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  1. For me that is the stupid part I do wonder what made them attempt to drive was it stupidity or arrogance. why didn’t they call a cab 🚕
  2. Why take any risks when there’s these things called Taxi’s just a phone call away.
  3. I think that we can all assume that none of them had the good sense to call a Taxi.
  4. Even 3 k per week and Ongoing medical treatment is a generous offer by Derby
  5. It is difficult to imagine what might happen in any future court case but Keoghs decisions and actions were his and his alone. Keogh is not a victim, if there are parties that have, and will, suffer as a result of Keoghs decisions and actions then they are Derby County and Keoghs family.
  6. agreed It cannot be liquidated damages as they have to be agreed at the beginning of a contact and have to be a true estimate of the losses suffered by the party suffering the loss. Keogh will most probably be in breach of the conditions of his contract with Derby. The only legal opening for Keogh is, was his sacking by Derby for gross misconduct fair, however it’s clear that no one forced him into the backseat of a car driven by someone he knew to have been drinking.
  7. I agree with the above and would further add The other two offenders have been punished by the club and by the law, Keogh, until yesterday, went unpunished, I consider the clubs offer of half pay very generous, considering Keogh is unable to play and would use the clubs medical facilities to repair his injuries. Turning down such a generous offer is perhaps another example of Keoghs bad decision making I don't mean his on field decision making but his decision to get into a car that is to be driven by someone he knows\he suspects to be over the Drink\Drive limit.
  8. The No arrogance here, if you read the thread of my posts fully you will understand the my argument is that a dispirited\poor Derby side were lucky to beat a poor Luton side. Neither of these sides performances in that game will ever be considered a classic 😁 Looking back our recent games We/l are in no position to be arrogant, concerned and puzzled most certainly but definitely not arrogance 😱
  9. But the whole team, Shinnie apart, looked as though they couldn't be bothered not just the "two clowns" surely any self respecting footballer would want to put in a good performance to show the fans that they are good solid professionals. Opening the discussion a little wider, despite the changes in Manager why do we have this annual Post Xmas decline. Do we have a drink and a wider culture issue at Derby, I doubt that the Post Xmas decline can be attributed too many mince pies. Our players are not all bad, why they do they all look so dispirited and fail to play to their potential, I can only think it must be down to the inherent culture within our first team squad and I am at a loss to identify the cause. I can accept individual players having an off day, I can accept a defeat but not trying is wholly unacceptable.
  10. I don't think you have really been paying attention it isn't just the last game, but the Charlton game does typify our recent performances, we were extremely lucky to beat a poor Luton team, Charlton were never going to score the first goal for us. We were unbeaten but with far too many draws, I am not putting the blame on Cocu the poor guy hasn't had a chance yet. I do question the players commitment and professionalism. I was using the Annual Post Xmas decline to point out that that we are normally a little further up the table than we are now and if we suffer our usual Annual Post Xmas decline then we could be in trouble. I return to my original point what has happened to make the players play as if they didn't care, we already know about the Lawrence and Bennett issues so no need to rehash them. You would have thought that the players reaction to the Lawrence and Bennett issues would have been to go out and show the fans what professional footballers can do but their reaction is exactly the opposite. Why?
  11. Our post Xmas decline has happened even earlier this season , we can’t afford to drop 6 places in the league in February or we are looking at relegation.
  12. Here we go someone try to pass off some thing that is self evident as a simple conspiracy. Did our players play with any passion or pride even at the very start of the match....no they didn’t. The majority of the players had the same “ couldn’t care less attitude” I doubt that they all got out of the wrong side of the bed on Saturday morning. There’s one thing that does bind our players together and that is they don’t appear happy in their work for reasons that, as yet, are unclear to us.
  13. Mel has stopped the half time chocolate biscuits. Seriously though your guess is as good as mine, all of the players appeared not to try yesterday so whatever it is, it is something that’s affected them all. Look at the players body language, hands on their hips shaking their heads, it’s not a positive look.
  14. And it certainly wasn’t on the pitch. I suspect somethings gone off which is additional to the Lawrence and Bennett issue.
  15. The players didn’t even try yesterday, one or two of the players might have an off day but yesterday was different, no one, apart from Shinne, appeared to have any fight or passion in themselves or for the team as a whole. I suspect something has gone off behind the scenes.
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