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  1. Just wait till we get these two in the side (the two NOT wearing ORANGE )
  2. Far right looks a bit like the ex Juventus /Boro/Rams striker
  3. Last night at the John Smiths Stadium Bielik and Holmes liked the Orangeness
  4. yes mate got some more if you are interested ha ha
  5. Wearing this today at Burton look out for Orange men LOL !!!
  6. Anyone going in an orange shirt very apt for Ibrox but anyone going to Huddersfield in Orange ?
  7. NO I feel FLAT and not flat like a flat tyre so a thick person could think "I will turn it around so the flat bit is on the top" But flat like I have been let down with a thump,dropped from a great height ,discarded like an empty fruit salad wrapper ,taken to the council tip like an old sofa. FLAT as in Lost money having placed a bet at 7/1 thinking someone was a man of his word who was bound to stay .How would he think he was ready to move up the ladder ?,surely he,s not disloyal surely he would not leave us,he loves us ? Flat ,flat ,flat Oh well I,m going to Cheer myself up and get over this flatness by throwing darts at a picture of Allan Clarke for an hour !
  8. 11/4 On Frank staying NOW ! Odds shortening ??
  9. Odds on Frank to STAY at the RAMS now 4/1 with Paddy Power and Betfair it went up to 7/1. Still none of the high street bookies taking the bet ! Just to say I`ve had a bet on him staying!
  10. Looked this morning gone back up to 5/1 Brilliant odds
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