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  1. Ryan Conway reported the bid was less than £1m which is a complete joke. Even if we have an HMRC bill we’re struggling to pay (only speculation) then this wouldn’t even make a dent. Forest trying a sneaky one taking advantage of our situation. If there wasn’t bad blood already there should be rivers of it now between the two clubs, especially as they probably backed the EFL action against us. Maranakis seems to still be investing, no problem finding cash, wonder if the EFL are doing due diligence on the source of it 🤣.
  2. Quite a good photoshop as others have said. Someone dug out the mirror article from a couple of years ago where he said he’s supported Derby since he was a kid.
  3. Yes like actually having a team of 11 players to play the season. Point is we don’t gain anything by selling him. It would mean serious serious problems if we did - which whatever your opinion is just speculation at this point.
  4. We won’t sell any of them unless we have to for the reasons you suggest. It would prove we are in serious serious trouble as a club if Buchanan particularly was sold for a song to the arch enemy
  5. We’ll risk them running their contracts down in the hope we get the embargo lifted at some point. As others have said we can’t reinvest the cash in the team due to the embargo. I think Buchanan will go for compensation next summer. Hopefully to the premier league. Lawrence might agree a new deal before next summer. Of the others I’d only keep Byrne.
  6. More I think about it, after my initial emotional reaction I can’t see this happening. We have trouble enough putting a team together as it is, we need to keep the squad together, we’ll risk only getting £1m in compo for him like we’re going to risk losing Lawrence for nothing. Forest are not going to bid the money we’d need to consider selling him.
  7. Honestly - would rather risk him going on a free next summer. At least we’d get compensation. He is the best prospect of all our youngsters. He’s a Mansfield lad so perfectly possible he followed the red dogs growing up, but then so did Shaun Barker and Johnno. Getting maybe an extra £2m for him that we would compo isn’t worth letting Forest make a £15m profit on him next summer.
  8. I thought at the time it was harsh to Sack Nigel Clough and didn’t agree. I changed my opinion 48 hours later when McClaren Simmo and Steele were announced. This was before even a ball was kicked under their management. It just felt right, but then no one expected it to go quite as well as it did, probably because of the 5 years of mediocrity we’d endured prior. Just a crying shame we didn’t get over the line. It was dull under Clough but he was working to the tightest budget restrictions of any Derby manager (until now) and we were never really under serious threat of going down. And he did make us comfortably mid table while in a better place financially, and built the team that McClaren and Simmo took to the next level. But it needed them to come in for the team’s potential to be realised. Clough would be ideal for where this club is right now and if he was in charge he would keep us up 100%. And despite it being dull for the majority, our home form was decent in most seasons and he did give us some great memories with the City Ground victories (the 10 men victory remains one of my favourite away days and is a day I will cherish forever) and countless wins over Leeds. In fact I think he won 4 matches at the city ground as Derby manager and no other Derby manager has won there since.
  9. You’re right in that he doesn’t have the league experience yet so how do we know how he’ll perform. Harry Kane for example didn’t really perform anywhere he went on loan but was a late developer and look what happened. But at the same time no one in the game was really talking about him. I think the hype about Delap is what people in the game are saying about him. Pep sees something. There’s a reason he’s being courted by a few championship clubs. I think it was Rowett who came out and said he is the best young talent in England right now. It would be a gamble but if we could pull it off it could work for us. Unfortunately in our embargo situation we need to take affordable gambles, hence offering Ravel Morrison a contract.
  10. I’m just sorry to dampen your mood and we all wish it was lifted
  11. He’s already played in the premier league for City. Pep wouldn’t do that if he wasn’t any good. Scored hatfuls of goals in the u23s. More likely he’ll have the impact Brewster had at Swansea or Wilson had here - ie. Rip up the league. Nothing is guaranteed but if he gets a season long loan in championship he’d definitely be worth putting some money on. And after a season in the Championship don’t rule out him doing a Mason Mount when returning to his parent club. We ain’t getting him though
  12. No we haven’t. Still can only sign players for 12 months, loans for 6 months on strict wage limits. Nothing on the horizon for when this embargo will be lifted. Requires us to pay a large HMRC bill. We couldn’t sign anybody, the only win today is we don’t have to count kids who only played against Chorley as professionals. Means we can now sign 5 players with huge restrictions. Sorry if someone else has already pointed this out to you
  13. Unless we sort the embargo this isn’t happening
  14. If we can only sign these players (ie. we don’t get the embargo lifted before the end of the window) Davies Wisdom Morrison Aluko Mengi. If we can add more afterwards and I’d probably take Jagielka and add Mengi later. If worst came to the worst Aluko could do a job down the middle. I think there are better options out there than Baldock - Gregory being one but he might even be out of our range.
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