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  1. Having been a Rams fan for over 60 years I have seen some great forward lines especially in the 70s but my favorite and best for me is Ray Straw,Paddy Ryan,Dennis Woodhead, Tommy Powell and Jack Parry.
  2. If anybody is thinking of turning up at PP on tuesday morning with their family to watch the training session, be aware there are only two blocks open and you must buy tickets on line first. You can't just turn up and get in.
  3. more than 21,000 season tickets sold so far,thats more than last season according to the OS.
  4. Shouldn't that be chaddy as per Jody Morris
  5. His job title is specialist first team coach the same as Scheepers, not sure what that means to be honest.
  6. Dont forget Nugent turned up for training first day back. Did he know something?
  7. I'v been to the states a few times and if you've not got the right paper work, visa waiver etc you don't get in. so any new manager if there is one will need all that.
  8. Looking at the Chelsea management team the head coach position is vacant,then there are ten coaching positions nine Italians and one Portuguese. what if Frank wants his own team do they have to pay off ten people?
  9. How come forest can sack a manager and appoint a new one all on one page of this forum
  10. In my time of being a Rams supporter, from Jack Barker in 1955 to Frank there has been 33 different managers,some good some bad, but thinking about it i'm not sure Frank would get in my top 10. there will be better managers out there somewhere. UTR
  11. Well that was a bit of an anticlimax I must say.
  12. Just Got back from London and read the Evening Standard yesterday. went to great lengths to welcome Petre Cech back home, soon to be joined by legend Frank Lampard. I got the impression the director woman Marina Gramovskaia is orchestrating the whole show no mention of Roman.
  13. I'll go with the Clash,today its should I stay or should I go, last week it was London calling
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