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  1. Safe Standing Crowd Funding ** Win DCFC package **

    On the £5 raffle I meant
  2. Safe Standing Crowd Funding ** Win DCFC package **

    Iv`e had a go !
  3. Barnsley v Derby County

    Wonder what happens when you "stroke" it ?
  4. Barnsley v Derby County

    It happened when EastHertsRam took his pup out for a slash!!!!
  5. Barnsley v Derby County

    Is that what you call your "todger" ? The "pup"?
  6. Are we security conscious supporters?

    Mine is quite a difficult one to figure out DERBY1884
  7. Colin Gibon

    One of the WORST moments watching Rams v dog leads was F.A Cup 5th round 1975 Colin Todd`s back pass got STUCK IN THE MUD ! and that b*st*rd Clarke nipped in and snuck it past Boulton . I can still see his smug face grinning at me as I stood in the Ossie end . We lost 1-0 (It brought me to tears and I could cry now thinking about it) I`ll get OVER it one day .(so I`m told) Anyway got to go and throw some darts at A.Clarkes photo before I go to see my psychiatrist
  8. Derby County v Hull City

    After reading certain comments on this thread ,my mind wandered (it often does) to way back when . And took me back to when we beat the mighty Gunners 5-0 in the early 70`s. At that time a few mates and myself used to go in the Popside then walk back to meet our Dads( who had stood elsewhere in the BBG) at a pub near the train station I`m fairly sure that it was the "station pub". There we would devour bottles of cherry aid and packets of crisps whilst our "old men"discussed the game over a pint or two before we all left for home. After this particular match I recall being amazed at the negative comments our Dad`s spilled out "should have scored more" "should have had it wrapped up earlier" etc,etc. "You can please some of the people all of the time,you can please all of the people some of the time,but you can`t please all of the people all of the time ".
  9. Derby County Flags

    YEAH ! You might both be right !
  10. Barnsley (A) Tickets

    Still being "stalked" by that coach full of young attractive ladies ?
  11. Barnsley (A) Tickets

    Ha ha
  12. Barnsley (A) Tickets

    Is this DEL the Double fan ?
  13. Derby County Flags

    L TO R R.Davies ,K .Hector,R Webster S.Powell, P.Daniel, D Nish, C.Todd,A Gemmill, J.Bourne, C.Boulton, H.Newton Dont know the bloke in the village people hat ?
  14. Derby County Flags

    DEL`s flag has a Ram top left 1884 top right three lions England badge bottom right and blank bottom left
  15. Derby County Flags

    I know DEL he`s a DOUBLE FAN !

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