel for a pre match pint,the traffic was bumper to bumper,I could see this deluxe coach coming slowly towards me and realized it was the Arsenal team coach. Not being an Arsenal fan I put on the best scowl I could, Bob Wilson smiled at me as he went slowly by, only for the traffic to stop,leaving me eyeball to eyeball with the player I disliked the most in all of football Charlie George. So I did what any self respecting Derby fan would do, I gave him the V sign and mouthed the words F--- off,but the thing is I didn't swear normally I still don't.Charlie looked at me as if to say what a plonker,fortunately the coach started to move and my bus was behind it. I immediately regretted what I did and have regretted it ever since. As you might guess Charlie became one of my all time favorite players perhaps second only to Kevin. To this day I still cringe when I think about it.
  2. I was in Benidorm for the match, it was on in the hotel but I could not watch it.It wasn't till I checked my iPad in the morning that I knew we had won. Today is the first time I have seen the full match, and am I glad I didn't watch it. I am a 78 year old Rams fan and I had a little tear in my eye this afternoon.
  3. Having a bit of a downer this morning I came to the conclusion I will never see the Rams live again. I am 78 and have followed the Rams for 64 of those years. So I watched the classic highlights this morning to cheer myself up. I am glad I did because it answered a question I have asked myself over the years,Which is my all time favorite Derby side, it was this one.I know others on this site will have their own favorite and many on here will not have been born then.I would recommend you watch it to see a wonderful side playing some lovely football,I'm just glad I was around to see it. UTR
  4. Most Saturday nights after 8 pints of pedigree in the Mitre .
  5. August 28th 1967 I went to Rotherham to watch Roy make his debut, the Rotherham centre forward was a guy named Laurie Sheffield, he was one of those in your face players who always played well against us , Not that night though, A wonderful young Roy McFarland had him in his pocket all the match. We all knew then what a great signing he was going to be. Oh dear was that nearly 53 years ago.
  6. yes fake news he is still a registered player.
  7. No carry on as you are, Its good to read A positive poster on any Mel thread.
  8. 77 born during the last great fight, had to use the newspaper to wipe our bums then.
  9. Tell MuespachRam then, he said it wouldn't be a sell out. Then again I wouldn't expect him to say anything positive about the Rams.
  10. In 1957 I was off school with Asian flu, I can't recall how ill I was but I know all my family were ill at the same time,,it must have been bad for my dad to be off work(you didn't get paid for being sick then). I remember it well because it was the year I left school. And I also remember the Ryder Cup was on the television, the first time I had seen any golf. I googled the 1957 Ryder Cup it was October,so I googled Asian flu,it was a pandemic that started in Singapore in Feb of that year, it lasted into 1958 . 1.1million people world wide died from it but what did surprise me was that 3,550 died in England and wales.I doubt there will be as many deaths from coronavirus .
  11. Barrow in Furnace, January 1957 was my first match as a fully blown Rams fan, I was 13 and allowed to go without my dad. It was indeed 3-3.I still have the 1957 Charles Buchan soccer annual, note the term soccer. As for the atmosphere in those days the only time I recall it being loud was when we scored, we called it the Derby roar but there were times when it was just as quiet as PP and you could hear individual comments from the pop side all over the ground. I had my first season ticket in 1966 in C stand and it was just like the West stand on the A, B and C stand, very quiet at times, that is until Oct 1968 the Chelsea cup match, we were even standing on our seats that night, I dont think that noise was ever repeated again at the BBG. But that said just being at the BBG was a wonderful experience for me and I will never forget it. Just to put things into perspective, the pre match music in 1957 was Elizabethan Serenade by Derby composer Ronald Binge listen on you tube and see why it was so quiet.
  12. The player second from the right in the row of five players is Harry Storer, he played for the Rams between 1921 to 1928 he was capped for England twice,he also played cricket for Derbyshire. But more importantly for me he was manager of the Rams when I first started supporting them without going with my dad, in 1955, He was a no nonsense manager and Brian Clough modeled himself on Storer. Even though we were in the third division north I loved those times and I have never lost my love of Derby County. UTR
  13. See my post in another Chris Martin thread with regards to CM medical condition
  14. Before the season started I was having a drink in David Lloyds with my wife when who should come and sit next to us was CM and family. Not to put to finer point on it I thought he had been over doing it in the gym or he was ill,he had lost so much weight. A while later it was disclosed he was suffering a medical condition that I believe to be the same as my wife and son suffer from.30 years ago they both had major surgery.Fortunately they both lead normal lives thanks to that surgery.sufferers of this condition spend a lot of their day on the loo,extreme weight loss and tiredness.So I am not surprised when CM comes off looking knackered. But my lad says he doesn't know how he plays as much as he does.I have much respect for CM since learning of his situation but know he will not be able to play week in week out.
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