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  1. There is comment in the last disciplinary hearing that specifically deals with our amortisation policy. Specifically that there should be no value at the end of the contract. It isn't that there is not a market but a player out of contract has no value.
  2. He has said a few times on the radio that he gave up trying whilst at Derby in the relegation season.
  3. Pearce if guilty of knowingly false accounting, should be fired immediately.
  4. Ineptitude of the highest order.
  5. My Nanna and Grandad used to live on Wiltshire Rd. Not sure they ever went in the Blue Boy though.
  6. Not showing as on, on the Sky Sports Scores app.
  7. Regianna in the Anglo Italian Cup ‘92? Pretty sure the first game was postponed due to fog and we had to book another hotel room for the next evening so we could see the game the next day.
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