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  1. I’m also looking forward to seeing us scoring some goals from free kicks for a change
  2. Has the incident with the forest groundsman been resolved ? Not heard anything
  3. We are now 12/1 to finish in the play offs and 150/1 to win the league, well worth punt
  4. I’ve always been a Keogh fan but I’m afraid he’s only himself to blame. If what I hear is true he chose to go in the car instead of taking transport offered by the club. He’s also refused a pay cut which would probably still be more than prime minister is earning and turning down the chance of first class rehabilitation at the club and could possibly use the time taking coaching badges etc instead he allegedly still expects to be on full pay
  5. 3 awful away performances Brentford Leeds and now Charlton
  6. 1800 went to Huddersfield and Scunthorpe so should be some left on Thursday for season ticket holders that have not been away this season
  7. Bielik was wasted at centre back yesterday we need him CDM
  8. Only 10 days to go and not yet on sale. What’s the delay ?
  9. R & R club at Chellaston runs a bus to every home game
  10. It seems Cocu prepares each game tactically to win so maybe every game might not be entertaining. At the end of the day football is about winning if we are entertained most games then that is a bonus. I am getting fed up of just missing out on promotion let’s just do it and not get too obsessed with entertaining football
  11. Let’s hope we get Tomori back as a sweetener
  12. Surely he should be spending his time trying to find a new manager
  13. After 6 years of almost being promoted I just want a manager that will get us promoted even if it means sacrificing some less entertaining football
  14. We’re always slow starters anyway
  15. It’s about time we had a home draw, it must be at least 7 consecutive away cup draws
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