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  1. He needs to sort out our away form if we’re hoping to get promoted. Recent away results have been poor and some of the performances awful. Great place to start on Saturday but I don’t have much hope at the moment.
  2. I’m a big believer in giving managers time and not rushing into sackings. I would not have sacked any of the managers at the time they were sacked since Nigel Clough. However, I am now beginning to wonder if Cocu will be able to deliver in the English Championship. I haven’t given up yet but I’m not seeing the improvements I was expecting to see. I am all for him having two more transfer windows to generate his own squad but I’m not sure he gets the English Championship and what is required to succeed in it. I hope he proves me wrong.
  3. Yes that one and Malone for Bristol City’s second goal the game before. I’m not convinced this will help either Malone or Lowe or team spirit more widely.
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