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  1. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Decision was arrived at by Derbyshire Police, the club and other safety authorities. All the club and the police are guilty of is being over safety conscious, but that’s modern society everyone frightened of insurance claims!! Now on to Warnock, he has accused our club of cheating, and made wild accusations with no factual basis. Could definitely an argument for slander, as a minimum he’s brought the game into disrepute!! Hope the FA throw the book at him! And I really hope we win a really nasty game when we eventually do play it! Get into em.........!!!!!!!
  2. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread 18/19

    I’m with you on Sammy Ameobi. Looked good last night against Villa. Lots of similarities with Palmer. If we can’t get Palmer then would be good alternative. I’d like to see Josh Vela from Bolton also. Looks a decent player and certainly has the energy we lack. Obviously only want these guys IF we are in the Championship next season!!
  3. FFP going into next season

    There are many people who know lots about FFP, I don’t profess to but here is my take. Fulham have been in the Prem far more recently so likely to have a bigger pot than us before they’re compromised by FFP. Villa and Boro definitely helped by parachute payments. Wolves just flouting the rules! Derby and Forest have been in this league 10 seasons (more in their case). They are the right comparison. They went for it without parachute payments, broke the rules and it cost them with an embargo. They’ve had 3-4 seasons of mediocrity since and were nearly relegated. We’ve managed to stay inside the rules by being more frugal past 2 seasons. But that means it’s difficult to compete spending wise against those at the top of the division. But we really don’t want to be in a Forest situation. The irony is Forest are now reckoning they’re in a position to spend big again!! Could be interesting next season. That spending spree in 15/16 has really cost us.
  4. Rowett

    @DRBee @kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong The point I’m making is last season the football wasnt good. Under Clement it wasnt great either. It was a brief spell under wassall and 3-4 years ago under McClaren when we were at our best attacking wise, that team was long gone before Rowett arrived, it went with the appalling signings under Clement, and loss of form of key players. As a minimum it is the same standard as last season, yet we’ve scored more goals conceded less and have more points! I was a McClaren fan I thought he didn’t get a fair chance second time, but there are people on this message board touting some Rowettball myth, because he played a certain way at Burton and Brum they’d made their minds up before he even came in about him, and whenever we don’t get results use the myth to support their position. They can only really grumble with the recent slump and early season, but they’ve been spouting this crap all season! The football this season is no worst yet we’re in a better position. That’s improvement. End of season is right time to judge, if we don’t make the playoffs should we sack him? Only way we’re going to get anywhere long term is stability. He needs the fair crack of the whip his recent predecessors didn’t get.
  5. Rowett

    We need to start winning again soon to be certain but, high likelihood we will significantly improve on last year’s points position and league position and probably make the playoffs?! Derby making the playoffs= Significant Improvement! And guess what i’ll also say the football has improved since last season! Let’s get real here, last season the football was ****, under Clement the football was ****, Wassall played decent stuff albeit kamikaze but don’t anyone kid themselves saying we were an attractive footballing team when Rowett came in, we were **** and the Rowettball thing is just total ********!
  6. The reality is

    I just love his passion for the game and for the club. It shines through in every interview. He repeats the same phrases, so what?! He is still articulate about football even if he isn’t articulate generally. No problem with it as a Derby manager.....however as a radio derby summariser it absolutely did my nut in!!
  7. Happy Birthday Curtis Davies...statistically the best

    At £500k, an unbelievable signing. Been excellent, just what we were missing. Reminds me a little of when we sold Dailly for £5.3m and replaced him with Spencer Prior for £700k, no nonsense, did the job and was a good player for us. I think he’s got one more tilt at the highest level in him, hopefully it’s with us next season
  8. Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    Definitely fancy this one. No way will Cardiff continues their run, likewise our bad run won’t continue. Due a win and Cardiff are made for us. I also think we’ll get some dodgy decisions that will send Warnock into a rage. If fit I would go 4-1-3-1-1 or 4-4-1-1: Carson, Wisdom, Keogh, Davies, Forsyth, Weimann, Johnson, Palmer, Lawrence, Vydra, Jerome. Think we should go for this one and take some risk.
  9. v Cardiff (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2 - 0 Cardiff - Vydra FRGS
  10. Jordan Graham

    These are the types of signings we need to make, if we do have cash then save for 1 or 2 top quality signings. Rowett has addressed the experience/spine issues with the team, he was clear about having young energetic players when he came in, I’d be very surprised if he signed anyone over 28 this summer. If we do stay down - Lowe Elsnik and Thomas will be play a bigger role in first team squad next season. We can be competitive while living within our means.
  11. What it’s like being a Rams fan in one sentence

    A never ending cycle of hope followed by false dawns followed by pain!
  12. Derby set pieces

    I’m sure Vydra would’ve been taking those free kicks on the edge of the box had he been on the pitch. Unfortunately he wasn’t
  13. Poll: Better or Worse?

    Said it on another thread, attitude intensity and aggression was spot on today. That Curtis Davies tackle set the tone. They tried, showed intent and were positive in what they did. Bradley Johnson was a prime example, while he gave away lots of free kicks and at times his lack of quality was evident, he kept trying didn’t hide and kept smashing people. It was the bullying performance we don’t see enough from him. Huddlestone was the star man. Majestic at times. Blow losing him for Cardiff but he’s only 80% fit according to Rowett. 3 weeks off, we should have a fully fit Tom Huddlestone for the run in and the playoffs! Play with that attitude performance will improve, and wins will come. Yes I do feel better about our chances. I do agree with McClaren though, Rowett may need to take more risks in the run in. Mac was always too risky in my view, Rowett maybe slightly too cautious but not surprising given the run we’ve been on
  14. Notts Forest F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    I wasn’t looking forward to today. However we played with intensity, with fight, with passion and were positive even if the quality lacked at times. Edged the game definitely the better team, didn’t quite do enough to win. Hopefully we get some players back from injury for the Cardiff game. We play with that attitude performances will improve and wins will come. Danny Fox getting MoM is a joke, Huddlestone was by far the best player on the park - red card was a complete joke. Interesting how Tomlin was never booked for diving yet Lawrence was - another joke decision. Special mention for Curtis Davies - immense and that tackle early on set the tone! Awesome Forest really surprised me today. Derby a team massively out of form, yet they never went for it once. Karanka has improved their defence immeasurably which made it very difficult for us. On another day we would’ve got the rub of the green and the victory.
  15. Must win or must not lose?

    It’s forest of course we have to win. Is it season defining? Of course not! We will still have 9 games to go, Preston might have a dip now, Bristol not in good form either. It’s looking really good for the top 6, that’s despite our run!

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