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  1. I think we’ve seen enough this season to understand the brand of football Frank wants to play. It’s vibrant and exciting to watch. The issue right now is consistency. We have also reduced the age of the squad (badly needed) but the problem with youth is they will have dips in form. We’re seeing that right now with Bogle, Holmes (inexperienced at this level) and Wilson. Early on in this season it was clear despite the business Frank did that we were light in some areas of the team, this is proving to be the case. We needed luck with injuries and we haven’t had it. Recent weeks it’s become clear how important Mount is to us but even he hasn’t been firing recently. The fact we are still paying Anya Butterfield Johnson Blackman Pearce Thorne will be a huge chunk of our wage bill and was always going to constrain us. In addition in recent games we’ve seen Frank the rookie manager. He’s definitely made errors with team selection both against Ipswich and Millwall that have contributed to the poor results. Im surprised it hasn’t happened earlier. We have to remember it’s his first season in management. But all things considered Franks done a decent job. We have an identity it’s just in recent weeks the performances have gone away slightly due to a number of factors highlighted above. 1 point from Ipswich and Millwall is clearly not the form of a top 6 team and while we are still well in the mix, we are making it difficult for ourselves and we will probably fall short. If that for some people means we should make a change, I point to Sheffield United, Norwich and Bristol City. Sheff U and Bristol won plaudits last season similar to us this season and both fell away from the playoffs. Norwich were nowhere all season but we’re finding their identity. Look at all those three teams now. They haven’t spent loads (and we don’t have cash to spend) but they are genuine top 6, with Sheff U and Norwich being top 2 contenders. They are following a similar blueprint to what we are trying to do now but it’s only worked because they stuck with their managers. The key is having the right identity to get behind. I think we have this again now. We have the right guy but it was always going to take time.
  2. Even the most eternal optimist can’t say anything positive about that performance. Definitely the worst of the season, but to put it in perspective it’s been a while since we’ve been that bad at home. Seems to be a lack of confidence through the young players right now. Bogle Holmes Wilson all struggled. Maybe it’s frank playing a new system that has contributed? Marriott not fit, Huddlestone didn’t have his passing a game today. Can’t understand those blaming Bryson he was one of the better players, along with Waghorn and the best player was undoubtedly the 38 year left back who’s retiring in the summer!! I didn’t think we would make playoffs at the start of the season. Hopes have been raised with some of our performances but playing like tonight and Ipswich, we have no chance and I think we will be disappointed. Frustrating as the potential is there, we’ve seen it but not consistently, but that’s what you get with young players and a rookie manager! Success this season is competing while bringing the age of the squad down while trying to move out the old expensive deadwood who no one wants. It was always going to be a transition season. I think Lampard is doing a thoroughly decent job considering it’s his first season in management. With time he will do even better as he can bring more of his players into the club. Anyone who thinks top 6 was a certainty this season has unrealistic expectations unfortunately. If we’d have done no business in the summer and stuck with last years squad we would’ve been well in the bottom half.
  3. Why do people feed this balls about an annual slump, February wobble whatever. It’s complete horse poo! Reason it’s not going right currently is we’re inexperienced both in playing staff and manager and we’re not playing well enough. It isn’t linked to any mystique around this time of the season. Let’s face it we haven’t been sparkling for a while now. We’re in transition!!
  4. With the exception of a minority of posters some who are sticking to long standing agendas, I don’t think anyone is questioning Frank. I think the majority are more than happy with the job he’s doing. Me personally, I think If we can keep hold of him I’m convinced he’ll take us forward. I also think he will go to the top of the game. However he got it wrong tonight so deserves some flak for his decisions tonight. He’s got a thick skin so he can take it. He even admitted on radio derby that while he still backs his team selection as the right thing, it didn’t work out and while a factor in the defeat it wasn’t the sole reason. We’re still in a great place, though Autos are probably out of the question now (were they ever realistically a target?)
  5. Giving him too much credit there! No one in midfield other than Bryson in midfield played well tonight
  6. Way off it tonight yet still should’ve won. Nuge has cost us 6 points now individually since December! Bristol, Boro and now tonight! Missed absolute sitters in all three matches. Awful goal to concede and Lampard deserves criticism tonight with the midfield selection. We’re a different team with Huddlestone. Holmes and Wilson both poor tonight. A point isn’t a disaster though if we beat Millwall with our game in hand. We’ve got to get this away form sorted, red dogs and Villa next up away we’ll get nothing from both games playing like that. Credit to Ipswich though, played much better than their league position and proves again there are no gimmes in this league. We should be hammering these teams?! Every away game in this league is tough.
  7. It would be a shame if it does happen but not much we could do if it does. He’d struggle to resist the opportunity and it would be poor of us to stop him. If it does happen I think it would be close season and who know we might even be in the prem by then!! Even if we’re not, whoever comes in would have most of the decks cleared and a good opportunity to sensibly continue franks work adding the right players and continuing to give opportunities to our talented youth. However it would need to be the right appointment, as a minimum someone who plays the same style of football and can build on what Frank has done.
  8. Many including me thought Leeds would walk the league and look what’s happened to them (though they’re still playing decent stuff despite losing). Norwich looking good as are Sheff U and Boro picking up...but it all can and will change again!! This is the championship!! We are right in the mix though and would definitely back us to make playoffs as a minimum. Ambrose will be good cover, already like the look of King, excellent cameo against Hull and can’t underestimate the experience Cole brings to the party. Even the way Frank is talking we must think about promotion when we eat, drink, and sleep!! Encouraging them to embrace it. Spot on, let’s face it as a footballer that’s what you’re in it for, the pressure games. Who says pressure is negative, it can be equally positive!! COYR!!
  9. Top stuff @loweman2!! Really appreciate this and I’m sure my gran will do too. Defo owe you a beer some time.
  10. Couldn’t work the message service on here so tracked you down on twitter and sent you a message with my e-mail details. I’ll pull together all the details I can. Cheers
  11. Awesome I will do. Thanks for your help @loweman2 and also thanks @Boycie.
  12. Well that’s sort of the reason I posted as there will be some on here who know him who could point me in the right direction.
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