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  1. Interesting comments after the game with Keane vs Klopp. It’s only a tiny thing that’ll soon be forgotten about but have to say I read the situation a little differently than what I’ve seen online, because I thought Klopp showed himself up a little bit and if I’m being cynical about it I’d say that was Keanes intention (taking one from Sir Alex’s rule book) Now if Prem managers started to realise that Klopp can be rattled and tried to upset him his side more, rather than playing into their hands, then I think they’d drop more points.
  2. Been away from reading all the threads so don’t know whether this point has been made but I watched Ryan Conway digest twitter thing on Saturday night and he was asked about Cocu and the dressing room and he said something like (after a pause, admittingly) “no, many in the club even consider him a miracle worker for getting 10th last season. As far as we are aware the players clearly love working with him”. On the attitude part I don’t think he means that they are sulky or that they don’t have an attitude to win. It’s more that they putting their efforts into the wrong place. Marriot
  3. Sorted it, looks like it may have been an issue with blocking cookies on my phone that was probably causing it. Cheers!
  4. Just to say the same problem from Saturday is still occurring and I can’t access the main part of the forum aside finding topics in the unread content bit. If I click on the ‘Derby County Forum’ it just refreshes the front page. Presume it’s only happening to me, but any suggestions into how I can sort this?
  5. Before the stupid football I had a great walk around Stoney Middleton quarry this morning. Short but unique with a good chance of seeing a Peregrine
  6. I might be wrong here and it ain’t something I’m willing to real stick my head on the line for but I do at least ponder at the idea that they want it to pass through the student population. So get them into student halls, give them minimal contact with the outside world as possible and hope over the next couple of months it’s contained within that population. It kinda works as a theory, like a more mature version of giving a bunch of kids chicken pox, but I would need to prove that transmission from younger people to older people is very high and I wouldn’t have a clue on that. But to hav
  7. Haha, it’s one example in one area of London. Stop snitching on people doing their job!
  8. I do wonder how many who are complaining were actually in pubs past 10pm. A good number that had put all their proper protocols in place were closed or closing up at 10pm anyway. It’s when people were congregating into the pubs that were open later I started to see issues with social distancing. Seen quite a few messages from pubs in my area also saying not to worry to much and that they can and will adapt with the changes. As I said the other day, the pubs that are willing to work with the guidance and can be flexible will be fine. It’s those that tried to carry on as normal that ar
  9. As people are talking about the coronavirus fatigue and the worries leading into the next six months it may not be the worst idea to revive this thread to try and inspire people to be active (whilst responsible ofcourse) over the coming months. Appreciate not everyone is close to Derbyshire but maybe it might remind others to at least get out around them, or I’m certainly happy to recommended spots in Staffordshire, Yorkshire and the surrounding counties. Went to Linacre Reservoir a few sundays back and was ok for a short walk although I wouldn’t say you see much. Carsington is much much
  10. Where have you got this from? Why haven’t you posted a link to show its a verifiable source?
  11. The problem with what you are saying it’s largely down to interpretation of figures or looking at future unknowns and thinking it’s a fact. I think some of the points you raise are the unfortunate knock on effects of a pandemic rather than the mishandling of it. It’s very difficult as we all read up on info that suits our certain arguments and it’s easy to get bogged down in it. To be honest I thought the biggest thing to come out of today was the idea of people working from home and the wash hands and wear a mask stuff. I don’t think much has changed past that really, essentially have a
  12. To be honest I think students/student bars will find a way round it, or at least discover an alternative. Also presumably students/young people will find a lot of the city centre bars will end up being their own, especially in the week. I mean for those that live in the suburbs, what’s the point of going to a city centre for a drink?
  13. Students Vs the army is the ppv battle that 2020 needs
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