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  1. Leave the negativity behind at PP for 90 minutes, we've got a game to win! COYR
  2. Been handed another lifeline. Frustrating as we should've made it comfortably into the top 6 by now (built a gap below us) but the season isn't over yet...
  3. Bristol City have had to go on an amazing run just to get into this position, it can't last forever. A win on Monday, we go above them and the rest is in our hands...
  4. I thought this too. Praying it's the case, think he'll be a real boost for this game
  5. Frank won't even be in contention I suspect. It's just Sky trying to drum up more money on Sky Bet
  6. Just the once, Ipswich, Preston and Hull early in the season
  7. Love Nuge to bits but he's just not good enough. Would love for him to come back someday in the coaching set-up maybe but he's held us back in a few games...
  8. Oh well. Focus on three points tomorrow and see what happens next.
  9. Just being overly cautious, we all know we're going to hammer Ipswich 😓
  10. Bristol City losing, concede another and we'll move back into the play offs temporarily
  11. At least we can always rely on Forest to cheer us up!
  12. Brilliant again. Even when Carson is 100% I'd leave Roos in, seems to be a lot more instinctual at the moment.
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