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Let's get pp sold out for saturday


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Well I am calling derby fans to get pp sold out for saturday but also let's get pp looking impressive sea of black and white let's welcome our lads back home that not seen best part of a month apart from that fa cup replay we need get our lads back into top 6 now. Let's have pp rocking and let's make pp loud and pround .

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22 minutes ago, Abu Derby said:

Is Tango going or is he still in Doho?

He's playing with fire in Doha still. If he carries on we may not see him for many a year. He just can't help himself:


Sounds like a classic case of the shirt hitting the fan ?

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6 minutes ago, MadAmster said:

Last night there were still 3324 home tickets available. Currently 3259 left.

1115 North Stand

895 in the NE Family Corner 

516 in the East Stand

733 in the West Stand

And one in the south stand that’s just appeared.?

Only 214 seats available in the South half of the ground.

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