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  1. I feel he will be warming the bench this season. With captain Keogh, Clarke, Bielik all in front of him in the pecking order. We seem to have this habit, of signing players, giving them 2, 3, or 4 year contracts and then they can't get in the team in their last year.
  2. Still early days, got to agree there is some positives. We will get better under Cocu leadership. Players still to come back from injury, meaning more competition within the squad. Rooney and the January transfer window to come. 3 at the back looked good and with maybe Lowe and Bogle playing wingbacks. But we must pick up points at home to stay in the race and not end up playing catch up at the end of the season.
  3. He was played at right wing with Brentford under Dean Smith and scored 8 goals in 58 apps
  4. I noticed last season and again this season, Jozefzoon can not put a decent cross into the box. Something a wide midfielder should have in his ability.
  5. I was not making a statement about prize money in cup games. I was only generalising on teams making money on quarterfinals onwards through gate reciepts/TV monies and thats why the majority of championship/premiership teams will field weaker teams in earlier rounds. It makes sense to give 1st team players a rest, try out tactics/formations/fringe players/youngsters in these games. I will be gobsmacked if Cocu plays a team against Scunthorpe which does'nt have players from U23s and players who have not featured in the last 2 games.
  6. That will be too warm for me and would still taste like lager
  7. A bit harsh, Carling is a mass produced cheap tasteless lager. I take my hat off to Sheff weds with getting Thornebridge ales in their ground, and just in case if you did'nt know(lagerboy) Thornebridge is a Derbyshire brewery who do superb ales (award winning in fact).
  8. Why would you drink a non-flavoursome beer in the first place. Try an ale instead, cos even if it cost you the same it would be more drinkable.
  9. I would check their pulses at the next home game. Do they do the bounce ?
  10. Unfortunately, the League cup never makes big money for the top 2 divisions until the quarter-finals and beyond. Thats why, in the last 15yrs or so even the championship sides put out weaker teams in the early stages. One other reason being, it gives chance for the manager/coach to look at fringe/U23s players in games that don't disrupt the league form.
  11. I think that if we get Wayne it will his stepping stone into coaching/management. could give us a higher status in attracting rich buyers. I take my hat off to Mel
  12. What do you think, player coach, is this a shrewd move by Mel to promote the club, raise interest in buying/putting money into the club etc
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