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  1. Derby counter attack with the speed of a group of old age pensioners, by the time we get into the last third of the pitch the opposition has eight defenders in place. Derby do move the ball around quickly but it’s not positive/ forward movement.
  2. If HITC told me today was Wednesday I would still check the calendar 😀
  3. I hope the legs have sound knees
  4. A move would be good for him, I would like to see him make the most of his career it’s a shame it might not be with the Rams
  5. It can’t be Turkish lira 6 million is only £32.52 😂😂😂😂
  6. He will skin the fullbacks
  7. If CCV hasn’t played much in the Stoke first team the opportunities for our Recruitment Team to see him play must have been limited. Has CCV been playing in the Stoke under 23s?
  8. It is odd that the recruitment team appear to buy random players, if your completing a jigsaw puzzle and are short of a few pieces then, to complete the Jigsaw puzzle, you need to buy the correct pieces that fit in order to see the picture as a whole. I can understand that the recruitment team may be instructed to go out and look at some centre half's but surely its the manager should have the final say who we bring in.
  9. The picture does tell a story Cocu is saying “try to stay away from the pies over New Year, Jack “
  10. I also find it suspicious that the current and previous Derby manager didn’t appear to want to play Jack Marriott. Putting style aside simply because Cocus style of play differs from Lampard's it does make you think there may be other reasons why Jack Marriotts first team appearance time is limited. Having written all of the above if Jack Marriott was slotting in goals every week then I am sure both managers would have allowed him a certain amount of leeway. Jack Marriott is certainly a enigma.
  11. Lets just hope that we can avoid our usual post Xmas slump perhaps this year it is a Pre Xmas slump, fingers crossed.
  12. They can only Loan Marriott if they buy Anja And Zoon 😂
  13. We seem to be linked with this player every transfer window.
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