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  1. That’s just two people from opposites ends having a laugh together, there’s no gloating and it’s taken in the right spirit. It’s maybe something a lot of us can learn a lot from on the social media’s, no matter which side you support Loosen up a tad yoof!
  2. The only chance they had that they ‘should’ have done better was Grabben. Pot shots from outside the box are what they are, you score or you don’t but they don’t really give you an idea of how much one side was to the other. None of us when Lawrence scored against Reading sue lu though we had dominated the half. On reflection the whole game was pretty even, Forest never cut us open and we didn’t them. Two poor defensive decisions, us not closing down and their keeper doing a Hamer gave each side a goal.
  3. 5 games and 3 points difference is ideal. Cardiff need to win every game to give themselves a cushion. Our pressure is from them Millwall, Preston and Swansea. Especially if Swansea won their game in hand, but to be where we are from where we were I honestly think we can enjoy it
  4. In fairness I think if Waghorn had played up front today it would have been given a similar response. Forest packed out the middle and it was impossible for us to play in the final third. Martin’s performance today reminded me of what used to happen with Hulse ten years ago. He’d spend about 70-80 minutes in a little battle but then would get that half chance and take it. It’s not necessarily he was poor (and Hulse used to get pelters on here in those games) but as strikers they needed to be patient and take the chance when it came. That’s what Martin did today, we just don’t usually
  5. Quick thoughts Well what a finish, amazing how little things like that can help spur you forward. Today is a lesson that in football have to gamble with conviction. Lolley’s goal for first came from that in a half they didn’t really create much of anything despite dominating. Thing is he had the aggression and conviction to take it on. Although wildly different goals Martin’s is the same, he saw a chance and made sure he got something on it. Through positive play he just got it through. Don’t forget Whittaker’s contribution deep into injury time challenging a dead ball, he made Worrell
  6. In fairness, it was the first time in the whole game a Derby player gambled on 50/50 chance and had the conviction to make sure he got there before anybody else. A few could learn from him.
  7. Frustratingly Waghorns eyes are completely on the ball, he put his foot up to effectively protect himself, but the lack of awareness to what’s around you is poor. I don’t think he’s gone in to hurt him, just a bit daft from an experienced pro
  8. I once said Chris Martin was a goal against forest short of Derby legend status...at the very least in the modern sense. As the play off race heads up, he’s got us 2 valuable points in the dying minutes of big games. Sounds daft but that could be the difference we need.
  9. It’s in our hands, frustratingly. Poor reffing gave them control of the tempo for five minutes before the goal. When those little decisions keep going against you in the big matches they can be the difference unfortunately. Bogle looking like a boy. Got every attribute but zero aggression or willingness to win the battle. Has to step up in the big games. Sibley is growing into it, has the beating of most of Watson et al but needs more ball.
  10. Lampard-Had the three best loans available to him and decided to loan Chris Martin Cocu-Had every hindrance to a season you can imagine and utilised Chris Martin All I’m saying is, imagine if Lampard has used Chris Martin. We might have won the league!
  11. Dancing Duck are currently 2 for £4 in coop and were very welcome during the game earlier
  12. How many defensive partners has he had this season? Has to be in with a shout of our POTY surely?
  13. Our game management is superb. Every game will be huge now and I love it.
  14. Why does Pearson wear a shirt that’s a size too small for him?
  15. North are nearly the perfect brewery, the Herzog and Sputnick are two of my favourites. They have some really good small bars in and around the Leeds-Bradford area that are worth a visit, especially the one at Otley.
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