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  1. if anybody fancies a listen to Ian Wright credit to @dcfcstephen, I just shared it!
  2. I think I put in the holiday thread about going to Narbonne, but in general the south of France is really nice. There’s a national park near Carcassone with loads of small fishing towns in that looks really fun. That’s defo my plan for next time i go. What I found with the language is that I struggled for a couple of days but you soon start working it out if you throw yourself in to trying to understand. Atleast enough to order beers and food! Then if you panic just look scared and declare ‘Anglais!’, that usually helps.
  3. Because there is a source at Chelsea who keeps leaking stuff like this out to journos who are lapping it up. Its either correct in terms of Lampard is going but hasn’t been approached, and journos are getting ahead of themselves. Or it’s a desperate last ploy to entice by putting something like that out there and saying ‘look at the fans are responding to it’. It’s probably the former but we can only wait and see now
  4. For now, take it all with a pinch of salt. The guy who’s writing for the Evening Standard and the talksport Guy are angling for the ‘we broke the story first’ line. Go with the DET and Percy lines that we haven’t been approached but pretty much ‘expecting it’. Then get annoyed at Chelsea for acting like silly buggers.
  5. TuffLuff


    Went camping outside of Sheen this weekend and walked to Longnor and back as I’d driven through recently and seen three pubs which I thought was a rarity nowerdays. Anyway, pitched tent and set off walking (if you like walks/views I can’t recommend the area itself enough, its much quiter than other Peak District routes and the scenery is stunning). We eventually get to Longnor to discover 2 of the 3 pubs have closed down! Anyway The Cheshire Cheese is a lovely old style of pub, friendly staff and locals too. It’s Robinson’s beer but was quite happy to drink Veltins. Worth a trip if you are out there
  6. Get your sen in the Beer thread down in’t pub section!
  7. I’ll probably get pelted for saying this, and because we are all guessing on something that hasn’t even happened yet...but I don’t think keeping hold of Shay Given would be the worst shout. Or at least build a structure with him around it. We praise Frank and Jody a lot but I do think he’s quietly had more of an influence behind the scenes than we see and would keep a certain amount of continuity.
  8. My theory throughout is that there is one person in Chelsea trying to force it to happen using fan power. I certainly get the feeling it’s ‘job for the boys’ at the minute there plus a feeling of nostalgia that rarely actually works
  9. Them posters that like to say the same thing over and over will continue to say the same thing over and over 😉
  10. They aren’t on speaking terms, Mel recently had the builders in and allowed them to start work at 7am. That’s where all this started
  11. It was meant to be, but hadn’t sold enough tickets so it was moved to a bench outside The Red Lion
  12. I’m in tonight so I looked it up and here’s what hes said. I don’t think it’s anything new
  13. Ah my theory that the Lampard to Chelsea rumours were leaked to try and force the Chelsea hierarchy into appointing him due to fan demand is still alive and well
  14. The odds worryingly don’t really give us anybody else who’s an ideal candidate really...except Jose who’d actually be ideal as a man to come in for a couple of years, win a trophy or two then make way for someone else. On the surface it would make a lot of sense.
  15. There is an epidemic in football called ‘London journalists’, a bunch of know it alls who think everything revolves around them. We got a taste of it a few years ago with the Chris Martin/Fulham saga and one of them said he’d refused to play (turned out he hadn’t), but this feels so much more worse.
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