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    The Hundred

    Watched a bit of the draft last night and whilst I can’t say I know all the rules/understanding of it all, but I can’t see how it’s going to work for cricket as a whole in the long term. Perfect example is Trent Rockets essentially being able to choose all Notts player and none from Derbyshire. It’s a bit of a complicated point but surely this means young Notts players will feel the benefit whilst Derbyshire will get little from it. Also how the heck am I meant to support Trent Rockets, even if they want me too? Itll be a great spectacle, but I’m not sure what positive impact it will have overall.
  2. It’s worth pointing out this mornings action has been condemned by the leaders of Extinction Rebellion. It’s the problem of a decentralised organisation that people can act ‘in name’ rather than getting approval. Problem is when you attack public transport is that you aren’t just stopping people getting to work but also people getting to hospital appointments and all sorts. Support it all in general but feel that was an unsupportive step too far this morning.
  3. It’s the classic talksport presenter approach of only remembering half the story and keep saying it over and over like it’s the only important bit.
  4. Keep strong mate and hope you enjoy next Saturday!
  5. It’s worth pointing out I returned to Annie’s today and it was much much better than last time I went. One of the best burgers I’ve had in a long while. Better beer too! Also I hadn’t seen before but I’m fully in on The Bustler Market shout, very impressed with the whole set up. Finally, anyone know what’s happened to The Pyclet Parlour in the Market Hall. Used to love it there
  6. TuffLuff

    Knife Angel

    Anybody else been to take to see it? It’s worth a visit if you are in Derby whilst it’s still up, poignant and makes the point very well. Found it hard not to well up at the messages on the fencing too.
  7. Dunno, you can spin it however you want to be honest. Personally I see it as a politician who talked himself into a corner and at that moment had to choose one way. Others would say those Brexiteers who voted for the deal in that vote knew by doing so they were scuppering May’s Leadership by taking No Deal off the table for her (the deal or remain line makes her weak against opposition). Essentially it’s poor negotiators making it up as they go along. With the hedge fund stuff, it’s no surprise that someone very rich is going to make sure they will gain no matter what happens. But no matter whichever way he votes, it’s public knowledge and a huge conflict of interest. It should have relevancy every time he speaks on brexit, when he goes with Boris Johnson to prorogue parliament and every time he votes.
  8. Re: Rooney obviously making a lot of starting 11s. Am I the only one who thinks he may end up being used quite sparingly? Sure he will get plenty of minutes but I’m not sure he will be an automatic starter as surely it depends what condition he comes in. Also I’m not sure what position I’d even put him in, or who I’d take out for him!
  9. Realised I’d missed two words out which made that comment make little sense. Also I didn’t really put a conclusive point on the end of my comment and I think without it this reads like a load of waffle Point is I think in this modern era I don’t really think I hold much bitterness towards a game, a club or a manager. Personally my bitterness comes from those within who have used the club to work for their own ends or have derailed plans because of arrogance. Basically it’s those poor decisions that have kept us in the Championship rather than one game.
  10. My era essentially is mid nineties onwards, so I think any ‘bitter’ moment I have probably pales in comparison to previously mentioned moments. The one that sticks out in my mind was the summer before the premier league season after the play off final. Davies, and the club as a whole, completely under estimated what they needed going into one of the most toughest premier leagues there has been (In terms of quality throughout each side). Don’t forget all the contract stuff. Relegation was always on the cards, but the wasted money called for a complete overhaul and financial reshuffle rather than that money giving us a base to build upon. That’s not even considering the bruised egos felt by the fans. The fact that 10 years later Davies does an interview with RamsTV, he still can’t just say ‘sorry we as a club got that season completely wrong’ he tries to place the blame with the owners not getting players he wanted. He’s been thinking about this for 10 years and he still can’t think that maybe he got something wrong and apologise. The filthy little piece of toe rag. Honourable mentions:- Rowett’s treatment of Martin Pearson’s treatment of Martin *At the time* the sacking of Clough, turned out ok in the end. Maybe can be put under a bitterness banner called The Rise And Fall of Sam Rush. Will never forget going to a pub meeting with John Vicars and Sam Rush, where Rush asked the fans whether we were happy with Clough and had genuine shock on his face when the vast majority attended said yes. I know the Clough years split opinion but I’ve always held some bitterness towards how long that sacking had been planned by Rush. It wasn’t wrong per se, but it was a filthy bit of business, the filthy piece of toe rag
  11. Also I know the defending has been poor but I think it’s worth pointing out that Davies and Clarke was our fourth defensive combination in ten games without considering changes to full backs. Top defending comes from partnerships being formed, which takes game time. This also naturally makes your players more organised when they know their jobs, which grows confidence. It will take time, but I do think the whole first 11 needs more consistency in it before it works as a unit.
  12. Sorry mate, was being a little tongue in cheek and trying to say both teams were making chances! Have to admit from what I’ve seen from the Leeds game onwards I do think we are steadily improving. Tonight was the first time I was really impressed with our passing and movement. It will come but I do think we need a little patience before it all clicks.
  13. I think in a few threads there’s been some OTT responses to all this tonight and I hope in the morning some clearer heads may prevail. Not quite sure what info people have but I’m pretty confident that trying to retrieve some normality after a week like last week isn’t the worst thing to be doing. Also I’m pretty sure it’s the norm for players in this situation to get back to playing football. The courts proceeding should be a completely seperate situation to the workings of your football club. I imagine the worst thing you can do is make the world stop because there is a court date coming up. We, as individual people, would ofcourse do things different, because we all consider perfect moral specimens who always do right. But in reality that is no way as easy a proposition for Morris, Cocu or the club in general. A lot more goes on behind closed doors than what us fans see. We’ve had our outbursts last week. We all need to start looking at all this a bit more rationally in my eyes rather than pointing fingers for the sake of it.
  14. Oh aye mate, sorry I should have added that I felt he was put in a vulnerable position on what was already going to be a tough night for him.
  15. Did a fan go up to him when he was down injured?
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