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  1. irrational hatreds

    Kids in pubs I can live with. Its the parents that have never taught their children on how to behave in public and those that choose to ignore the disruptions caused by their offspring, are the people that I really detest
  2. Toilet breaks in class

    What constitutes offside, it all depends on the two teams that are playing and who is reffing it
  3. Universal Credit

    Me being just a stupid old t**** I had to google Yoink. Still none the wiser to what message Norm is trying convey
  4. Fulham vs Derby County match day thread

    Keep bashing him till he turns in a performance that warrants him being named in the starting eleven every week.
  5. Universal Credit

    Just at the time of year that most families are thankful for any spare cash, Scrooge McTory is going to make Christmas a lot less merry for a lot of people on Universal Credit. The government as said that benefits will be reduced or even stopped for working families on UC because as there is five pay periods in December this will put claimants income level over the income threshold to make a claim for the month. And a Merry Christmas to one and all
  6. Sheffield Pub Grub

    Thanks for all the recommendations, it looks as if spending a day in Sheffield may turn out better than I thought.
  7. Sheffield Pub Grub

    Just a decent pub to have lunch at. I am partial to a proper pie, no of this meat in a dish with a pastry lid on the top.
  8. Fulham vs Derby County match day thread

    I'll guarantee you'll see black and white all round the ground on Saturday.
  9. Sheffield Pub Grub

    Thanks, knew he's from that neck of the woods but didn't want to bother him as he having to deal with bigger issues than this.
  10. Brexit or Eurin?

    You should know, No man. Oops sorry Norman 😉
  11. Sheffield Pub Grub

    Got to accompany the wife to Sheffield in a couple of weeks time, don't ask. Need help with finding a good pub serving decent food, that's located in the city centre. Preferably an independent and not Wetherspoons or similar. Thanks
  12. What are you eating tonight v2

    Pickled onion or packet of crisps?
  13. What are you eating tonight v2

    Branston smooth I can live with but hard inedible chunks of vegetables in a brown sauce no thanks.
  14. The price of football

    I find it cheaper to take her with me, even for a Leeds away game.
  15. World Cup Draw

    No matter where England play, the Russian Ultras will be wanting a repeat of the flag collecting they conducted in France.

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