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  1. A clunky statement but reading between the lines... Chris Coles being back soon would be my guess if the investigation is over and the statement doesn’t mention him?
  2. Just also re: the penalty. Can we all laugh at how stupid Knockeart looks trying to put off Rooney before the pen
  3. A great lesson for footballers on how to beat a keeper with the reach of inspector gadget. Use your brain and make him commit! It gets better and better the more you watch it
  4. Good game that, tonight you can see the blue print for next season in style and application. To be honest it’s a credit to both sides to get that good a match out of those conditions, how many fans can’t work out the big boot forward in that wind won’t work? Clarke MOTM, special mentions for Bird, Shinnie and Forsyth. In Cocu We Trust!
  5. If anybody is going to the festival at Roundabout then check out Peak Ales new venture Off Peak. I know PA are there so presume they will be selling some.They had a Meet The Brewer night at The Joiners in Bakewell a few weeks back where they showed off the new brews and they are quite excellent.
  6. Im in the same camp as @Srg with stouts. Best drank steadily on a Sunday afternoon after a small walk.
  7. Well it kinda is though isn’t it (aside the shed). It’s then summarising what was said in the ‘live from 5m’ bit and the interviews Radio Derby don’t have a load of staff with them on matchday and it’s uploaded presumably whilst they are still at Pride Park. My only point is that it was neglectful. It was neglectful of Ramage that he thought it was acceptable, neglectful by Coles not to pick up on it at the time or after and neglectful by Dawes for not being there for something officially he’s meant to have involvement in. Ramage takes the ultimate punishment, but the other two have to learn the lesson
  8. I’m pretty sure the podcast is recorded separately to the post 5 ramble on Radio Derby so there’s no time constraints in putting it together Id say there’s a big chance that they edit it together themselves (it’s usually posted around an hour after the broadcast has finished) and post it. So the comment a) wasn’t picked up at the time and b) not likely to have been listened back to before being cobbled together. It may go to an editor but I’m neigh on certain it’d be a case of putting the files in order rather than listening through them. I don’t want to see any external punishment handed to Coles or Dawes, but they need to at least be reprimanded in some way and learn a valuable lesson from it.
  9. He’s not, but his face and name are connected: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p001d7rd/episodes/downloads So even if he’s choosing not to have anything to do with it, it’s neglectful to be allowing something out in your name without checking it. He was present on the day and it’s not like Coles and Ramage were doing extra work, if he didn’t want the responsibility his name shouldn’t have been on it.
  10. The podcast essentially has Coles and Dawes names to it, so they effectively signed off on it as a BBC podcast and without checking the content or seeing the problem with it. So no, it’s not as bad per se, but they brought the BBC into disrepute by being neglectful in different ways. Or at least that’s how I think the BBC will see it. As I said before, it’s hopefully a wake up call for those two and nothing more.
  11. Good post Angie! Ive tried to keep quiet on here about this, mainly because I’ve found a lot of the comments made on here uncomfortable*. That’s wholly down to the insensitivity of posts be it racial or personal. Essentially Ramage can have few complaints and hopefully Coles and Dawes will see this as a the kick up the harris they both need out of it. The podcast is a good idea, it’s actually valuable for us who don’t leave in the radio catchment so I hope it doesn’t see the end of it, but they all need to take responsibility and reevaluate before it can move on. *I mean this across the board too, in other threads on a range of topics. The general tone of these posts have a ‘im just adding to the debate/holier than thou’ tone and have so little thought gone into them. They are increasing and add nothing to the forum except pages of aimless drivel and I suspect a poster feeling all smarty pants for five minutes.
  12. The station hasn’t been the same since the departure of Paul Mackenzie say it again! Paul Mackenzie wow!
  13. I am starting to expect Martin and Forsyth (with I guess Malone being shipped out in summer) to get new contracts. It kinda makes sense with having Martin, Waghorn and Marriott as the three strikers with Whittaker behind them. I think without Martin we’d be looking at a major summer signing up front surely?
  14. If it helps, I accidentally clicked on ‘Chris Martin’ and submitted it without adding anyone else... ...fortunately it’s also what I actually think.
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