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Player of the Season 20/21

POTY 20/21  

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57 minutes ago, Andicis said:

I think it's King CKR. Honestly, been transformative to our season. The easiest vote for player of the season in a long time. 

Too early, what if Gregory scored 10 goals in the remaining games or Buchanan gets called up for England senior squad.

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4 minutes ago, Rev said:

It's player of the season, not player of the last 6/7 games.

He was a real contender at Xmas but has drifted away from it and needs to pick up again to have a chance. I think CKR has edged past him and has the momentum. Byrne is probably ahead of him now. 

Having said all that Bielik would probably have won it if he hadn't got injured again. 

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Love King Colin, and he has been good this season... but I really struggle with giving POTY to a forward, considering we’ve literally had one of the worst attacks to ever grace the Championship this season. 

I know he won’t win POTY because he hasn’t played enough games, but, for me, Bielik has been our best performer this season by a country mile. No one else is even close. That run of games he had when he was fit were some of the best performances I’ve ever seen from a player in the Championship. Absolutely incredible, he was so good at literally everything - like having three midfielders rolled into one. Such a shame he got injured again, in our team he was a God amongst men.

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