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  1. Yeah I’m gonna sample a bottle of gin from them I think. Having my first child at the start of April so I was planning to get a bottle of their rum to have as something a bit special plus something I can open and then put back in the bottle if I’m knackered in the evening and fall asleep before finishing a beer! I know this makes me seem my number 1 priority will be wasting beer but I’m just like to plan ahead!
  2. Not beer related, but it is drink related! Anybody had anything from White Peak Distillery before? Despite considering myself a local to it I’ve only found out it exists a few weeks back. Had some interesting looking rum on their site but it’s now gone sadly, some nice looking gins though and whiskey later on in the year. https://www.whitepeakdistillery.co.uk/
  3. I think the game has been missing any sort of proper characters involved in the games who really get what the game is. There’s no pantomime villain for either side, even Worrells comments are cliche driven drivel and makes your eyes roll more than anything. I’d also maybe add how the games have been reffed haven’t helped. I don’t think the game is allowed to flow when we keep getting fouls for little nothing challenges because it gives him a fake sense of control. The last two games we’ve had two absolutely crap decisions go against us, one which cost us two points and one that would have
  4. I don’t think he had the personnel to play how he wanted to last night. When the 4-2-3-1 works, the 2 need to sit deep to make the room the 3 and I don’t think it suits Shinnie or Bird, who although are different style of players kind of want to do the same job as neither are tradition defensive mids. The other issue is that the three need to work together but last night Knight and Jozwiak cancelled each other out because they tried to occupy a similar space in the centre which congested it worse. So Shinnie or Bird couldn’t get forward and Knight and Joz were ineffective. I think we nee
  5. Let’s be right about it, historically speaking it should be Snotts Forest
  6. Im a little drunk so please forgive me but here’s a hot take. Sky are obsessed with talking about individuals rather than a club because they think that’s where the story is. Since Hughton took over they have few interest stories behind Knockaert and Worrell so they take up most of the story. So Knockaert takes up more space than what’s probably deserved. As I said earlier he was probably the best footballer on the pitch tonight, but you also saw why he’s not made it to the next level
  7. Oh yeah I fully agree in terms of entertainment, just think there’s a time and place and 1-0 against your local rivals maybe isn’t the place. Especially when your team mates aren’t on the same wave length. Good for him but it didn’t help his side tonight He was probably the best footballer on the pitch tonight, but the key to being a top player is being able to know how to use it smartly.
  8. Hadn’t noticed him tapping the forest player, how can you not love him?
  9. Yeah, his stepovers and flicks are great if you are 2-0 or 3-0 up with a few minutes to go but my only thought was ‘you’re gonna regret that’ when it’s 1-0. It’s a sign of letting your guard down which lets errors in. He wasn’t winning the battle with Buchanan enough to make it effective.
  10. Had a few drinks so ill give a few rambly thoughts. It’s probably a fair result. Thought a 4-2-3-1 wasn’t quite right as going man for man meant we had no runners from deep.. I’ll say it very softly but I’m not sure, at this moment, Bird, Shinnie and Knight are a midfield combination that works. Birds best play is further forward and so is Shinnies and I often feel Knight is in the space they want to occupy. Not sure how I’d combat it aside maybe having them more of a traditional midfield three and letting one of them burst forward. Sibley looked great when he came on, mainl
  11. Left leaning, right leaning it doesn’t matter. If they write anything negative against Derby just accuse them of being forest fans and move on. I’d presumed that was much easier
  12. Was what I wrote that bad? I’ve read the guardian for years and always kinda understood that quite a few contributors support forest. It’s never bothered me, I kind of worked out that a lot it’s due to them growing up in the late eighties and early nineties and got attached to the enigma of Clough. I don’t think there’s any ‘vendetta’, I just thought it was worth pointing out and I was implying it was best ignored whilst having a playful jab. But saying all that, theres nothing new in it anyway and for the club who are looking for stability on and off the pitch I think it’s an unhelp
  13. I wondered after posting how quickly it’ll get taken out of context. Christ, it’s the day before the local Derby surely now is the moment to protect your bloody allegiance?
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