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  1. Totally deserves it, hope he wins even if it is a 'curse'
  2. Looks like it is at 9751 at the moment, just bought a ticket as not been able to until now. If anyone is struggling financially at the moment I'm happy to fund a few tickets for people (3-5), don't be shy just let me know
  3. Both Chris and Ed have been asking all the right questions recently, kudos to them both
  4. Not sure if it has been noticed here but the Morris and Pearce's car park signs at Pride Park have been covered over with bags... Closure
  5. Sorry to hear about that, stay strong. Sunshine comes after rain and all that, hopefully things will get better soon in all respects.
  6. Be interesting to see which club Nathan Byrne and David Marshall go to now... 👀
  7. I try and keep things as fair and balanced as I can, as I always do when it comes to Derby County, but tonight was completely symptomatic of where we are at as a club. Mel, you've been a decent custodian for a number of the years that you have been our owner. It can't have been easy trying to compete with parachute payments and the like and trying to chase the dream with thousands of baying Derby fans full of ambition on your back. I get that. But tonight is a major indicator of the total mess we have now been left with as a club with the unorthodox methods you have employed to try and gain these advantages. Derby fans deserve some finality to the current issues and need to move on to save the club from the inevitable major decline approaching. You simply can't expect a squad of mostly kids bolstered by some ageing free agents to compete in the toughest league in the world. By trying to plot and work around the financial fair play rules (as flimsy and pathetic as they may be) you have led this great club into an untenable position at the moment. Squad depth is non-existent and in the odd case that we can stay competitive in games our lack of options shines through when the going gets tough in the 75th minute. It is completely unfair on Wayne Rooney and his staff to be left in this position, and completely unfair on the players who have stuck by and are currently fighting for Derby County Football Club. I understand I will personally never be in the position to walk away from a multi-million pound business so can't imagine the problems this would pose, and I have no doubts that you are doing what you can to keep things afloat, but with the club being a proud institution of Derbyshire, it's so heart-breaking to see that things are going the way they are because of what I feel are personal battles and arguments with members of the EFL board. To the people of this forum, how much longer can things go on the way they are going without being challenged? We are dying by a thousands cuts in the hope that we may avoid a points deduction and stay up again by the skin of our teeth. In reality, every game that goes by is forcing a points deduction on us whether we like it or not. We can't keep trying to tread water like we are.
  8. Can't tell if I hate this season's refs or Don Goodman more
  9. Did enjoy Jozwiak full on clattering Grealish then to be fair
  10. Worth noting Jozwiak didn't get off the bench tonight vs San Marino
  11. Rooney's going to somehow injure himself isn't he? Such is the luck of Derby County at the moment. Given will probably end up two-footing him by accident
  12. A recent example I think is Martyn Waghorn v Sheffield Wednesday last season. The man was possessed
  13. Well it took us 9 games last season to get to our current points total and 14 games to get to 7 points, so we're not exactly performing worse yet
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