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  1. Brexit or Eurin?

    I don't think any true Briton wants to see the country fail, just so they can have I told you so smugness. A large number of them are concerned about the direction and manner that the negotiations are going. Brexit supporters see this as remain voters trying to scupper the negotiations and not accepting the referendum result.
  2. Brexit or Eurin?

    I voted stay, wasn't happy with result but have accepted it, so not a remoaner. What I'm really unhappy about is who is doing the negotiating on the behalf of our country, that there is no accountability on them or the final agreement that they accept. I don't trust this tory government to negotiate a brexit that will be good for all the country and not just favour an advantaged few.
  3. Delusions of Billy

    If heard the NHS have been running a smear campaign for years, is this a part of the conspiracy campaign?
  4. German fans kicking off at arsenal.

    Probably be an inquiry by UEFA. Outcome, Arsenal are punished by having to play behind closed doors, Cologne get off scot free.
  5. Brexit or Eurin?

    I think you'd be even more worried if I was on the negotiating team with me being just a thick Derby lad. But what I can do is spot when someone is spouting bull and that's what this tory government and all its leave supporters have been doing from the start of this farce of a referendum through to the even bigger farce of the brexit negotiations.
  6. Brexit or Eurin?

    The next round of negotiations have been put back a week. The reason given, Theresa May is going to give a speech. What the f**k, is the negotiating team completely clueless just like the rest of this incompetent tory government. They seem to find any reason for delaying negotiations is this because nobody in our government actually understands what terms we want to achieve from the negotiations.
  7. Barnsley v Derby County

    Happy that squad/fringe players had a run out. Would have been nice if we'd have won but not to bothered that we didn't. Its the next league game that matters and where I want another good performance.
  8. Barnsley v Derby County

    At least I can go on my holiday next week and not be disappointed that I'll be missing a trip to Wembley.
  9. Barnsley v Derby County

    Sounds like they are getting the upper hand. Just waiting for them to score their third and winning goal
  10. Barnsley v Derby County

    1-2 Bennett
  11. Random stuff that annoys me thread

    If its raining and there is space under the bus shelter, I'm standing in it queue or no queue.
  12. Brexit or Eurin?

    If the Repeal Bill is passed along with this tory government's proposed addendum, where as they can alter any law at any time without it going through due Parliamentary process. Then we may as well dissolve Parliament as this country will become a single party state, with is just one step from a dictatorship.
  13. Corners

    A corner kick is taken from the quadrant next to the flag in the corner of the pitch. Johnson's goal didn't come from such a kick, he scored from a cross not a corner.
  14. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    A new brand of Belgium wheat beer.
  15. Moaners gotta moan, haters gotta hate

    Its all this forward passing of of the ball that I find disconcerting. If they carry on doing it, it could become a habit.

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