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  1. Well, after reading all these songs, I wish I was 12 years old again
  2. Taking blood pressure tablets grumbling about menus that say “jus” instead of gravy, remembering who Bill Curry was
  3. My brother in law was told yesterday he has aggressive lymph cancer and it’s terminal. About 12 weeks is the prognosis. It brings things into perspective.
  4. Loved it. Great insight into the training and good to see the training ground and the inside of Moor Farm
  5. Well in that case I certainly don’t want to get in around your area any time soon
  6. Yes you’re right. Pitcher’s Corner became the boys end
  7. But the place was falling down and the plans for rebuilding was for about a 22,000 crowd. It was hemmed in on Shaftesbury Crescent by houses and Ley’s on the other side. It was designed originally in the centre of a good working class area when workers lived near to their works and few had cars. But by the 90s it had outlived its location. Pity but had to happen sooner or later.
  8. I seem to recall that in my first visits to the BBG back in the early 50s, there was a corner of the ground (can’t remember which end) called Pitcher’s Corner, a throwback to baseball days I presume.
  9. It doesn’t have to rhyme or scan or have a certain pattern of lines. It does need to paint a picture with carefully chosen words. It should have a point that a reader can respond to. This doesn’t. It is in fact, how shall I put this in a nice way, crap
  10. I assume you mean Test Match Special and not Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation….
  11. People do get confused with libel and slander. Basically if I told someone that you are a murdering thief who has carnal knowledge of your aunt then it’s slander, but if I published it, it would be libel. Unless it’s true. I think. It doesn’t help that I’m sitting in my garden quaffing my third pint of Guinness West Indies Porter.
  12. Hmm, think it would be slander. 😇
  13. I went to the WHU v Leicester match on Monday. Very disappointed with Leicester, poor in all areas and not helped by a sending off. But got to say, the Irons were fantastic. Looked like champions. Not too sure about their squad depth when they get injuries, suspensions etc but a real pleasure to watch at the moment. And top of the PL. But still don’t like their anthem. “I’m forever blowing bubbles” is not really a rousing song to get the blood surging.
  14. Saw the Stones in concert 50 years ago. Seems strange to think that Charlie won’t be around anymore. RIP
  15. I’m a STH for my local team West Ham United and they’ve gone digital. No more actual tickets. You get an email with a ticket you have to download to Google Pay or Apple Wallet, a week before the game and you scan in at the turnstile. Alternatively you can print it and scan that in. Being the old git I am, I prefer a good old real season ticket.
  16. A rubbish match ending in a Rams defeat of 2-0. I’ll now go and drown my sorrows while quaffing a pint of foaming ale.
  17. That’s right. Rugby Football was shortened to rugger and Association Football was soccer. When I was a lad in the backstreets of Derby in the 50s, soccer was used quite a lot but was dropped quite quickly in favour of football
  18. I was there. Every home game and a few away. I was a 26 year old just started working in the dole office at the top of Normanton Road after working as a barman for a couple of years in Estartit Spain (at the wonderfully named El Custard Beast). A fantastic time to be a Rams fan. I remember it so well. There was a buzz in the town. Let’s hope we can recreate it while I’m still around!
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