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  1. Marriott Waghorn Lawrence all decent options. Maybe Lawrence will finally get a chance behind the striker(s) his best position. Probably need a wide player to replace Wilson
  2. I think you might be onto something with that. Next week I feel will be pivotal.
  3. Martin O’Neills succession plan out the window!! Please no! Awful job at Ipswich, though did a good job at Sunderland albeit a few years ago now.
  4. He’s going. I’ll be astounded if he doesn’t. He’s the only candidate in the running! Enough people ITK are saying he’s had discussions with Chelsea and he’s the number 1 choice. Journos mates family all included. The only way this will not happen is if he turns them down and the only reason I would see for him to do that right now is if he didn’t have 100% say on his back room team. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that this coming week will be crucial and probably (hopefully) decisive given both clubs want managers in place for pre-season training. If the rumours about investment are true I just hope frank leaving won’t scupper it.
  5. Fair point. I’ve said it before Alex Neil of those we know in the UK would probably be my first choice but probably difficult to get. A bit older but I’m intrigued by Labbadia now following the baggies links. He could be a good shout.
  6. Go back and watch his teams that have been promoted from this division. Anyone saying he plays percentages like Rowett et al is just lazy based on how he managed Brighton this season - a very different prospect. He’s an astute manager with an excellent record who adapts to the strengths of his team, just what we need especially when he’ll only have about 4 days to sign players when this Lampard situation is finally sorted!
  7. If not Hughton or the names mentioned, I’m warming to the idea of a foreign manager. Bruno Labbadia has been mentioned by some since the baggies link, he seems to have had an excellent career and could be a good choice!! And we might......just might........get a German Centre Back!!!! But proceed with caution going foreign, they must know the league and pedigree is irrelevant. Felix Magath at Fulham anyone?! Montanier also had good record - didn’t work out well and the gumps as he nearly made our dreams come true in taking them down!
  8. Want to see more genuine transfer activity as that would mean our managerial situation is sorted out!!
  9. I can’t believe we’re paying him £1.75m a year for his first job!! Think that’s too much given the lack of experience. We did the same with Clement. Pay him more money to keep him by all means but it won’t make a sod of difference. He’s got the chance to manage Chelsea and they will at least double our offer!!
  10. Just watched that Instagram video. It is absolutely harmless!! He’s been stitched up plain and simple and it wasn’t even bad. Anyone offended by that is letting their love for this club get in the way of reality and not viewing it on its merits. Nothing offensive, no disrespect to the club, put him in an awkward spot but that’s what mates do and he dealt with it as well as he could.
  11. Did well at Swansea and very unfortunate to lose his job. Did a good job at Leeds with limited resources. The blot on his copybook is Boro where he spent a fortune and got sacked, however if they had stuck with him and not gone the Pulis route then might have turned out better for Boro. Alex Neil is probably my first choice, followed by Hughton, Monk, then maybe a left-field foreign candidate followed by Adkins. id be tempted by Sol Campbell but I’d worry if he did well he’d be off next year as well.
  12. I think the paper speculation is sounding the most concrete it’s been so far. This will happen next week unless Frank doesn’t get the assurances he needs and turns it down. I would love that just to see the Chelsea meltdown!! Lets ramp up the speculation on the new manager now!!
  13. Maybe you should look at how he played at Swansea Leeds and Boro. Exactly what lamps was trying to do here. At Birmingham he adapted to the squad he had because he had no resources to do anything different
  14. Not my first choice but he’d do a job, did a good job with Hull last season been promoted from this league before. Plays decent football and works with a budget. He doesn’t have the frankie stardust but no one has
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