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  1. Blast from the past! Was he the bloke who used to talk about orbs and shrews or something along those lines, or have I made that up?
  2. Me and My Dad were discussing this the other day. He thinks it's a No, and I think it's a Yes! 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 defeat is my optimistic prediction and I think 73 points will be enough to clinch 6th. I think we'll win Tomorrow and Wednesday but the run will end with a defeat against Brentford setting up a tasty game vs Cardiff. So long as we don't lose that game we'll be alright. After that there will be 2 games left and I think we'll win them both. I think Leeds will be promoted by the time we play them and will be like Liverpool last night i.e not motivated so an easy 3 po
  3. Every Season I hope for a yellow away shirt with blue shorts. That's still what I think of being our away colours.
  4. I also have no idea, and to show how un-hip I am, I read your hashtag as "No Thip" 😄 I really want to know what the Robot means
  5. Forgive my confidence, but I think we're ready to give someone a bit of a thrashing.... but then concede a couple second half goals to dampen the mood! 5-2 FRGS Waghorn
  6. If Leeds are already promoted by the time we play them, that might play into our hands because having nothing to play for including no fans to play for might make it hard for them to be motivated. Anyway, I'm terrible at predicting results but did the Championship calculator anyway. I was pretty generous with our results and still had us missing out by 2 points and of all the teams in the mix, had Swansea creep in to 6th place. But like I say, I'm rubbish at predicting results so this don't mean a thing. One thing I did take away from this pointless exercise is just how many 6 pointe
  7. Not to give us the kiss of death, but I fancy us to win the next 2 (Reading and Preston), and if that was to happen, we'd probably be favoured to make it. If we go into the Preston game 3 points behind them, you could come away level on points or 6 points behind them. You would not fancy us to make 6 points up on them in 6 games so losing that game would be disastrous. But at the same time, if we won that game (as I am predicting in my rose tinted glasses) you wouldn't fancy us to drop more points than Preston despite our run in as confidence would be sky high. To answer the original
  8. I would have still been happy if the picture wasn't perfect and would have even forgive them the odd bit of buffering but it far exceeded my expectations. Commentary was great, the picture was fantastic and the pre game show was as good as Sky but better as it was fully focused on us!
  9. That was quality. Really enjoyed that. Interesting point in the article, which with hindsight is so obvious but had never occurred to me before was "Jim tended to buy two players of the same nationality – those were the two Italians after the two Dutchmen and the two Croatians. Wanchope and Mauricio Solís were both Costa Rican" Must not have been any decent Estonian outfield players!
  10. I agree with you totally. Otherwise, at what point in our lives are we considered the finished article? If our opinions at say 18 years of age are totally different to when we're 50, are we still judged on what we thought 32 years earlier? And I'm not just talking racism. I don't think I was racist at 18 personally but I did have opinions on other subjects around that time that I cringe about now. For example, during the 2003 Iraq invasion, I thought Shock and Awe was cool. Now at 34 years of age, I think it was totally wrong. I'd prefer to be judged on my opinions today than years a
  11. Sometimes it's better to just say nothing. I've seen some ridiculous posts on Social Media along the lines of "where were the riots when Lee Rigby was murdered" or pictures of Black Men looting with a caption "they really look like they're mourning George Floyd" and I started typing a response to say how bang out of order those posts are but after proof reading it I thought better of it. And I'm just a nobody with a couple hundred Facebook friends! Imagine being a somebody with several thousand followers reading your words. *EDIT* just in case I've left myself open to being misunder
  12. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer here, it depends on everyone’s circumstances. for me personally, I’ve been able to work from home all through this crazy covid times so I’m lucky enough to be able to say they can keep this seasons. if however I was to get a call from work tomorrow saying they’re furloughing me (or heaven forbid making me redundant) And the money could make a difference to my family then I’d probably want the refund
  13. You are absolutely right! I never knew that. Who'd have thought watching in 1992 that the opposition goalkeeper would go onto play international football with our 2020 captain! Wonder if we've seen any future team mates of our 2048 captain this season?!
  14. My first game happened to be Shilton's last game and saw a Paul Williams Hat trick! I had not long turned 6 and don't actually remember this game specifically, I only know it was the first game I went to as the Shilton fact made it easy for my dad to remember!
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