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  1. TuffLuff

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    I’m kinda less nervous about tonight’s game, mainly because it’s hard to know what to expect. It’s not quite a season definer but I think it’ll give us a sense of where we will be aiming for come May. Win and we may start looking like proper title contenders without playing at our best yet, if we lose then it’s starting to look more likely to be play offs...especially when considering our Xmas run. Its just gonna be a good game and we will know more about our squad after the game. It’s really hard to predict anything before!
  2. TuffLuff

    Beer Thread

    Here you go @Inverurie Ram Been on Ashton Lane and Ben Nevis for a pint of Tiny Rebel. About to go on the Clyneside Distillery tour. I’ll stop posting for the day now, cheers once again!
  3. TuffLuff

    Beer Thread

    Judging from this thread...when are you NOT in Belgium?
  4. TuffLuff

    Beer Thread

    Don’t think we will head up as far as Patrick but thanks for the tip. Really wanna head to Aberdeen in the next year so hopefully check it then and I might be in touch for more recommendations haha. Thanks again!
  5. TuffLuff


    Personally feel @Lambchop has taken a lot of flak in this thread, the ‘you can’t take someone else having a different opinion to yours’ point is the exact same argument you could put at the ones who engaged with all the politics stuff in the first place. Hence leading to it being banned. Too many want to have their cake and eat it.
  6. TuffLuff

    Beer Thread

    Ha, will do! And thanks to you and @CWC1983 for all those recommendations that’s a huge help! Going down Kelvingrove area tomorrow as I want to go to The Stand comedy club down there and a few other bits and bobs. I may have been to the Bon Accord before but I’ll see when I get there tomorrow. Defo been to a pub near Charing Cross tube stop before. Hanging round most of Monday too so I’ll try and pop my head in a few of these places in the centre then too. Been down Merchant City area tonight for Mono/13th Note and a general wonder back through the centre. When I first got in, I was bit worried as it felt everywhere I went was a bit lairy but I think once the afternoon drinkers started heading home it felt a lot more relaxed and a bit more of a feel good atmosphere in places. I’ve only even been to Glasgow before as a musician so never ventured around the city too much before so it’s nice to see it and get my bearings a bit more. Also any food recommendations are much appreciated too, meant to be going to Mother India tomorrow but I’m open to changing my mind/finding places for Monday! Cheers to ya both 🍺, or maybe 🥃is more appropriate!
  7. TuffLuff

    Beer Thread

    On a weekend break in Glasgow, anybody know of any decent pubs? Got a few options bar wise, but I guess I’m looking for ‘hidden gems’.
  8. TuffLuff

    v Wigan (a) match day thread

    Games come thick and fast this time of year, we need to pick up results despite of the performances. If we are still up there and performances improve then it’ll come together very nicely Feb/March time. But the points are vital right now. 3 points at Wigan is not to be sniffed at. Forest game is gonna be a cracker whatever the result, love it. Now let’s get the beers in!
  9. TuffLuff

    Harry Wilson

  10. TuffLuff

    V Swansea (h) match thread

    Been talking about this, but I think Huddlestone’s quality can’t be questioned BUT within the current side I’m not sure his effective he is. Too many times I think he’s the easy pass outlet where’s he open because teams are happy for him to have the ball. Don’t get me wrong his passing and ability is sublime at times, but to make this team ‘tick’ we need Mount, Wilson et al to have much more of the ball than Huddlestone and that’s not really been happening. Also I’d question his defensive positioning but maybe that’s for another day. Basically, great player but I want to see Evans eventually make that position his own soon.
  11. TuffLuff

    Johnson charged by FA RD

    Don’t quite see this ‘we won’t miss Johnson’ debate as he was pivotal to some of our displays this season and our midfield looks very lightweight without him around. He’s also been part of some of our best midfield performances this season. Yeah he’s not ideal as a DM but his all action approach actually gets us on the front foot in games which we need to play how we want. Think some of you need to be careful for what you wish for a little.
  12. TuffLuff

    Johnson charged by FA RD

    To be honest keeping your head down, to not show movement, and keeping his arms still was pretty controlled you know, if we keep putting it in context. What happened with the bite is disputable until Derby decide what to do tomorrow. If he pleades guilty then you are correct, but most of the stuff we have seen is pretty inconclusive, when balanced up. I don’t really care what happens to Joe Allen, I’ve never said anything should happen to him?
  13. TuffLuff

    Johnson charged by FA RD

    Yeah I don’t think ‘exhibit A’ was exactly arguing the point very well if I’m honest
  14. TuffLuff

    Johnson charged by FA RD

    But at which bit does he control himself? The push from behind? The headlock? It’s ok writing that people are ‘light years’ away but in real time, with the context of everything in the build up then the control you ask for isn’t an easy thing. Unless we are using this to take another swipe at a Derby player we dislike now?
  15. TuffLuff

    Johnson charged by FA RD

    Nail on the head mate

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