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  1. BramcoteRam84

    Mac at QPR

    Our point at loftus road is looking a decent one now!!
  2. BramcoteRam84

    Hollywood’s Jack O'Connell on moan in tonight.

    My first proper Job after Uni I worked with John, he really helped me. Absolutely a top bloke, was always the life and soul of the office. Top man.
  3. BramcoteRam84

    False 5? First time I've heard of this!

    Interesting Lampard said in his interview that Huddlestone was a big reason for the turnaround second half and credited him as playing the key role in our victory. Have to agree, he absolutely bossed it second half.
  4. BramcoteRam84

    v WBA (A) - Predictions

    WBA 2 Derby 2 - Marriott FRGS
  5. BramcoteRam84

    The Championship 18/19

    Keep hearing ramage saying the standard of the league isn’t as good, anyone can win it. Agree with the second part of this, but disagree the standard is getting worst. I’d argue it’s improving, more good teams due to prem teams coming down with parachute payments not getting promoted straight away, smaller teams finding away to compete. You look at the past few home games, Blackburn Brentford Norwich and Sheff United were all excellent games of football. Its more competitive than ever definitely and anyone in the top 14-16 could get in the top 6, but I’d argue it’s because the standard of the league is improving not declining.
  6. BramcoteRam84

    Geriatric Floresta

    I’m going to enjoy Monday. Was telling a red dog I work with how good Norwich were following our game with them. His response was a team that playes football is tailor made for Forest and they fancy their chances against any good footballing side...... 😂😂😂😂😂mind the gap😂😂😂😂
  7. BramcoteRam84

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    We played better against Blackburn and even Norwich and didn’t win yet despite not being at our best today we beat top of the league. Major positive! In terms of standout performances. Keogh without question was my MoM. Lawrence was excellent. I was calling for Nuge to come on for Marriott but no way would Nuge have scored that goal. He has to continue starting. I think he is Sam Winnall with pace! The back 4 stepping up helped Huddlestone. He was dictating in their half in the second half, he makes up for him a lack of legs by his positional sense and his sixth sense for danger that he manages to snuff out. Fozzy has a poor game overall, Bogle struggled as had no protection from Waghorn who looked like a square peg in a round hole all game. Wilson didn’t have a great game but his energy keeps him involved. Mount not at his best but still at the centre of most of our good play. Main positive is we deserved to win yet we can play a lot better!
  8. BramcoteRam84

    Great style of football

    Excellent game of football, as was Norwich as was Brentford as was Blackburn. Like the way we’re going about it but we weren’t great today. Scored early sat back and they dominated first half. Second half we improved without being outstanding, but still controlled the game created the better chances and overall thoroughly deserved to win the game. The fact we can do this against top of the league yet we can play and have played much better than we did tonight is a huge positive!
  9. BramcoteRam84

    Tom Lawrence - Fan criticism

    That through ball for Flo Jo was firstly, the absolute best decision in the situation to play the pass, and secondly it was one inch from being perfect and thirdly it was cut out by an “outstanding” piece of defending. If that goes down as a Lawrence rooster up, then he really can’t win. He frustrates as he has so much ability but tonight he was excellent. I thought he should’ve started, needs to start next match, balance just wasn’t right with Waghorn wide.
  10. BramcoteRam84

    Lack of love for some players why?

    Ironically it’s the players who play the most, have the bottle to get on the ball and try to make something happen that get pilloried when it goes wrong, but people forget or don’t notice when it goes right!
  11. BramcoteRam84

    Welsh Wizard.

    Lawrence is a player who will frustrate probably all through his career. But there is no question the guy has talent. Needs to Kurb the petulance but he has a a bite to his game I like. Can be greedy at times but that isn’t always bad. Hes proved this season already he is a match winner at this level. Let’s focus on what he does do well and not what he doesn’t.
  12. BramcoteRam84

    v Sheffield Utd (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2 Sheff Utd 1, Marriott FRGS
  13. BramcoteRam84

    First school report of the season...score ?

    Spot on. And I agree with you on Tomori at CDM. Think he could be excellent but Johnson has been doing well in there (and I’m a Johnson critic!) so Tomori might have to sit out a few games before he gets his chance again.
  14. BramcoteRam84

    The next eight

    I think we’ll take 11 pts from that lot and we’ll be similar to where we are now or slightly lower in the table. And it won’t define our season. Target has to be (if we want to challenge this season...I would be content with a season of transition with signs we can be competitive) to be in and around the playoffs by mid January, following which we have a run of fixtures against teams who will be in the bottom half through to Forest end of Feb where we could really make a move. Those fixtures and the tricky fixtures from Forest through early March will define our season.
  15. BramcoteRam84

    V QPR (A) Match Thread

    7th place, outside top 6 on goal difference despite going through a huge transition. Not bad if you ask me. We didn’t play badly against Bolton, Norwich or today. Although we are capable of much better, they were still levels of performance that would win matches on other occasions this season. There isn’t a lot wrong, I genuinely don’t think we’re that far away. Still tweaking to find the best formula. Im just baffled that we’ve been in the championship for 15 of the past 16 seasons yet people still get wound up oh if we don’t beat these sort of teams we have no chance of doing anything?! It’s the championship!!!! Everyone beats everyone!

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