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  1. A single report from one hospital, showing the effect of the virus, we get people claiming it's only one hospital so the virus can't be that much of a danger. Show two hospitals, still the same reaction from the virus deniers. If it takes showing reports from every hospital in the country, to make those denyers who refuse to accept the impact this virus is having on the nation and it's population. Then we need these reports to continue.
  2. I'll be happy to see reports from hospitals carry on once this pandemic is over. It'll show how hard our NHS staff work during normal times and make sure the general public keep up their support of the doctors and nurses. It may even make people put pressure on the government to give the overworked doctors and nurses a decent pay rise.
  3. The reporting of human beings suffering and dying, isn't something I classify as boring. Upsetting, distressing but definitely not boring. But you crack on with your life and hope it doesn't become boring.
  4. Spotted your error of using the wrong punctuation mark. Don't worry I replaced the question mark with an exclamation point.
  5. It'll be that blanket of snow that fell on the town that's keeping it warm and toasty.
  6. BBC news reporting that Derby Royal is struggling to cope with the amount of coronavirus cases and may have to transfer patients to other hospitals. One nurse that was interviewed said all the staff have been working extra shifts and it was upsetting when they see protesters outside the hospital claiming there was no pandemic. If I was in charge of the hospital, I'd invite these protesting dheads in for a tour around the wards to see all the patients with the virus. I wonder how many would take the offer up and how many would be asking for PPE, before entering the building?
  7. There's various posters questioning how busy NHS hospitals have been during this pandemic. Well going by todays vote in Parliament and the number of conservative MPs that voted against keeping the NHS out of any future trade deal negotiations. Posters in years to come won't have to query the state of the NHS, as we may no loner have a NHS to worry about in the future.
  8. Looks as if we're parking the bus and hoping for a point. Don't worry about how we're going to get into their half, we'll be lucky if we can get out of our own penalty area. Most despondent I've felt in years.
  9. Were these experts saying people didn't need to isolate or that there was no need for people to be made to isolate in designated hotels? If you could clarify this for me, it may make it easier to find all those quotes.
  10. Probably swamped by trolls suffering from RSI due to all the clapping they are giving to other trolls.
  11. People coming in from every country now have to have had a negative covid test before they enter our borders. They are then being asked to self isolate for ten days. This is all well and good but why are we allowing people to travel around the country before they start their isolation, that's if they actually do isolate. Why are we not doing like other countries and making travellers isolate in designated hotels for ten days, at their own cost, before they can continue with their travels
  12. Do you know that Ron DeSantis the Governor of Florida had many of the virus case numbers suppressed. He also had a government employee sacked for not following his orders. When they carried on publishing the true covid figures, he had them arrested on trumped up chargers. I don't know from where you sourced the graph, so the nice chart you happily posted may not be showing the true numbers. Just thoughtit was interesting.
  13. Jeez here we go again. When can we expect the decision on how this years A level and GCSE students will to awarded their grades. First they were told yes there will be exams, then they were told there'd be no exams and their grades would be decided by teacher's assessments. But as of this morning they may now have to sit a mini exam or maybe not. Gavin Williamson the Education Secretary hasn't quite made his mind up. Good to see the planning and care of the future of our nation's children are in good hands.
  14. What I'm complaining about is the private companies, that are receiving millions of pounds of tax payers money, that are not providing the service they have been paid for. As you have said, fruit and veg is that cheap Aldi are virtually giving away. So why are these companies that are being paid to provide food parcels that are supposed be have a value of £30, not putting large bags of fresh produce into these parcels. Why are you getting more irate at some unfortunate parents who are struggling to feed their kids? Wouldn't you anger be better focused on a government that is allowing
  15. So what recipe do you suggest they use to make £6 worth of ingredients look like the meals are worth £30?
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