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  1. Beat Fulham with 22% possession. Had a similar amount against Leeds - very lucky to get a point. A red dog at work said to me they’re setting up as a counter attacking side without any real pace. This sort of play only gets you so far. Let’s face it we were 2nd at Christmas under Rowett playing this kind of Football, look what happened. I think Forest are about where we’re at. Will be in the mix for top 6 but no guarantees they’ll get in. I think Leeds Fulham Bristol and the baggies are better bets for promotion with Leeds unfortunately being the strongest.
  2. “There’s only one Colin banker one Colin banker, there’s only one Colin banker”
  3. Irish youngster, following in the footsteps of Jeff Hendrick, we all know where Jeff scored his first rams goal!! Come on Jason, make it happen!!
  4. Well when the equaliser was scored, I was fuming. Performance was rubbish we conceded after Cocu’s negative substitutions and had no strikers on the pitch to respond - these were my overriding thoughts. After a cool down and a beer, it was an encouraging performance in many ways. Two good teams, very even game with both teams having spells where they were on top. We played with control, very good at keeping the ball, defensively solid just unfortunately not quite firing in the final third. That said we created better chances than they did, and we were a precise final ball away from several other good chances. It’s just not quite firing in the final third but this is normal early season. We have good players and we will improve. Positives - what a performance from Max considering he’s out of position, Bielik looks majestic, Keogh flawless. Buchanan solid and saved us from losing with that block late on (but gut feel is he won’t make it at Derby long term, more of a centre back and too small to play that role). Knight on the other hand - made mistakes today but looks a player! Huddlestone had a good game (especially first half), Lawrence and Marriott did ok, Waggy had a great game back out wide. Negatives, think the midfield balance isn’t quite right, not getting enough players forward in attacks, and I’ve defended him so far but that’s two poor games from Dowell now. We’re asking him to play a box to box midfield role and I’m not sure it suits him. He struggled today. Derby were always going to start slowly, we have enough quality to threaten the top 6 but wouldn’t say we’re certainties, there are stronger teams on paper. Yet if we don’t get top 6 is that failure with this squad? I don’t think you can say it would be failure. Lets get this right, Cocu has been an assistant manager in a World Cup final and took PSV to three titles on an inferior budget to rivals from a position where PSV hadn’t won anything for 10 years. He did it by building a team, an identity and developing youth. He’s signed a 4 year contract, he seems committed to the long-term project of making Derby sustainable in the premier league. We should be over the moon (Coc-u-hoop in fact) to have him. The guy is class. Promotion may not happen this season but the owner and manager have a plan and a strategy that I’m convinced will deliver long-term success - it just might take some time and frustration until we get there.
  5. Love it how the season is over after 4 games for some people! Seriously have a quiet word with yourselves. Playoffs means late start to pre-season, new manager, new players and a really difficult fixture list to start the season, did anyone think it was going to be any different. Find the right system and get everyone fit, we have an 11 that can challenge the top 6 (like about another 10 teams!)
  6. Roos - good at coming off his line and distribution but horrendous keeping for the first goal! That’s two mistakes in two games - not convinced Lowe - considering he’s is very much left sided - outstanding performance. Definitely should be left back Keogh and Clarke look good. Bielik is class but right now looks better in a back three - might adapt to midfield with match sharpness Dowell and Lawrence mixed bag so far but both have quality. Waghorn done ok. With Marriott think that could be a formidable pairing Bennett did well tonight. Holmes and Bogle to come back, Marriott fully fit, Knight continues to develop. Wisdom when fit will offer serious competition for the back three along with Evans. There are definite positives. Even the negatives can be overcome. Malone will be better suited to wing back and Jozefzoon - just don’t play him! Just leaves the Roos problem. Thought it would be a slow start and it’s starting to prove it. Inevitable. But there is a decent team in there somewhere and I’m confident Cocu has the ability to find it. Think 3-5-2 is the way to go though
  7. He was bad today but he’s had one bad game! Instrumental in our first goal v Stoke, decent against Swansea excellent against Huddersfield.
  8. Saunders and Goddard probably the best in my lifetime but I never saw them play. In terms of watching live, Baiano Wanchope and Sturridge no question, with my favourite all time player Eranio linking from Midfield or Wing Back.
  9. Agree with many of the comments. We might just have a top 6 side when it comes to personnel but debatable, we’re definitely not one of the 3 best teams in the league on paper, any success will be down to how Cocu sets us up, his tactics and how he can introduce the likes of Knight and Sibley to hopefully add to what we have. Mel will 100% give him time. If we don’t make the playoffs Mel will be happy if Knight Buchanan and Sibley have played some matches and look likely to help take us to the next level the following season. I think Cocu will stay also.
  10. Anyone know why he was substituted? Was he injured? If so hope it’s not too bad. Good full back at this level hence he’s been in championship team of the year in recent years.
  11. Other than the defenders and Lawrence who has stood out this season? It’s too early to be making judgements. I think Dowell has done ok when I’ve seen him and after just watching the first goal back, Dowell was instrumental in both the build up and final assist. So far he’s a solid 6.5 out of 10 and I think once the system and personnel becomes more established he’ll improve and will thrive. He’s proven at this level as he showed at Forest in a poor side (though he was inconsistent at times). He is not Mason Mount, which is maybe the problem here.
  12. Interestingly I was chatting about this to Villa fans on the way back from Wembley. They won the European Cup but none of them talk about it - and they’ve only won league cups since. Only Forest!! That’s why they offer such comedic value
  13. Don’t deprive Wayne of number 32, he’s honoured to follow in the footsteps of the great Conor Sammon
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