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  1. View from the outside

    I thought forest looked more unfit then us, and we had a returning Thorne, Ledley and Forsyth (all returning from lay offs) on the pitch!
  2. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Just a few quick notes from yesterday now the celebrations have settled. -Davies defensive positioning is top draw, in fact the whole back fours is. It’s not something you overly notice but Davies more often than not is in the right place at the right time. - Wisdom coasted through that game like a seasoned pro. Still think he might end up being the signing of the summer, also you can tell Wisdom brings that extra bit of confidence out of Keogh as they trust each other. -Ledley looks good. Maaaaaybe a little one footed on his left but has the ability to work with it. -Not going to rag too much on Vydra, he scored and set up a goal and you can’t ask much more, but I’m still worried about his overall play. Too many times he left Huddlestone and Ledley exposed to those deep runs from their midfield. He’s in an important position there and he leaves Huddlestone and Ledley to cover a hell of a lot of ground for two players. On another day he wouldn’t have got away with it. To put it one way, we looked a better ‘unit’ with Thorne there, which increases my thought that it’s a role for a midfielder than a striker. Rowett doesn’t agree though, but surely it takes some doing to score and get an assist and not get motm? Maybe it’s a debate for another day but think it’s worth bringing up. -People get on Huddlestone’s case with being slow but I will question how many times there’s a viable outlet for him to pass forward. Too many times in the 1st half the attackers either don’t move to find space, are stood behind their defenders or asking for the impossible pass. Especially first half we all seemed bunches up in the debate if the park and it made for a tight game with lots of mistakes. It took the calm influence of Thorne to become an outlet and push the play out wide - Nugents ‘jack the lad’ attitude is perfect for a game like yesterday’s. Edit: Probably best to also say it was a great result yesterday and I’m not trying to take away from that. Two bits of quality won the game and I’m not really looking to criticise, just wanted to add a few points.
  3. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Once Thorne gets fit he will run this Derby side, even when so unfit he can find 10 yards of space in a cramped midfield
  4. Come on Palace

    Pretty sure Nick Miller is a forest fan, quite a few high profile journalists seem to be as I guess Clough was at his peak at forest when they were growing up. Pretty sure NM was part of the forest media ban so it’s probably a bit of a kick towards Davies rather than just Derby A good read nonetheless
  5. Another Chris Martin Thread

    Go on Chrissy lad!
  6. Let's look at the positives.

    Not 100% sure this works as a positive per se... I think that now after 10 games, Rowetts has had the chance to have a good ol’ look at things, and there are hints that he’s working towards a core squad. Aside Anya, you can say most players have had reasonable game time to show what they can do. It’s possibly part of the reason why Wiemann has started so many games, as it meant he could have a proper look at him whilst also setting Russell the challenge of getting back in and staying there/contributing. I think that’s also why he carried on with Vydra/Nugent partnership, he gave them the chance to show what they could do, but also set up the challenge for Martin/Winnall to get themselves back in. I could be wrong but essentially I think he’s given a kick up the rear to say you need to prove yourself to a few whilst letting others show what they can do. I think Cardiff was the beginning of this. Also Joe Ledley is quite good.
  7. Another Chris Martin Thread

    Oh ninos buddy, there’s no pigheadedness...just a debate on whether it might be time to bring him back in. Look at Rowetts comments from the weekend, he’s obviously a fan. No one is suggesting that he should walk back in after Saturday, it’s just the consensus that we looked a better side after he came on. It’s not just about him scoring a goal, it’s about whether we are a more effective team. Do we conceade less? Do the likes of Lawrence become get into better positions? I’m not saying it’s s defknite yes but after 10 games we can at least talk about it. It’s also worth debating the effectiveness of Vydra and Nugent, they have looked great at times but have they really made the positions their own? I’d argue they haven’t, especially if we expect a local derby where neither team are outstanding to be a tight affair
  8. Another Chris Martin Thread

    We do have very good strikers, but part of me fears towards how good the combinations we have seen so far can be (if that makes sense). For example, I’m not too set alight with the idea of Vydra and Nugent. It’s good in an open game but both are ineffective in a tight, nervy affair. Winnall has looked good from the bench but not really done the business from a start point. It’s difficult, but I do think Martin has to be a lynchpin to it all somewhere in the starting attack
  9. Another Chris Martin Thread

    Not here for a season and there’s two pre seasons in that 18 months.... You see I still can’t understand why some people’s first response about Martin is straight up negative. I would have loved to see the reactions if Martin had missed the Nugent chance Saturday. The point is that Martins attributes suit this team and we are desperate for someone to hold the ball upfront and for others to get in and around him. We might not see him score more goals but we would get more goals from around the team.
  10. Another Chris Martin Thread

    *I’m fully aware of the vertigo a thread like this may cause as we go round and round in circles, but thought as we now have a international break it’s worth getting our teeth stuck into it. Also it’s msybe the big point coming out of the weekend and it’s not really being discussed* I think before Cardiff I was worried that CM was gonna become the forgotten man within our attacking options, even though there’s a definite argument that he’s the right striker to fit the current system. As many have previously said, that somehow feels like The Derby Way. It was good to see him come on and make a difference at Cardiff, I’m hoping that half might be the performance that kick starts our season and Rowett sees what works well. I hope now we might start to see Martin starting games again and finding some form, an in form Martin is the difference between mid table and into the play off positions.
  11. Brentford V Derby County

    Is it just a coincidence that in away games we are conceading goals when Vydra, Weimann and Nugent are on the pitch?
  12. Keeping Winnall - Options

    Needs Chris Martin there with him so there's someone who can hold the all upfront
  13. Brentford V Derby County

    I really really miss Chris Martin Also if Ledley was tiring, why not bring on Baird to win some tackles in midfield?
  14. Players whom have improved since joining us

    I had a long ponder over this, but I'm not sure whether at this time of the season it's an appropriate question. If we look at this season so far, then of course you would say no one really has, but if we put that into context (we are playing a new system, persistent managerial changes over recent seasons, only 9 games into this season, players possibly not knowing their position at club as managers is transitioning squad) then it's barely a surprise. So the thread is a bit self fulfilling and another chance to moan. Not saying it's not worthwhile but maybe it might be better to look at this later in the season when hopefully we are a little more settled?
  15. Derby are so average

    Part of the problem was coming out before Sunderland saying about our aims of play offs, I presume at that stage they were confident of getting a few out and in but it hasn't helped. It's desperate even now for someone to say patience is needed but that's not the rhetoric coming out of the club. The OTT-style of fans this year has been ridiculous, too many who can't wait to say 'I told you so' rather than being constructive/supportive. It's sad because these people don't have answers, they just want to be right rather than what's good for their club...rant over!

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