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  1. v Kaiserslautern Match Thread

    Thanks DEL I would have missed K.O
  2. Away Kit

    You look GOOD in Pink So I`m told !
  3. v Grimsby Town (A) Tickets

    Full fan
  4. v Macclesfield Town Match Thread

    mines GREAT again I`m gonna be a 1/2 fan this season !
  5. POLL: New kit

    There is always a dick with a man utd shirt on . These people should wear an inflatable penis on there head instead of wearing a shirt everyone would still know they liked mufc
  6. Hillsborough - Six Charged

    I see Graham Henry Mackrel( Sheffield Wednesday secretary at the time) is included in the six. Rightly so too, I recall that tunnel at the time, having watched the RAMS there prior to the semi final. It was always dangerous and dated and the whole Leppings lane end needed updating for big matches.Think S.W.F.C got off lightly
  7. I gi him till Christmas

    Exactly what I was thinking Bet tha didna see many o them pit ponies lad !
  8. Fixtures list

    1/2 fan
  9. The Wardrobe Watch

    Who are you calling A children ? LOL
  10. Rotherham away

  11. Sheffield Wednesday v Derby County

  12. Season ticket renewals 17/18

    Well actually I told A LITTLE lie My son did it That`s why it was EASY !
  13. Season ticket renewals 17/18

    Renewed On line Easy
  14. The Roy McFarland Way

    A friend and I were watching the Rams train at Raynesway when Roy was the manager it started pelting it down Roy jogged over to us and told us to go and sit in the main building "You can sit in the warm and watch through the windows"After he came and chatted for ages. A true gentleman who always had time for the fans and still does
  15. Brum away

    Ingoldmells ?

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