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  1. @boysiewise11. I won't post the tweets cause he likes to use colourful language 😂
  2. Jody's best mate making all the right sounds on Twitter about the pair staying, FWIW.
  3. Perhaps Frank is having doubts about the job and is staying here so his mates are doing all they can to convince him...wishful thinking?
  4. Just on the FFP thing as well, would you really be holding out for the next financial year when it'd mean no manager in place for the start of pre-season training? There seems to be a lot of people who are confident it's happening but there's also a lot that doesn't add up in the current situation...
  5. He's already said he wouldn't apply for the job if it came up but I do agree he'd be a good choice.
  6. Laughable that Chelsea staff would be happy to appoint Lampard but would have doubts over Morris, who has achieved a lot more in his coaching career so far...
  7. Any indication of when Frank is back in the UK?
  8. Someone screenshotted it, here you go;
  9. For the social media doomsayers, check out Jody's latest Instagram story.
  10. I still have a gut feeling that he's going to stay...
  11. He hasn't liked that one either (not that it means anything)
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