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  1. At this point of the season Duane is my leading contender to win player of the season.
  2. 11 :- Lose weight and by more confident. 21 :- Play more football and be more confident with the opposite sex. 40 :- Enjoy life more and don't worry about the future.
  3. The Queen as head of state I can live with, better than having a president, and she does generate money for the country through tourism. But as for the overblown royal family, I don't think they should receive a penny of public money. This is one of the few times that I agree with other posters that a nationally funded organisation, would be better, if it was privately run. If the royal family were to become a PLC, I'd have no problem with it. So if Harry and his wife and kid want to go off an do their own thing, great. Just hope it encourages all the other royal hangers on to bugger off and fend for them selves.
  4. So you didn't informing him that it was Melanie Griffith. If he can't even answer an easy question, no wonder he as to cheat.
  5. What company was used to give the original valuation of the stadium? If it's a reputable company, then how can Morris or the club be held accountable for any financial irregularities, if all they have done is go along with the valuation given to them.
  6. I see Johnson as finally found the time to give an interview with the BBC. Who did the Beeb choose to conduct this first interview with the newly elected Prime Minister? Did they give the job to one of their regular political reporters, such as Andrew Neil, Andrew Marr, or maybe Laura Kuenssberg. No they rolled out that heavy weight of political interviewers , the one and only Dan Walker. It appears that the BBC's management are taking seriously, Johnson's threat to scrap the licence fee. So when do we officially start calling the BBC, the Boris Broadcasting Corporation?
  7. Thought you had the same leaning as this guy.
  8. Hope this thread doesn't start giving David ideas about how the forum is run. Bugger as this post just cost me a three week ban.
  9. Me Mum always said that when their was any potential bad news or discontent in the country. That the government would get the royal family to announce a new royal baby, a wedding or even a funeral, in an attempt to distract the puplic. The Megan and Harry thing is probably the best they can come up with at short notice. I think they're saving the Duke of Edinburgh just in case the whole brexit thing goes tits-up.
  10. Not a fan of old jug ears then and no, I don't mean Gary Lineker.
  11. Can't be can they. Have you seen how much Universal Credit the head of the royal family is claiming for her and her brood and as for that council house she lives in.
  12. Care to tell the uninformed of its meaning and where it came from.
  13. Instructions you cheeky bugger, we all know how to eat normal peas. You suck them straight off the back of a knife, just the same as we do with mushy peas.
  14. 1of4

    Bobby Madley

    Would like to hear from the coward who sent the video to Madley's boss. If there is such a thing as karma, I hope it firmly bites him on the arse in the near future.
  15. 1of4


    I do like the new VAR terminology, Varmpits. A new way of appealing to the referee for offside.
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