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  1. 1of4


    After hearing how the Yanks hijacked a consignment of masks, that were on a plane destined for Germany. So unless the kits are being made here. I'd send the RAF along with the SAS to collect them from wherever they're made, to make sure the Yanks don't try it with us.
  2. Yes you are correct. Complete memory loss on my part, Old age as finally caught up with me. So there was even more of the original promotion side in the 72 champions team than what I remembered.
  3. December will be when the team restarts training, in readiness for playing out the remainder of this season. Other than the date being one year and a day out it'll be like nothing had happened.
  4. Yes China made mistakes in how it originally viewed the severity of the virus. But China like every other country altered how it dealt with the coronavirus the more it learnt about the virus' properties and the dangers it posed. Still waiting for someone to explain why people are trying to put all of the blame onto China. While not admitting to the shortcomings in how their own country have handled this crisis.
  5. Where have I said China and the WHO are blameless. Just asking the reason why people are trying to apportion all the blame on to them.
  6. Nothing wrong with a country or an organisation being scrutinised on how they are performing. As for China and the WHO, yes questions need to be asked of them. But the finger of blame is already being pointed at them, this is being done without any real evidence of any fault committed by them. So yes China and the WHO are being lined up as possible scapegoats for other countries to hide behind when this crisis is over.
  7. As great a team this was, would choose the 71-72 team over them as my favourite team. Boulton Webster Todd McFarland Nish McGovern Durban Gemmil Hector O'Hare Hinton As this team also formed most of the 68-69 promotion winning team.
  8. Of cause it's about politics. Everything that's happening now is going to have political repercussions. Maybe not now but definitely once this crisis is over. It's why people are already trying to look for scapegoats, like the Chinese and the WHO. Who else will we see added to the list before this crisis is over? The more scapegoats that can be added, the more that can be blamed, to hide the failings of our current leaders and their inability to adequately deal with this crisis. As for how the country pays the debts it's incurred during this crisis? That's a tightrope this government will have to walk very carefully. If people think that they are being asked to pay more than their fair share of the bill. While having the perception that any austerity measures are having less of an impact on the more affluent. Then the government are possibly in for a very bumpy ride.
  9. 1of4


    Shame the slogan Protect the NHS wasn't more prominent three months ago instead of Get brexit done.
  10. The Trump administration are making it difficult for parts of their own country to get the equipment needed to deal with the coronavirus, putting the lives of their own citizens at risk. So they won't be losing sleep about Cuba
  11. Sorry to hear you're being made to work long hours without time off. Done similar myself, so know the toll it takes on both body and mind. At least you can console yourself, in that you are going to be paid a generous bonus. Which is probably something many others working throughout this crisis won't be getting.
  12. 1of4


    Yes, if true that is stupid of the Metropolitan police in London. Not sure why you've posted it, it doesn't in justify you calling the Derbyshire police stupid.
  13. 1of4


    Really, you've posted showing how cases of coronavirus are increasing in the county. Then call the police stupid because they've put a dye in an already toxic body of water. An action they took to stop people congregating there and possibly spreading the virus.
  14. 1of4


    Make a statement that is believable enough to gain some support, while antagonizing a lot more people. An art Young as perfected and how he's made a living over the years.
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