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Mark Hughes sacked

Animal is a Ram

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I don't understand how people like Mark Hughes, David Moyes & Alan Pardew are still getting a chance in the top division. Very much a merry go round between some managers.

Although all of the above may have had decent spells, Football has evolved and i don't think these have. Especially Mark Hughes.

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4 minutes ago, Wolfie said:

Strange that it wasn't so long ago that Southampton were held up as the paragon of how a club should be run.

Just goes to show what the threat of losing Prem money can do to a club's stability.

It only takes a bringing in a few average players and things decline very rapidly.  Comparable to the last couple of season's of The Bald Eagle's reign, when he lost his touch with finding hidden gems.  I'm looking mostly at you Mikel Beck!!!

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5 hours ago, Ghost of Clough said:

Southampton fans apparently put it down to Nicola Cortese leaving the club. 

He was indeed the one with the European contacts who found people like van dijk, lovren etc

Their other mainstay was Les Reed who ran the academy- also gone.

Bringing in old blockhead would be hilarious - as funny as when arry and Jim drank them into the championship ?

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