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  1. Telling your partner that you're bored with the same old thing and you fancy trying a Thai. Your partner tells you to stop prodding at it and eat. You reply that you're just ckecking, as the last one you had was a little to bloody for your liking.
  2. Roos 6 Byrne 6 Buchanan 6 Wisdom 5 Davies 6 Clarke 6 Shinnie 6 Knight 6 Jozwiak 6 Waghorn 6 Lawrence 6
  3. Central London. I'd turn the sky garden and restaurant at the top of the Walkie Talkie tower into a penthouse.
  4. The question asked was Do we spend money to feed children, so they don't go hungry The answer is a simple, Yes or No.
  5. Well you managed to shirt around the problem without answering the question. What do we do now to resolve this issue? Do we leave children to go hungry or do we spend money to feed them?
  6. Will these holiday clubs be open to ever pupil or just those receiving free school meals? If people are moaning about the cost of providing a few meals. How mush extra would this scheme cost. Who is going to run these holiday clubs over the Christmas period. Maybe we could organise a campaign to shame teachers into giving up their holidays.
  7. Various posters have claimed throwing money at the problem, of how to deal with children going hungry, isn't the answer. Yes I fully agree but what should be done, while a solution is found? Do we stand back and do nothing and allow children to go hungry or do we do something, even if that something means throwing money at it. I'm not going into what the solution would be to resolve the underlying problem, that is the cause of child hunger. That would definitely bring us into the world of politics.
  8. The 332 - 261 vote in Parliament by MPs that stopped children, who normally get free school meals, getting aid to provide them with a meal during their holidays. Certainly looked like a binery yes, no, vote to me.
  9. Have the government voted for providing accommodation for all those that are presently living on the streets. I must have missed that. Did they hold that vote before or after the vote on feeding children?
  10. Sorry you've made a basic schoolboy error. You used a Program logic chart. When as Johnson ever thought logically?
  11. I want the government to make sure that no family in our country is having to survive on a budget that is on or below the poverty line. Then we wouldn't even have to discuss the need for free school meals. This government is happily boasting that since they took office, they are already providing tens of thousands of extra free school meals. Which seems odd as this can only mean that thousands more families must now be living on a poverty level budget.
  12. What's political about making sure that the children in our country have enough to eat? Thought it would be more to do with whether we do or don't live in a caring society.
  13. Does that mean I should put you on the happy to let children go hungry list.
  14. I wish people would stop referring to it as the failing NHS test and trace. When it's private companies like Serco, who are the people responsible for running it. I wonder why Johnson isn't calling them a failure. As for the Baroness Dido Harding, why is she still in a job but more of a concern should be why was she put charge in the first place? Friends in high places maybe!
  15. Looks as if you got your wish, that parents should be responsible for feeding their kids. Those caring fork who are happy to avail themselves of the subsidised canteen at their place of employment, voted against extending the plan to provide free meals over the school holidays.
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