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  1. Brilliant memories And nice to see the late GREAT Ernie Hallam congratulating the players
  2. I was on the POPSIDE that day and went on the pitch after the final whistle I am sure I climbed over a fence ? NO chance of climbing a fence nowadays!
  3. He was a VERY funny person quick witted .Think he scored two goals for "us" one with his belly ?
  4. Terrible player Think Colin Addison bought him from boro £150,000 ??
  5. Roger Jones and The "Great"Alan Ramage
  6. Kevin was interviewed on "The Derby County Story" cassette tapes going back a bit I know but he is definitely on there also he was interviewed by Colin Gibson after the Tin mans testimonial
  7. Was just wondering what has happened to the Cocu out flag that a certain"gentleman"went to the trouble and expense (£140)to have made .It was doing the rounds on Twitter when we went through a slow sort of a patch.Apparently the certain "gentleman" was planning to unfurl the flag and fly/wave it in the South stand.Would it seem to be said that now we have hit a "purple"patch plans have been changed regarding the flag and was it all worth while ?(Just wondering)
  8. I was there we were 3-0 up then 3-1 H T lost 4-3 Could NOT believe it terrible train ride home
  9. Even Chesterfield F C Have held Tom Jones and ELTON JOHN concerts I believe
  10. Thought some went to Vale Park ? I still have mine plus another 3
  11. I think Sheffield Wednesday safety officer was brought to account for not improving and developing the ground the tunnel being very dangerous . Regarding the sense of when and where it was going to kick off that was something most fans developed in those days you needed to have your wits about you it was a different time if not a different world.I am NOT for one moment condoning kicking any ones head in I am just saying it happened every week and was just part and parcel of match days in the 70s and 80s The point I was trying to make in this post is regarding taking children to games at the time ,parents did take children .It is similar to saying you would not have got in a car without seat belts or ridden a motor bike without a helmet .At one time you didn`t have a choice
  12. I know how bad it must look but in those days fathers and mothers still took their sons and daughters USUALLY "trouble "could be avoided, fans developed a sense of when and where " hooliganism" was going to happen . The two disasters were not football violence related Bradford was a discarded cigarette thrown in a wooden stand. My first matches which my Dad took me to at the BBG were in the Normanton Stand middle wooden terracing fans still smoked and still threw there fag ends on the floor. I,m sure my Dad never considered NOT taking me because the smoking ban wasn`t going to be enforced untill 2007. Hillsborough( in my opinion) was due to the fact that the gates were opened allowing 1000s of people to cause an over crowding on the Leppings Lane terracing .Having been on the same terracing the previous years, on one occasion Sheffield Wednesday fans had infiltrated the visitors end and fighting was occurring for most of the first half one Wednesday fan received such a kicking just in front of me that he needed to be carried out by St Johns Ambulance men .At the time I thought the tunnel was very low, too narrow ,and sloped dangerously downwards .But it didn`t stop me attending matches I still went back to Hillsborugh and stood in Leppings Lane to watch the Rams again and again (after the disaster the tunnel was closed). If I had been to either of the games where the fans died I might have thought differently and possible seeing the terrible events it may have stopped me attending games in the future
  13. Bradford fire - Went to Derby station to get on the football special to Newport but we could not get a space (the train was full) so four of us went in the car to South Wales and parked outside a corner shop like Arkwrights about 1/2 hour walk from Newports ground .Once we got on the main drag (we had to cross a bridge over a river or train line ?) on the way to the ground fights were breaking out ,inside Derby fans were behind one of the goals and due to lack of segregation it was "kicking off "throughout the game .Derby won 3-1 and the walk back to the car was an adventure too (In those days football hooliganism was an occupational hazard for the supporters you certainly needed to have your wits about you).We went into the Open all hours for some cans for the journey home to be informed by the shop keeper of the Bradford fire she told us it was due to fans fighting, it was on the way home tuning in on the radio that the truth came out .I remember watching Look North and Calendar seeing the horrific footage of a poor man walking on the pitch ablaze ,and the stand an inferno . Hillsborough disaster _In Chicago on holiday, on the hotel room T. V all the news was about football hooligans in England ,and the real truth came out much later . Derby had played at Hillsborough in December and we took a lot of fans making the away end packed and I recall thinking and saying how dangerous the tunnel at Leppings Lane was .It slopped downwards so anyone getting a push would not be able stop going forward onto the terracing, the roof was low and it was NOT very wide .So it,s not difficult to imagine how events unfolded . BOTH Very sad days !! too many FANS died hoping to watch a football match .
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