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  1. I think Rooney is still a valuable option to have in either a 10 role or up top. With players around him he’d be an excellent number 9 in this league and in his couple games up there showed flashes of what he can do. He couldn’t show any more than that as he had next to no service. If we continue with 3-4-3 then he’s competing with Waggy I think and ahead of Kazim. But he definitely comes back to the bench. I would be very disappointed if we walked straight back in the team(assuming we’re not dire against Cardiff that is). As for the team talk article, seems an almost word for w
  2. Tapped him on top of the head didn’t he. Hilarious. I had a great view of that, it was right in front of the pop side
  3. He did our end of season awards ceremony in 1997. I was terrified as he was my favourite player, I walked up to the stage to get my trophy, he winked at me and said you’re frightened, to which I didn’t know what to say, then he shook my hand and absolutely crushed, hardest handshake I’ve ever received in my life (handshakes remember them!) Then after he’d presented all the awards he went for a fag with the senior squads. What a guy!
  4. Derby deserved the win no question. Better team first half and in the last 15-20 mins, created the better chances, scored 2 perfectly good goals and forest’s goal shouldn’t have stood, if not disallowed for offside then for the foul on Davies where he had his shirt pulled. Still we’ll take that, we needed a performance and a point at the City Ground is always a good point. Forest fans can argue it’s payback for Chrissy Martin’s robbery in the last game.
  5. I think that performance has bought Cocu some time. I think we’ll stick with him at least to the next international break and see where we are at. If we are bottom 3 at that point Mel might make the call. However, like we turned it around after Christmas last season, I think we’re going to do the same now. This is a good team when everyone is fit, the last 3 matches have been a major improvement defensively and last night we looked a threat again. I think we can get 2 wins from then next 3 and we need them
  6. He does the same job, he’s better on the ball and he’s more mobile. I also think he has Eustace’s positional sense. This is a compliment to Shinnie who is a good player, not decrying Eustace in any way as he was vital that season and gave Hendrick/Hughes Bryson the platform to wreak havoc
  7. It’s a goal. Keeper has clear line of sight which ref should call not linesman. If we’re going off the linesman’s call then McKenna is stood offside for Taylor’s goal when the ball clearly hits Yates in the face. McKenna isn’t interfering with play but no way can linesman tell that, it looks the same as Waghorn from his angle. And that’s before we even mention Davies having his shirt ripped off his back. Hughtons justification for the disallowed goal was highly amusing, it would be harsh to allow the goal when an opposing player is stood so far offside - someone needs to inform the offsid
  8. Shinnie has to play right now. He is a better version of John Eustace. We need that in the team. However Bird could come back and dislodge him and be more like George and even better. One or the other - not both. Knight is first name on team sheet. Has to play. Sibley or Holmes could also play in there to make a 3, I think we may need 3 in a there long term to control the midfield. Bielik coming back as well!! I think you play him alongside Clarke in defence, I’d also like us to go to 4 at the back although there are signs of wisdom and Clarke getting forward in the back 3 to give us
  9. True for their goal. Jozwiak goal should've stood. They didn’t even complain
  10. Marshall 7 Byrne 7 Buchanan 8 Wisdom 7 Davies 7 Clarke 7 Shinnie 8 Knight 8 Jozwiak 7 Waghorn 8 Lawrence 9 And the subs, both Holmes and Sibbo were excellent when they came on. Kazim did ok, I think he could be a useful option
  11. Geoff Peters maybe a Leicester fan who shares a mutual dislike for the red dogs but absolutely bang on
  12. It was a shocker! Lino,hes offside but he can’t determine whether he’s interfering with keeper’s eyeline. It’s down to the ref who relied on the Lino?’!!! Freeze frame it. Whatever Viv and his red tinted glasses saw waggy wasn’t in Samba’s eyeline. 100% the goal should stand. Doesnt take away from a great performance and a stunning finish from Jozwiak
  13. Jozwiak’s goal was a goal. Absolutely robbed. Great performance tonight. Defended well, looked a threat. Probably our best performance in an East Midlands Derby for a long time. The front 3 of Jozwiak Waggy and Lawrence transforms us. Look a real threat, lots if interchange, Waggy when required can do the target man piece adequately but then has so much more to his game. Lawrence was outstanding tonight. Knight was everywhere as was Shinnie who is vital to this team. Byrne and the back 3 did well, Marshall also. Buchanan is an amazing talent, masterstroke to sell Lowe and giv
  14. Max Bird - Not firing yet this season but last season when he swept the board with club awards was completely down to calculated design. Played against scunny, hauled off at half time, told where he needed to improve and helped in that, came back to not only play in the first team but be one of our best players in the second half of last season. A fantastic coaching example. He’s dipped in form at the moment but will come back as he’s a big talent. Louie Sibley - didn’t have to play him last season - calculated design Lee Buchanan - Sold max and loaned out Malone to give Lee a chance
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