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Derby Co v Wigan: Player Ratings


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Half-marks allowed; please rate all subs. Closes Thursday @ 18:00. Results by Thursday 22:00. Average is 6.00. Therefore, when a sub steps on the pitch he is on 6 - that's the baseline. Also indicate ATG (at the game) or TV (Tv viewer).

















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1Wildsmith 5 Could’ve/Should’ve gathered the cross for their 2nd goal.

35Nelson 6 Tidy 

5Bradley 4 Poor pass & slip gifted the first goal

6Cashin 5 Under par

14Washington 6 Not much impact

23Ward 7 Stream of crosses but mostly found Wigan heads

2Wilson 7 Lively cameo and looks very promising 

12Smith 6.5 Hard work but midfield is lightweight

8Bird 6 Didn’t dominate or produce the passes needed to unlock the defence 

4Hourihane 6 Effort aplenty but not enough incisive passing

3Forsyth 6 Well taken goal; should’ve had a 2nd

Elder 6 Had little impact

9Collins 5.5 Weak left foot shot when well placed to score

11Méndez-Laing 7 worked tremendously hard but failed to penetrate 

Thompson 6.5 Came on and was very brave taking the game on but failed to impact.

Disappointing start but this team is evolving and we we’ll play better. 

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Wildsmith 5

Ward 5.5

Nelson 6

Bradley 4.5

Cashin 5

Fozzy 6.5

Smith 6

Hourhaine 6

Bird 5


Collins 6.5


Wilson 7

Elder 5

Washington 6

Overall disappointing result and start but on another day 1 of those 500 crosses are better and we score 1/2 more and don’t make the mistakes and win, nothing to panic about like most are! 

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1 Wildsmith - 5

35 Nelson - 6

5 Bradley - 5 not a good start to his Rams career

6 Cashin - 5

14 Washington - 6

23 Ward - 8 MOM

2 Wilson - 7

12 Smith - 4 is he still hiding 🙈 

8 Bird - 5 played out of position

4 Hourihane - 4 backwards passing 🤬

3 Forsyth - 7 

Elder - 6

9 Collins - 5 willing runner that’s  about all

11 Méndez-Laing - 5 lazy yesterday

Thompson - 7

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1Wildsmith.....did well on the one-on-one save from Lang but ultimately his rare error cost us the game. Still plenty of credit in the bank but a chance on Tuesday for Vickers to apply pressure...... 5

35Nelson.....presumably at least partly to blame for the gaping hole which led to the great chance Wigan had to make it 0-2. One fantastic piece of defending to race back and clear a dangerous cross when outnumbered..... 6

5Bradley.....the Collins/Nelson/Wildsmith show needs time in fairness but there seemed an edginess when the ball landed between the defenders and the keeper. Close to scoring in the first half before his beautifully weighted pass and assist led to the opener. Initially thought he'd injured himself but no such excuse can be offered - just a debut c*** up unfortunately. As with Wildsmith, his mark has to reflect that huge error..... 5

6Cashin.....some decent moments, some not so decent ones. A deserved yellow too as the intent was clear when he clattered into his opponent when challenging aerially..... 5.5

14Washington.....not involved much when he came on..... 6

23Ward.....a positive and encouraging debut. Derby's most likely source of an assist and some useful crosses. Somehow our two most influential players, on first glance, are competing against each other for a position at RWB/RB..... 7.5 (MotM)

2Wilson.....skilful and marauding it appears. Can he play in midfield to drive at the opposition? Impressive cameo..... 7

12Smith.....first involvement was a lovely pirouette which deceived two Wigan players but that was his highlight. The midfield balance didn't seem right. Does it need time or different personel?..... 5.5

8Bird.....decent first half but faded. Should be the first midfielder on the team sheet and build the central two/three around Bird's strengths..... 6

4Hourihane.....odd choice as captain and underwhelms for me in relation to his reputation as a classy and highly-influential star player.... 5.5

3Forsyth.....not the most likely first Rams scorer but could have had more than one. Mostly decent and it was a fantastic finish. If he isn't played at CB then Elder and Foz can capably share the LWB/LB role..... 7

Elder.....big lad and looked capable enough on first viewing..... 6

9Collins.....keen, willing, limited so no change there. Fluffed a first half chance and never quite on the end of one of the many crosses played in. So no change there either. Maybe a Dajaune Brown type player would get ahead of defenders and we could play low crosses in? Did okay in hold up play tbf..... 6

11Méndez-Laing..... not sure what his position is now but he isn't as involved as he could be as a genuine wide attacker/winger. He and Barkhuizen may find their minutes limited if Warne persists with his preferred system. One powerful effort dealt with by the impressive Mr Tickle in the Latics goal but little else of note or influence..... 5.5

Thompson.....I like this kid and would like to see him getting more opportunities and in his preferred central area. Buzzes around with high energy and our central midfield needs that imo..... 6

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3 hours ago, Ellafella said:

Half-marks allowed; please rate all subs. Closes Thursday @ 18:00. Results by Thursday 22:00. Average is 6.00. Therefore, when a sub steps on the pitch he is on 6 - that's the baseline. Also indicate ATG (at the game) or TV (Tv viewer).

1Wildsmith 5.5 One very good save, but two bad errors. Got away with the first, but not the second. I do like that he's got a strong constitution and doesn't seem to let mistakes affect him.

35Nelson 5.5 Slowly grew into the game. Should have scored just before halftime, but headed over. 

5Bradley 5 He'll know it was a poor performance, missing a great chance and then gifting the opening goal.

6Cashin 6 Love how he's all over the pitch, driving us forward. An outrageous booking by the referee who took against him, hence Warne had to sub him off. 

14Washington 6 Not on long enough to lose marks. Should have been on 20 minutes earlier, and might have made a difference.

23Ward 6.5 Kept pinging in those early crosses.

2Wilson 6 A good first dribble, but chose the wrong option.

12Smith 6.5 Our best player in the first half, always available and passing forward at every opportunity. Faded in the second half.

8Bird 4.5 He only had 33 touches in the entire match (only Collins was fewer). Should be dominating midfield, but tends to hide. Didn't impact the game.

4Hourihane 5 A lot of touches to knit things together, but our least forward thinking midfield, mostly going sideways. One run and shot. 

3Forsyth 7 Scored a fabulous goal. Really good attempt at a second. Hooked another cross back. Tried early crosses, and some worked. Didn't get back enough in defence and some wayward touches, but goals change games and he showed far more quality than any other player in the box.

Elder 5.5 Felt his impact on the game was negative, after Fozzy's glimpses of quality.

9Collins 4.5 Worked hard, never a threat. Always second to the ball (ie didn't get there) when it went into the box. 

11Méndez-Laing 6 He needs to be subbed before the hour mark. Did Warne learn nothing from last season about his lack of stamina? Fearsome pile driver in the first half.

Thompson 6 Tried to inject some urgency. Only on in injury time.

Watched live on TV, closely. If ranking the manager, he would lose marks by being far, far too slow with the subs. 


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3 hours ago, Ellafella said:


1Wildsmith            6.  Had little to do. Good save one on one. Bad error for second goal. 

35Nelson              6  Best of a shaky back three. Like many others distribution could have been better.

5Bradley               5.  Bad error. Seemed to get his studs caught in the grass? Looked vulnerable when balls played over the top.

6Cashin                5.  Some good tackles but distribution shocking. Did not look confident.

14Washington      6.  Introduced too late to effect the game.

23Ward                7.  Only one who seemed to have any pace. Some good crosses.

2Wilson                6  Looked lively as a sub. Probably will be the tactic for him to replace Ward in second half.

12Smith                4  Very disappointing. Little energy no effect on the game.

Bird                      4  Very disappointing. Said to have had a great pre-season in the advanced role - but not today. Wasted.




Hourihane            5 Some useful corners but lost midfield battle.

3Forsyth              6 Good goal unlucky with second effort. Crossing poor.

Elder                    6 Looked lively as a late sub.

9Collins               5 Missed a couple of early chances. Some good work but in the wrong areas for a CF.

11Méndez-Laing 5 One good effort but main asset (speed) totally lost in that central role.

Thompson          6 Like all the other late subs looked lively.

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1Wildsmith 5 - looked like the Wildsmith who started last season. Cost us a goal 

35Nelson 6 - some over hit passes but generally defended well and improved as game went on 

5Bradley 5  - his timing of headers, the ball and generally was not good - poor goal

6Cashin 5 - looked slow and unfit; beaten for pace and in the air too often.

14Washington 6 - a couple of nice touches

23Ward 7 - our main threat, some great crosses - a little unsure defensively 

2Wilson 6 - his first dribble was excellent and nearly produced an equaliser but become a little predictable 

12Smith 5 - seemed too casual at times and slowed the ball movement down

8Bird 5.5 - early turn and switch out to the left was great, tried it again 3 or 4 times again and got robbed of possession 

4Hourihane 5.5 - slowed it down too much and too many safe passes 

3Forsyth 7 - great energy, well taken goal - could have had 3 

Elder6 - not much to write home about 

9Collins 6.5 - snatched at the early chance when he had more time but held the ball up well and worked hard for the team

11Méndez-Laing 5 - doesn’t seem to understand the position he’s being asked to play; need much more from him 

Thompson 6 - a brief burst of energy and hassle in the midfield 

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1Wildsmith 5.5  decent kicking, but that flap at the cross was poor. Cashin partly culpable too.

35Nelson 6.5  The most mobile of our back 3 but I think so would I be! Strong, some simple passes to Ward and put lovely cross in. Will be fine.

5Bradley 5 Obviously the mistake, but I was shocked at his general lack of presence and authority. Perhaps the most surprising and therefore disappointing performance of the day. History suggests he will shrug this off and become the warrior we believe he is.

6Cashin 5. All at sea and so exposed for the lack of pace that will seriously limit his career. Normally compensates with timing, positional sense and aggression but all seemed to have largely deserted him yesterday. Very sad to see.

14Washington 6 Didn't really notice him tbh. So need him fit.

23Ward 7.5 sharp, decisive, mobile and did his job very effectively. For a player who is supposed to shrink on big occasions (according to posh fans) he was the standout. Looks a good footballer.

2Wilson 6.5  Lovely bit of flair straight away. Looks a bit heavy. If gets fit, we have a real rarity in our squad someone who dribbles, has a trick and not afraid to run forward with the ball with some attacking intent.

12Smith 6 some mistakes, some nice passing too. Mixed bag.

8Bird 6 some lovely bits of play, but generally peripheral.

4Hourihane 6 same as above, decent deliveries.

3Forsyth 7 Great goal, decent attacking intent but hopefully not needed much there as can't get back once up. Good game nonetheless.

Elder 6 Nice touches, no time for owt else 

9Collins 6 some better hold up play but fluffed his chance and won nothing of note in tbe air that I saw.

11Méndez-Laing 6 mixed bag. Threatened at times, lost at others.

Thompson 6 bright when came on.




Wigan were best LG 1 side I've seen at PP, although I missed Ipswich game tbf.


Edited by Andrew3000
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 Wildsmith 4

 Ward 7

 Nelson 6

 Bradley 3- should have scored and obviously gifted a goal.

 Cashin 6- some decent defending but looked poor when trying to act as a faux winger which isn't his game.

 Forsyth-7.5 Motm scored a good goal and was main outlet in attack. Got done for pace a few times though. 

Smith 6.5- few decent attacking contributions first half and was okay 

Bird 5

Hourihane 4.5 -didn't do much defensively and also offered little in attack apart from set peices. Hit a howler of a shot when Collins was open.

NML-6 ineffective mostly  and don't think the position suits him, hit a good shot 1st half and played in Collins which was why he got a 6 over a 5.

Collins 4-  Should have scored 1st half ,there was no need to snatch at it he had time. Some donkey touches and a shanked shot into the south stand on his left foot, worked hard as usual but that isn't good enough when we are relying on him heavily. 

Subs- Wilson 6.5 looked promising but lacked end product 

Washington ,Elder and Thompson didn't have enough time to make an impact really so feels harsh rating them. 




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5 is an okay rating for me, 5 means they weren't great but hardly bad. So I don't see how a player can gift the opposition a goal like Bradley did and get a 5, means they won't be many scores lower than 5 all season then. Since nobody tends to think about giving a 1 or 2 even if a player is really s*** I think it bumps up the ratings to make them abit more generous. 

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6 minutes ago, Marriot Ram99 said:

5 is an okay rating for me, 5 means they weren't great but hardly bad. So I don't see how a player can gift the opposition a goal like Bradley did and get a 5, means they won't be many scores lower than 5 all season then. Since nobody tends to think about giving a 1 or 2 even if a player is really s*** I think it bumps up the ratings to make them abit more generous. 

On this scale defined by Ellafella it means below average. I don't think anyone was really s*** yesterday, so I'll wait until I see that before giving a rating which reflects that.

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