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  1. Well, there's a court case to be had before the Charlton game, just saying...
  2. Roos Bogle Davies Clarke Lowe Bielik Shinnie Holmes Paterson Martin Marriott 3 points in the bag
  3. We really need to go up this season. Going to struggle to fight for the automatic places with Everton and Man Utd next season
  4. Apparently Spurs want to end Jack Clarke's loan back at Leeds and send him elsewhere in January. Would love him to come here for the rest of the season!
  5. Barnsley 1-3 Derby FRGS Paterson
  6. Perhaps Hudds in defence and Bielik in CDM?
  7. Yep looked to me like it was the linesman he was giving grief to.
  8. Haha, maybe once or twice, I actually stayed in a hostel while I was in Kosovo and it was probably one of the friendliest and most fun I stayed in. Eastern Europe is a beautiful part of the world but I can understand why people are a bit sceptical!
  9. Spent a night in Pristina on a trip across the Balkans a few years back, ended up in a nightclub with a distinct Albanian mafia vibe drunk out of my mind. 10/10 highly recommended! Kosovo look good for the Euros and could shock a few people there I think.
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