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  1. So post this rather than a crying face as a reply ? I don’t agree BTW , i think our league position is staggeringly worring.
  2. Today was as the rest of the season has been, nowhere near good enough. Lacked any “real” momentum going forward, and the defending for the goal was laughable. We are heading down spectacularly, hard to understand as a fan how we have gone backwards so quickly.
  3. Yes always worked when I was “abroad”, now 30-40 minutes it buffers and stops. MacBookPro with HDMI cable connection. Always revert to a mobile device and wireless connection via Apple TV.
  4. I haven't yet completed a first half without it crashing.
  5. If this takeover doesn’t happen we are disappearing into oblivion
  6. The worst team for several generations. Absolutely appalling.
  7. inglTime to go. Football is dreadful, tactically inconsistent . I said it was poor after the Barrow game and got shot down..What we are seeing is consistently inadequate. I think Mr Cocu is a very nice and intelligent person, but he is isn’t going to be successful for us.(in my opinion )
  8. SEASON TICKET HOLDERS PLEASE NOTE:Under EFL guidelines, away weekend matches are not included in the offer to Season Ticket Holders to watch live matches on RamsTV whilst access to stadiums is restricted.
  9. Is today’s game available ?
  10. We can have the richest owner in the world, but spending money on good players is the most important thing.(In my opinion)
  11. It’s cack.(i was going to add more but deleted it )
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