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  1. Leeds 0-1 Derby FRGS Hamer
  2. Haha, maybe once or twice, I actually stayed in a hostel while I was in Kosovo and it was probably one of the friendliest and most fun I stayed in. Eastern Europe is a beautiful part of the world but I can understand why people are a bit sceptical!
  3. Spent a night in Pristina on a trip across the Balkans a few years back, ended up in a nightclub with a distinct Albanian mafia vibe drunk out of my mind. 10/10 highly recommended! Kosovo look good for the Euros and could shock a few people there I think.
  4. Judging from this I don't think we need to worry about Cocu. Clearly he's doing his best not to burst into flames in anger here. poo performance but it's a marathon not a sprint.
  5. Just getting February out of the way early this year. Up the Rams
  6. Kept an eye on Mitchell-Lawson a lot in this game, thought he always looked switched on and positive, really impressed with him. Think he should be knocking on the door with the first team. Chris Martin had a good game apart from that back pass, thought Babos, Hector-Ingram, Brown and Shonibare looked good too. We have a very bright future here even if the present may have some stumbling blocks!
  7. Saddened to see that Keogh bleeds red and not black and white.
  8. Lampard at the game tomorrow perhaps?
  9. United fans singing "sacked in the morning"
  10. Scunthorpe 0-3 Derby FRGS Marriott
  11. Huddersfield 3-4 Derby County FRGS Dowell
  12. Would be fantastic to win by three goals...
  13. Lawrence Shankland has scored four this afternoon... Always seems to have done very well, how much would he be worth?
  14. No number 7 in our squad. We couldn't... could we?
  15. Is it just the Louden Tavern for Derby fans then or anywhere else?
  16. I think we just passed the Derby players bus near Kendal!
  17. Looks like the account's been deactivated, probably a ruse in the end. Shame.
  18. Starting again for Liverpool tonight
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