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Krystian Bielik is a very good footballer and worth every penny.

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I’ve questioned his temperament quite recently, I have thought in the past he gets a bit of the red mist when he’s not happy how things are going and I’ll reserve judgement on that for a few more weeks but I must say he has been first class in recent games.

I hope he makes me looks daft and a poor judge and I’ll take all the pelters anyone wants to chuck  my way in good grace, it’s the least I can do if it turns out I’ve been so wide of the mark.

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2 minutes ago, SouthernRam said:

I think we need to give Cocu some serious credit for his recruitment.

Jozwiak and Bielik are top, top quality. Kazim-Richards, Byrne and Marshall have been very shrewd signings.

All the players we rave about on matchdays were either bought or blooded by Phil and co.

You’re right I wish we had Phil back, he was great

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