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  1. Are you expecting Beliek to play centre midfield not centre back ?
  2. Do we want to get promoted this season. Surely the Premier league would be too much of a big step at the moment for the Academy lads
  3. Same has happened to me. We share the same email address. My lad has had two emails and I’ve had none.
  4. Because the club are obviously short of money I thought I’d pay up now to help them. When they released the options I they would have got some discount process already in place
  5. I’m trying to renew my season tickets online but not offering me the discount. Does anyone know when the discounts are being applied ? I’ve not seen anything online about it
  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if you would have to commit otherwise the club are losing out on potentially £90 per person
  7. They are probably only offering free Rams tv with option 3 so they can get people to commit to a season ticket next season
  8. Surely if you take option 3 you need to renew in the next 2 weeks to take advantage of the free Rams tv offer
  9. Option 3 or free Rams TV coverage if played behind closed doors
  10. Wages accounting for 161% of our income, why have we allowed it to get so bad after all the hard work the yanks did to clear our previous debts
  11. I was there as well I remember Burnley throwing darts and even an hammer at us . But a brilliant time to be a Derby fan
  12. Drove past the ground today, it’s had a coat of paint. It looks really smart
  13. Some of the headlines are so misleading I don’t even bother reading them now
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