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  1. Bodmin not leaving till 8am, Got to be at least 4hrs 10 mins from that Cornwall town. Also on a bank holiday Monday and you might need a toilet stop. Good luck on your journey, have a safe drive. I'll be leaving Plymouth at 7am, going to park up approx 7 miles from Wembley grab some lunch at a Wetherspoons before catching a tube to Wembley Park.
  2. I would love to be the fly on the wall if a Derby fan rang their office
  3. The things people will do during their lunch break, good luck don't get caught.
  4. In 2007, I had resigned myself to watching the Rams on Sky, having failed to get a ticket. Then another West country based mate of mine, also born and bred in Derby had an idea. He realised that all the current Championship sides of that season got an allocation of the play-off final tickets. So he rang Plymouth Argyle (they finished 11th that season). They were given 6 tickets, but were only using 3, they stated to my mate, we want you to buy all of the 3 remaining tickets at face value. Well he bit their hands off and we went to Wembley. It could be worth ringing around all the other Championship teams, it worked for us 12 years ago.
  5. Did see on tv that Leeds fan with the Tattoo with the same words, which he had done just before ther 2nd leg "LOL"
  6. Its based on their fanbase, the fact they have a bigger stadium than us means their allocation will always be bigger. I wonder what they would have given to the Baggies if they had got through. Back in 2007, they were given a bigger allocation than us. What really gets up my nose is the amount of tickets kept open for the corporate seating. Ok I know they pay mega bucks up front for all events for the year, but if they are not into football they don't turn up. Wembley should for every event contact by email all the corporate ticket holders and state reply yes or no if you are attending and if they don't reply that means no. Then they should be allowed to release the seats to be sold. This would make more money for Wembley, have more real football fans in the stadium and every one is a winner. It was embarrassing to watch the F.A cup final on Saturday teatime to see lots of spare seats. For the record it was 85,854, thats 4,146 corporate seats not used (there will be more on the 27th).
  7. The heading of part-time rams fans at wembley, could be mis-read. I am definately not a part-tme rams fan at wembley. Having been to the 1975 Charity shield, Anglo Italian cup final and our previous 3 play off finals. I missed the 1946 fa cup final (due to not being born)
  8. Frank has the midas touch
  9. Looking at their website, we have the east side of the stadium
  10. It would be Fat Kenny's bragging rites for a few years at least
  11. Draw at Elland Road, we are due our 2nd away win of the year
  12. Its just sky sports creating a story to build the game up. They know the love hate relationship from the Don Revie, Brian Clough days. They already have spygate, Bamford's ban. They are building it up for an epic must watch game for the Saturday tea time viewers. I would,nt be surprised of lots of "Clash of 2 Championship giants" advertising from Tuesday/Wednesday onwards on their sports channels. They've already got the dream semi's with Derby V Leeds and the West Midlands clash Villa v Westbrom and the more they can put in the mixer to build the games up.
  13. Having had a browse on the play-off teams forum sites, it was interesting to see most of their opinions. Aston Villa's forum: most of them are very confident that they will see off the Baggies and would prefer us at wembley, but think its devine right to be the team back in the Premiership. Leeds are 50/50, some think they have blown it others are calling the Rams manager "Fat Frank" and want to do us for making a fuss over spygate. The Baggies are not confident of getting past Villa.
  14. He is out of contract this summer and has got a meeting with chairman very soon. I personally think the chairman will say goodbye Tony. When you only score 49 league goals in a 46 match season, you don't deserve to finish in the play offs. Rotherham scored more goals than them and got relegated.
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