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  1. A win on Saturday would be absolutely huge for us. COYR
  2. He was immense yesterday, his best performance of the season.
  3. Lads dug in deep to ensure I don't have to do another 10k so soon, knew you were looking out for me lads 🙏
  4. Have some faith. Second half of the season we're going to smash it, let's go! (Please don't make me do three 10k runs in a week, Derby)
  5. We're going to win this one. Quote me, screenshot me, @ me.
  6. Think the Huddersfield fans are happy with this move.
  7. Gary Rowett needs to hook him up with some new kicks
  8. I'd stop now before it gets too expensive 😂
  9. Sorry I've only just seen this! I can't vouch for Strava as I've never used it and I use TomTom because I got a watch for it as a hand me down but can't have any complaints with it so far, I guess it's all down to personal preference though. Anyway, this is starting to look like a bad idea... Today's 10k! https://mysports.tomtom.com/app/public/activity/perm_aJ2YdcBXGnR1LbtkyVb2TAR1Lo5K-vefQjnaxfZYJG7ilx3oFiho03mipxRfD8QLtizeKimZUcQYBbtnh1vKjA/ Reached 10% of the target already so a massive thank you to all here who have donated! Link is below and any shares to other Derby fans w
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