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  1. The Polish legend Zbigniew Boniek stated that Derby will be signing Jozwiak very soon and he will be worth £25 come next year after his performances on the European Nations Championship stage. I hope he is right and even if we pay £4.5m that would be a bargain. We should have paid the higher fee for Ollie Watkins that Exeter wanted, he just sold for £28m.
  2. Have faith in Cocu you doom and gloom authors. If he can get Bird and Sibley playing regular from the youth set up, who's to say others could come in this season and improve the squad. Lets say we do get 2 more players in before the window shuts next month. the likes of Buchanan, Hector Ingram, Brown and Whittaker push on and become good reliable squad players that come on the pitch and add to what we have got. Bielik should be back by the end of October, Marriott could have an injury free season and score loads. There is a January window to use if the team needs a tweak. Fans could also be ba
  3. According to the DET, personal terms were all agreed, Rams wanted to pay 4m euros with add ons and they want 5m euros with add ons. I have a gut feeling on this one. We missed out on Watkins because Rowett stated it was too much and he's just gone to Villa for £28m. This Kamil Jozwiak is improving so much that he will be a regular in the national side, that alone will add value to him. He is only 22, Derby should stick with the offer they made (Lech Poznan are cash strapped) they will eventually take it, providing there is no other club interested. It might take until next week before the deal
  4. It beats me, why other Championship forums fans can't see how badly run the EFL is. They should be concerned that the EFL are putting in a lot of effort to derail Derby and at what cost. They must have footed the bill for an independant board to sit and work out whether their charges were lawful. Now they want to spend more money on having an appeal. If they've got much money to waste, I doubt. And that guy from the Daily Mail, Matt Hughes, stirring the pot and making comments that the EFL should appeal. His he on Gibson's payroll, his he a Forest fan. He certainly does'nt have any love for th
  5. I think you right on this. Lech Poznan are in need of some cash and they need it now. They are obviously going to push for as much as they can get. Hopefully we are the only interested club at this stage and get the deal sorted by tomorrow, so the lad can get a couple or so training sessions in. Could be on the bench for the Reading game.
  6. And being Steve Buckley's dog you did all the howling🐶
  7. You seem to know a lot of Polish people and their social circles
  8. Football Insider site quoted the £8m for both at 4.07pm today after Lowe had his medical
  9. Writes a good story and sometimes they don't have an happy ending. Also gets the plot wrong on some of his write ups.
  10. Rumour is Lowe was £3m and Bogle will be £5m once his contract/medical is sorted
  11. Tom Thorogood is an English teacher based in Mexico, who writes very good articles that can be very convincing. How he can be correct with his articles baffles me. What connections or sources does he have living in Mexico. Here's my theory, Kamil is the same age as Krystian Bielik. Kamil started at his current club at 13 in 2011, Krystian was also a youth player at Lech Poznan from 2012 to 2014. Both players have played for Poland U16s, U17s, U18s, U19s, U21s and the senior side and being the same age have been together in the respective age group squads. We were linked with Kamil earlier
  12. Festy Ebosele just turned 18 in August (born in Ireland) is an attacking wingback(right) and was given shirt number 56 when Derby announced the squad numbers a few days ago.
  13. I think that Cocu wanted to see how a 3 centreback system would work and it was better to try it in this match against a lower placed team. Even though you had to give Barrow credit, they parked the bus, stayed in shape and acheived a draw to have a chance on the penalties (something a lot of teams will do when there's no extra time in these early rounds). Could'nt understand why we had Buchanan playing on the right(looked better when switched to his natural left). If we do lose Lowe and Bogle, I'm sure Forsyth/Buchanan can do it on the left and Wisdom/new right winger can do it on the right.
  14. Even in today's Daily Mail he's still having a go at Derby. This journalist has a big big hate for the Rams. No I did'nt buy the Tory rag newspaper, unfortunately my mother-in law gets it.
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