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  1. For those who said he has misspoken, why would he bring up their race in a slip of the tongue?
  2. Gonna add that I 100% heard him say it on the link earlier this morning, just to make it as clear as possible Edit: Just saw someone saved it
  3. From what I've heard and seen from the academy Festy Ebosele has been mightily impressive at RB, perhaps we could just promote him if we sold Bogle?
  4. They'll be dancing in the streets of Sheffield tonight
  5. We're going to win this one. Quote me, screenshot me, @ me.
  6. We're going to win this one. Quote me, screenshot me, @ me.
  7. Leeds, Forest and Boro fall behind within minutes of each other? Oh no how sad
  8. Regardless of what happens, tomorrow is a proud day for the club and all involved, hopefully it's just the start of much more to come!
  9. We're gonna need our strongest players to win the FA Cup so no.
  10. We're going to win this one. Quote me, screenshot me, @ me.
  11. Don't know if anyone noticed but we'll be in the quarter final draw(!) as it takes place on the Wednesday
  12. Get in Phil! He's up against Lee Johnson, Sabri Lamouchi and Michael O'Neill. https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2020/02/cocu-nominated-for-sky-bet-championship-manager-of-the-month-award
  13. Ooh, I nearly forgot. We're going to win this one. Quote me, screenshot me, @ me.
  14. ...who would you rather be promoted? And for the purposes of this poll, no, they can't both bottle it in the playoffs!
  15. Really helped Stoke in their away game didn't he?
  16. Also not sure if anyone has noticed but you can see on the Sky highlights after Bogle's goal just how much it meant to Cocu and the staff. What a night!
  17. Bogle's goal was incredible. The feeling around the ground when that went in was amazing, haven't felt a buzz like that at Pride Park in a long time!
  18. Needs bumping again. Obviously a very emotional night for him last night but was tireless again and is looking more and more like an absolute bargain with every passing game. He seems to keep improving and adding to his game as time goes on which is fantastic to see. First name on the team sheet for me.
  19. If he's for the U23s maybe it's the other way round and JHI is moving up to the first team?
  20. Cocu obviously thinks JHI isn't quite ready yet and he hasn't seen enough from his forwards at the moment. If he comes let's wait and see what he's like. He may just come alive at Derby.
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