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  1. Ooo just one more. Crowd were great today, it’s been slowly improving but thought it today was where it shoud consistently be. We are starting to get the club to a point everyone is pulling in the same direction
  2. No one gets a free pass, if I’m honest it wasn’t Martins best game but he came on and made a difference like Thorne did. There’s no need to get wound up about it. Leave it at that, I’m sure you, me and everyone else is much more interested in talking about the whole game than Martin’s cameo.
  3. To be honest my only negative today was I didn’t think Nugent had a great game as he buggered himself running around for 20 minutes like a headless chicken. It’s ok doing that, but there’s a smart way and a way that means your useless for the next 50. Came away from that thinking how much better we are looking as a team (inc subs). We are starting to look balanced and each player has a role that makes them effective. Starting to look upwards if we carry on like that. Davies and Keogh immense, Huddlestone’s best home game and Johnson superb too ( Forsyth is twice the player with a property positioned player in front of him). Weimann looks the most settled he’s been at this club and I could watch Baird for 90 mins. He is a player you can tell has played at the top top level for a long time, a masterclass. I bet Russell has some of the best stats at the club with goals/assists. Finally, we played well but I think Bruce got his tactics wrong, tried pace against Baird rather than pressuring Forsyth?
  4. He knows nought, a wind up merchant who ends up getting wound up himself. Martin did fine, him and Thorne coming on settled us down and we were able to get the second because of it
  5. A Duck Cob

    Aye, you are probably right but just wasn’t sure as I’ve heard quite a few people do it but maybe it’s just trickled down from the north west? It does kinda fit in with the accent! Do you mean that as a meal? I can remember having something like that when we were younger, it was a left over tea I think? So you’d put everything from ya roast into pot with curry flavourings? I remember the first time I went out for an Indian and thought that was what we were going to get...
  6. A Duck Cob

    Recently listened to an Ed Byrne interview and he spoke about enjoying when he comes to Derbyshire because his kids pick up the accent instantaneously, so everything broken becomes ‘buggered’ etc I didn’t really know that buggered was a Derbyshire thing but it got me thinking about other Derbyshire sayings that aren’t just the obvious ones. Eg, one that crops us from time to time is people pronouncing cooking as ‘cooo-king’ (so you pronounce ‘cook’ like ‘coot’). Although I’m not 100% sure if this is Derbyshire or whether it’s been picked up from Staffordshire/Lancashire) Anyway...anymore sayings?
  7. Bristol City game moved to Friday 19th January

    My point is about Sky setting up games and not considering fans... Give me a 3pm Saturday kick off with a decent attendance over than a depleted away and home contingent at 7.45 on a Friday night. Heck make it 5.45 sat evening and it’d be better.
  8. Bristol City game moved to Friday 19th January

    Aside from the obvious annoyances from Derby’s end, that journey will be a nightmare for Bristol fans on a Friday night. Also puts unnecessary pressure on this being a big game. ‘Sky not giving one bit of thought for fans’ shocker
  9. Chris Martin

    The unrealistic replacements suggested probably shows that we would struggle to replace him?
  10. Chris Martin

    I think the wording leaves it too open ended and non commital. Saying things like ‘he’s in our plans’ could mean anything. When all is said and done, Martin has been a very good servant to this club and I’d much rather they came out saying ‘hes not for sale’ and let him know where his future lies. It suggests that he will revert to Vydra/Nugent at a drop of a hat again when I think Martin deserves an opportunity to have a run of games like others have had. I fear it makes us one dimensional, back to relying on one player for goals, which I keep saying was the problem with last years team. I don’t know, I don’t mean to be OTT, but I can’t see the point of not keeping a striker as good as Martin, if you then need to replace him (my stance is also similar on Thorne). I’m uncomfortable because I think it can show that he’s not open to trying something different. Could be wrong, but I’d rather him show some commitment. I won’t link because I don’t want him to get the click bait, but Ramage said he’d consider selling Martin in January. I don’t think that’s really his job to say who he’d sell. Then today he’s written about replacing him with Nugent for Barnsley with the words ‘no disrespect’. It’s no surprise, and I understand it but again I feel it’s this ‘one dimensional’ feeling that we have to get the best out of Vydra that I’m not sure is helpful to the rest of the team. It’s like we can discuss a Martin rumour, but Vydra’s effectiveness to the team overall is off the table. His Vydra/Nugent love in is increasingly apparent and not overly helpful to the discussion in my overall view.
  11. Chris Martin

    The wording of this, along with reading Ramage’s articles, don’t make me feel overly comfortable with the direction we are seemingly heading in
  12. Derby County v Burton Albion match thread

    Coming from someone else writing on a football forum? I think we are in the same boat mate!
  13. Derby County v Burton Albion match thread

    I was looking at some stats (I wanted to make a point about stats being slightly pointless that I’ve since lost the impetus to write about) but it showed Davies was actually the second best on ‘performance score’ in the championship or something silly. Again I’m not a big stats guy but it shows that he does the defensive things you may not notice very well. It’s here http://www.squawka.com/players/curtis-davies/stats#performance-score#derby-county-(current)#english-football-league---championship#10#season-2017/2018#829#all-matches#1-19#by-match but I can’t rememner how I got to that point!
  14. Derby County v Burton Albion match thread

    Let’s finish the first part of your quote though. It’s in the first 10 seconds of the RamsTV interview “In the first half there were some really, really good attacking movement and some really good play. As we said at half time it was just cross, shot, that bit of quality” That’s not attesting to us being poor in attack, more that we lacked composure in crucial moments. We didn’t have many great chances but that was because, as Rowett said, we were trying to walk it in sometimes rather than trying to get a shot off. He attested that to how Burton defended, not that we were poor. Im not disagreeing with you for the sake of it, I’m completely happy if you have a differing opinion. My problem is that when you start fabricating points to prove an agenda, then you deserve calling out on it. Although it’s funny seeing a wind up merchant getting a little, wound up. The highlights of Derby County vs Burton Albion look to me like the highlights of Derby County vs Burton Albion. I’m not sure how they can make a team look better because it’s the best of what they did on a football pitch? I didn’t say anything about George Thorne or the midfield
  15. Chris Martin

    Hi, you are allowed your opinion, but just wanted to counter one point from being there on Saturday. The Martin/Vydra frustration moment you talk about was because Vydra ran towards the ball, gave up and ran in the opposite direction leaving Martin a near impossible job. Vydra kinda played that game on Saturday, probably from fatigue, but he was playing for himself rather than the team. Another example of this was when Vydra knicked the ball from lawrence with his back to goal, when lawrence had a clear strike which does him no favours. You say two players haven’t linked after 60 minutes and you blame the one who didn’t get substituted?

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