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  1. Favourite seasons

    1995/96 is my favorite and then it was all good until just before our relegation in 2002 as they were my secondary school years. Since then Mac's first go was by far the best to watch and the promotion in 2007 was alright. I even quite enjoyed our 11 Point season as once it was apparent there was no chance for us, we had a bit of a laugh. there was some boring seasons dotted about bur we've never been relegated to the third tier so we can't complain too much.
  2. Johnny Russell - Signed for Sporting Kansas City

    I can't blame him. He's got to be thinking that playing for Derby is the absolute pinnacle of a career for him in the UK. He's been playing at the top of the championship for a few years but really doubt the premier league is a realistic aim for him personally. IF we do go up and IF Jonny Russell was on our books he'd get the odd premier league appearance off the bench perhaps but given the choice of that vs playing in the US earning the same sort of money, i'd choose MLS too. It's a great lifestyle over there, would be a nice way of life and can be a hero. Fair play to him, I don't blame him at all.
  3. George (Geraint) Williams or David Williams?

    I was also named after him, but my dad went with "Geraint" instead of "George" much to my displeasure during my childhood! You'd be surprised to hear this, but I can count on one hand how many times someone has said words to the effect of "Geraint, as in Geraint Williams?" when I've introduced myself, despite living in Derby my entire life!
  4. Life Ruined

    I'm gobsmacked! How anyone can not see the actual eye is beyond me and to think the curly horn is a giant eye is even more flabbergasting! I've had a go at explaining it in the attached image... I drew it on MS Paint so don't judge me, I'm normally very good at drawing our Ram! FYI, the "S" on the Ram head is not a curly bit of fringe either, it's the other horn poking out from the other side of his head!
  5. Johnny Russell

    What's with the arrogant tone of your posts? DcFc Dyycheee is entitled to think what he wants about Jonny Russell and I agree with him. Having a difference in opinion to you most certainly does not make us less intelligent. Also, giving Jonny Russell additional assists because you like some of his involvement in the build up for a goal to better support your argument is ridiculous. Where does it stop? Should we give it to Huddlestone for playing the ball to Jonny Russell, or whoever played the ball to Huddlestone? How about we credit Scott Carson with the assist because he was involved 13 passes before the goal?

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