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  1. Strikers, goal scoring midfielders should at the top of the transfer window. Get goals and you won't be in the bottom 6 next season. Anthony Scully at Lincoln just turned 22 got 17 goals in 51 games had a 67% shooting accuracy this season. Under contract until the summer 2023, worth looking at. Could possibly improve at a higher level, if Lincoln don't get promotion, could steal him cheaply. Jerry Yates at Blackpool 24yr old got 22 goals in 50 games had a 47% shooting accuracy this season. Under contract until summer 2023. I think a few have mentioned him on here. Yet again with a te
  2. I think your just milking my comment, making a storm in a teacup.
  3. The fact it went down to the last game of the season is relevant. All teams played 46 games, Derby managed to get more points than 3 teams which meant we are a championship team next season. You can argue the fact that Wednesday had a points deduction, but everyone including them knew this at the start of the season. Looking at today's game and with sky sports replays, the first goal came from a throwing that was ours (Forsyth never touched the ball). Their 3rd goal was scored by a player in an offside position. If there was VAR it would have resulted in a 3-1 win to the Rams. And please,
  4. More like sleeping tablets in the defenders cuppa's
  5. Feel a little peed off that we have only got 1 point in the last 24. Thats not just based on our play on the pitch, but some bad refs decisions and bad luck. To be fair Cocu tried to play Dutch style slow build up football (never going to work in the Championship), then because of contract and money restraints we go with a rookie manager. We are better than our final position suggests. We have a Scottish international keeper, Two Polish internationals, A Welsh international, An Irish international and lots of youth internationals. What we did'nt have is a quality striker, sorry I don't count o
  6. Why are you picking on the tea lady
  7. But how many bottom 4 teams beat Norwich the Championship winners.
  8. I have been struggling for weeks now, on a crossword. Had one clue left to do, it was 3 Down, which was 28 letters.. There was 2 or 3 on this blog that kept putting me off by saying Rotherham were staying up. Anyway it came to me eventually, 28 letters "Wycombe, Rotheham and Wednesday. COYR
  9. You need to read my comments again, I stated Cocu/recruitment/scouts etc, not Mel. Why are you blaming him. Cocu spent £10m on a midfielder in Beliek who is a class player but should we have possibly spent on a striker
  10. The problem was, before the start of the season we did not have a striker that would score us goals, hence why we were one of the lowest scorers in th league. That was down to Cocu/recruitment/scouts etc. Wayne had one window which was held up by an embargo and to be honest the chances of finding a striker was slim to none. So I would give him another chance and see where we are by December before passing our comments on whether he should stay or go.
  11. If we stay up, I believe the current 4 so called coaches need some class. If we have to keep them, bring in Jody Morris and regardless of what Wayne states, this man does hold the right coaching badges he should be his right hand man and Wayne will learn and benefit from him, especially if he wants to continue in management and improve his CV. I always think back to Harry Rednapp and his career in management. He surrounded himself with good coaches throughout his time and even though he was the figurehead/face, a lot of credit must go to his team of coaches over the years.
  12. To be fair and looking at it logically, form does not come into it. Rotherham need to win, Wednesday need to win, the Rams need a draw or maybe a win. Cardiff v Rotherham and Derby v Wednesday is basically 2 individual cup finals and one team will come away with the winning ticket. For obvious reasons Derby are at a slight advantage, but that could be dangerous if they think that way.
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