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  1. I'd like to see them both together playing down the middle, with fullbacks who can push on, to give us width, which we've have in Bogle and Malone. Then a midfield four that is capable of competing physically with the opposition midfield while supporting the front two and providing cover for the fullbacks. The problem is we haven't got the players who can form such a midfield unit.
  2. Yes the majority of the people who took part in the referendum voted to leave the EU. Yes the majority of the country's MPs voted to invoke article 50, thus starting the leave process. A process I'll happily go along with. As soon as someone comes up with and is then capable of delivering a workable plan for leaving. One that will not result in the vast majority of the people of this country having a worse living standards than they do now. One that is not built on ifs and maybes, lies and unattainable promises. It appears that our MPs have a quandary in finding and agreeing to a plan that will be good for the entire country. It's why Parliament is in the mess it now finds it's self in. May and her government have had near on three years to implement a leave plan. Why as it not happened? It's probably because the majority of MPs, of all parties, understood there was no deal better, than the one we already have. Even Cameron, who was the most useless and ineffective PM this country ever seen, knew enough, to know he faced an impossible task and jumped ship at the first opportunity. Instead of Parliament concentrating on sorting out the the real problems, the NHS, education, transport, the environment and the eradication of poverty, that face our country. Its achieved nothing, while wasting it's time in trying to comply with wishes of the people and the referendum. A referendum that wasn't called for the good of the country but to shut-up the euro- sceptics, avert a split in the conservative party and stop a number of tory MPs defecting to Ukip. A strategy which appears to have failed badly, as they now seem to have more than one split in the party.
  3. How's he going to take over from dumber and dumber up the road if he's the Jock's manager. But he'll probably get himself sacked, with a nice little pay off, before the start of next season.
  4. Nice that France's wealthiest individuals are donating large sums of money for the Notre Dame rebuild. But sad that they want to claim tax relief on their donations. Meaning while looking good in the public's eyes and having their egos boosted. They are in actual fact not giving as much as they are claiming and also wanting to make the French government and ultimately the ordinary citizens of France having to pay for more of the cost. I'm waiting for the announcement of a concert, to raise money. Were all the usual artists will turn up, giving their time for free of cause, which we'll be to told at every opportunity. While also getting their image and ego a boost.
  5. The margins being used by VAR on deciding, what part of the attacking player's body is nearer to the goal than the defender, is ridicules. Needs to be more clear cut to when a player is or isn't off-side.
  6. Voted for Keogh on here and the same on the official one. The misses also voted for Keogh. Which is surprising, as she rarely agrees with me about anything.
  7. What do you mean nobody joins in with the chanting. I definitely saw someone sat in the middle of the west upper joining in with the bounce.
  8. Can't be any Rams fans amongst this lot, their holding the sheep the wrong way round. Because we know what we are, we know what we are, we're sheep pooing bas****s we know what we are. I don't even want to know what there making those poor sheep do.
  9. If we perform the same as we did against Bolton earlier in the season. Never mind the how poor we played in the last game against Blackburn. We'll get the same outcome, an embarrassing defeat. It's not our legendary annual post Christmas dip in form but our lack of consistency throughout the season and our inability to beat poor teams, that as been most worrying.
  10. I wanted to stay. But after the vote, though unhappy with the result. I accepted we were leaving and I'd go along with it providing it came with all those wonderful things that all the major leave campaigners said we could have. As May's deal and the no deal options give us none of the good things the brexiteers claimed leaving would bring. I think another referendum should be called for.
  11. Don't know how you'll get the X,Y and Z you want but to get somebody to pay for the I and T. Have you thought about starting a crowdfunding site?
  12. There lays the biggest problem, not enough people wanting to contribute their fair share of the money needed to run a caring society. Wether it be in the form of individual or corporate taxes.
  13. The Ecuadorian government having rescinded his asylum status. He would then be asked to leave and be returned back to the country he arrived from . They then allowed British law enforcement agencies to enter their embassy, so Assange could be escorted out of their domain and back in to British sovereignty. Where he was duly arrested by the police. Nothing different to him being removed from Ecuador under an extradition warrant. So where was there any breaking of international law.
  14. I can't see May calling for another GE after the rooster-up she made of the last one. But if there was to be another one. Would it be the usual contest between the two main parties, a rise in the popularity of parties like Ukip. Maybe see a lot of independent candidates or the emergence of new parties, some with extremist views, hoping to take advantage of the present turmoil. If we do hold a GE, will any ensuing outcome help resolve the problems regarding brexit faced by the country and more specifically parliament or will it end up in an even bigger mess.
  15. You wouldn't even ended up with a bedsit. He'll walked away, leaving you with just a glossy sales brocher that never a floor plan of the dream house in it to start with.
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