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  1. 1of4

    Picture where you are now

    Did you take this by accident when struggling with the bouncers while they were trying to get you out the door at closing time.
  2. 1of4

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    You'll have to learn English first, so you can be understood when giving the team talk. If you can't manage to do it before pre-season training, I'm available to come in and translate.
  3. 1of4

    Bored Already

    When does the fixture list come out for the next season? For the first games I'll go. First game Blackburn at home on Saturday Second game Swansea away on Tuesday night Mid September Stoke away. Give the new manager time to get us fully up to speed so we can give them a good tupping.
  4. Is Mel going to offer him the job.
  5. No no no no no no no no no.
  6. 1of4

    Blaming Rowett

    Gary off to Stoke for more money, that life. Sadly 99% of all the people involved in top flight football are now only motivated by one thing, Money. There no such thing as loyalty to a club. Whoever becomes our next manager will come out with the standard new manager's BS, great club, great fans, club is a Prem club. But they'll only be taking the job because it will benefit themselves. Fans have mentioned various explayers for the manager's job. They will have no more loyalty for the club than anyone else. Stimac turns up at the ground now and again, hinting he'd be intrested in becoming our manager. Just after a big pay day, what as he achieved as a manager.He didn't show us much loyalty when he was a player, soon cleared off to West Ham when it was more financially advantageous for him. I don't care who becomes our next manager. I just hope he as the skills needed to improve our club. If he's doing well and then buggers off because he as been offered a better job or more money, so be it. As I said at the start thats life.
  7. Yes Clough could possibly sort out the problems at the club as he did before but any manager given the same amount of time he had should be able to do the same. The team Clough eventually assembled was good but it needed a better coach than him to make them better. As Mac proved by taking them to Wembley and thats why Clough was sacked. Do you really want to go through the same scenario? I don't.
  8. 1of4

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Will Rowett have to survive 10 games without being sacked before the bookies pay out
  9. As a fan I can spout off about who'll be a good fit as Derby's next manager. Like most fans I'm not actually knowledgeable enough to know who is the best person that Derby should sign. What worrys me is that while Mr Morris wants whats best for the club, he is still basically a fan. I hope he gets plenty of advice before appointing a new manager. Who he'll get it off I don't know, just hope its the right advice and the club finally get the manager that brings the success that we all want.
  10. 1of4

    Proud to be British

    Lady Kitty Spencer must have been the 1st prettiest woman after Meghan
  11. 1of4


    If that was fixed how many more over the years have been.
  12. 1of4

    Who has read this?

    Read it a number of times. Now on a shelf gathering dust along with all the rest of my Derby County book collection
  13. 1of4

    Proud to be British

    The royals doing a bit of karaoke would definitely be more entertaining than the cup final. What song would each royal choose to sing, when it's their turn to get up on stage.
  14. 1of4

    Proud to be British

    William decided to stay at his brothers wedding and give the FA Cup a miss. Think he made the right call, would have had to sit through a mediocre final.
  15. 1of4

    Proud to be British

    The Queen, Phil, Anne, Will and his family and Harry are OK, happy for a bit of my tax money to be used to keep them in their posh council houses. Destest Charlie and his mrs. As for Andrew, Edward and the rest of the royal hanger ons, I'd be happy to see them exiled to somewhere like the Falkland Islands.

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