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  1. It would be tough on Roos to drop him. He’s proven himself this season and is worth keeping. Maybe if we drop him now when there is no real reason to (ie. he hasn’t made a mistake) then he won’t sign a new contract and move on. Difficult dilemma for Frank, he wants to be fair but doesn’t want to wait for a mistake that could be costly. Carson is the better more consistent keeper no question. He would perform in the big games, Roos has done well but I genuinely believe a big mistake is just around the corner. He’s been prone to them in all his loan spells and has definitely played with fire in some of his matches this season.
  2. And to think 26000 forest muppets will pay to watch it. The three possible scorelines....0-0, 1-0, 0-1
  3. Both! With the exception of Brentford Wilson has been poor for weeks now, he was the worst player on the pitch yesterday. Needs dropping. With Holmes out injured I’d play both Waghorn and Marriott, it worked earlier in the season.
  4. Firstly, let’s get rid of the £12m+ wages that haven’t kicked a ball for Derby this season!! Should make good in roads into the wage bill with Blackman Butterfield Olsson Pearce all going. Nuge and Johnson I think will also go. We’ll still be saddled with Anya Martin and Thorne for another season. New recruits, £15-20k per week and no more, but more importantly right age or with a point to prove. Signings like Shinnie are spot on for where we are right now
  5. Derby 3 QPR 0 Marriott, Waghorn, Lawrence
  6. My view on today, definitely a good point against a good team with all the attributes we have struggled against all season. Today, we stood up and coped with the physical battle but annoyingly were undone by two individual defensive errors. Without them, we would have won the game. Two weeks ago against Blackburn we didn’t lay a glove on them and we were played off the park. Today was a decent result make no mistake and with the other results, we are definitely still in there with more than a fighting chance. Forest are capable of beating boro, Sheff Weds performance against Norwich shows they will be a tough ask for Bristol. Bristol and Swansea are both very winnable away matches as both sides suit our style of play. We’re knocking on the door of an away win, it could have happened against Brentford and today. Its in our hands, we smash QPR to get the goal difference advantage, beat Bristol, get a point v Swansea and beat WBA who will be resting everyone for the playoffs then I think that will be enough. That set of results is feasible. Thought today, Mount tried to force things too often, needed to calm it down at times but still a solid 7 out of 10, Waggy played well, Cole was excellent, Lawrence played with aggression and was a big threat first half, faded in the second, and Bryson had a decent game scrapping and breaking things up. Can’t see how anyone can really criticise Bryson or Lawrence today! Wilson was worst player on the pitch by a mile.
  7. Had a feeling Waghorn would play a crucial role in the second half of the season and boy is he proving it!! Yes we might have paid over the odds but no doubt he is a class player at this level. Marriott looked good when he came on today as well, I’d play both of them with Lawrence in a three and drop Wilson who was piss poor again today!
  8. That sounds like your heart based on past disappointment under different managers with different players. Head would surely say after today’s performance against a team that suits our style of play that we would at least give them a game?!
  9. Didn’t palace then win the playoffs that season?! Id back Derby to beat one of Bristol or Swansea so that could be a good omen. Today was our toughest game in the run in. Bristol and Swansea suit our game, we’ve just got to deliver.
  10. This is why even if Derby lose tomorrow and Bristol win it’s still not over!! Points will be dropped. Bristol at Hillsborough on Monday and they finish with Millwall and Hull away - not easy. The key will be the Bristol away match. We lose that it’s over. We draw, then we’re probably going to need to beat both Swansea and the baggies. Boro have the easiest run in by a mile!! They could well sneak it so we’re probably going to need 76 points. It will go to the wire and hopefully we can make it go to the last day as fancy our chances at home to the baggies who will have nothing to play for!!
  11. I think starting to dawn on people (well it is me anyway) the scale of the rebuild required. I have to say I’m shocked by the recent set of results, in particular I’m stunned that our wage bill increased from around £34m in 16/17 to over £40m in 17/18!! Either Rowett wasn’t cutting the cloth accordingly as I thought he was and Huddlestone and Davies are on mega money or the deals we did in 16/17 for Johnson Butterfield et al have big year on year wage increases or a combination of the two. Either way a wage bill of £40m when we have a turnover of £30m is shocking and needs addressing. Hopefully the likes of Bent Weimann Baird Shackell leaving the club should show in the 18/19 numbers but then that would depend on what we’re paying the likes of Waggy Flo Jo and Marriott. Austerity beckons but hopefully we can remain competitive. That team in 13/14 cost a fraction of this one and was much better - it just took time for Clough to build it.
  12. Can’t see this one happening unless we get promoted....and then I’d want better!!
  13. Bang on! We’ve sold our best players for the past 3 seasons!
  14. Seem to recall Derby have sold Ince Hughes Hendrick and Vydra in recent years to try and stay within FFP. Hardly taking the mickey is it?! Boro have spent £15m and 60k per week on Assombalonga, big money on Brathwaite Saville Flint and others, now it’s backfired they need to sell but still supported by parachute payments so don’t need to cut to the same level as Derby. Boro can hardly whinge and claim it’s an unfair playing field when it’s rigged in their favour. Middlesborough have ducked up and now they’re trying to take other clubs with them. Sour grapes and really hope they fail!
  15. This is the game where we rediscover our away form from earlier in the season! Brum 2 Derby 3 - Mount FRGS, Marriott to bag 89th minute winner
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