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  1. Gotta confess that a few times it’s pushed my nose out of joint too, but it’s because i want Frank, Jody, Shay etc to really love their time at the football club and want to be here for a long time. I’d really hate if any of them saw us just as a leg up to a dream job and sometimes with Jody the way he can come across does make it feel like a bit like that. Perception is a big thing in it I guess, Morris rarely does interviews and no one comes across well using twitter as a platform (but let’s face it Morris knows the vast majority of his followers will lap up anything he says much like lineker etc and that’s what he’s doing on twitter more than anything). I just don’t want another short term regime, I want this set to come and understand what Derby County, the city and Derbyshire as a whole is about and feel like they want to stay here.
  2. *sits at the back and waits for the perfect moment to say* WHAT EXACTLY HAS JOHNSON DONE WRONG? also where’s Evans?
  3. Huddlestone has controlled games where teams have given him the room to do what he does though. Hull is a prime example, although what is underrated in that game was Brysons work rate to help give him that time. The other issue is Huddlestone has played well in fits and starts this season, but that’s also the biggest problem with the current squad. Lots of little spells of good performances that have soon turned sour once the opposition have targeted them, only Keogh you can say has had a consistently good season. Personally don’t see Bryson as an attacking player anymore, but to be honest aside a workhorse I don’t really know what he is anymore. Wilson has come to Derby and taken some plaudits and scored some fantastic goals, but I’m yet to be convinced he’s come here and improved as a footballer for Derby County, jury is out on Mount in that respect too (comparing to Tomori who is now growing as a player by the week in my eyes) The last point is very true and we now need to find who in the squad can compliment one another to really push on next season. Apologies if a lot of that is rambly, I’ve not been back home very long and absolutely shattered!
  4. Sorry mate I’d usually try and let this past but I can’t tonight, too many are giving him a free pass for poor performances. Sideways and backwards laboured passes, floaty wide balls that take three touches to get on the floor (and so the defence is now perfectly positioned), misplaces passes, barely a notable tackle over 90 minutes. Then fans seem to berate Bryson, and I’m not saying he played well, but he’s running for two men and he’s not got the engine to do that anymore. He’s overworking to compensate.
  5. Two random thoughts: - fans want Huddlestone in the team, but also fast, high tempo and pressing football. Those two things will not work together. - We are mentally fragile. No one looks confident on the ball, while others run away from being an option. We are desperate for some character to get hold of it and get away from the ‘east and obvious pass’. Players coming deep to collect the ball rather than using movement to push their players back stands out to mr. Also this happened two or three times where a person running sideways, or with their back to the opposition goal took the ball off a player running forward. Asking for trouble doing stuff like that. To me it shows a lack of trust in others around you, but a lack of confidence to change the game.
  6. Well exactly, need to determine how we want to play and the ones who don’t suit it need to move on in the summer. Players have been mucked about terribly and it’s happened this season too (by the way I’m talking more about the Johnson’s/Wisdom’s this season over the ones we saw outcasted) Not ‘loans’ but permanently move on, including those who will be out of contract. Problem is our past few seasons our summers have come with a management search, or a clueless Rowett. Hence we’ve brought players in over priced who we’ve tried to encorporate but not fitted. All of us as fans also have to accept that our individual favourite players may need to move on before we achieve anything. I’ve had to do it with Martin, but we can’t keep shoehorning players into systems they can’t work in.
  7. Overall player management over a season has been poor and Frank has fallen into a similar trap to Rowett, Clement and Mac has done. They find their way to play in Nov/Dec and throw all their eggs into that basket, leaving out other players for long periods. Rowetts was ‘the Vydra model’ this season we’ve had the Wilson/Mount one. Then once you get worked out it becomes harder to change as players come in from out of nowhere, who need minutes on the pitch to get up to speed and it’s too late. Its not a curse, we need a settled squad who know their roles and are comfortable with how they are playing. Starting with a big clear out in summer.
  8. If you have a phone/tablet you can download the sky sports app and watch them in there. Have to sign in with your skyid, so may mess around your devices if you aren’t using a device you usually use for skygo!
  9. Talksport like nothing better than digging their claws into a manager not doing well, while failed managers tell them what they should be doing instead. Then Alan Brazil will recommend ‘Big Sam’ for the job before going to have a champagne dinner. I like talksport sometimes, even Adrian Durham from time to time makes very good points, but finding an opinion that’s not got some agenda behind it is very hard to come by. At the moment they are doing to Sarri what they did to Jose, not realising it takes managers time to put their own stamp on things. Sarri is suffering from having a mess of random players from different regimes
  10. I think if the letter that was signed by 11 clubs ended up having a few more signatures then you would have seen a much bigger punishment and possibly at that point a points deduction could have been an actual real possibility. I think by only having 11 clubs sign it then the punishment could only be limited because it wasn’t in the leagues interest to do so? So they had to act on the evidence provided rather than investigate any further. Don’t know, that’s largely guesswork but I imagine if 23 clubs signed a letter like that then there would be a case for a huge investigation.
  11. I think it’s fair to say there has been a fair bit of co-operation/negotiation with Leeds in terms of what the punishment would be. You’d think the best thing is just accept it and move on wouldn’t you? The only thing I can add to it is I’m surprised Bielsa hasn’t been charged individually with something like ‘bringing the game into disrepute’. But I guess Leeds accepting the fine, the reprimand and being cooperative for future rulings has helped them sweep it all under the rug. Like I say, you’d think common sense would tell you just to move on very quickly...
  12. Oh no not at all, they just set up a go fund me instead mate https://www.gofundme.com/f/leeds-united-spygate-fine
  13. A points deduction was always gonna be hard to implement, a decent fine is about right I think. Also the 72 hour hour rule is completely correct. Good that everyone can move on now without feeling too begrudged.
  14. Wasn’t great, but not a disgrace in the end either. Thought Cole was a real positive, just settled everything down and did his job. Starting to think he’s gonna be a big asset. Bigger than what I even thought he may be before
  15. Was discussing this with a wednesdayite the other day. Thing is with United, and Leeds to a large extent is they have very settled squads with sensible investment, United also have a very settled manager. Leeds, Sheffield United and Norwich all had flashes last year but all cooled off before the end of the season. This season they pull of very ‘professional’ performances consistently and are deservedly up there. I really don’t think this season is our year, but once the summer clearlut begins and a few more signings like we’ve seen come in and we could be a big force next year. This season we’ve had a massive lack of consistency in performances, summed up by the Ipswich match as we lack that ‘professional’ performance.
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