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  1. TuffLuff

    Tom Lawrence - Fan criticism

    It’s funny, the people I see on the internet seem to try and subvert debate with petty arguments that aren’t related. Point is, a lot fans in real life don’t analyse a players performance to the degree some like to do in here. They just want to see a player do well for Derby County and appreciate not ever player is perfect. So don’t take a forum as the be all and end all. With respect, you’ve said a load of old baa-locks there!
  2. TuffLuff

    Tom Lawrence - Fan criticism

    It’s also worth pointing out that Wilson and Mount are the golden boys at the minute, for obvious reasons, and therefore can do no wrong even if the criticisms Lawrence gets can also be landed at the feet of those two. Out of three Lawrence is Derby’s long term prospect and has to be managed correctly. He had an influential start this season and will come back in and effect games again soon as well. Its also worth saying these criticisms are people writing on the internet, my ecoerience in real life is that people think Lawrence will come good even if the weaknesses are showing. I like Lawrence a lot, let him develop and support him like we are letting other clubs loanees develop and he will be an asset. Criticise our player and give the loanees the plaudits isn’t going to help that
  3. TuffLuff

    Tom Lawrence - Fan criticism

    It’s not shying out of atackle, for Lawrence it’s about being in a position defensively to put in a better challenge or even stop the pass in the first place. This was the issue with Vydra and Ince too. At times they were good at getting back and getting an interception but they had to get back as they were out of position in the first place. Lawrence is frustrating but name a top winger who isn’t? I personally feel his development has been about being ‘all out attack’ when he now needs to think about the other side as he matures. He will get there.
  4. TuffLuff

    Let’s recommend podcasts

    Yeah S-town is well worth a listen, it got some criticisms but I preferred it to both Serial series overall (and they were both great too!) Will check out Disgraceland, On a similar note Cocaine & Rhinestones is excellent and addictive listening. It’s about Country music, it’s stars and controversies but it’s expertly researched. It’s made me a fan of country music if I’m honest.
  5. TuffLuff

    Let’s recommend podcasts

    I like podcasts and end up listening to them a lot in my day to day life. I guess others do too so let’s do some recommendations. It beats politics anyway! I’ll keep it fairly straightforward for now Football (in general): The Totally Football Italia Show - Hosted by James Richardson and is mainly a nostalgia fest but if you have any interest in Seria A it’s a great listen True Crime (?!): Serial- All three series have been pretty consistently good and captivating. Mainly focusing on the American Justice System and the real life stories behind it. Comedy: Pappys Flatshare Slamdown- Panel show of comedians based around household tasks and lots of puns. Dumb White Guy- Hosted by Brendon Burns and not a comedy as such as more of a dissection of the industry so I guess it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. I like it and it tackles a lot of subjects about race and gender. Athletico Mince-Essentially Bob Mortimer having a bit of fun. The Peter Beardsley monologues alone are worth it Wildcard: A lot of wrestling podcasts. Yeah I guess to have some wrestling knowledge helps but I think the stories, to the breakdown of different events is fascinating. The Art of Wrestling is the original and one of the better ones. Nowerdays it’s a weekly journal of life on the road when before it was more interview based. Something to wrestle with and 83 weeks are two based on the ‘behind the scenes’ viewpoints WWF and WCW. There’s loads really based on all sorts of formats but they are a great look into what’s a mad lifestyle. Anybody else have recommendations?
  6. TuffLuff

    Nations League - Spain v England

    Well I really enjoyed last night, a competitive game with a good atmosphere is exactly what this Nations League should be and there’s maybe a lesson for the FA there about taking internationals into other stadiums. It was a good experience for all involved. Shame Mount didn’t get on, I wasn’t expecting it and it’s a great experience for him either way, but I would have personally have loved to see him playing in the Eng u21’s and get some actual game time. That or I do wonder whether there’s a legitimate argument for an England ‘B’ team now where the players on the fringe, or players in form, get a mid week friendly where they have a chance to force themselves into contention. I know it hasn’t worked in the past, but maybe this might have worked for a player like Mount.
  7. TuffLuff

    Golden state killer

    I’ve only recently got interested in stuff like this through the All Killa No Filla Podcast where two stand ups discuss a different serial killer each episode. Although it can be very heavy subject matter, I think it’s a good overview on different topics. It is funny too, but not sure how I can say it’s heavy going AND light hearted so just see whether it’s for you I guess. The Zodiac Killer is fascinating just for the amount of theories and also the amount of people who write into the newspapers claiming they are the him for no apparent reason
  8. TuffLuff

    Should Davies start against Sheffield United

    What’s Davies really done to be considered the best? Or are we overhyping one to knock another which oh so seems the way in here?
  9. TuffLuff

    Should Davies start against Sheffield United

    Oh don’t speak such utter sense!
  10. TuffLuff

    Should Davies start against Sheffield United

    Reading through this thread is why having prolonged breaks from a forum can be a good thing. Davies has gone from being criminally underrated when he first came in, to now being criminally overrated from the same sets of fans. Davies is fine but I see no reason why people think he should walk back or we look to change formations to accommodate him. As others have alluded to, I wish we were talking about why we aren’t creating chances and how to break teams down as they seems a much better priority.
  11. TuffLuff

    Crap 90’s Football

    Just started listening to Quickly Kevin and it’s pretty much become my favourite podcast. The Steve Bruce-striker read through is brilliant! Also been great to discover how many players were spotted at various water/theme parks when they are injured.
  12. TuffLuff

    Ones That Got Away

    Yakubu was a pretty obvious one although how much of it was our actual fault will lead to some debate, but it’s oribsvly the worse
  13. TuffLuff

    Ones That Got Away

    It’s still very raw for some of us☹️
  14. TuffLuff

    We have an England International!

    Just for a bit of context, I think if you spoke to all of the posters in real life they would be happy for him and with a quick glance of the England side it’s feels like Southgate is putting in the foundations of what he wants his England squad to be. Mount is obviously part of the plans beyond this season so why not get him involved. But saying all that it still just feels a little off somewhere, Mounts started very well but there’s a worry to me that its too much too soon for him and I also have a worry that it’s all coming a little too easily for him. A call up after a grafting season in the champ? Yes but personally not sure if it’s ideal. Also I think there’s a big worry we are becoming a bit of a sideshow for the whole Lampard, Mount, Chelsea brigade. Alas like every derby fan I’ll be cheering on the lad come the internationals but, on form, it’s just a little surprising
  15. TuffLuff

    We have an England International!

    Without sounding crass, if Hughes had been a part of Chelsea’s academy he’d be in the set up now.

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