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  1. I do expect tht we will see more of the likes of Bennett, Guy, Lowe, Hanson, Rawson this coming season, especially with a few more outgoings. Said previously that for the academy to work we need to be prepared, when the time is right, to sell our academy players on. This means the next generation can then progress and develop like Hughes got the chance to. As much as we won't like it sometimes it needs to a revolving door for it to work on the pitch and financially.
  2. Agree with this, seen people saying the youth system isn't working if we sell him for £8mill but the reality is we need to sell the likes of Hughes so the next generation start getting blooded into the first team. That's the Southampton model rather than looking at the £££ we get for him. It's making sure you have a turnover and selling when the time is right.
  3. The only thing from a fan perspective is just half a sentence saying ...'but I'm currently happy/settled/enjoying my football at Derby County'. Not saying it's necessary but it does help it read a little better (I would have thought it'd something most players would be taught in their media training). So a few things could have happened: a) Johnson did say something similar to above, but it's not in the article because the writer wanted to make it more interesting for the clickbait. If so, it's shoddy journalism whether your writing for a local rag or not. b) Johnson is angling for a move, but surely there are better ways than talking about in the press? Like a phone call?? c) Johnson isn't the sharpest Personally I'd lean towards a) for now and say it's just shoddy journalism (with a little of c) put in the mix too). As previously mentioned, let's get him further up the pitch and start seeing the best of him, then we shall see which is the 'best side he's played in'
  4. Context is everything, the article isn't written for us Derbyshire folk and it's not from a neutral perspective. More the Norwich press filling in their slow news days with a bit of nostalgia for a popular player. Although saying all this and defending it, the boy doesn't help himself sometimes does he?
  5. But you can look at it another way and say Eustace was our only midfielder who was different, in that he was willing to 'get stuck in' or win the ball and then lay it off to the better players. To me, that's what we lack now (our closest is Johnson but he's still playing out of position when doing that role). I thought we've been crying out for players with a bit of grit for most of last season? I'd be quite happy to see this one happen, even if it's a bit of cover for Thorne, but the real job is to cut an already saturated midfield beforehand
  6. Hope Hughes gets on the pitch tonight. Fed up of the rumour mill now, it helps no one and especially considering he's probably at his biggest tournament to date. Just want him to get a good few games under his belt and start enjoying his football again
  7. That's true, although I would also argue Rodgers short termism in cutting Ibe's loan deal stunted his development at that time to which again he's not quite reaching the potential he could have done. It's from a Derby perspective I guess, but it's a move I've never really forgiven him for because it was the first of many tumbles we had that season and he did it two days before what would have been the biggest match ibe had played in to date (forest) ...This may be a debate for a different day/thread)
  8. Really pleased with this, in today's market £2mill would have been daylight robbery for a player who still has a chance of an international career (this is considering his pedigree and potential, I'm not saying he will be), so I'd have it right around the £4mill mark. I think it's a very shrewd bit of business which means we won't be getting in any bidding wars over Hanley and paying over the odds. Its also a great chance for Wisdom to prove himself now, he can come into this side and have the ability to dominate this league. He can also settle as probably for the first time he knows where his future lies Slight side note but do Liverpool have the worst youth policy? Wisdom is a good example of the type of player who's stock could be higher if they tried to blood him into their first team rather than paying over the odds for Southampton players in his position. It's a good example as to why Southgate came out saying the u20 players now need first team football
  9. Yep, because some rotter is gaining an advantage against my team and it's a competitive sport. When Martin does it its similar in that he's trying to gain an advantage for my team. Also it's not diving per se, it's feeling contact (ie a push in the back in most of Martin's instances) which the ref doesn't see and trying to make something out of it, and ALL players do it. When Chris Baird will go down easily whilst winning 1-0 with 2 mins of stoppage time to play to win a free kick and it's called 'clever play' but it's just the same. It is, and always has been, a part of football.
  10. Ahh I was so close! Never under estimate the DET's ability to turn one story into two
  11. Probably going to be in another article for those clickbait £££'s. 'Chris Martin opens up about Fulham saga' or summit
  12. After a season of Bent as a lone striker, its pure appreciation. The point of posting those Martin videos is because it showed everything last seasons team lacked aka a bit of quality in front of goal and someone who brings others into play. It was no coincidence that our goals without Martin did not come from midfield or wings (aside Ince obvs) while Fulham's goals came from all over. Theres no guarantees obviously and Martin has a point to prove as there will be, and has to be a few questions at his door, but also you have to remember his first stint with us. When he came he had been shipped out on loan a couple of times by Norwich before without really impressing and was becoming a bit of an unknown. He had that point to prove and we gave him that chance. I think this season could hold something similar for him too
  13. Are you trying to say you are not part of the Martin obsessed crew? Cause I have over 200 pages of evidence to go on here... Isn't it ironic...
  14. Thankyou!
  15. Was going to tweet Owen Bradley and ask if we can expect an update on Martin but looked like he replied to someone last night basically saying he's with Scotland now but for 'all intents and purposes' he's back. Which is enough for me if we don't hear anything else. Im not quite sure how to do pictures but it was 15 hours ago to username OfficiallyDunn