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  1. I’ll give them one thing No Limits Sport Limited is quite a funny name
  2. To take the emotion and name calling out of it for a moment, it surely depends on the value of the contract offered? If it’s around the 20% of his original quoted today then...it’s a tough one. Thing is that doesn’t just effect this contract but any he would be offered after too. Effectively he’d be be punished for the rest of his career and have a much more longer lasting impact. So yeah, I get the other side to this and it’s a hugely sensitive issue so I’m not going to argue really. But I do think maybe the best outcome would have been to be a bit more sensible with the contract renegot
  3. Personally I believe that Keogh should have played last season and this season on his two injured knees to show us he was a true leader and captain. Glad he’s out of the club!
  4. I did ponder this last night, any punishment has to suit all parties involved or else it’ll drag on further. The other interesting aspect is, if the EFL punish with a points deduction for next season then that could trigger legal action from Wycombe. No clue on the outcome, but the EFL could make themselves more mess than what it’s worth
  5. Just one thing that’s been washed over a little... Didnt read the Daily Mail article (my hand for some reason refused to click it) but I did have a look at the Twitter handles of the reporters. One came up with ‘north east reporter’ which I thought was odd but being at work I didn’t think much more about it. Its only cottoned on whilst I was driving home what a quite funny coincidence that is. Sure it’s just a coincidence too, I’m not suggesting anything!
  6. One thing to point out is that Percy, who is a lot closer to the situation, does not mention a points deduction in his tweet. Some reporters are getting excited for the free clicks, if they are wrong and it’s ends up being a fine then it’s only the EFL who end up being wrong which means more clicks again. Basically the reporters get to whip this up and set the story which is as wrong as anything else happening right now
  7. I don’t think a points deduction this season makes much logical sense. Taking out any context of how bad we were, if we are deducted -12 points with four games to go then atleast you know what you need to do. If you get through to the last game without knowing you’ll need extra points then you might as well relegate the club before anyone kicks a ball.
  8. The EFL is inept but that doesn’t make us right.
  9. Think it’s quite easy to sit at home, look at a 30’second clip and pretend you are Roy Keane by scoffing at them ‘celebrating’. Some fans went to the stadium to show unity, the players went out for a few minutes to show their appreciation and everyone just got a bit OTT. The club and players need a bit more aligned with the fans and show we all need a bit more unity if we want to improve our fortunes. One of many lessons to be learnt from this season. Again it’s very easy to scoff but you need to see the bigger picture, all covid precautions aside I see little wrong.
  10. Not by the end of his tenure, I agree, but I put in another post the other day, i think not getting Dursan in was probably the biggest factor in what went wrong. If he’d got him in then I think he’d atleast have a spine of players going through his starting line up (for arguments sake, Marshall, Te Wierik/Wisdom, Clarke, Bielik once fit Dursan Yeah I know we can argue on personnel but I think that was atleast the plan. To bring it back on topic with the thread, by not having that extra £500,000 spare to pay for Dursan it’s ended up meaning w
  11. I was barely a teenager back then tbh, but I remember it being bad. I’d need to read Pride to try and familiarise myself properly with the era again to be honest, I remember players not being paid and Mathias Svensson being a decent loan. I’m very worried for now because personally I don’t see a credible solution. There’s so much to answer for and no one wants to front it up. What are Alonso’s intentions? Does he know what type of club we are? Why are we not considering local ownership if offers are there? Is there an embargo? It’s baffling the relationship the board have with radio Derb
  12. The forum collectively, although you are a laughing emoji posting bugger!
  13. I’m not 100% sure when it happened on here, but posters on here are so quick to pile on a thread that they disagree with at the moment.Presumably mature people trying to make quips, posting sarcastic comments or just trying to put another poster down for god knows what reason. I get you might not like how a poster puts something across, but the OP on here is atleast trying to start a dialogue and points out the warning signs, what can the rest say they are doing? We can disagree, debate or whatever but it feels a bit of respect on here is lacking imo. If the forum wants a say in what the
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