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  1. Hope that it's not Dopey or Grumpy that get the nod
  2. Just checked, the appeal was lodged on the 10th October
  3. We should have a new owner within a few weeks, once the i's have been dotted and the t's are crossed. New favourite is this Chris Kirchner, but don't rule out a possible joint ownership of the club involving 2 or more consortium's. Wayne will be in a strong position prior to the transfer window opening.
  4. Arthur will be 82 on the 14th December, we play Blackpool at home on the 11th, Someone at the club should organise a early Birthday pressie for him and make him the honourable matchday guest.
  5. He appointed the groundsman, kitman, tea lady etc etc NO he did'nt
  6. What ever way you look in to this whether its wrong or right. the current peoples running our club are financial experts who are willing to spend £300k on the appeal costs. They are not gambling like Mel has done with the club, they will put up a very strong case. The EFL put out a statement stating the appeal will be looked at by a elected board to look at Derby's case. The EFL are in a no win situation on this, Covid has caused a lot of business's to go under. Their witch hunt on the Derby led by the whinging chairman of another championship club does not put them in favour with the sports media/press (Daily Mail not included). I feel we have a strong case, I am quitely confident that our 12 point deduction will be reduced.
  7. Other clubs took loans from the EFL to cover losses during Covid, where Derby could'nt because of not having proof of paying back the loan. It makes me wonder, whether other clubs could go under or in to adminstration when or if they can't pay back the loan.
  8. I think Kamil Jozwiak is class, he just seems a little lost in the Derby set up. Always plays decent for Poland. Played well in most games this season, could get better when his mate is back in the team.
  9. Looks good, will Mr Ashley bring in an away kit in Blue and red
  10. I had a Morris Marina in Harvest Gold, good car until some prat driving a lorry crashed into it when it parked outside my house.
  11. The Newcastle United Board appoint them, the decision is not done by one person. The same can be said on who decides the new owners of Derby, It will be down to the 3 Administrators and EFL clearance, not one person.
  12. Mel gambled and it nearly worked, twice we came close to the promised land. Yes he's a fan and his fan's head ruled over his business head. Some one like Carlisle Capital or Mike Ashley would run it like a business and first job would be to stabilise the club. Getting a good manager/coach is the key to good progress. Lets hope Rooney is the man to do it, but if he does become successful, we will lose him.
  13. Had some crap managers in the 14 years at Newcastle doesn't help. Sam Allardyce (never won anything, had a good record of keeping teams up playing awful football), Nigel Pearson (journeyman coach, over rated), Kevin Keegan (did half a season and left), Chris Hughton (got them promoted as he did with Brighton failed at Forest), Alan Pardew (steady boring football but not a winner), Joe Kinnear (just a fill in who was not a winner), Alan Shearer (lasted 2 months), John Carver (who), Steve Mcclaren (great coach won things but as a manager does'nt have a plan B), Rafael Benitez (good manager but wanted a spending spree to challenge the Man City's etc and unlike Mel, Ashley was not going to gamble) Steve Bruce (like Chris Hughton has won promotions to the top league but not cut it in the Prem)
  14. I have a contact telling me that Mike Ashley was shown around at DCFC before he had sold Newcastle.
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