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  1. As posted previously, I have had Covid with little effects really but was really quite ill after getting the Astrazeneca vaccination. Two other people in my team of 15 (about 7 have had the jab so far) were likewise pretty ill (raging temp, headaches) for 24-48 hours. I did it because I want 'normality' so I really hope social distancing, mask wearing, limited numbers at events etc do not become an accepted part of society. Hopefully more acceptance of 'working from home' especially if showing signs of illness and widespread availability of rapid testing will suffice.
  2. I won't reply because it will get me banned... (and ******* position she wants will suffice)
  3. I think CKR may be slightly ahead but Byrne has been really consistent. Knight has massively kicked on (quiet few games recently) and Clarke has been immense too.
  4. Good interview, said exactly what you like to hear. Seems to be captain in reality so just give him the job. Awful to hear he has to talk to his family about a few absolute idiots.
  5. I can't say the football is really compelling...but that is quite reassuring. He isn't going Hollywood, buying strikers, trying fancy formations and scoring tons of goals. He is making us hard to beat, steady and functional. Its surprisingly sensible and unexpected for me. Think his post match analysis is spot on so far. The way he sees the performances has been very similar to the way I have with no shifting of attention. He will criticise players without it seeming disingenuous and with a bigger agenda.
  6. Totally agree with the notion our wingers gave Bird nothing to work with and I don't agree with hammering him, but I thought he had a relatively poor game. Generally not really enjoying the balance of Knight, Bird and Shinnie. Not enough guile, pace or ability to change the momentum of the game. Recently the full backs have been our greatest threat but last night they were so deep they were just launching it down the line. Jozwiak never looked like beating his man or creating a chance. I also found it incredibly frustrating how many times we just rolled it sideways for absolutely no reas
  7. NXIVM Secret Cult - seriously mind blowing what intelligent people will slowly get dragged into. Real life is definitely weirder than fiction. Not exploitative or sensationalist, just great at showing how you can slowly get changed by someone else.
  8. Exactly how I saw it. Started ok but pretty steady with little actual drive. Lost our heads after conceding a soft goal and 2nd half was awful. Passing across the back, no energy, woeful in possession and creating nothing. Cocu-ball to the max. CKR scored a cracker when we never looked like scoring. That midfield 3 is just way too safe and slow if the full backs aren't getting forward. They were really deep, meant the threat had to come from Waggers and Jozwiak, so obviously we looked impotent. Worrying lack of intensity but take the point.
  9. Just said 'is Waghorn still on the pitch' and he promptly kicks a simple pass into touch.
  10. Full backs just so deep, need to get them up the pitch instead of them launching it to no one.
  11. Can't argue with that team. Solid for this type of game makes sense.
  12. I would never have believed at the outset that I would be happy at this news. Didn't rate him and thought he would only get worse. If his finishing was a bit better he would an absolute revelation, but otherwise he ticks a lot of boxes. Works hard, runs the line, wins free kicks, motivates the team, has got a great touch, lovely hold up play and clever passing. Hope he can keep fit.
  13. The majority of people on the forum would probably be going to the game 'normally' and excitedly making preparations for the evening. Nice as it is just flicking the tv on at 7 45, it doesn't stir the match day interest like heading to the ground and riding the gauntlet. Plus there is possibly a little complacency because we aren't in with a chance of getting into the play offs and we are relatively free of relegation fears for the moment...maybe feels almost like a free hit after the another night. Definitely won't hurt as much if we lose tonight as it would normally.
  14. I'm thinking there was nothing new (not news) in that article at all, well written or not. That's why @Curtainsis sort of right..its just a rehash of everything we already know ahead of the Derby.
  15. I remember being about 12 and late one night Bladerunner was on... I knew it was a classic so watched about 10mins and found it incredibly boring...many a time I have thought I need to revisit it but haven't. Similarly '2001 Space Oddity' I endured about 45mins before I gave in. Maybe I was too young... Eternal Sunshine is a really great film. Jim Carrey in his Truman Show pomp rather than his annoying physical comedy stuff.
  16. Its about tiny steps of erosion for me. So if you have to carry a card saying you have been vaccinated to get in somewhere... what if you aren't able to have the vaccine for health issues? What about if you have it this year but decide you don't want it annually? What about when it isn't free and you have to pay for it every year? What about if they insist your children should have it? What about if they say you need 2 or 3 different vaccines because it has mutated so much? What about if the argument shifts to having the flu vaccine...or every other infectious disease? What about if its
  17. Huddersfield so much like Cocu's Derby...lots of slow possession but no cutting edge. Once we realised they were all bark and no bite we never looked in danger. Easy 3 points in the end.
  18. Huddersfield are a really poor team. Think we played as well against Watford. Richards is working himself into the ground, needs saving for Friday!
  19. Sluggish kinda shapeless game 2nd half. Huddersfield are like Cocu's Derby. Derby break and Waggers has clear run on goal and buries it. Game over.
  20. Commentator assured us no changes had been made before 5mins into the half realising...so am not expecting any confidential insight gleaned from the Derby management team into the reasons for the change...
  21. After a slow start we got a foothold and the super team doing the dead ball routines played a big part in creating havoc. Have looked more solid since then and Huddersfield are incredibly slow and passive in possession. There is space behind Byrne and Buchanan but they aren't exploiting it. Edders looks a really good player. Our 3 midfield are way too similar and are severely lacking in pace and attacking intent. All the danger is from our wingbacks. Gregory has been totally anonymous again, really doesn't seem to ever be where the ball is. Richards has been brilliant and w
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