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  1. No, even though it seems every man and his dog know about the Saudis, many of the world governments including ours are reluctant to take any action against the Saudis because they don't want to lose their lucrative trade deals.
  2. He said that the people who fund and supply ISIS with equipment need to be identified and action taken against them.
  3. Andrew Neil interviews Corbyn tonight on the BBC. Everyone will be able to judge how he conducts himself compared to how weak and wobbly May waffled her way through her interview with Neil last week.
  4. Sorry his reputation as become a bit flaccid as he condones the taking of "hard" drugs.
  5. The right-wing media will vilify him no matter what. As for May off on her trip to see Trump and the other NATO leaders, she'll have welcomed the lull in campaigning in the hope people will have forgotten her weak and wobbly u-turns on Tory policies.
  6. Why, what is he going to say and why is it ill timed.
  7. Still got the wife. The make up sex after the argument nearly made up for the loss of the mug.
  8. It's not, had one like yours till it got smashed during an argument with the wife.
  9. Do what MPs do who have a second job. Do nothing in one and less in the other. In all seriousness don't be to conscientious in your jobs, read your job descriptions and don't go the extra mile. Find as many shortcuts as you can or you'll be knackered in no time.
  10. Well stop sitting down, no wonder its taking so long. Get your finger out and get it finished and stop wasting time posting pictures.
  11. If terrorist groups are using facebook, twitter and wattsapp, then these companies should be giving all the help they can to our security forces. If they refuse to help then their owners need to be arrested and charged with assisting terrorism. Also the only thing these companies care about is their profits so if everyone in the country stopped using them I'm sure with the prospect of loss of income, they would soon be wanting to give all the help possible.
  12. I'm very limited in my knowledge of how t'internet works but I've seen news reports of systems being hacked and bank details being stolen, so I'd be reluctant to give anyone my card details. Also I'm sure Dave wouldn't want the responsibility of keeping all our card details safe when we join this forum
  13. I think thats one thread you're happy to start.
  14. Beside the spelling. What thread did dog wish he'd never started, was it this one or another that he started.
  15. Just seen some images on the BBC looks chaotic.