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If we won at Wembley


If we won at Wembley, where would Derby County be?  

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Fighting relegation imo. We’d have still lost Lampard (probably would have been a blessing in disguise), Mount and Tomori, but we’d have kept Wilson and I’m pretty sure Mel would have invested most of the promotion money into improving the side. Coupled with some of our young players making the step up, I think we’d have had a far better squad than others seem to think. I also think we would still have appointed Cocu as manager, which I think would have been a far more successful appointment in the Prem. His cautious style would have been more like what we needed when playing teams superior to us, and I think we’d have kept things tight enough to secure survival. I’m not sure we’d have gone on to much more than fighting relegation every season without some more significant investment, but it would have certainly been a start. 

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I would have probably have won the lottery and become a millionaire, and then found myself holidaying In exotic locations; feted by gorgeous blonds and brunettes who would find me irresistibly charming.
I’d be driving my wonderful car to my lovely home overlooking the azure blue Mediterranean Sea. 
The sun would be shining. 
Will hughes of Derby County and England would have scored the second and third goals in our World Cup triumph over the Germans. 
George Thorne would be making his 300th appearance in all competitions. 

....and the forum would be debating where it all went wrong.


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It's difficult to say because of the managerial change. I reckon Frank knew he about the Chelsea game before wembley so he would have gone regardless. That would have thrown everything into turmoil and I think we would have gone down. But if Frank stayed, it's a different story. I truly believed we were on the way to doing something really special

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27 minutes ago, DC-1975 said:



The team that finished behind a Leicester team that nearly got relegated and a Burnley Team that did.

It would have taken a lot of new players. How many of that team became top Premier League players?


The thing is that they were a team, far superior to it's parts. Will nor Thorne might never have got their ACLs, and a couple of top quality players could have turned us into a sustainable Prem side. My only doubt would be Mac's signings. He's never really filled me with confidence on the long term. A brilliant coach, but I'm not 100% convinced as a manager. Perhaps with a really good DOF he might well have kicked us on.

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51 minutes ago, DC-1975 said:

I just think that team are viewed with rose tinted specs by quite a few, because it definitely was the most entertaining team we've had for many years. But if we'd gone as 'gung-ho' as we did in the championship, we'd probably have been torn apart in the Prem and it wasn't a team that could sit back and defend. 

Sadly, we'll never know.

You're probably right, but as I said, with the right additions who knows? A quality centre half, or maybe 2 if the Keogh haters had their way, and we are immediately stronger. Add a slightly more conservative approach attack wise and we may just be there.

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You can't assume that because Burnley got relegated and Leicester almost did that we would

Look how Palace went up and they've been up there ever since. 

When we talk about this big scary Premier League do we really mean about 8 teams? 1 of which is Wolves who we beat 5-0 in 2014 and now they're upsetting the billionares club. Leicester won the bloody thing! 

I would say we would have done well if Lampard had stayed. But who knows? You need signings, you need instant impact from them, you need a bit of luck from referees intimidated by Mourinho and Co. You need a bit of momentum too. Pick up 3 wins from Brighton, Palace and WBA and you're cooking. However 2 narrow defeats and a draw before meeting Man City could be a huge blow.

Obviously it's worst teams are better than the Championships best. But it's not a huge gap that a good transfer window can't bridge. 

The step between league 1 and the Championship doesn't get the ridiculous hype that the PL gap does. But there is one. Just nobody is scared of it. The idea of facing the Championship's BiG SIX hasn't got people trembling. 

The PL should be embarrassed that with all that cash they aren't relegating every challenger. Well, I guess they are. 

I bet when Leicester won it the boardroom meltdowns were insane. Chairman just chucking bank statements at managers. 

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1 minute ago, DC-1975 said:

That's true, but Leicester had to sign Kante and Mahrez to become a decent team. They would improve any team in the Premier League.

The comments that I was replying to were that the 2014 team would have been playing in Europe within a few years. From the squad that played a Wembley I would say only Thorne, Hughes and possibly Hendrick were good enough to compete towards that standard.

A few years? 3 for example? That's 6 transfer windows. 2 players each window and you've got a completely new team.

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