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  1. Will Hughes Watch

    From what I've seen some have said he was the only bright spark for Watford and they lost all creativity when he was subbed off, think there's still life in his Watford career yet.
  2. Derbyshire Cricket 2017

    Only the second time I've had the chance to see Derbyshire this season tonight. Afridi's batting was probably one of the best individual performances I've seen in person. Thought we were ok, the gulf in class in every department but it was no disgrace. Hope they can keep building on nights like this, I enjoy going to see them.
  3. Chris Martin

    Not THE most intelligent, OUR most intelligent...
  4. The fall of Johnny Russell

    Well that's my point really that the stat might not tell the whole picture. I might hold an unpopular opinion but I honestly think that Ince held back the likes of Russell and it stopped them getting into dangerous positions (by dangerous im talking about being in the box with space and time, not on the edge or being surrounded inside the box). Ince is a great player in that more free role, don't get me wrong, but to keep the balance of your team Russell can't push himself into those same positions so he was mainly an out and out winger, which I think has affected his game. That's part of the reason why the Vydra on the wing experiment never worked, because him and Ince wanted to do the same job and it left us exposed. Oh I don't really expect any player to put one away from the edge if the box, do better yes, but not score. I expect players to score when you are past the keeper though (with my tongue firmly in my cheek and my eyes pointing to David Nugent). We shall see, I'm not saying I'm right on this and Russell still has a lot of work to do but it's just a theory of why the stats show what they do.
  5. Chris Martin

    I'd dare say most of the 'messiah' stuff has been tongue in cheek, I know most of it has done from my side is anyway. Martin is a very intelligent footballer, probably the most intelligent, and it's a shame when some think he can be shown the door based on what little of the season has gone. Most would consider its horses for courses, it just gets argued from different sides but most people are just arguing the same point. Nugent would be wasted as a bench player too so what other way is there round it? "He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy"
  6. The fall of Johnny Russell

    Maybe it doesn't tell the full picture though, surely it depends on where he's shooting from/type of chances created etc. One point of debate for me would be that his game has changed whilst at Derby too, although that's not necessarily this fault. I think Rowett wants the wingers to be more direct rather than just running up and down the wing (a role he had to produce more with a free roaming Ince on the right) which I think will suit him and we certainly saw that with his assist at Sunderland. Not saying there isn't any truth, but maybe it doesn't show the full picture?
  7. The fall of Johnny Russell

    Fully agree with this, the tension in the stands when he got the ball was dreadful as 'fans' waited for him to make a mistake. Even shouting at him before he could release the ball. How can anyone play their football when you've got that? It's just people self fulfilling their own prophecy
  8. Chris Martin

    Definently sad. We are three games into a season and judging how some experts are willing to disregard players is crazy to me. Most managers even say to give them 10 games! Too many knee jerk opinions!
  9. Chris Martin

    This thread and the Johnny Russell one are hilarious. How many pages of people trying to find different ways to stick the boot in can we really go through before it gets tedious? It's squad rotation and nothing else. I swear some of you feel so badly you want your opinion justified that you cling on to anything that makes you feel that you are right.
  10. Chris Martin

    I looked back on The Wardrobe Watch thread the other day (it was to help back up a post a didn't end up writing because I'm a little fed up of it all), but there was a lovely one from you saying toodles to Martin because wouldn't be coming back this summer. I mean I'm not saying you don't know what time it is, but...well, you know
  11. Derby County v Preston North End

    If your tactics are to stop the other team and not even have a credible shot in open play, you don't deserve to win
  12. Derby County v Preston North End

    Wisdom oozes class, could watch him and Huddlestone on the ball all day long. Keogh looks a lot more confident with those two there. Wisdom could be the buy of the season in this league. Glad Russell got into the game, the tension around the ground in the first 20 minutes when he was on the ball was unbearable. People waiting to get on at him before he's even done anything. How can anyone play football with that? Took a few challenges and starting taking people on and looked better for it. Hope he finds his form and proves people wrong. Love Weimann, seems a bit more mature than he's been in the past. Got a bit of quality about him. Vydra starting to look like the player we wanted? Helped us play in their half, also gave Johnson more room to play his game. Nugent played well, but if Martin had missed those two chances a few on here would be gleefully kicking the boot in sadly. Needed to smash it, but he will know that. Only real question mark was on Davies, thought he looked unsure. Sure he will grow. Starting to look like we have a few options, also little partnerships are beginning to show around the pitch. I know we all like a little meltdown but it's gonna take time for us to gel. Finally, how is it not in the rules that if you go down for a head injury, stop the game and then tell the ref you don't need a trainer that is not a booking? Sorry, not to undermine head injuries myself but Preston got away with doing that a couple of times tonight and it takes away from when serious head injuries occur.
  13. Ponderations on Hull (2 years ago)

    Not pacey, but someone who passes the ball quicker and movement that's makes others move the ball the quicker. He's not pacey himself, and he's not the most technically gifted, but he looks to move forward and play in the opposition half. That's our biggest problem to me. I think he can be, he always takes time to get into the season but after the last couple of seasons he has that question mark over his head.
  14. Ponderations on Hull (2 years ago)

    Good post, think the return of Bryson is crucial imo. Desperate for someone to pick up the pace in midfield and play 10 yards further up the pitch. Only thing is there is no guarantees Bryson is still that player...maybe Toral might be the answer?
  15. I doubt they will do it whilst the u23's are playing. It keeps eyes on them and it's possibly a little disrespectful too. My plump would be sometime tomorrow morning Although I'm usually wrong on these types of things!

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