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  1. TuffLuff

    Nazi Pug guy found guilty

    The caliphate point is an excellent one but is something that will possibly take decades/whatever amount of time you want to hazard a guess at to sort out. I didn’t understand loads about all this stuff so I bought a book called Rise Of The Islamic State by Patrick Cockburn (lives in Iraq and has first hand experience, also one of the ‘go to’ journalists on the subject) which was excellent. Helped me truly understand the roles of US/UK have had, also Assed, Sunni and Shiites, Saudi Arabia and the IS money problem even then (think this was written 2015)
  2. TuffLuff

    Nazi Pug guy found guilty

    Wait so are some of you arguing the actions of a recognised elected democratic government body can be compared to the actions of one brainwashed person or a fractured group basing their beliefs on a very loose understanding on a religion? I think a few of you need to have a word with yourselves...
  3. TuffLuff

    Beer Thread

    What other beer festivals are we going to? This year might be the first time I can get back to Elton beer festival. Had a cracking time about five years ago there...
  4. TuffLuff

    Beer Thread

    If anybody fancies a beer festival in Bakewell in a few weeks. Reckon I’ll do the Saturday afternoon and a bus back to Sheffield in the evening http://www.derbyshiredales.gov.uk/things-to-do/whats-on/cowshed-festival
  5. TuffLuff

    Nazi Pug guy found guilty

    Anjem Choudary is in prison for saying stupid stuff. He’s also been criticised by the British Muslim Forum and other mainstream Muslim groups as being divisive and that there “is no room for such kind of people or their organisations in our community”. They are upset he was even allowed a platform in which to speak. I mean I’m pretty sure he doesn’t represent the general consensus of Muslim views (or them) much like TR doesn’t represent anything to do with...anything in all honesty. Actually they’ve got a lot in common those two...bit ironic you brought him into this!
  6. I think it’s an interesting part of what is going to be an interesting time in Lampard’s first few months. There’s quite a few we have under ‘will they be sold or not’ banner. Congrats on the promotion btw, thought you fully deserved it and played great football to boot!
  7. Ahhh this old bit. Toddster, you bring this up every once in a while, you then get told why this might be and then you aren’t willing to find a middle ground in which to debate it on, then you bring it back up again a few months later like no one can answer you?Why should anyone bother responding when it’s quite obvious you have no interest in actually having a discussion on it?
  8. To make a somewhat general point I think players like CM don’t get the recognition because their work off the ball is just as important as their work on it which then goes unnoticed. Martin isn’t the only one to struggle with the lazy tag in recent years, I can remember Hulse’s game of grinding down defenders over 90 minutes getting the same treatment but it meant we got the best out of him and Commons, Steve Davies too (whilst injury prone) was in a similar mold. The thing is that these players work for the team, create space for others and pull defenders about. If anything the criticism of Martin is that he’s done that too much over recent seasons and not got into the clinical positions himself. That’s in comparison to a player like Vydra who, as good as he is, rarely makes that space for others and why we have him on 21 goals this season and others struggle to reach those numbers*. That then effects how many goals you get around the team, for all the criticism based at Lawrence’s door you won’t get the best out of him until others are pulling defenders out of position to give him the space to shoot. Its not just strikers that get the treatment, players like Oakley struggled because people couldn’t see how his off the ball positioning meant he didn’t have to be going round “last ditch” tackling and this he controlled the game. ive rambled on here but the point I wanted to make is that the best players in your squad are the ones who are mostly anonymous because they are doing everything they need to do without the ball coming near them. Ie defenders/midfielders who stop the pass before it happens by anticipating what is happening and strikers creating gaps for others to run into. *i am being a little flippant here, Vydra is fantastic technically and I’m sure there are examples of him assisting/bits of movement, but overall it’s that part of his game that left little to be desired (hence why the interest in him so far has been low and uninspiring).
  9. I feel that to write off any player in the championship is kinda baffling to be honest, so to write off a player who scored 60+ goals for your club verges, and I’m ready for the hate, on arrogance. How can you have the opinion that player isn’t of worth to your squad? But hey let’s get on the Nugent bandwagon because he runs about a bit doing the work of more lazier players than Martin but are never criticised for it (cough cough Vydra cough cough)
  10. Fortunately you all left CM09ILY to me!
  11. Let’s face it, he’s in the same boat as Nugent and Jerome at this time...neither of the three really covered themselves in glory over a consistent number of games last season. - - - - - - - On topic: It depends how Lampard approaches it, if he’s looking for a lone striker similar to his Chelsea days then he’s the most ideal candidate we currently have with regard to age, consistency etc etc. If it’s not then he may move elsewhere, it’s all up in the air ain’t it? Personally would love to see him come back into the fold here, but at the stage if it’s not meant to be it’s not meant to be. Maybe I’ll add this final point, all those players will want to play for Lampard and learn from him, experienced or young and they all now have a clean slate. It may be the boost that quite a few have needed to refind their careers/form.
  12. TuffLuff

    Nazi Pug guy found guilty

    FWIW, by TR’s own definitions of free speech, if people believe him to be a nazi then they should be allowed to express it (much like he believes he can express his thoughts/lies about Islam). Which shows the exact problem of his ideology and why he’s undefendable. He’s lived by the sword and will die by it. Deservedly too!
  13. TuffLuff

    Nazi Pug guy found guilty

    The pug guy had a lot of comedy industry support, high profile names campaigned and tried to get it into parliament well before the case got into the media. Personally, I think his alignment with TR was a huge stab in the back to them who had put their reputations on the line to support him
  14. TuffLuff

    Confess your unpopular Rams opinions

    True, to be honest though I still think he will one day transition back into a CB role. I think that’s where I’d have him long term anyway
  15. TuffLuff

    Confess your unpopular Rams opinions

    Bisgaard was pretty consistent overall which made him a good foil for Tommy Smith who had the freedom to gamble and be a little more in/out. Bisgaard had that touch of class where he could hold onto the ball and find a pass. Smith was undoubtedly more exciting but Bisgaard was a smarter and better footballer

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