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  1. 1of4

    Uncle 'Arry... coming to a screen near you...

    Harry talk plenty of it so eating one shouldn't be a problem.
  2. 1of4

    Picture where you and your knee are now

    Granddaughter had odd sock day at her school yesterday, as part of their anti bullying week. Were you doing the same?
  3. 1of4

    Christmas Dinner

    Guessing it will be less of a squash in the tub with only six for lunch this year.
  4. 1of4

    Christmas Dinner

    Cook turkey right and it's not tasteless or dry. Serving up turkey and a leg of pork with crackling, hopefully, for the family this christmas. There will now be thirteen people sat at the table for lunch, after the birth of another grandchild this year. Good job I'm not superstitious.
  5. 1of4

    Stan Lee

    Sheldon wil be distraught.
  6. 1of4

    Homeless guy

    Never fancied fostering. Especially after watching a couple I know struggle to raise a social delinquent of a child they had adopted with what appeared to be very little support from Social Services.
  7. 1of4

    Roll eyes emoji is pathetic

    Should we replace it with a dislike or better still a pure hatred emoji. Wouldn't like to think that some recipients of a roll eyes emoji are getting mixed messages.
  8. 1of4

    Homeless guy

    Great idea. The only trouble is that a percentage our country's population can't or more to the truth don't want to pay more taxes to fund the social services we've got at present. Where would the money come from to pay for a homeless person fostering programme. Until we all accept that we need to pay more taxes to enable us to have good social services programme nothing will change.
  9. 1of4

    Craig Forsyth

    Hope Fozzy's injury is not serious. I worry about Malone's defensive abilities especially if he has Lawrence playing in front of him.
  10. 1of4

    Could we upgrade on Carson ?

    All clubs bar three or four clubs could upgrade on their present keeper. Could we up grade on our present keeper? Yes of cause we could. Do we need to upgrade at the moment? No. Our keeper is in the top tier of keepers at this level and is well capable of holding his own at a higher level. So lets leave Scott alone. The club have more pressing problems that need resolving before the need to think about upgrading the keeper.
  11. 1of4

    Homeless guy

    It's all well and good throwing money into a homeless person's plastic cup or adding your couple of quid to the millions that will be collected next week during the BBC's children in need appeal. Are we not failing as a nation in making sure that homelessness, child poverty in our country is eradicated and the health of the people of this country is fully funded by us as a civilized society in the place? I don't care which party is in charge of the government, as long as they carry out their a duty of care to the well being of our nation and it's people. While at the same time making sure the whole of the nation from the multinational corporations through to the each single individual pays its appropriate share in the funding for a good and civilized society. It would be better for us as a nation, rather than giving a few pounds to a charity now and again, if we the people of this country were more demanding of our government and holding them more accountable for its action. Thus any money we did gave to a charity, would be for things like overseas aid or the RSPCA but not the basics required by a civilized society.
  12. 1of4

    Homeless guy

    Isn't an iceberg just a lot of snowflakes all squashed together?
  13. 1of4

    Christmas Present

    In the club shop today buying a few Christmas prezzies for the family. Also picked up a box of baubles ready for when the tree comes out of the attic in a couple of weeks time.
  14. 1of4

    Suzy lamplugh

    I've laid a few slabs in my time. Does this make me a potential mass murderer?
  15. 1of4

    Forest at home moved to the Monday

    Voted that it doesn't bother me when the game was scheduled to be played but I know someone who wil not be happy with the change of date. They won't even be able to watch it on TV. One very unhappy and disappointed season ticket holder. I know one of the conditions we accept when we purchase our season ticket, is that match dates can be altered. It's annoying for fan when it happens but even more so for season ticket holders. They have already paid to attended the game so lose out twice, one financial and secondly missing the biggest game of the season.

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