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  1. United fans singing "sacked in the morning"
  2. Scunthorpe 0-3 Derby FRGS Marriott
  3. Huddersfield 3-4 Derby County FRGS Dowell
  4. Would be fantastic to win by three goals...
  5. Lawrence Shankland has scored four this afternoon... Always seems to have done very well, how much would he be worth?
  6. No number 7 in our squad. We couldn't... could we?
  7. Is it just the Louden Tavern for Derby fans then or anywhere else?
  8. I think we just passed the Derby players bus near Kendal!
  9. Looks like the account's been deactivated, probably a ruse in the end. Shame.
  10. Starting again for Liverpool tonight
  11. Second game of preseason and we've already got another team on the 'rattled by Derby' list 👍
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