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  1. Oh yes When we played QPR we never saw any of there fans till we got to Wembley but they are a London club .Most Villa will be coming in to Euston from New street I think ?
  2. Never heard of Paul Emerson ?? Paul Emson Left winger I remember him
  3. Pleased you made a few quid I enjoyed the day, friendly locals in the Grey Horse before the game
  4. Indeed you did must be a world record and probably illegal .Did you spike her dandelion and burdock or cherryade ? You seem to have led quite a colourful childhood .Womanising and discoing with Mummy as an 8 year old .On the picket lines with Daddy at 14 .Next you`ll be telling us you led the commandos at Goose Green as a 12 year old LOL . Anyway keep up this Walter Mitty and Billy Liar stuff I find it VERY slightly amusing (only very slightly )
  5. Blimey O Riley ! That still gives me goose bumps whenever I think of him slotting it past Budgie in front of the packed away end I was jumping up and down all the way back to Pond street that day ! We also used to take large numbers to Hillsborough I recall going on a football special train and getting off at Herries road near the stadium walking up to the ground and into Leppings lane end when the terraces were open ,going down the notorious tunnel .Seem to think we were going down to division 3 and wendies were going up division 1?
  6. Must have been a junior disco according to your previous posts you were 8 years old in 1978 (Did your Mummy take you ) LOL😀😁
  7. Northern rails Saturday strike Replacement bus from Blackburn
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