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  1. Will Hughes Watch

    yeah but no but yeah but....surely those Watford lads can't be right, I've read from some very knowledgeable posters on here that Will isn't good enough to get a game never mind play well in the PL.
  2. Will Hughes Watch

    If I had a choice of any club in the world Will would go to, he'd be playing in yellow and black for the rest of the season. The chances of that happening are mighty slim.
  3. Will Hughes Watch

    I know a championship club and manager who would give their back teeth to have Will on loan in January. I know a championship club and manager that would get him playing again. I can dream until January 31st at least. If Will doesn't break into the Watford side before then I'd still be mildly surprised.
  4. Koeman

    I clicked a lot of buttons by accident. I think I may have reported Bris's post. Now I might occasionally (usually,nearly always) disagree with his views on football, life and the universe as a whole but there was no need to grass him up for what he wrote above. All of which I agree with whole heartedly :-)
  5. Will Hughes Watch

    Steve Bull?
  6. Does entertainment/style of play really matter?

    It's a results driven industry. Get the points you need to get to where you've got to get and get them however you can. There's a lot to be said for a team that wins games without playing brilliantly. It's superb to watch a side battle to wins or draws just as much as it is watching them play a side off the park. Football is, always was and hopefully always will be played many different ways with many different styles and ideals. I've got no time for those who label that kind of football "anti" or "turgid". I really hate that those terms have crept into the game. If you can't enjoy a battling 0-0 or even better a smash and grab backs to the walls 1-0 away victory, then you're not understanding the side of the game that is really beautiful. No-one should care how he gets you to where you want to be. You should all care massively that he gets you there. I'm getting a huge amount of satisfaction watching little old Burton grinding out any point th6ye can get their hands on. It's proper football, I love it.
  7. View from the outside

    Ruthless and controlled (mostly) Far from spectacular but I agree with whoever it was who posted Rowett out tic tacked Warburton. Impressive for a lot of reasons but still missing a bit of spark. You'd settle for that kind of performance every derby fixture. Forest had chances but lacked a bit of composure when it mattered. Carson looked very solid indeed.
  8. Extend Joe Ledley’s Contract Please.

    I hope I don't come across as moaning here. I hope I've made it really clear I want to see you go up with Rowett in charge. I watch a lot of championship football these days and I mean a lot. I've watched a lot of Wolves, Leeds, Villa, Boro, Hull, Fulham, Cardiff and Bristol City in particular. I'm not talking about Sheffield United or Preston or Norwich or any of the other sides above Derby right now as I haven't seen enough of them. If Gary sticks with the five of Davies, Keogh, Ledley, Huddlestone (Thorne), Nugent (Martin), then there's not enough pace or mobility in Derby's central areas to cause those teams huge problems. You're basically relying on a bit of magic from Lawrence or Vydra, a counter attack using Johnny Russells pace to create anything. Maybe a bit of quality from Forsyth. Those teams all press high, they've all got real pace and quality right through the middle of the park. You won't finish ahead of many of those sides unless he injects a bit of pace into the side, especially central midfield. That's why I'm struggling to see why he's let Bryson go. The lad will press high up the pitch and he'll run and run all day long, exactly the kind of player you're crying out for. It was a really good win yesterday and there's no doubt Gary has got them looking very solid defensively but for me he's yet to find a real spark going forward and against better teams I think you're in danger of getting out played, especially for pace.
  9. GT The number "10"

    Haven't read the whole thread so apologies if I'm duplicating what someone else has already posted but was it just me who thought he looked huge and a bit less mobile? I know mobility will come with match fitness to a massive degree but I was a bit worried he'd bilked up a bit too much, he was always a beast physically but he really did look massive to me. Delighted and actually got a bit emotional seeing him get back on the pitch at this level, hate to see any player lose serious amount of time to injury, especially when they're as talented as George is. Really got everything crossed he gets back to the levels he showed consistently when he played regularly but I've got to be honest and say I thought he looked a bit Huddlestonesque. Brilliant result by the way, even if the performance wasn't exceptional, did more than enough to justify the three points, Nice to see Bryson and Bucko sitting together, really pleased to hear Bryson get a good reception, I wonder what he must be thinking down in Cardiff, no need to send him out on loan, none at all. Hopefully that win sees the season well and truly back on track.
  10. Amazing goals thread

    Would it be rude to be shouting ffs lads show him onto his right? :-)
  11. Catalan Uprising

    Scenes like this have no place in our world. I watched a brilliant but worrying documentary about a year ago, it was about how the Canadian police "managed" the public when the g8 were in town. Another shocking example of police behaviour, when you then look at some of the things happening in the States, it's genuinely worrying, frightening and shocking. I can't feel any other emotion than pure anger seeing that. I'd have taken a real kicking, as there's no way I'd have been able to stay quiet, watching grown men who are supposed to serve and protect, throwing a defenseless woman down a flight of stairs and then dragging her by her hair. They're nothing but cowards. They should be arrested and prosecuted. A real disgrace to society and all the while acting upon the instructions of the people in power. Disgusting
  12. Las Vegas

    And she's rich. More than 1000 dollars on that cash out. Doesn't get much better than that. Stunning, lovely smile and independently wealthy enough to take a chance on ;-) ****edited to point out I nearly forgot, I bet you're all delighted and relieved in equal measure she's home safe.
  13. Craig Bryson - signed for Cardiff season long loan

    Niece you say? In that case I wouldn't feel quite so cheeky asking her out on her date if this one went bellies up. If it were your daughter I'd feel obliged to get your permission first, I assume it would be a foregone conclusion of course. Daddy ;-) The lad she's married sounds really nice, I bet he wears expensive proper wool sweaters and always smells nice as well ;-)
  14. Craig Bryson - signed for Cardiff season long loan

    Sounds like I missed out on a cracker in your daughter pal ;-) She's obviously a very good judge of character and football :-) Let me know if things don't quite work out with the other fella, I've got my fingers and toes crossed for them of course :-)
  15. Will Hughes Watch

    I think Will's biggest strength lies outside of his technical ability. I think his biggest asset is that he plays passes that make the other players decisions for them, in other words he puts the ball exactly where it should be put. The number of times I've seen him play a perfectly weighted ball into the path of the player and that pass makes the next move natural. You really can't teach that kind of awareness and not many players have it. IF he's gone backwards and it's a big if, then it's a crying indictment of the coaching of natural talent out of young English kids. He's an intelligent lad Will, both on and off the field. He's a cut above the average footballer and always has been. He needs to get his break, once he gets it he'll stay in the side. Once he's played 20 games for Watford he'll be in the England squad, we don't have many midfielders who can do what Will does when he's playing at the top of his game.

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