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    Ex Rams

    Conor Sammon scored twice for Falkirk today Where the haters at??
  2. Maybe just to point something out. I don’t think anyone is scape goating here, it’s good to have a debate over a player no matter where it is in the season. No ones saying he’s a bad player, it’s more about what we think he provides. By saying this is scape goating a player only creates a self fulfilling prophecy. Or that weird thing when he hits form in a few games time people will post ‘remember when everyone thought he was rubbish’, which again wasn’t really the case in the first place
  3. I feel there’s going to be some over reactions on both sides of the argument here. From what I’ve seen of Dowell so far, there’s a very impressive footballer there without necessarily standing out. My overall feeling is that I’d like to see him getting the ball in and around the opposition box and maybe not worrying about coming deep to retrieve the ball. Essentially he should be the link up between the attackers rather than doing most of his work as an actual midfielder. That’s maybe a problem with how the team is currently set up rather than Dowell himself. Very good player, needs the confidence (or arrogance) to stick further forward
  4. I’ve not seen today’s game so i won’t comment on his performance today, but my fear with him so far is that he looks impressive but not effective
  5. HOLD ON! Just seen the clip, is he yelling it to Bielsa’s translator????
  6. I love Malone. Covered in Marilyn Monroe tattoos, a quote mad haircut, willing to fight anyone and absolutely ****housing Leeds in the tunnel of a play off semi. All you guys be hating, why I’ll be over here 😍
  7. Ah cool that’s interesting, especially about the other contracts, thanks mate. So what you are basically saying is that they know that if people want a beer, they’ll probably have a beer no matter what it is and as long as it’s not a ridiculous price so there’s little point in changing the model As I think I said the other day, I think the problem, from a fans perspective, is the contract itself brings limitations but the sales figures will show little reason to change it.
  8. I may be entirely wrong here, but my presumption is that Derby have contract with an external catering company to provide the food/drink on the concourses. Therefore the price of carling/marston is set by that company and not Derby (most likely with carling/marston selling at a higher price than usual). I could be completely wrong on that but that’s how I presume it works with my limited knowledge of these things.
  9. For me, it’s not necessarily the price that I’m bothered about, especially if buying within the stadium supports the club, more about what they are selling which could be improved
  10. As a fully paid up member of the ‘Martini’s’ on here, I’d still be surprised if he started but I do hope he gets a fair chance to make an impact in this squaad Not gonna delude myself and say he’s a long term answer but when you can see a problem like the ball not sticking up front then he’s a logical piece of the jigsaw. It’s not just ‘Waghorn was poor so let’s stick Marriott in and give him a run out’ because the issue of not creating enough isn’t resolved.
  11. I’d be very surprised to see Marriott start as a lone striker. The huge problem coming out of Saturday was our gap between our midfield and Waghorn, if we went with similar tactics then with Marriott upfront then I think it would only expose it further. Therefore I think, especially considering there will be changes, I’d push for Martin or Bennett in the CAM role and not focus on coming too deep but be used as an outlet. Both of them played that role in preseason so it atleast makes sense.
  12. I think Marriott needs someone with him who creates openings for him and in ore season there did look to be an understanding there. Said before the season it was Waghorn’s shirt to lose but after Saturday I’d be more than tempted to give Martin/Marriott a run out
  13. FWIW, I think Chris Coles is settling in to his role quite well now. I’ve blown a little hot and cold with him at times but thought since Cocu has come in he’s done some good interviews and research to get a different slant on the appointment. I think Ed Dawes and Craig Ramage as a combination is the main problem, been said over and over that Ramage will change his opinion a lot but I do think he can offer a good insight when prompted. The issue is that I don’t think Dawes is overly willing to prompt him unless it suits his opinion. Dawes to me is a typical ‘black and white’ (excuse the pun) football fan, if you’re winning it’s great and if you’re not it’s rubbish with no context inbetween. That’s fine as a football fan, I’d say that’s the vast majority of opinions you can hear on public transport going away from home games, but if you’re an important part of a three man team who needs to help fill an hour of radio it’s not a great listen.
  14. Oh god sorry I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed an opinion unless I’d made millions through candy crush. Sorry G Star, I know my place now 👍
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