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  1. If we get up and we have a good season next year he will go I would imagine. But he might be the next England manager rather than Chelsea ?
  2. SKY BS trying to derail us ahead of Monday.
  3. https://www.dcfcmegastore.co.uk/browse/q-Play/q-off/
  4. Their were more Club Wembley tickets being sold to Villa and Derby by Wembley this year. All of the greyed out 200 blocks, were only on sale via Wembley directly.
  5. I did wonder, they do tbh have a decent home crowd most weeks.
  6. sold out in 45 minutes of general sale apparently. Bizarrely Villa have not sold out yet, just been on their website and there are a few left. I do have a Villa fan ID too as I bought a present for a Villa friend for them a few years ago. Although just over 500 left...
  7. I was there and it was an awful day, down to 10 and no subs allowed back then. Feel sorry for Watford of course but at least we have lost the singular record !!
  8. Podcast is reasonable https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/sportscene-talk-in/id1060687660?i=1000438202705
  9. We have over 60K people registered with FAN ID's I believe . Quite possible that 30K of those are actually Leeds fans though.
  10. We used ticket master last time and pretty sure their servers can handle more traffic than our DCFC ticket office can ( i have no evidence tonsupport this statement). I would imagine lengthy wait times as there were getting Leeds home tickets once they went on general sale. So just get on the site earlier and sit in the queue!
  11. Yes I am , i had looked at last years information when I checked on line. They have 36288
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