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  1. I can definitely see how you could dislike it. But if you could see past her ridiculous over acting it was funny in parts. Slapstick, gross out comedy is always a divider of opinion.
  2. Very poor. Are we not above schoolboy titillations, just cruel when she has apparently already been brought to her knees. I mean, I don't even remember her name, but recall it was a bit of a mouthful...
  3. Some parts I agree with, its clearly hypocritical and some people will feel aggrieved if they have lost loved ones. I would add though, government policy has been labelled as too slow to lockdown and criticised for trying to keep schools open (herd immunity or not). So they flouted laws /rules almost involuntarily forced on them too. Minor point, but they were hardly evangelical about the rules in the first place so the hypocrisy personally doesn't grate as much as it could.
  4. Hmmmm you are right, that is bad.😂😂 I agree...his case is a bit worse and the analogy holds for others.
  5. I will defend him..in so much as I would any of the other reckless high profile individuals who have fallen on their swords recently to appease the masses. The analogy I ofteb use is driving. A lot of people drive.. And speed. I mean...a hell of a lot. Its slightly risky and can be very dangerous but still a high proportion do it because 99% of the time its a victimless crime. They get caught, get a bit of a fine and nobody blinks. Drink driving is a totally different (yet not that different) crime. Its more dangerous and so the social ramifications are larger. Most people agree you could easily lose your job over it...but not so for speeding. What he (they) did for me, was more akin to speeding than drink driving. They didn't knowingly have Covid and walk into hospital ICU wards shaking hands (although Boris could well have to be fair!). They took a tiny risk and got caught. Unlucky but I don't really feel the need to bay for blood. To continue the analogy, maybe a policeman, taxi driver or chauffer could maybe lose their job just for speeding, so losing his/their job maybe goes with the territory and they should have known better...just isn't something that really incenses me either way.
  6. So many people are saying this but really not seeing it. I am sticking with it, and its fairly watchable.. but nothing about it really brings it above the level of average sports documentary for me. I bow to the overwhelming narrative but I must be missing something. As a football fan I much preferred (especially season 2) 'Sunderland Til I Die' and 'Maradona in Mexico'. 'Senna' transcended the sport as I don't like motor racing but loved the film, just not seeing how the series goes beyond basketball to a wider scope of interest and I don't particularly warm to Michael Jordan either.
  7. Fair point, hard to argue with that. But much has been made of this argument with regards to footballers, and I'm not sure why they can't self isolate for the duration and then be tested and return home. Totally lose my sympathy that they are pulling the 'I'm protecting my family its not about money' card. They could train in isolation as they all are doing (or even at home if they insist) and then self isolate for 5 or 6 weeks while they play the remaining games. I'm sure there are hotels or rental properties they can use. I'm sorry, but if you are on £50,000 a week its totally unreasonable not to do that and still expect to get paid! Cricketers go away for months at a time, no idea why footballers think its unreasonable to not see their family for a few weeks in order to do their job and justify the ludicrous sums they receive. As you know, my decision is already made and I go to work and there are immediate family members I can't see for various reasons. There are no winners here. Going back to your point, I have no idea of the real stats, but as a wider argument with no correlation to the true risks... Say, my choice was between going to work, getting back to normal etc with the result being a 1 in 50 chance of me or someone I cared about getting ill and a further 1 in 100 chance of them actually dying, compared with staying at home and having a 1 in 4 chance of my business closing, losing my job and then potentially my home and my future.. Then I wouldn't hesitate. Like I say, no idea of the real weighting. But I would guess most of the millions back in work (inc NHS staff) aren't altruistic heroes, they are normal people weighing up their options, what the risks are and acting accordingly. So my feeling is that maybe some teachers, parents of school age children, footballers... are making their decision based on thinking they don't actually need to take ANY risk, so why do it. But unless they are going to wait until there is a vaccine there will always be risk, and whilst they may have a slightly reduced rate of catching it, they are at no more risk of actually being very ill if they do catch it. So personally only if I were very vulnerable would I not go back to work and then it probably wouldn't matter what the R rate was, I just wouldn't risk it.
  8. Its more about a state of mind. People with no little reason cowering in their homes, wishing their lives away til Sept and instilling fear in children's minds where its not necessary. Weeks locked down is inhibiting people's thought processes and making them fear their own shadows (inside? ...err, whatever). Thoroughly bored now.
  9. This really is a very good post. Wouldn't say I generally agree with you on this thread, but very well said.
  10. I thought it started off interestingly enough and was stylish. Two or three episodes in I started to lose faith and I realised it had no 'soul', I just had no feeing about anyone. I have no idea how you knew where it was going! It meandered around going nowhere. I actively found it annoying from about episode 5 or 6 and almost endured the end. Dialogue was getting slower and more knowing in a bad way. Long pauses, arty music and lighting with people I felt nothing for. Sorry, not for me. 4 or 5 out of 10.
  11. I'm not sure of the relevance of whether their kids are in private school or not. I personally don't believe they wouldn't relish the chance to make a huge show of sending their kids in to school if they could. Seems strange logic that anti-Tory posters are saying the cabinet are making decisions because it doesn't put themselves/family at risk, yet they are also complaining they have been actively encouraging/flaunting risk from the beginning (shaking hands in public) and half of them have already had it anyway.
  12. Don't disagree at all. Its definitely superior to comparable cop shows. The acting, the music, the setting too. But I could watch a couple of episodes and find my attention slacking a little and then a few days later be scrolling through trying to figure out where I was up to.
  13. Watched most of it a few years back, maybe seasons 1- 4. Good solid detective/cop series. Nothing ground breaking but he's a good lead. Very true to all those genre of books for me, well crafted and interesting but a bit too predictable and steady to ever really stay with you.
  14. The whole look of the Night Manager, the actors, the people who have recommended it to me...is screaming out.. I won't like it! Let me know if it is worth a look. Gangs of London was just a total headrush action scene, onto slightly clunky dialogue and several interesting but rushed storylines and then another breath taking action scene. Definitely more good points than bad. I'd give it 8.5 DEVs is my current thing... Seem to recall you were unimpressed? So far.. I am watching and it looks nice and the cast is good but its not gripping me.
  15. The Wrong Missy. 6/10 Low brow romantic comedy, with a gurning (Jim Carrey style) female lead. Very definitely not my preferred viewing but it was actually funnier than I expected with a few laugh out loud moments. Ridiculous, paper-thin plot and characters but just about passed the 90mins without becoming tiresome.
  16. Very disappointing. Weird, cos the get together I organised with a few friends at Woollaton Park was very respectful. Just a few buddies hanging out, keeping 2metres apart and shooting the breeze. Fine weather didn't bring out the numbers I expected, but quality over quantity I say.
  17. Personally I think this thread is helpful. At a difficult time we can say the things we feel and air them without actually getting in someone's face. As a 'key worker' I go into work and my kids go into school some days. If I really tried I could pass responsibility on to other people, shift ways of working, say I am shielding, pull in favours...and get out of it. But I play by the rules. That's my make up. So that colours how I perceive other people. Also, I pick out the bits of information that support my natural leaning. I saw something along the lines that of 35,000 deaths, under 30 of them were young children and the majority of them had underlying conditions. Do I think any of those deaths are ok? Would I speak to the families and say 'ah, tough, but you took one for the team'? Of course not, every death is the only one that matters for the family. So I do understand people thinking they won't take any risks. But my natural leaning is that life is risk: driving to work, eating meat, smoking, drinking, playing sports, riding without a helmet..whatever. My friend's daughter seriously broke her back climbing a tree recently and another's nearly died from a sudden nut allergy. My kids will still climb trees and eat nuts.. as I think will 99% of every other family. (I KNOW that Covid may be significantly more dangerous and I KNOW it is more about the adults who get the virus from the kids etc but it's still my general way of thinking.) So, I am frustrated by people who now suggest they won't play by the rules, who want to get all the different variety of food brands in the shops, have petrol to put into their cars, have their post delivered, hospitals to go to if they get sick, their parents cared for in homes, people fixing their cars etc etc. Who then also expect handymen / hairdressers/ restaurants /bars/ shop keepers to play by the rules and sit idly by as their business go into ruin and to worry about the greater good instead of taking a very small risk by going into work (my view, not everyone's, not a medical opinion). So I think if you are told to go to work, you should. But more confusingly, I also know people who cannot come into work as they have underlying health issues who are panicking as they worry that when the inevitable cuts come they will be at a disadvantage! My best friend is also getting right under my skin by breezily saying 'oh no point in sending my kids back for a few weeks when they have been off for so long'. So.. I enjoy the to and fro, the absolutism..its all nothing but hot air and getting rid of irritation, when I don't even know you. So apologies for my occasional tart comment and I am sure everyone would be lovely in real life and I will refrain from indulging in futher sniping!
  18. Ok. Largely irrelevant in relation to my point but thanks for repeating. Let's not go over this, clearly pointless.
  19. All reasonable enough points...but flu can be deadly and our policy is to offer vaccination if you want it. That's it. For Covid 19 we have literally shut down the entire country for 2 months. My argument is that needs to be lifted at a reasonable pace, other people are saying its not safe to go back to work.
  20. Dear me, people are just so risk averse nowadays 😂
  21. Loved the first series, really feel it fell off after then. Think this Manchester /Ibiza thing will be my next binge, anyone seen it? @86 Schmokes & a Pancake have you tried Gangs of London...very interested how you see it compared to Giri Haji. Bumped into a friend on the park and he started last night and was raving about the 'cleaver' fight, but his wife was very unsure.
  22. Fair points. It is everyone's personal choice...and nobody else's business, agreed. But literally millions of people are already going into work for all manner of reasons...again their personal choice. For my part, (without any medical training) I would argue claiming it is horrendously dangerous is well over the top looking at any statistics I have seen. And it is also much easier to say you won't when you are still getting fully paid and have a safe job waiting to return to. Anyway, pointless debating it further. As you say, we are all entitled to our own views.
  23. Glad we have more than our fair share of moaning minnie's.
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