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  1. Do the Conservative party, a party that once prided itself on their morality, no longer have any scruples? Chris Davies a former tory MP, who was found guilty of expenses fraud and as been convicted of a criminal offence. Subsequently nearly 20% of all Brecon and Rednorshire constituents signed a petition to recall him from office. Causing a by-election to be called A by-election that comes at a time when the conservatives need every parliamentary vote they can get. What do the fine upstanding, but desperate to win the election, members of the local tory party do? They re-select Chris Davies as their candidate to contest the upcoming election. It will be interesting to see how many tory voters will still put a x against his name.
  2. So the madness continues. Watched conservative MP Dominic Grieve on Newsnight. He stated that a hard brexit would be a disaster for the country. That he along with other tory MPs would stop a no deal brexit. Even if it caused the downfall of the government and the conservative party. On the same programme Bernard Jenkin MP, who was there as a spokesman for Boris Johnson. Came out with all the usual brexit rhetoric. That good deals could be easily made with other countries using WTO rules. A hard brexit will hurt the EU more than us, that the EU want to negotiate a new deal. All statements that have been previously disproved. At the same time reiterating that Johnson and his supporters are happy to have a no deal brexit. While admitting that a no deal would not be good for our automobile and agricultural industries. How can anyone who wants to become our next PM, justifiably support any action, like a hard brexit, that will do irrevocable damage to it's people and it's economy?
  3. The ramblings of a mad man and I thought Johnson was the biggest clown of the two. It looks as if we'll have a demented fool for a PM, no matter who the tory geriatrics vote for.
  4. 1of4


    Nice pub and food. Run by the same people who run the Bulls Head in Repton.
  5. Thought it was frogs you had to kissed to find your prince charming.
  6. Loved the pink custard that was served with chocolate pudding at my old school.
  7. On the Ranger's website it says that the tickets for our game go on general sale on July 16th £15 Adults, £10 Concessions, £5 Juniors. Not seen any announcement of when there'll be on sale down here or what our allocation will be. If its a small ticket allocation, I might have to get one of my relatives to pop into Ibrox and pick up a few tickets. Would rather buy tickets through Derby's ticket office so I'd be sat with Derby fans.
  8. Until the last two VAR decision I don't think she did much wrong. The elbow incident early in the game should have been a red card but that was more a failing of VAR and the assistant referee. Don't think she could have done any more than what she did in dealing with a team upset by the VAR. We'll have to wait and see how our male referees deal with all the prima donnas in the Premier league. As for claiming a male referee would have done better in dealing with the Cameroonian team. I dont know a man who can cope with one hysterical woman never mind a whole team-full.
  9. 1of4


    As far as using VAR in off-side decision I've got problem with. It's the margin of when someone is classified as off-side that needs a rethink. I think that there should be a clear gap between the torsos of the two players before an off-side decision is made
  10. Whats the point of VAR if the referee and the five people in the VAR control room, bottle the decision of giving a clear penalty. Was it more a case of not wanting to further upset the Cameroon players than to uphold the rules of the game.
  11. Noticed that another new rule as been introduced during this tournament. That an attacking player cannot stand within one yard of the defensive wall during the taking of a free kick. Is this new law going to be implemented into our domestic leagues this coming season?
  12. Not being a lawyer, all I can take from reading article 4 is that it relates to the sovereignty of a member state. Maybe you could enlighten us, on how this inpacts on any implementation period.
  13. Surprised that there isn't a 24 hour police presents around the two people who are perpetually our next Prime Minister.
  14. I was wanting a better life in a better world, than the one I grew up in, for my grandchildren. But at the moment I'll take the life of my parents,they grew up during the great depression and world war two. Their lives got better over time. Thats something I can't see happening for most of today's generation. Unless we as a society can find a new way to live, that will be beneficial to us all and not just the lucky few.
  15. 1of4


    Read somewhere that the Premier league will not use VAR to check the movement of the keeper during the taking of a penalty. So it will be ok to use VAR to identity one infringement of the rules but to completely ignore it when another rule is broken. Thought it was being introduced to stop controversies.
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