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  1. Best birthday present ever! I can have my cake now that I've stopped feeling physically sick for the last two hours.
  2. Fantastic away day and it was good to poop United's premiership party, although I don't think they were too bothered about little old Derby turning them over. I remember sitting near Andy Oakes who was on crutches and that lovely winning feeling standing at the station with all the other beaming rams fans. One day I'll feel like that again.
  3. so predictable and unfortunately we don't have the stomach to fight back
  4. Remember this game well as the score was so unexpected and it was a good first match to take my soon wife to be. Sadly she has had to experience many disappointments since (in a football sense I should add), but such is the life of a Derby fan.
  5. Truly gutted, but we have to hold our nerve now and grind out a couple of results. Unfortunately going down will not quite be the same as in 1984 and I fear how much further we might fall. Anyway on to Preston and just wish I could be there to support the team, I hate watching this unfold on TV. UTR
  6. I think we were second best before the goal. They were starting to turn the screw, but the goal seemed to knock the stuffing out of them
  7. Enjoyable 40 mins with plenty of attacking intent. Just wished we could have got that second goal, story of the season though..
  8. Injury time pen scored this time. 1.0 Brum
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