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  1. First game I’ve been to since QPR end of November. Excellent first 10 mins, lost our way and they should’ve been in front, finished last 10 mins of first half well, then second half despite us not creating many chances (it was a match of very few chances actually) there was only one team in it. We thoroughly deserved the win against a half decent team. Stand out for me was Holmes, as well as I’ve seen him play in a long time (recognising I didn’t see him against Barnsley). Other solid performances were the back four Huddlestone and Knight just looks a player. Rooney wasn’t in the game enough but when he was showed moments of superstar quality. Waggy worked hard but isn’t good enough down the middle for me. Lawrence good second half poor in the first but did put a shift in. Solid championship win and we need more of these if we’re going to shake up the playoff mix (or stay clear of any trouble if the EFL are allowed to be Bamfords!) duck the EFL!
  2. Hope you’re proved right re: Marriott as there is definitely something there. It’s extremely frustrating how he can’t manage sustained game time. As for Lawrence, clearly a talent but he’s had enough chances for me now.
  3. Complete meltdown. It might actually break the forum!!
  4. 😂😂😂😂😂 not sure what happened there
  5. Hamer Bogle Davies Clarke Lowe Bielik Bird Holmes Rooney Knight Martin
  6. Lawrence was in the team today because he played well against palace and therefore kept his place. I’m baffled as to why people think he shouldn’t have kept his place? However he blew it with a poor performance in his best position. I’m a Lawrence fan but I’ve about exhausted all patience with him. He will continue to be inconsistent and we can do better - but we’ll struggle to sell him I think. Another one I’m done with is Marriott. Never fit, always little niggles, which indicates to me someone who isn’t as fit as they should be and is not taking their job as serious as they should be!
  7. There is clearly a tactic as to how we want to play, but we didn’t adopt different tactics in the second half, we were just more positive in how we went about it, we passed forward, we didn’t play safe passes we got closer to Boro. The manager doesn’t control the players with a controller or a joystick (showing my age) from the touch line. Players play the game and make the decisions on the pitch.
  8. Good point today. Boro one of the best teams in the league right now. Some definite promise in the second half. Frustrating why they didn’t turn up first half and we were extremely lucky to still be in the game. Cocu was extremely angry about the first half so they clearly didn’t do what he wanted - to those saying it’s his tactics and not the players. Also Holmes in his interview said Cocu gave them a talking to at half time, looked like it had the desired effect - to those who say Cocu can’t motivate!! Going in the right direction.
  9. Spurs wouldn’t have paid the money if he was rubbish. The boy is class. Tore us apart last season, would add a different dimension to our attack.
  10. Or the Rooney who despite everyone saying he was washed up at Everton still managed to score 12 goals (premier league) and end up their top scorer playing midfield and managed to score goal of the season against West Ham. When he was supposedly passed it at United, they beat us 3-1 at pride park in the FA Cup, Rooney scored a wondergoal and was best player on the pitch You don’t lose class
  11. Definitely want to stick and give him a chance to mould his team and bring through the youngsters. However we are extremely close to being dragged into a relegation battle. He needs results otherwise I think a decision will be made. Don’t beat either charlton or Barnsley and I think that could be it!! Praying we get back to back wins!!
  12. The alternative - is constant change and spend lots of money we don’t have. We had 4/5 seasons of Nigel Clough on which the 13/14 and 14/15 seasons under Mac were built. We might need the same again. The alternative would leave us where we are now or worst, may even risk long term future of the club. im not saying give him 4 years before making any decision we would need to see signs of progress by this time next season if not then make the change.
  13. The route we’ve been down before (and one I probably would’ve have supported). He decided to move for him based on research he had done and on stats (which I think some on here pointed to a FourFourTwo article) around level of success for relative budget and Cocu ranked pretty high up globally. He wanted someone who would build and develop youth and during the interview process it was clear to him Cocu was the right guy. It’s not going well, however the “”tinkering “ as you say is down to firstly to injuries, and secondly down to players not delivering either because they are not good enough or because the balance of the team isn’t right to get the best out of them - it’s not his squad yet and therefore IMO cannot be judged yet - especially when he doesn’t actually have a midfield- he has a bunch of defenders and a bunch of attackers and no one to link the two - except possibly Shinnie - 1 player!! He also strikes me as a humble modest individual despite his success in the game so don’t agree with your “believed his own hype” comment. It’s been way worse than this. Patience is required but accept we are sucked into a relegation battle decisions will be made and he wont have many complaints
  14. It would be disaster if the club get rid of Cocu. I don’t think another manager will necessarily turn around this group of players. We just don’t have the right squad balance especially in midfield. Mel has said we have to be sustainable, we can’t keep throwing money at it. Therefore we have build something. That takes time. Cocu is the man Mel picked to do the job, with some good logic and reasoning behind the appointment. It would be senseless to throw this plan out of the window after just 6 months. You would only do this in extreme circumstances eg. Threat of Relegation. We are not under threat of relegation....yet. However a continuation of the past 2-3 weeks (we were actually starting to play well up to the Preston game let’s not forget that!) and Mel could have a decision to make. We have matches now where we should definitely be looking to pick up points. He has to pick up points! The run of games into Feb and the January window I think are absolutely critical for Cocu’s survival. If we as a minimum stay where we are and have a decent cushion from the relegation battle then he’ll be given the chance into next season. If not then I think Mel will be forced to make a decision.
  15. Really sad to hear this. A hero of mine. A true rams legend. I was too young to remember the cox era apart from the back end when it wasn’t so good, TBE’s time at Derby is my highlight as a fan, unbelievable football. Always remember tearing Arsenal apart at home the year they won the league title for first time under Wenger. Special memories! Thanks for everything Jim. And for those who haven’t read it, I highly recommend his autobiography “It’s only a game” remember getting it for Christmas when it first came out, some real insights into football Derby and in particular into the man himself.
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