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  1. Best Rams keeper

    How can you put the likes of Hoult, Taylor and Fielding on a list of the best Derby keepers and miss off Colin Boulton?
  2. you are the landlord

    On four of the pumps a proper pint of Bass, one that as no head on it when pulled. On the fifth pump, Bass with a head, for the uneducated.
  3. Kiss a Ginger Day

    Just heard its kiss a ginger day. Only got a kiss from my grandson so far, not even had a kiss from the wife today. I need to get out and make up for lost time.
  4. My Lads op.

    As Mrs Cone as now joined Mr Cone in posting. Will we see more cones on here than on the M6 during a bank holiday.
  5. New Years Resolutions

    For all the members sat in the West Stand. Stand up and join in with the singing.
  6. Can you spare a few minutes to complete a survey?

    Is the Christmas truce over?
  7. Funniest Scenes in Movies

    Opening scene from Four Weddings and a Funeral. Full of swearing but I find it very funny as it always reminds me of when I was once late for an appointment.
  8. What has he brought you?

    Would have been cheaper buying Alex Ferguson.
  9. Merry Christmas Ewe Rams!

    Merry Christmas David, thankyou for your Christmas message but shouldn't you have given it at three o'clock on Monday. A Merry Christmas to everyone, hope you all have a good one.🎅🎄🍻
  10. Christmas truce

    As many as possible to counter all the opposition's right-wingers
  11. Christmas truce

    As with all Christmas truces does this mean that everyone comes out of the trenches and as a game of football in no mans land
  12. Nothing wrong with an ugly bird after a couple of pints.
  13. Voted turkey but I will also be serving beef as some of the family don't like turkey. Will cause me more work going two types of gravy and yorkshire puddings but its only once a year and it is Christmas.
  14. Show us your slippers

    Ready for a new pair, hopefully I'll get some at Christmas.
  15. Deco's when do you put them up?

    So with the netting thats holding the lights hanging down over the front door, are you not expecting any Christmas cards or is it a way of stopping the Postman putting any bills through your letterbox till after Christmas?

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