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  1. Scott Carson STARTS for Man City tonight!
  2. I heard Sergio Aguero was going for free in the summer?
  3. Rams 2-0 Sheffield Wednesday. King Colin brace.
  4. If we don’t go down, surely we’re just delaying it for another year?
  5. Not sure if anyone’s mentioned this on the forum yet, but there has been a tweet from Stan Collymore that was quickly deleted...
  6. Rams 1-3 brum Lawrence goal.
  7. PNE 0-5 Rams frgs king Colin
  8. Blackburn 1-0 rams. no Derby scorer.
  9. Michael Jackson as Louie Watson...?
  10. Rams 1-7 Norwich buchanan goal
  11. Reading 0-1 Rams kazim to score
  12. Regarding the rumours about waghorn right now.. I wanted to hear everyone’s thoughts on it. In my opinion, I think it’s unfair of Rooney to bring this into the public eye. Never really seen anything like this, and think if a player ‘hasn’t been trying in training’ it’s only right to have a private conversation with him afterwards. The sibley thing a couple days ago seemed harsh, but turned out to be great man management in the end. Not sure if this is an attempt at getting a reaction from waggy, but if is then it doesn’t seem like a very smart way of doing so. Bit Disappointed really
  13. Hope so. Interested to see how this will work out... COYR
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