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  1. Why would they lose their jobs? Their job doesn't require them to do any driving to fulfill their terms of employment. There's probably hundreds of convicted drunk drivers around the country that have never even informed their employers about their conviction, if it didn't impact on the ability to do their job and there is no requirement to do so in their contract of employment. After reading some of the comments that the sentences were to lenient. Maybe being pilloried in Derby marketplace would have been more of an acceptable punishment. Sod it, why not have them hanged drawn and quartered. That should satisfy some posters.
  2. The government are thinking of nationalizing another railway company. If the Labour party can hold off from calling for a general election. The tories might save them a job of nationalizing the entire rail system. Wonder if the tories could do it cheaper than what the CBI falsely claimed it would cost the Labour party.
  3. Great, if I believe what Ancestry.com tell me about my DNA. I can say what I think about anyone and not be called a racist. Yes, there is a difference between racist and inflammatory. Johnson managed to be both in a single sentence, when referring to Muslim women and letterboxes.
  4. Which part of Johnson's rich, elitist and privileged background should be taken into consideration. When he says things, that if said by anyone else would be classed as racist. For a well educated bloke like Johnson is suppose to be. Then surely he must know some of the things he says are inflammatory.
  5. Unless a poster is being out and out offensive. I don't see why anyone needs to demand the removal of a post or the poster by the sites moderators. I've never felt the need to put another member on the ignore list. If there was a particular poster who's views I dislike, I'm quite capable if I come across their name, of skipping that post and moving onto the next post. Are we now so use to living in a nanny state that some people can't even decide what they do or don't read.
  6. My wife as had a very important and good career having and raising children. She didn't get that well paid for her efforts but if I say so myself, some of the fringe benefits she enjoyed were very good. Though I did have to work hard to earn enough money, that allowed her to follow her chosen career.
  7. So the article is two years old. Does that mean all the data it contained can't be used when used to prove a point?
  8. Two questions. Did you leave the ignition key in the car and how old is the dog. You could be charged with leaving a motor vehicle in the charge of a minor. Plus a fixed points penalty for the passenger not wearing a seatbelt.
  9. Hope we never go down the same route as the USA. Where thousands die each year because they can't afford to pay for private health care insurance in the first place or what health care policy they can afford, doesn't cover them sufficiently when they become ill. Also even those with good medical insurance can still have to pay out thousands of dollars extra to obtain the medicines prescribed to them. So for many our National Health Service = Life.
  10. After looking at the you/gov survey on newspapers. I'd like to meet the Mail and Telegraph reader, who classifies themselves as very left-wing and considers both papers to be a very left-wing. If these are left-wing papers, what would they consider to be a right-wing publication? Mein Kempf or would they think that was also leaning to the left.
  11. Listen to and read all the anti Corbyn propaganda that is pumped out by all of the mainstream media. Then the use of the word hate is quite mild compared to some of the vitriol pouring out the more right leaning sections of our press.
  12. The way England were unable to play out from the back. A central defensive midfielder who was to static and did nothing to protect the back four. Mason Mount must have thought he was back playing for Derby.
  13. On holiday. On a hotel balcony. On the southern coast of Spain. On the beer.
  14. At the moment holidaying in Spain, soaking up the sun and getting pissed. Will be spending Friday in Greenwich before turning up at the Valley on Saturday to give my full support to The Rams, whoever Cocu names in the starting line up
  15. Thought the mantra was no deal was better than a bad deal. I've always been curious about who decides what is or isn't a bad deal for the people of the UK. May's deal was deemed to be a bad deal by a majority of our MPs in Parliament. A decision that seemed to anger many leave voters, claiming what the MPs did was against the will of the people. So should the people be given a vote on any deal. No wait we can't do that either as brexiteers will say, as they have done previously, that a second referendum would be undemocratic. If a no deal is better than a bad deal as we were now continually being told by Johnson and his supporters. Why are some of his cohorts now pointing an accusing finger at the EU in an attempt to blame them, when things go tits up when we leave without a deal.
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