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  1. Alan Ramage 4 EVA

    I am losing interest

    Yeah like stopping watching the RAMS on Tv or the internet is going to make a BIG DEAL to Derby County
  2. Alan Ramage 4 EVA

    Here’s My Opinion On Kenny Burns (fwiw)

    I,ve said it before Burnsy is just a wind up merchant ,he is really very funny and good company .His sense of humour is sarcastic ,tongue in cheek and he loves it When he played for us he was a proper player gave 110% every time we could do with his sort in our side these days . Incidentally I once asked him who was the hardest player he ever came up against ? Jimmy Case (Liverpool) he said he kicked Jimmy so hard on the shin to "warn him off" Jimmy just stared at Burnsy gave him the dead eye and never even rubbed his leg 😬
  3. Alan Ramage 4 EVA

    Mi owd mukka Craig ramage.

    πŸ˜€ No me neither This is the 14 year old flying picket who thinks he`s in a Hovis advert πŸ˜€
  4. Alan Ramage 4 EVA

    A Story Some Of You Won't Believe

    Great story !
  5. Alan Ramage 4 EVA

    Aston Villa F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    I know how you feel /felt Angry The wife and I went to Barcelona missed Boro and Cardiff
  6. Alan Ramage 4 EVA

    Cardiff fan here..

    Regarding stewards on my visits to Cardiff city stadium I have found the stewards there FIRST class ,friendly,and VERY helpful (the best )in my opinion. I still think your fans are muppets humming "men of Harlech" rather than taking the trouble to master the lyrics and actually sing it ! Just saying πŸ˜€
  7. Alan Ramage 4 EVA

    Rowett to Ipswich

    Leave Kenny Burns out of this
  8. Alan Ramage 4 EVA

    Cardiff fan here..

    I would have some respect for you Cardiff fans if you actually went to the trouble to learn the words to "Men of Harlech" Instead of humming it like a bunch of dumb welsh muppets !
  9. Alan Ramage 4 EVA

    Some fans...

    Surprised she managed to get a hubby desperate measures springs to mind ! Just a pair of SCRUBBERS !
  10. Alan Ramage 4 EVA

    What an awful chant

    I hate the booing and undermining chanting (breaks my heart) It was bad yesterday reminded me of the time at shity ground when Gregory was on his way out . I know I always "harp back " to the dismal days under Addison ,Newman and Peter Taylor before "King Arthur"came along .We seemed to loose most weekends I cant recall booing THEN and the anthem on the popside was "all ways look on the bright side of life "
  11. Alan Ramage 4 EVA

    Burton Albion v Derby County

    It must have been "your not fit to wear the shirt " or "this is embarrasing "
  12. Alan Ramage 4 EVA

    Derby County Flags

    Piccadilli Rats Brill The man on the left( NO shirt) told me he had played backing with the Everly Bros in the 60s !
  13. Alan Ramage 4 EVA

    The Old Guard

    Think it is Les Green in between Roy Mac and Alan Durban NOT John Robson ?
  14. Alan Ramage 4 EVA

    Pensioner Arrested for Murder after killing burglar

    I`m highly delighted the scumbag is DEAD If every OAP Killed a burglar it would save the country millions .
  15. Alan Ramage 4 EVA

    Pensioner Arrested for Murder after killing burglar

    "the dead mans next of kin have been informed" No doubt the dead man`s next of kin will turn out something like this "He was as good as gold always helped people and did a lot for charity thought he was inline for man of the year totally out of character" Good riddance to the scumbag ,lets hope the neighbours rally round to give the old guy some support !

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