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  1. Currently halfway through the Bad Sport docs on Netflix and it’s been really good so far, highlight has been the episode on the Juventus scandal from the mid 00’s but the first two before it are worth a watch too.
  2. Think it might be a tactic straight out of Sir Alex’s book of dark arts. He will take a punishment but puts a bit of pressure on the refs for future close decisions, makes the fans put more pressure on and hopefully gets to have a meeting with the refereeing body. Not everyone’s cup of tea I’m sure, but especially in our current predicament then I’m all for it to be honest.
  3. To be honest I think we might get the 12 points reduced to -6 and it makes a bit of sense to do so. -The EFL get to keep the -9 + the 3 suspended which is the strong punishment and waives off Wycombe and Boro from further action against Derby or the EFL. -If we get it deduced to -6 then we just about remain competitive in the league, we have something to play for. I’m not basing it on anything, but it is the cleanest solution to which everyone can then move on.
  4. The administrators will be well ahead of us with this info. They will look to reduce the HMRC first then look to make a plan with MSD afterwards. Both need to be cooperative because if the club ceased to exist then they would receive nothing. There is more than a hint that something is in place, but owners need to know what is owed where before proceeding further As a fan it’s best to remain calm, buy a ticket some merch and hopefully some of this beer! From our point of view every little bit helps
  5. In all seriousness actually naming it after Curtis because of his commitment or Fozzy because of his years of service would be a nice touch. Or maybe a local hero type, ‘Buckos Brew’ has a certain ring to it… If it went down a player route though I think id name it after Fozzy. ‘Pint of the Fozzy please’
  6. I think for a lot of his time at Derby he was dealing with players who were wildly inconsistent. He was getting frustrated by them, because he had a frustrating set of players. I think that’s in part why originally he allowed Savage back into the fold. A player long past his best but he knew he’d get more consistency game by game out of him than others. It wasn’t until Clough got in the likes of Keogh, Ward and Bryson at first then Fozzy, Eustace and Martin the season afterwards that he had a spine of players he could rely on to get 7/10’s week in week out and raise the game of everyone else around them. Then he got sacked, rightly or wrongly.
  7. Who knew dcfcfans would make me feel so thirsty
  8. So many other clubs have their own beers from local breweries and always thought it was something the club was missing out on (along with so much more in terms of hospitality), so glad to see this is being done. Also happy to help the club anyway I can ofcourse!
  9. Ofcourse he did, the absolute bloody hero
  10. I don’t buy that they weren’t drinking together, but didn’t the breathalyser reports show that Lawrence and Bennett whilst over the limit, and I’m not disputing that, but weren’t a stupid amount over? I’d roughly go with the idea that Keogh’s ‘few drinks’ was more than a few, he knew Lawrence would have had a drink that night but not that he was over the limit.
  11. Got to say I found the idea that cars had been laid on for them a bit sceptical, it never really made sense aside maybe having a bit of a deal with a local taxi service. Overall there’s some things I’d agree with and some things I wouldn’t but I don’t think he’s talking nonsense or anything. It’s his truth and it’s fair enough. CM19 is a notable exemption from Keogh’s pals list, at one time they were seen to be the good friends.
  12. *Dont mention Keogh, don’t mention Keogh, don’t mention Keogh* Bamford Martin Hendrick All three would have a field day with how we play. I think Bryson and Hughes would maybe get lost in the shuffle around Morrison, Lawrence, Knight and Sibley. Honoury mention for Eustace, but also think our defence is relatively well shielded at the minutr
  13. Rooney and Roseniors fans management is excellent. Thought Knight has a really good game, may have rediscovered that extra hard of match sharpness/pace that makes him an excellent player at this level. Byrne also deserves a mention but overall a fantastic team display A few dodgy ref decisions? Some hugely frustrating decisions! A positive night overall!
  14. I don’t know what this means, but there you go
  15. Problem isn’t necessarily the drugs/drink by itself but how you’re demographic of people who can afford to go to football has changed. The Mel Morris era brought in a lot of families and people with a bit more disposable income to home games, and I don’t mean it’s his fault per se because there’s enough of that going round, but there was a notable increase in the price of matchday tickets across the whole of football in this time. I think we are seeing the knock on effect of this a little bit now because those families went as the chances of the premier league diminished but also those who can’t really afford it aren’t commiting either, or at least picking their games more. Something similar happened with the away games, in that I think it became less affordable and then you are getting groups of lads that probably have a bit more of a disposable income and don’t really understand consequences past ‘all I care about is me and my mates’ rather than considering you are part of a collective supporter base with people of all ages etc who might think different to you. I don’t mean to write such a flippant post, especially with a lot of generalisations based really on class, and I don’t want to write something that can easily be misconstrued. They pay their money and go support the club and in some way that’s fair enough. But simple point is that’s how I largely see the changes in the last 5/6 years, look at the photos of the away fans on Saturday and how they look/dress the same. Let’s be honest even for a short trip to Sheffield, with a ticket, transport, a few travelling beers and a few bits of whatever else you are looking at £70 before you’ve even stepped off the train. Again it’s back to the point I feel like I continually say at the minute that we are a unique club with a wide ranging fan base that spreads over the county and it needs to realised more, the fanbase hasn’t really shrunk but it’s all gone into more niche pockets where everyone wants something different.
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