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  1. Swap Fozzy for Wizz and you're spot on
  2. Let's do what all the big clubs do and get a former player in as manager! What's Richard Keogh up to these days?
  3. We're going to win this one. Quote me, screenshot me, @ me.
  4. Just had a look at our fixtures and for the optimists out there, seven of the next eight league games are against teams currently below us in the table. Reading (A) Wigan (A) Charlton (H) *Rooney eligible to play and January window opens* Barnsley (H) Crystal Palace (A) cup game - free hit Middlesbrough (A) Hull (H) - only team above us at the moment Luton (A) Stoke (H) There are of course no guarantees but with the window opening and a chance to refresh the squad, including injured players coming back and a favourable run of fixtures, it's a fantastic opportunity to put some results together and climb the table. After that, who knows? All I'm saying is that yesterday's result hurt, but I've seen a lot of Derby fans with itchy trigger fingers online. If we're still in a poor position come February, then maybe we worry, but I wouldn't panic just yet.
  5. Despite our result today Forest and Leeds have somehow managed to bring some joy
  6. Thank you. So many fans have short memories. The second halves of both games this week were much better but just missing the quality we need at the moment. Cocu needs to address the passive first halves. I find myself increasingly frustrated with the Derby fanbase. I don't have a problem with constructive criticisms but calling for yet more drastic changes will not help us in the long run.
  7. Was it five minutes before closing time? Disgusting if so.
  8. I can't believe it, bottom of the league... Oh hang on? I thought we were looking at the reaction online. We're constantly coming up short in making the right pass at the right time and the first half was poor but the negativity is astonishing. We looked much better second half and would've taken all three points if luck was on our side (hint: it hasn't been all season)
  9. Didn't realise Fenerbahce were based in Scotland?
  10. Derby 3-1 Sheff Weds much to the shock of everyone in Pride Park FRGS Marriott much to the shock of everyone in Pride Park
  11. The biggest failing of our scouting network is the sheer inability to scout outside of England and Scotland. A club of our size should be able to pick up a gem from abroad (proper scouting - not like Camara and Albentosa). I think scouting is the biggest issue we currently have at the club, you could argue in recent years only Holmes was unearthed as a hidden gem.
  12. Hamer Bogle Davies Forsyth Lowe Bielik Holmes/Evans Knight Lawrence Martin Marriott Subs: Roos, Sibley, Whittaker, Malone, Wisdom, Holmes/Evans, Trialist
  13. Derby fans are so bloody fickle. All singing Cocu's praises just two weeks ago and now he's useless. Yes, the away form is terrible but we're nine points clear of relegation and going into a favourable set of fixtures, I don't think we need to hit the panic button over anything. Do you really know the people you are working with and the dynamics of everything involving your new job when you've been there five months? Add to the fact it is in a foreign country and is a form of your industry that you have no previous experience of (English football), of course it's going to take time. Considering half of our play off team left the club and the other half got injured I think he's doing a great job. He could be better, but judge him next season when he's had two transfer windows to get settled and put his stamp on this team.
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