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  1. Not as simple as that. If he’d sacked Bennett and Lawrence, that would be a big hit to FFP as far as Lawrence is concerned. We can all say Mel handled it wrong but he probably thought at the time it could be the difference between us satisfying FFP and failing it. He was put in an impossible position. If he’d done the right thing the club would have suffered, players would’ve been fine despite being their idiotic actions so he probably though my duck it I’ll do what’s right for Derby.
  2. Some people will inevitably say losing Chris Martin but I refuse to accept losing 1 player is the difference between 10th and bottom 3. I think Covid has had a big impact. Yes you can argue it’s the same for everyone but I think in recent years we’ve relied on fans to lift us and it’s got us through tight games where we’ve struggled. It’s no coincidence we’ve gone from having one of the best home records in the league for the past 3 seasons (even last season) to the worst this season. However the bigger impact of Covid was the short turnaround time between seasons. With the injuries susta
  3. BramcoteRam84


    I reckon Keogh will go back to Cov
  4. You worry for me? I’m truly honoured. Not sure why. Just because we have different perspectives on things doesn’t mean either of us is wrong, or delusional. Lets take the rookie argument, you ignore the fact that despite the points dropped you highlighted that before today we were picking up the required points per game to finish on 54 points and survive. In that period we’ve seen a drastic improvement in performances including outplaying a promotion contender. Wycombe, Cov, Stoke, Sheff Weds we should have had more points but continue those performances we will win the games we need. You
  5. Yeah we’re doomed! Only 23 games left of the season! Have a word FFS!
  6. Of course we’re in big trouble. Because of the games we played before Rooney took over. We were nearly cut adrift from the whole league. All I’m saying is those that continually say we don’t have the quality or Rooney isn’t the man IMO are wrong. The 9 games preceding this have proved we are good enough to get out of it. Today was a performance we haven’t seen since Rooney took over. If that sort of performance continues for the next 5-7 games then we will be cut adrift and we will be heading down. I refuse to just disregard the positives since Rooney took over due to today.
  7. Roos 6 Byrne 6 Buchanan 4 Wisdom 5 Clarke 5 Knight 5 Bielik 5 Shinnie 6 Waghorn 5 CKR 5 Jozwiak 4
  8. Today looked like a team that’s had 2 weeks off with Covid outbreak. Don’t think off field matters can be blamed. Poor performances from many players. Too many touches back 4 setting the tone for the rest of the team, not showing same belief on the ball. For all doom mongers waiting for this opportunity to pounce - this level of performance has not been the norm for the 9 games preceding this. A return to those performances which this team is capable of will see us get out of this. It can change very quickly as we’ve proven already. Performances like today will see us relegated n
  9. Ryan Conway is good, offers valuable insights on the football side of things, but while some interesting insights were provided in his latest article I think it was sensationalist and only adding to the hysteria the media are creating around this. Yes there are doubts about the takeover and the legitimacy of the prospective new owners, the article is right on that part. However everything else is pure speculation. Unless Mel lies to us all and completely ruins his reputation this club will not go into administration, this club won’t sell all its young talent to pay wages and survive
  10. The Rooney news is a positive announcement. He wouldn’t have signed if he didn’t have assurances he was going to be able to build a team. Clearly Mel and the new owners want him so if the takeover doesn’t happen he still has the backing of whoever his bosses are. If the takeover doesn’t happen. Mel carries on looking for another buyer, Rooney carries on with improving our performances pulling us away from relegation and building a team to challenge, over a couple of seasons in a sustainable manner which will mean selling to buy along the way. The pandemic has proved all football clubs nee
  11. It will be closer to £1m sadly. But United has been mentioned for a while. Not a lot you can do when they’re not on pro terms and the big boys come in. It was the same with Delap, he wanted to go to City and we only got £1.6m for him
  12. Selling him for a profit when he only has 6 months on his contract and when let’s face it, he’s had a shocking season. That’s a good deal. Unfortunately never quite knew where his best position was. In the right system could be effective but not going to happen here. Best move for all parties but wish him well. Always worked hard and an excellent human being.
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