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  1. BramcoteRam84

    At the club now

    I’m absolutely buzzing right now. We’ve just signed two loans who could potentially rip up this league, one in Mason Mount who is one of the major talents in England. Not getting carried away with the hype...yet, we still need more or we need to see how Frank gets a tune out of Martin and our own youngsters, but make no mistake these are real positive moves and by the end of the window, I think we’ll have a team we can really excited about that will compete this season.
  2. BramcoteRam84

    Bugger all happening

    Remember how excited we all were when Derby were going mad in 15/16. Transfer activity every week. Look how that turned out! Pleased with Derby’s business so far. Selling Weimann is a good move, did well for us and had right attitude but his quality at crucial times was lacking. Selling him means we have both him and Russell to replace, could be two signings or stand up Luke Thomas! I have a feeling the loan deadline of end of August is Derby’s main focus
  3. BramcoteRam84

    Inside info

    Let’s hope it’s true. Jorge Mendes is meddling in this league again only this time it’s worst as it’s the gumps!! We need mr abramovich to meddle on our behalf and help out his club legend!! Abraham Mount Hudson-Odoi and DaSilva please!!!
  4. BramcoteRam84

    Matej Vydra

    About 12 months ago I saw Vydra in Beeston Sainsbury’s, he had an S63 merc with Czech plates but suppose could easily have changed it by now or have several cars
  5. BramcoteRam84

    Geriatric Floresta

    I’ve heard some people say Goncalves is best talent in Portugal since Ronaldo! I also heard people say Candido Costa would be the next Luis Figo.................
  6. BramcoteRam84

    Outs before Ins

    This current squad was comfortably the worst of the top 6 this season and not far ahead 7th-11th. Pre-Snake they weren’t even good enough for top 6. Absolutely no way could they compete for top 2, they would struggle to make top 6 again. Furthermore, they can’t play the fast aggressive attacking football we want to see and that Frank wants to play. Too many players at the wrong point in their careers who were overrated in the first place, with no energy or pace. Only way this will change within the current squad is if Lowe Guy Elsnik Thomas and Bogle (or at least 2 or 3 of them) announce themselves to be stars at this level next season. Change is needed, it will take time. Snake is not the cause of all our woes as some people believe, it has taken 3 seasons to get to this point.
  7. BramcoteRam84

    Maybe we can get Hendrick back on the cheap?

    For those Burnley fans slating him there are probably just as many that rate him. Like on here some fans slated him whereas other fans like me rated him highly. Inconsistent yes but on his day easily one of the best in the championship. He was still maturing and after the euros think he would’ve had his best season as he’d taken his game to the next level. Also got to remember, Burnley finished 7th in the prem, we’re aiming top 6 championship. Big difference. Hendrick is way better than Derby right now. We’ve missed him massively and there’s no way we would get him for anything less than 8-10m. Other prem teams would also be ahead in the queue. Which therefore means no chance.
  8. BramcoteRam84

    John Terry

    Remember his debut against Newcastle at the BBG. Outstanding, didn’t give Shearer a kick apart from once in the game where shearer stole barely half a yard on the turn 20 yards from goal, drove it like a bullet in the bottom corner. Lost 1-0! Excellent contest, showed McGrath still had it at 36/37 with no knees, but also showed what a bloody fantastic striker Shearer was.
  9. BramcoteRam84

    What I’d really like to know about George

    He came back middle of the season having had no preseason played a couple of games and played well, probably through adrenaline then found himself short of match fitness. Then in and out the side because of where we were at the time and possibly not best suited to a defensive midfield two, alongside Huddlestone who plays a similar type of game. A full preseason, a formation tweak which will hopefully leave him on his own holding with runners in front of him, i am 100% convinced we will see the George Thorne we first signed on loan under McClaren. I even think he’ll win player of the year, there’s my early prediction!
  10. BramcoteRam84

    John Terry

    I think if this is happening Curtis will go which I’m sad about given his impact this season. As for questioning the potential signing of JT, can’t believe people are moaning already. FL has been in the job 4 days!! Also, the older generation (not me) will remember a similar signing...Dave Mackay anyone?
  11. BramcoteRam84

    It must be time for another Chris Martin post?

    The best centre forward derby have had since Strupar, and you could even argue better than him given his injury record, which takes you back to Wanchope. That’s 20 years nearly!!
  12. BramcoteRam84

    It must be time for another Chris Martin post?

    If he does fit in, great. If not then we applaud an excellent servant for derby and move on.
  13. BramcoteRam84

    Tom Bayliss

    Think Bayliss is a Leicester lad so that would be a big pull but who knows, with Frank as his idol, it could swing it! And are Leicester going to throw him in straight away? We’d be a better option for first team football
  14. BramcoteRam84

    John Terry

    Terry or Curtis. Not both. Can only afford one old milk float in the back 4 and I think Curtis actually has more pace than JT. Only if Curtis joins slytherin (Stoke) would I welcome JT.
  15. BramcoteRam84

    Paddy McNair - Signed for Middlesbrough

    Called this on the transfer suggestion thread, he would be an excellent signing. This guy has played for United in the premier league and is still young. Was Sunderland’s best player when he came back from injury. He would be the replacement for Hendrick we’ve needed for two seasons! Lampard could make a signing like this if he’s able to get players out for decent fees (Vydra) and cut wages by trimming the squad. Unfortunately though if the snake is looking at him, we wouldn’t win a bidding war. It would be like villa two seasons ago all over again outbidding us on all our targets.

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