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  1. With what has happened I think the majority of fans would welcome a GSE/ Nigel Clough type era again. You don’t know what you’re losing until it’s taken away and that has nearly happened, it still might though looking less likely. Think that will make fans re-assess priorities and therefore be more amenable to a Mike Ashley or Marcus Evans as owner.
  2. I think we have a case here. If we didn’t the administrators wouldn’t be trying it. It also to some degree explains the emphasis on Covid in Mel’s statements and interviews. The argument against is - no other club has gone into administration. Very true at the moment, but pretty much every other club at this level runs on a benefactor model. If the benefactor pulls out and there is no buyer then administration is inevitable. If Maranakis pulled out Forest would be in admin, likewise Gibson and Boro etc etc. Therefore this IMO can’t really be used as an argument. Who are we to know Mel’s situation, he could’ve had his other investments devastated by Covid. What they will be looking at is would we be unsustainable if Covid had not happened. We were taking steps to reduce the wage bill pre-covid, with our wage bill where it is now then there is a strong argument to suggest we would be sustainable had we not lost £20m in revenue. Wigan couldn’t use this argument, Covid had barely happened and their situation clearly would have arisen with or without Covid - their issue was the legitimacy of the people buying the club. If this had been Forest and not us, then they wouldn’t succeed either due to the transfer window they had last summer and maintaining a wage bill of £30m+. If we had been continuing to spend at 17/18 and 18/19 levels then we would undoubtedly fail this argument - we may yet as we don’t know what the accounts say. The other factor to consider is would we have sold the club without Covid. We would certainly be more attractive as we wouldn’t have the debt that has been accrued to keep the club going without £20m loss in revenue, the club had been sold as well prior to Covid only for the EFL charge to destroy that deal. Selling the club would have avoided administration and that is usually the get out benefactors use when they’ve had enough. There is a legitimate argument to say the uncertainty created by Covid restricted Mel’s ability to sell the club, and administration is an inevitable consequence. The other thing that goes in our favour is we’re not asking for a complete reversal of the points deduction, we are saying Covid is a mitigating factor in our administration but not the sole cause. Mel’s running of the club is most definitely a contributory factor to us going into administration but not the sole factor, and the clubs argument will be that we would have coped and traded through if not for a Covid causing a 2/3 drop in revenue. This isn’t vindication for Mel Morris by any stretch but the Covid impact is undeniable and as a result I think we have a case. Be interesting to see if we succeed. It will be also interesting to see how the EFLs actions on the £8m loan are viewed, Derby didn’t meet the criteria means a multitude of things, but one being any club under an EFL disciplinary procedure is ineligible, a disciplinary action against Derby on P&S which we have long debated the legitimacy and validity of.
  3. All options mentioned seem credible and would run us sustainably. Garry Cook and Jez Moxey are misleading, they are front men only, the key is who are the they the front men for?! Is it one of the American big boy owners mentioned with links to either Florida or Charlotte? I went for Moxey, because he’s part of the Andy Appleby/Sam Rush business buying football clubs for investors, whoever is behind them will be credible. But there’s an unknown there. Ashley and Evans are both known quantities, not had good press. Both worth plenty of Money, both run football clubs sustainably, ambition can be questioned but they would both sort us out. Evans actually put a lot of money in with Ipswich when he first took over but Roy Keane and Paul Jewell spunked it all. Then made some poor managerial calls post Mick. I don’t think we can be choosy in our predicament. We were all fearing losing our football club (some still are) we need a steady Eddie right now. Although the best option would be a local benefactor worth £500m+, is a fan of the club and dreams of getting us to the premier league and is willing to spend millions to get us there………
  4. Taxpayers are going to need to take a hit if Derby are going to survive. Got to admit - it’s a great headline! Especially right now given government is talking about putting taxes up. It’s a relatively informed piece in the Mail but it’s only repeating a lot of what other people have commented in the past 2 weeks. There is also lots of speculation about Derby’s market value. I don’t think they’ve found another juicy nugget that might kill us than what’s already in the public domain. They’ve also inflated the HMRC bill slightly, said Cocu will need to be paid in full (doesn’t look like they are intending to pay him in full from other reports), lots of opinion about our market value when Sunderland had some pretty huge debts. Also pushing the no ground angle whereas everything the administrators have said and Mel has said so far suggests the ground will be part of the deal. Also additional points deductions adding uncertainty when the administrators are quite clear the interested parties know the situation. I don’t think this piece from the Mail adds any further insight into Derby’s situation than we already know and it achieves its purpose. A great headline. By the next fans review with the administrators we will have much more of an idea about the situation.
  5. A few days of quiet and the void is immediately filled by negative speculation. This was never going to be straightforward. Everyone knows the club is in a mess, but rather than speculate on the small positives that wages have been paid for this month, they’re looking for extra funding to prevent further cuts etc and the fact there were interested parties at the game on Sunday we focus on the negative that we’ve not heard any news for a few days therefore it could be doomsday because we’re 2 weeks into administration and the club hasn’t been sold yet. We all agree the longer this drags on the worse our situation could be but 2 weeks in is not the time to panic, if we’re still here in December and there is no sign of anything being sorted then it will look grim
  6. Didn’t get my ratings in this week but looking at those it’s incredible how everyone can see the game so differently. For example Lawrence averaging 6.86 is a complete joke IMO. I thought he was pushing man of the match, even my old man who is a proper Lawrence basher normally thought he played well.
  7. A lot depends on what likes of Peterborough and Barnsley do. The former score goals so that could manifest itself in higher points, Barnsley were strong last season and could improve. Blackpool and Cov are exceeding expectations, Brum look more competitive as do Huddersfield and the mid table teams last season don’t look weaker. Forest I think are in a false position and will move up the league. That leaves Reading who are likely to get a points deduction, but as you could see last night they are a dangerous team who will win a fair few games. On the PPG right now it looks good I agree but I think it could change because other than Hull possibly I don’t see any real stand out poor teams. Last season there were some pretty bad teams - including ourselves. We will see.
  8. If 44/45 pts is the benchmark to stay up again I’d say even with a 21 point deduction it’s possible to survive. Issue is looking at how season has started, i think it could be a competitive division means points are spread around and therefore it could be a high points total going down this season c.50-52 which basically would mean we need playoff form. That would only be possible if we had a new buyer kept this squad and we could bring in a top striker on loan. I do think this team supported by the fans is so galvanised right now that they will overachieve their capabilities, its whether it will be enough. Either way how we’re going about it can only be positive for next season whichever division we’re in providing the off field issues are sorted.
  9. Another thoroughly enjoyable very watchable game. The fight and commitment from the players is fantastic, all 18k fans were right behind - when we were up against the support only grew. But isn’t just fight and commitment, the football is actually really good to watch, despite everything going on off the pitch, the product on it is about as good as it’s been for some time. Just need to be more clinical. Everyone says time to judge after 10-15 games. Well we’ve had some tough matches now and after 10 games without the points deduction we would be 10th, and the football is a good watch. Can’t really complain at that for a squad many had written off even with no points deductions. We can’t control what happens with additional points deductions, what we’re doing may not be enough to survive but we certainly cannot ask any more than they are giving right now, still think it will take more points deductions to relegate us.
  10. Not seen the highlights but listened to RD yesterday. Seemed like another decent performance and we had the better chances. Penalty was sickening and the Red Card was also a factor. Sheff United will be up there - with their squad and manager it would be criminal if they weren’t - yet we mixed it with them. I love what this team is doing and the fight they are showing. So proud of them all right now. If we want to dream and achieve the unthinkable and survive (I’m assuming the EFL get their way with the 9 points as think we can survive with just the 12 deducted) then these next 6 games we have to target 2 points per game. Tall order but possible with how we’re playing. Not saying we will be finished if we don’t achieve that but it would help us significantly.
  11. First yellow card of the game Sam Baldock………on George Baldock!! Well I would if I was playing against my brother!!
  12. The administrators spread some positivity about our situation. We can’t have that can we?! Cue a Matt Slater article in the Athletic basically questioning everything the administrators said and implying a positive outcome is nowhere near as likely as they’re articulating. Not blaming Matt Slater, he’s written some good articles on this and it’s an angle no one else has run with but im sick of everyone wanting their pound of flesh out of us. I would love nothing more than getting a 21 point deduction and surviving on the last day just to see the look on that Bamford Gibsons face, furthermore Boro fail again and face FFP sanctions and Wycombe fail to get promoted (better still relegation would be nice). Im convinced we will be back stronger and we have new rivals now -Boro Bristol Wycombe Barnsley Preston will always on the shitlist now after the despicable way they’ve come after us.
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