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  1. Where do you fit him in, he might have to switch to centre half to get a regular start, We already have Rooney, Bird, Shinnie and Evans that can play as holding midfield players.
  2. What are the moaners expecting. We played a team today with strength in depth who also have only lost 6 games all season, nearest to that is Leeds and they have lost 9. We had no, Lawrence, Waghorn, Marriott, Wisdom or Beilik. We've lost Huddlestone, Keogh and Bennett during this season. Mel wants the youngsters in the 1st team squad and Cocu is the man to deliver. This Pandemic will have lots of clubs tightening their belts, which means there will be good players released for other clubs to pick up. Lets hope our scouts, manager and coaches can pick out a cast off and turn him into a better p
  3. looks like the table will show who is still in the mix after those matches. I predict Preston will fall out the race for 6th spot by losing both or only getting a point fom both matches. Its possible for Cardiff to lose away to Fulham, Swansea would have to beat Leeds at home and get a result at Forest. We simply need to get 6 points to have a chance. We would want Leeds to win their next 3 matches (Stoke home, Swansea away and Barnsley home), with Westbrom losing their next 2 (Blackburn away and Fulham home). That would have them coming to Derby as champions, with no desire to play at full p
  4. At this stage its what we do against Cardiff's results. We have Forest at home, they have Bristol away. Next match we have Westbrom away (they have not been flying since the restart) Cardiff have Blackburn at home(A match Blackburn need to win to stay in with a chance of getting into a play off place). Then a vital Saturday where we play home to Brentford (they have got to lose sometime) and Cardiff have Fulham away(Not easy). Then the big one Cardiff v Rams (This could be the deciding match maybe). We follow this up with a home game against Leeds( if Luton can draw at Elland road, what can we
  5. Have'nt voted yes or no, I don't want to tempt fate/jinx our chances. Its amazing though to think the current top 12 teams that have a chance of promotion, still don't know where they will finish. In form teams are Derby, Brentford and Leeds. Sticking my neck out, I would say Leeds and Westbrom will hang on to the top 2 automatic promotion spots. Brentford Could prove me wrong by catching the top 2, they have 4 games against teams fighting to stay up and only Derby and Preston to play from the top half of the table. Fulham have lost their last 2 games but are 7 points clear of 7th spot so shou
  6. Looking at the table (currently) I think Leeds/ Westbrom have the cushion to hold on to the automatic promotion places. Fulham and Brentford should hang on for 2 of the play-off slots. That leaves Derby 54pts, Millwall 54pts,, Cardiff 54pts, Bristol 55pts, Swansea 56pts, Blackburn 56pts. Preston 57pts, and Forest on 61pts all fighting for the other slots. We all know our remaining fixtures and barring Reading at home and last game against Brum, we have matches against teams above us. But the ones above us have just as hard fixtures to play. Coming up is Cardiff v Leeds, Preston v Cardiff, Mill
  7. For the amount of games he played for us (BARGAIN) and for the amount of goals he scored for us also. BEST EVER by a country mile.
  8. Got talks with the club at the end of this month, got to get a 12 month contract for next season surely. I did hear that he's one of Derby's top earners, so might have to take a pay drop.
  9. 9 games = 6 wins, 2 draws and 1 defeat. I think thats asking too much, but lets hope I'm wrong.
  10. Got to agree that Will Hughes and Max Bird are similar, Sibley looks good and will get better the more he plays. Credit also to Shinnie against Blackburn, he had a good game but could miss out if Wayne is fit for Saturday.
  11. That Rushian Hepburn-Murphy looks good, scored 2 on Saturday. He's 21 and on loan from Villa. Out of contract in the Summer, so could be taken on as a freebie and teased into the 1st team.
  12. With 9 games to go, Leeds and West Brom seem to be in the driving seats for automatic promotion. So lets look at the chances of the rest of the current top half of the table's chances of making the play-off places. FULHAM with a current 4pt cushion over 4th placed team have 6 games still to play against sides still in the top half, Brentford(H), Leeds(A), QPR(A), Forest(A), Cardiff(H) and WBA(A). BRENTFORD currently on 60pts have only 4 teams in top half to play, Fulham(A), WBA(H), Derby(A) and Preston(H). FOREST also on 60pts have 5 games against top half to play, Bristol(H), Derby(A), Fulham
  13. I wish, Tim Ward was Derby's manager when I first watched the Rams at the Baseball Ground. I knew ZX81 was a computer, it certainly is'nt what they use at the Derby Telegraph and I doubt if they actually used one.
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