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  1. Whether it's Rooney or AN Other, I want our manager to have identified and recruited the players the club will need to make them competitive for the coming season. I want them in place before the start of pre-season training, so they can prepare correctly for the new season. Something we haven't been able to do for the last few years. As for the actual season, I will be happy if the team can consistently put in good solid performances and are never in the bottom half of the table. If we can also turn some of the solid performances into winning entertaining ones, then that would be a bonus
  2. I played in goals for my junior school team, so my first Derby hero was Reg Matthews.
  3. Bugger it give them all 10. Purely for getting the result we needed.
  4. After our performances over the past number of weeks, I've already come to terms that we will be playing in League One next season. So I've no need to hide in here, I'm already planning which grounds I'll be going to next season.
  5. With how the clubs finances are looking and unless there's a new owner with a few million to spend, which I can't see happening any time soon. Those out of contract at the end of the season will be gone. So unless another club comes in and offers a few quid for any of those that remain. Then it will be these players along with free tranfers and loan players that will form the core of the team next season.
  6. Well we've watched ourselves over the past few weeks heading towards relegation. Without putting up a struggle never mind a fight. What's next? Mel sells the club to the first person willing to take over the responsibility for the clubs debts. While the new owners use any money coming into the club to pay the interest on the loan they used to buy the club, meaning there's no money to rebuild the team. With no hope of the club climbing back up the league and Morris having retained the ownership of the stadium. The new buyers will realise there's no profit to be made from owning the cl
  7. Was going to rant about how poor we defended their two goals, but I've passed caring. League 1 football here we come.
  8. Just listened to John Barns on the radio talking about the clubs backing down from forming the EFL. Fully agree with everything he said. That the ordinary fans haven't won anything, that the clubs, the FA, UEFA and FIFA will still carry on exploiting the fans. That the billionaire owners and the elite groups of people that run the football governing bogies only care about what is best for them.
  9. Morris spending his money unwisely after listening to Rush. Which left us with a lot of over priced players and also tied our hands due to the league's finance rules when it came to buying players over the last couple of years Also him looking for a buyer for the club over the last two years hasn't helped.
  10. We're losing to a team with nothing to play for and they're showing more commitment in wanting to win than us.
  11. Our two centre halfs have had more attempts on goal than our attack.
  12. If this is a team fighting to avoid relegation, we're going down.
  13. The other 14 Premier League clubs meet tomorrow, to decide on their actions regarding the formation of the ESL. These 6 clubs have shown by their actions, they don't care what happens to all the other clubs. So when the clubs meet tomorrow. I hope they dont roll over and allow the so called 'big clubs' to ride roughshod over them, that 16 club chairman have the gonads to throw out these so called 'big clubs'.
  14. Sod um all, throw all these money grabbing bamfords out now. Football will carry on without them.
  15. Voted B. But when I had all the daughters living at home, I didn't care which way round the roll was. I was just glad there was some paper on the roll when I needed some. Can anyone explain how women manage to use so much paper on one visit to the toilet.
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