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  1. 1of4

    Random stuff that people do that annoy me

    Thought anything political was off limits.
  2. 1of4

    Memories @ramtique

    Derby's regular Goalkeeper before the arrival of Les Green.
  3. 1of4

    Picture where you and your knee are now

    Didn't they have it on draught?
  4. 1of4

    Memories @ramtique

    Reg Matthews.
  5. 1of4

    Daddy Frankie!

    If she was born this morning, she'll be joining a list of impressive people who's birthday it is today:- H G Wells, Author. Gustav Holst, Composer. Larry Hagman, Actor. Leonard Cohen, Musician. Jimmy Armfield, Footballer. Stephen King, Author. Curtly Ambrose, Cricketer. and lastly, maybe the most important name on the list Me.
  6. 1of4

    Bees vs Wasps

    I know we are playing the Bees on Saturday at football. Don't the Wasps play rugby? Could prove to be an interesting game between them.
  7. 1of4

    Baked Beans

    If it wasn't a catering size tin, it wouldn't have been vicky.
  8. 1of4

    Rotherham Security

    Always amazed by how your and Mr C's humour keeps shining through, even with all the problems you both have to face.
  9. 1of4

    10th Birthday Party

    If it's a proper birthday party with jelly and ice cream, I'll be there.
  10. 1of4

    Picture where you and your knee are now

    Can't picture you strutting up and down the catwalk.
  11. Why the need to know? Wether he's on more or less money than other managers in our division, have any bearing on how capable he is in going the job? I don't think so. How much the club pay their employees, is entirely the business of the owner. As long as the club don't want to double the price of my season ticket to cover the costs, I personally don't care how much the wage bill is.
  12. 1of4

    Derby world cup style squad

    1: Poom. M 2: Webster. R 3: Nish. D 4: Durban. A 5: McFarland. R 6: Todd. C 7: Hebberd. T 8: Gemmill. A 9: O'Hare. J 10: Hector. K 11: Hinton. A 12: Eranio. S 13: Carson. S 14: Powell. C 15: Wright. M 16: Stimac. I 17: Hennessey. T 18: Asanovic. A 19: Saunders. D 20: Wanchope. P 21: George. C 22: McMimm. T 23: Boulton. C Manager: Clough. B
  13. 1of4

    Dunking- Where do you stand

    Thats not dunking. Got to be at least two Mississippis, to be classed as a dunk.
  14. 1of4

    Baked Beans

    Must be something about Mackworth. My incident took place at Brackensdale Infant.
  15. 1of4

    Baked Beans

    I had a similar incident happen to me while at infant school. Forced to eat baked beans by the teacher on duty, on the second spoonful I was promptly sick over the teachers shoes and the canteen floor. Even though it happened over 55 years ago the horrid taste of baked beans is still vivid in my memory. Never touched a bean since.

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