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  1. https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2021/08/202122-season-tickets-on-sale-now
  2. https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2021/08/202122-season-tickets-on-sale-now
  3. Ha Ha, but he did know how to enjoy himself on a Saturday night.
  4. On Channel 4 this afternoon the whole match in colour, If you've never seen it before it will be worth watching. In 1966 I had been a Rams fan for 10 years all in the third and second divisions. I bought my first season ticket after we won. Something I particularly remember that I had not seen before was the German Helmut Haller, who played his football in Italy, rolling round on the floor in fake agony after being tackled .So I will watch it to make sure my memory is not playing tricks. Incidentally Haller was playing for Juventus when we played them in European cup semi final and Peter Taylor accused him of tapping up the German referee, It would seem that he was right about that ,as it was alleged the ref had accepted a bribe of a Fiat car this information came out a few years later.
  5. Indeed, Cloughs first season saw us finish lower in the table than Tim Wards last.
  6. I was there that night also, Laurie Sheffield was their centre forward he never got a lookin. But it was Martin Mcdonnel who was my first favorite player, you. would remember him.
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