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  1. Unless there is a shift in form, Wycombe and Sheff Weds seemed to have booked two slots leaving one to go down with them. Rotherham may have games in hand(only 1 on us), but they need to win at least one of them to pull out the bottom 3. In their favour is a -8 goal diff. Coventry & Birmingham are only split by one difference and either one could get relegated. Huddersfield are only 1 point behind us but have played a game more, but have shipped in 51 goals this season so far (only bettered by Wycombe who have conceded 55). They also could get relegated. The Rams dented their revival again
  2. I think, with no new owners on the horizon Wayne will have to go into the loan market to bolster the squad.
  3. Shinnie is the better tackler and will shoot on target when the chance comes. They all have strengths, but you can't play all 3 at the same time.
  4. When teams are getting down to their last dozen games it certainly does. Any team in the top half (and especially top 6), know by ramping up their run in they would be chasing an automatic spot or securing a play-off place and going into some great form (like Villa showed a couple of seasons ago).
  5. Forest lost tonight and their next 5 games are against teams all currently in the top 6
  6. We need to close the "Path to the playoffs" and the "Relegation watch". We are going to finish the season in about 14th to 16th and will have been classed as a mid-table team. Shame about our bad start under Cocu, could have finished between 6th and 12th.
  7. With 3 away games on the bounce, this being the first (which was always going to be the toughest) I think Wayne used this match to rest players, give the loanies a good run out, experiment with the formation/players. The next game is always going to be more inportant for points to put the club in a safe mid-table position. I will be happy with 3 pts next and a draw at Barnsley. The 4 points out of the 3 away games would be good return.
  8. Just 4 more goals to equal his best scoring season and he's got 14 games to do it in.
  9. Too early, what if Gregory scored 10 goals in the remaining games or Buchanan gets called up for England senior squad.
  10. Well Colin justed scored his 7th goal of the season in 23 games (only the last 19 starting) and Chris Martin has got2 in 26.
  11. May I remind you some teams have only 14 games and 42 points to play for and some of them currently lie below us in the table.
  12. Based on our current form in the last 8 matches, if we continue this form we could win 11 and lose 4 of our remaining games. That would give us 70 points, which I think would just fall short of the play-off places. I predicted a couple of weeks ago that we would get approx 63 points.
  13. Jourdan's gone quiet Won't be long before this thread is closed
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