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  1. Wow he signed for Derby on my FIFA Career mode a few years back so it's weird to see his name pop up in real life for us. He scored the winner in the Champions League final for us there, just saying
  2. Sean

    Ex Rams

    Looks like Keogh is on holiday with Waghorn judging from the latter's Instagram
  3. It's my birthday on Friday. This is the greatest birthday present ever
  4. We need a striker but you'd sell our top scorer?
  5. Did I mention that we're going to win this one? Quote me, screenshot me, @ me.
  6. I'm not expecting anything from today's game but given how much their fans have been going on about us on social media this weekend I'd love to smash them today as a parting gift...
  7. Didn't de Wijs just concede 8 goals in one game this week?
  8. At least they can't be promoted at Pride Park anymore 😬
  9. Thorne £3.5m - 5 Ince £6m - 9 Weimann £2.75m - 4 Shackell £3m - 5 Butterfield £4m - 5 Johnson £6m - 7 Camara £1.25m - 3 Blackman £2.5m - 0 Vydra £8m - 9 Anya £4.5m - 0 Nugent £2.5m - 6 Lawrence £6m - 6 Wisdom £3m - 6 Olsson £1.5m - 5 Josefzoon £1.5m - 2 Marriott £4m - 6 Waghorn £6m - 5 Malone £2.5m - 3 Bielik £8m - inconclusive
  10. I'll be desolate at full time, is that a good enough prediction? Derby 0-4 Leeds...
  11. Longest run of scoring in league games in recent memory and the highest number of goals scored in the league in 2020 until recently and yet we're somehow 'defensive'
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