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  1. If he is using the experience of those around him, then surely that is positive. It's a team game on and off the pitch.
  2. and good to be grabbing a few points in the last few minutes, goes a little way to compensating for the many points squandered in the last 10 mins earlier in the season.
  3. Now there was a player who always rose to the occasion. Who will be the new Bryso tonight?
  4. That number 19 looked quite useful. Wonder what happened to him...
  5. George Evans scores a last minute equaliser v Luton.
  6. 8 or 9 would be nice to cover any nasty surprises from the EFL
  7. That's a nice surprise after finishing work and expecting kick off in 20 mins!
  8. I tried hard to think of a song with trachea in, this is the best i could do, at least its educational.
  9. Fantastic times. I remember being in the home end at Brighton as the away end was so full and Phil Gee getting the winner. Other memorable away trips included Blackpool on the big terrace behind the goal and Notts County where we made up 9000 of a 13000 crowd. The noise in the station as I got of the train was deafening. Lots of flags in the crowd as promotion grew closer.
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