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  1. Your memory must be worse than a goldfish if you've already forgotten the first half against Wednesday on Wednesday
  2. Say three quid for chicken and pasta in tomato sauce to feed a family of four. Lets make it stretch out for two days worth of meals, don't want them getting obese do we. Even if they go mad and have a whole chicken on Sunday thats a grand total of twelve pounds for the week. Woo-Hoo Now if you can suggest an economical way of cooking it, that would be great. Maybe an open fire in the back-yard. See I told you there was no need to waste billions on those piss-heads down at the food banks.
  3. Hope the guy buying the house as the sort of job that will let him stay here, after the tories introduce their new points based immigration policy. It would be a shame to see another house in London standing empty, especially with all the hard working British people, who are finding it difficult to find decent accommodation in central London.
  4. Don't know, but one is to many
  5. What give billions to those work shy scroungers. The nations not voted tory, to see their taxes wasted on frivolous schemes like this. Come this time next year after we've signed the great deal with the EU and the even better one with the USA. Then with all the new well paid jobs that will be available to the british people and the glut of cheap food flooding the country, there'll be no need for food banks anyway.
  6. Depends where you think Johnson stands, relatively to the ERG. It could mean that they have even more sway in the direction taken by the conservative party.
  7. Wecome to Johnson's shiny new world.
  8. Huddlestone is a luxury we can't afford to have in the team. He's to slow and immobile to play the sole DM role. If he plays as one of two DMs, the same applies with his speed and mobility, meaning the other DM is forced to do more running to cover for him. Also one or both of the wide player is forced to come into the centre of the pitch more, thus making it harder for them to get forward to support the attacking players. The odd killer through ball Hudderstone managers to play in a game, doesn't justify his place in the team.
  9. Yep the faster us old gits die off, the better it'll be for the future of the world.
  10. Well anyone care to predict what type of brexit the country will end up with now? Or is the answer still leave means leave. When will leave, the day when we stop paying money to the EU, actually happen. One, two three years time. Or could we still end up with, Rees-Mogg 's wet dream, of a hard brexit.
  11. What was I thinking of cause they'll follow the party line. They were hand picked by conservative central office, to do exactly what the the tory leadership want.
  12. Will be interesting to see how thick skinned some of the new tories that look like becoming MPs in a number of northern constituencies are. When confronted with the real problems faced by their constituents, will they blindly follow the party line or will they rebel and force the tories to do more for all the people struggling in our country.
  13. Mark Francois a complete bamford. His interview with Andrew Neil is a taste of what we can expect from the tories for the next five years.
  14. I fear for the young of our country. Unless they or their parents are independently wealthy or at least in a secure well paid job. Then I can't see any good on the horizon for our future generations. If the tories fail to deliver on their promises, then I think the tories will need more than the promised 20,000 extra police to help keep control of our streets.
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