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  1. Haha
    Rammeister reacted to CornwallRam in Abu Derby County   
    Despite being a Wembley hero, I'm not sure being a ginger ex-player makes him an expert.ūü§£
  2. Haha
    Rammeister reacted to G STAR RAM in Assistant Manager   
    The name I have been told is Frank Lampard.
    Sounds completely unbelievable to me but the person who has told me, I do know has a good contact within the club.
    He has got things wrong before though and I really dont see this happening. 
    Just wanted to see if anyone else had heard anything. 
    If I had known LR had officially been appointed assistant manager I would not have even created this thread!
  3. Haha
    Rammeister reacted to i-Ram in Cian Philpott   
    We are believing Mashiters as well as Bullshiters now.
  4. Haha
    Rammeister reacted to JfR in Incommmming!   
    Four players in? Who do we think we are, Nottingham Forest?
  5. Like
    Rammeister reacted to Jourdan in Derby Vs Bristol City 30/1/21 3pm - Matchday thread.   
    Don’t get me wrong, there’s every chance that Marshall comes in and picks up where he left off.
    I just think it’s a dangerous precedent to set.
    In this instance, I would stick with the keeper who has contributed massively to two back-to-back wins and let him have a run in the team until he gives you a reason to drop him.
  6. Like
    Rammeister reacted to David in Happy 12th Birthday   
    The forum. 12 years online despite @Boycie best efforts. 
  7. Clap
    Rammeister reacted to DCFC1388 in PPG Table   
    Thought I would be sad and do a PPG table just in case the season got cancelled due to Covid.
    Last season Bolton got relegated and the PPG was based off the point deduction before not after the -12 deduction so I would think that is how they would do it this season with Sheff Weds. However, I have also included it in case they decide to change their mind and they deduct the 6pts after PPG.
    Will try and update after every few games - 

  8. Clap
    Rammeister reacted to ramboy63 in Kelle Roos   
    Big believer in if you have the shirt you deserve to keep it,another assured performance well done kelle
  9. Haha
    Rammeister reacted to Ellafella in Derby@QPR, Saturday 15.00 hrs.   
    How did it finish? 
  10. Haha
    Rammeister got a reaction from r_wilcockson in Wayne Rooney and his Adidas trainers   
    Is Lockdown adversely affecting you?
  11. Clap
    Rammeister reacted to TexasRam in Can we beat the relegation?   
    Long shot but we need an a Kinkladze, a Bianoio, a Asanovic, a Hughes, a Goddard. We need creativity badly along with a goal scorer. I hope we can do something in the transfer window because we’re desperate for some attacking options, if we don’t were down .
  12. Like
    Rammeister reacted to Mick Brolly in Ted McMinn   
    Good news i understand that Ted has now returned home to continue his recovery.
  13. Like
    Rammeister reacted to oomarkwright in Rooney appointed Derby County Manager   
    Just appointed full time 
  14. Like
    Rammeister reacted to Rampant in Blue shorts   
    Blue shorts. Red numbers.
  15. Haha
    Rammeister reacted to Bearwood Ram in Blue shorts   
    Blimey. That was a short debate. First thread I started too. 
  16. Clap
    Rammeister reacted to Bearwood Ram in Blue shorts   
    I think we should start wearing blue shorts again. Any thoughts? 
  17. Like
    Rammeister reacted to Big Trav in v Chorley (A) FA Cup Match Thread   
    why is duncan getting slated. hes barely touched the ball because its hoofed over his head every time. every time he has got the ball hes been decent
  18. Like
    Rammeister reacted to Carl Sagan in New stadium name   
    At the time of the move I wanted it to be The Football Ground. We started out playing at the cricket ground, and when we got our own stadium it had previously been a Baseball Ground. It was only logical to call our first purpose-built arena what it said on the tin. And leading to the great pub quiz question, "which team plays their home games at the Football Ground?" 
    But all these years on Pride Park is a fine name and I, for one, am very happy to stick with it. 
  19. Clap
    Rammeister got a reaction from DesertRam in Guess the headline   
    ‚ÄúChorley Not? Lambs beat Lancs‚ÄĚ
  20. Like
    Rammeister got a reaction from archram in Guess the headline   
    ‚ÄúChorley Not? Lambs beat Lancs‚ÄĚ
  21. Like
    Rammeister got a reaction from RadioactiveWaste in Guess the headline   
    ‚ÄúChorley Not? Lambs beat Lancs‚ÄĚ
  22. Haha
    Rammeister reacted to BaaLocks in Guess the headline   
    Chorley 1 Poorly 0
  23. Haha
    Rammeister reacted to angieram in Abu Derby County   
    No, that's how I am in my head. This is how I really am.

  24. Haha
    Rammeister reacted to Srg in Abu Derby County   
    Think you need a sit down.
  25. Haha
    Rammeister reacted to RadioactiveWaste in Is Rooney The man To Take Us Forward?   
    I'm leaning towards giving him the job.
    Although now Tony Pulis is available..........
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