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  1. What impressed me about Cole today is you can see his sharpness getting better with every run he made. If we can guarantee that level of performance over 25-30 games in a season then he’s probably worth a years contract
  2. TuffLuff

    Beer Thread

    Verzet Belgian Pale at Soda & Suds in town Pretty good in here, worth a trip
  3. Nugent isn’t here long term so he’s an ok back up to get us through. Personally Bennett needs the game time now to see whether he can get passed the injuries he seems to pick up, I actually think we look a better side when he’s in the team and does contribute effectively. So it needs a different approach. Waghorn was poor tonight, but he’s only as effective as Wilson, Mount and Lawrence will let him because they need to get closer to him but also play more smart, in terms of passing and moving. Thought they were all thinking they were the ‘one man show’ tonight. The same can be attributed to some of Marriott’s performances during the season to be fair. Let’s face it, next season the midfield and frontline need a rethink to make them more effective. A lot of good players who haven’t contributed enough over the season
  4. I’m sure they would but then they need to wonder why it’s not happening. Marriott, in a way, has had to learn a new role this season whilst also making that step up from league 1. It’s not easy, but he’s done ok with it, but there’s a point now that Frank is wanting him to push him to get to that next step now. Same with Evans in terms of ‘if you want to play then work hard and show me’. I think it’s genuinely ‘tough love’ (Oi oi!) he’s showing them rather than tactical gameplay. Also I’m not saying they aren’t in the right ‘mental state’ in terms hes dropped them because they are struggling mentally, but he wants to see them push themselves so they can play at their best consistently and not rest on their laurels.
  5. Depends how you read the word tactical ie tactical in a one off game where you want your best 18 in the squad? Or is it tactical in that you take a player out of the firing line who has struggled with the championship (not in terms of goals but physicality and contribution to the side possibly) to help get his head right in the long term rather than keep throwing him in to watch him struggle and eventually lose confidence?
  6. Gonna stick my neck out on this and the current Evans situation after what Lampard said prematch, but I think he is very protective over players being ready for games physically and mentally. Holmes, Waghorn, Lawrence and others have all found themselvds being taken out for periods and we have debated on here about every single one of them. Every player has struggled with consistency this season and to me that’s a mental thing rather than physical, so maybe taking them out of the firing line helps re focus. Lampards comments on Evans was that he needs to work hard to get back into the side and then work to stay there. That says to me that he needs to find his top performance level and consistency be at it, if players like Marriott want be too champ players and win this league then rhey have to find it too. You can physically and technically the best you can possibly be, but it means nothing without the mental strength as well.
  7. I think we are seen as a strong side but beatable away from home. So teams do their homework, set their teams up and work hard as a unit. That’s not a ‘team’s work harder against us because we are Derby County’ comment, more that our tactics and formation is very combatable
  8. Without wanting to generalise, people where I’m from read The Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph and the Daily Express which sets up the status quo of: May- up until recently, get behind her she’s trying her best. It’s now changed to the government is falling apart Corbyn- naughty EU- terrible Weather- Gonna be dreadful but that’s got nothing to do with global warming it ain’t Edit: the other problem is no one else really speaks out for the other side. Is there a journalist/political commentator from a rural perspective?
  9. Convenient to anyone who wants to highlight the London bubble? I’m not saying it’s wrong but polls depend on so many variables (eg, if you get data by calling people at home then who’s more likely in? Does it look to include businesses? We know very little on where the data is from). Like I’ve said before, we all know the country is divided on the topic. All polls like this (and ones on the remain side) are used so people who already think one way can agree with it and feel validated. The question it’s posing is ‘which extreme do you want?’. Revoke would always poll badly, even if it’s not the worst scenario. https://yougov.co.uk/topics/politics/articles-reports/2019/04/02/what-do-public-think-might-break-brexit-deadlock This is where that poll came from, it is a slightly interesting read but again does it really tell you anything you didn’t know already?
  10. Convenient to miss out Wales, NI and Scotland? All polls are bringing up all different conclusions. John Curtice reckons it would go 55% towards Remain now, so the only conclusion we get is that the country is pretty divided on the issue? Also what type of question is this? If you take away any form of deal then you are asking people to vote for the extremes. Isn’t this just what we’ve known all along? That there percentage of people wanting to leave/remain is pretty close. Yougov have been pretty unreliable, like the rest of them have.
  11. To be honest I think MPs have it tough and are damned whether they do or they don’t. Without considering party interests and voting ‘in the interests of the country’ they’ve still got to consider how your vote effects local businesses etc. Its nigh on impossible for MPs to get it right. Dont get me wrong, they are some MP’s have behaved terribly but from what I’ve seen in debates is MPs on both sides trying to reach a consensus. It’s not their fault yet they take the brunt of the public’s frustrations. Hence we are now getting reports talking about how it’s effecting their mental health
  12. I think the Conservative Party split is genuinely fascinating. As I see it...Its a party that, in tradition, would want to stay in the EU purely for economic reasons like trade. The referendum result then completely blew this out of the water. Do MP’s vote for what constituents want or on party lines? This hasn’t been helped by Theresa May’s flip flopping on the issue from Remain to Hard Brexit, she lost all respect. It’s utter confusion, and all they want now is to try and keep power when I’m not even sure they know what that means anymore. Basically it’s a problem of their own making which they didn’t need to do. You’d laugh if it didn’t affect near on every part of modern life.
  13. I blame Tony Blair, or at least the long term effects of New Labour which created a centre ground that was near impossible to appease because everyone can’t agree with everything. Which has then made people believe that their voice isn’t being heard and fall into the arms of the more extreme areas of political opinion on both sides (not that I think Corbyn is an extreme, but the anti-semitism is).
  14. TuffLuff

    Beer Thread

    Night in, 3 for £5 on these will do
  15. TuffLuff

    Beer Thread

    Catching up on this forum after a couple of weeks ago, but The Bath Hotel is a brill pub (even if it’s owned by Thornbridge). Had many Saturday nights escaping from West Street in there
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