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  1. Indeed, Cloughs first season saw us finish lower in the table than Tim Wards last.
  2. I was there that night also, Laurie Sheffield was their centre forward he never got a lookin. But it was Martin Mcdonnel who was my first favorite player, you. would remember him.
  3. It's a little concerning that SP made the announcement and not MM, I hope Mel's alright health wise.
  4. I know this is not strictly to do with the Rams but I have just read an article in the Leicester Mercury regarding a loan Leicester City have taken out with an Australian bank, they need the money to fund player purchases this window. The loan is secured against payments city will receive from the Premier League up to January 2023. In October they took out a loan with the same bank to receive a £17million instalment of Chilwell's transfer fee to Chelsea. It is the ninth loan they have taken out since 2018. Bearing in mind the owners of the club are worth £2.5 billion, it shows that they haven'
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