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  1. Unable to get anything to work☹️
  2. The games gone off even Luxembourg not working
  3. Anyone found a "Dark Country" that works????
  4. @SunnyRam Thanks for the reply I couldn’t remember where I had seen that information 😁
  5. This game is only available in certain countries on Rams TV does anyone know what countries these are ?
  6. Or Ian Buxton, Cricketer and Footballer
  7. Luton is the place where they tested the atomic bomb and did £ 1 .50 s worth of damage😂
  8. Some towns are twinned with similar towns abroad, Luton is not twinned with anyone but it does have a suicide pact with Grimsby 😀
  9. Perhaps there's No Transfer News because Derby have finally learnt that signing random players just doesn't work when your trying to build a team, in fact it makes the position a whole lot worse, in that we've spent our transfer money and have a player that that doesn't fit in and who isn't performing and who is on a long contract on high wages. A player can be either an asset or a liability, lets try and avoid the Liabilities.
  10. The King is dead long live the King. Time to focus on what we have rather than what we had, thanks for an interesting season Frank bring on Mr Cocu. 😀 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_king_is_dead,_long_live_the_king!
  11. I doubt that Leeds will have many loans from Chelsea once Franks in place.
  12. When has football ever made sense😱😱😱 the more a situation is improbable the more likely it is to happen
  13. Don’t rule out Mac, Mel admits he likes sacking Mac. 😂😂😂
  14. Perhaps, it was strange that everyone knew of Franks move even before Chelsea had asked for permission to speak to Frank. It does appear that everything has been done, by all parties, to drag this out.
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