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  1. Sweetness34

    v Hull (A) - Cup Predictions

    Hull 0-1 Derby FRGS Marriott
  2. Sweetness34

    v Leeds (H) - Predictions

    Derby 1-0 Leeds FRGS Davies from a corner early on
  3. Sweetness34

    18/19 Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Steady on, that's a bit far aint it?!
  4. Sweetness34

    v Reading (A) - Predictions

    I might be being thick, but what does FRGS stand for? I assume first goal scorer, but what about the R? Rams? I fancy a 2-0 win tonight
  5. Sweetness34

    Jack Marriott - Signed on a 3 year deal

    I like this alot. I'm always fairly excited to see new transfers and this one was no different, but between his interview, the good luck message quoted above and the comments I've read on the young man, I really really hope this guy goes on to have many years of banging in goals for Derby more than I even normally would. The lure of playing for Lampard is real too. I always thought it would be but was waiting to see it in action before voicing that opinion. It's happening now and I can't wait for next Friday now.
  6. Sweetness34

    Replica Kits - The rules!

    1. Would you wear a replica shirt? YES 2. Where is acceptable to wear it? ANYWHERE REALLY, BUT I MAINLY WEAR MINE ON MATCH DAYS. I MUST CONFESS THOUGH, I'VE WORN IT A COUPLE TIMES OUT AND ABOUT THIS SUMMER WHEN POTTERING ABOUT DOWN THE SHOPS ON A WEEKEND 3. Do you buy a home and away shirt? If yes, what is your system for when and where you wear each shirt? I'VE BOUGHT THIS YEARS HOME. IT'S THE FIRST NEW ONE I'VE BOUGHT IN A FEW YEARS 4. Do you wear the current shirt, or go retro? WHICHEVER IS WASHED AND PUT AWAY BY THE WIFE! 5. Would you wear more of the kit than the shirt? NO! THOUGH I'VE BOUGHT THE SHORTS AT THE END OF SEASON SALE IN THE PAST TO DOSS AROUND THE HOUSE IN OR WEAR TO FOOTBALL TRAINING 6. If yes to 3. what and where? N/A 7. What’s the cut-off age for it to be acceptable for a fan to wear the full strip? IF YOU'RE OLD ENOUGH TO VOTE, DRINK, SMOKE ETC, YOU'RE TOO OLD 8. Would you get a player’s name on the shirt? LAST ONE I HAD WAS STIMAC. AS AN ADULT, THIS IS A BIT SILLY 9. Would you put your own name on the shirt? IN MY 30S, NO CHANCE, BUT WHEN I WAS IN MY 20S AND MORE ENTHUSIASTIC AND ENERGETIC, I DID DO. PRETTY SAD 10. Do you get the 69 number on your shirt every season? ANYONE WHO DOES THIS SHOULD BE ASHAMED... UNLESS THEY'RE 16 AND SPENDING THEIR BIRTHDAY MONEY ON IT, IN WHICH CASE THEY'LL THINK IT'S HILARIOUS
  7. Sweetness34

    Back on the bandwagon!

    I'm back on the bandwaggon this season too but never wanted to be off it. Had a season ticket between 1995 and 2011 but then a change in jobs meant I was frequently travelling and missed more than half the games in my last season. But now my work situation has changed and I'm back 😄 But, I would've been back without Lampard and the fancy loan signings
  8. Sweetness34

    Our Ram ! The Ram !

    Love this! It absolutely is the best badge ever. would love to see all 40 designs out of curiosity. If someone was to find them all (or a few) that’d be incredible
  9. Sweetness34

    World Cup Players

    E Honda! blast from the past!
  10. Sweetness34

    Rams or England ?

    Derby all day. Probably a rubbish analogy but for me It's like watching sports day and your kids (Derby) are in a race and in the next race your nephew or niece (England) is in a race.... you want your niece/nephew to do well in their race but not nearly as much as you'll support your kids.
  11. Sweetness34

    Confess your unpopular Rams opinions

    I think my unpopular Rams Opinion of recent years is that Daren Bent is better than most give him credit for. I thought he was capable of banging in 15 to 20 goals a season up until his injury last summer.
  12. Sweetness34

    A long time ago in a not so far away land

    Great read, really enjoyed reading that.
  13. Sweetness34

    Official: Jody Morris appointed assistant manager

    I must read that as “Roger Black off his hols today” and thoughtvwhats he gonna do?!!!
  14. Sweetness34

    Michael Johnson appointed Guyana head coach

    I’ve got a lot of time for Michael Johnson and wish him all the best. I’ve bumped into him a few times at our kids school and he’s a really nice bloke, happy to talk football and derby.
  15. Sweetness34

    John Terry - Appointed assistant manager at Villa

    I agree 100%

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