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  1. "Fans of French side Avant Garde Caennaise can't chant "You don't know what you're doing" at the manager, because they'd be singing it at themselves. Julien Le Pen is boss of the team, in the sixth tier of French football, and the 33-year-old has plenty of company on the sidelines. Decisions such as the team line-up, in-game tactics and substitutions are decided by more than 2,000 virtual managers - this is like the Football Manager simulation game in real life." https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46309834 Thoughts?
  2. Your knowledge of all things aviation has been both surprising (I don't really know why it's surprised me to be fair) and it's added a really interesting insight. To this and the Leicester owners thread.👍 Do you fly or are you just really good with google? I agree the bloke Mearns has been really classy.
  3. I can't lose mate. I like all 3 managers. Pochettino probably just edges it. Sergio Aguero and David Silva are probably my two favourite premier league players. I was cheering for West Ham on Monday night as all I want is an exciting a title race as possible. While not even watching that many premier league games these days. Come on you blues, whites and reds 😉
  4. Deserved on the second half performance. Kyle Bartley doing what Kyle Bartley does best and I'm not talking about his goal. The 14 for Brighton has got out of jail. I've not seen soft defending like that since the time I played for AC Italia reserves and Fonzarelli walked off the pitch at a corner, 'cos Massimo told him his hair was a mess.
  5. Such a brave post by the way. On a very sensitive subject you've managed to put across a point of view I struggle to agree with really well. You clearly trust your mate 100% and that decision should be yours and yours alone. I can't imagine for one second you'd put your kids into the care of someone if you had even the tiniest of doubts. Without being all cheesy, he's lucky to have such a loyal friend stand behind him. duck the social services. Although there are no doubt some fantastic caring people working for them, they take their eye of too many obvious cases for me to respect the profession.
  6. Some of the decisions Social Services makes and forces on families is nothing short of criminal but that's another matter for another day. How old was your mate @TigerTedd and was it a genuine accident or was it a case of him chancing his arm so to speak? In terms of Rolf, others and even Adam Johnson. I have little sympathy. The age gap is too big to be healthy and when it comes down to push or shove it's the adults responsibility to know which lines shouldn't be crossed. Teenage girls are susceptible and full of admiration for wise older men. To take advantage of that under any circumstances is wrong. Adults failing children. You're an adult for god's sakes, how can you do things like that to a kid and how can you not know it's wrong? I read the other day 140,000 children a year go missing in the UK. Jesus Christ that's a lot and they're not all hanging around with each other in some fun fair in the forest. Where are they all and who's got them?
  7. Nah. Always walk on the sunny side of the street. My shadow is so fecking handsome it's not true. I would 😍
  8. Lots of talk of pundits and switching off while they're chatting. I've just walked in, missed the first half of WBA v Brighton but caught the half time chat. Brilliant conversation between the bloke hosting, Jason Roberts and Liam Rosenior about opportunities being opened up for BAME managers and coaches. It's the best 2 minute conversation I've heard, both Roberts and Rosenior putting the point put across clearly and eloquently. Liam Rosenior impresses me more every time I listen to him and I've really got everything crossed that he gets a chance and soon, to manage a club. I really hope he has the ability to put his football views across to players as well as he does as a pundit. In other words, I hope he doesn't do a Gary Neville and Thierry Henry and bomb in his first role. I love his passion and think he would add a huge amount to the game. Good open game so far. There should be more football available on terrestrial TV as well. Viewing figures are always MUCH higher than when games are on Sky or BT.
  9. I sometimes wonder what would have happened if Mason had scored instead of unluckily hitting the bar as a 15 year old making his debut at Boro away. 3 inches lower and his confidence would have sky rocketed. Wasn't/Isn't he also the youngest ever Derby scorer in the FA Cup? The lad still has a chance. I'd honestly love to see him at the Pirelli next season if you boys don't fancy him anymore.
  10. Honestly? If that's the case I think you've not been watching closely enough. I'm not someone who watches every game any more but even I've seen some glimpses of a really good player struggling to burst out. You mention Wilson who is here now but also mention Jeff and Will. Wilson if fit, he plays. I'll focus more on Jeff and Will as they were two I got to see a lot of. Both of them were given long, unbroken runs in the team. They were allowed to grow, allowed to make mistakes and allowed to learn. They also knew the manager trusted them enough to put them both in game after game even when their form naturally dipped. I'd be keen to see what is Mason's longest run of getting picked. He needs some games. He still has potential to go on to be a 5 million plus player and I'd point to the likes of Chris Wood and even your very own Martyn Waghorn as examples of that kind of player. You don't get many finished articles as strikers at 22.
  11. When have you ever known ronnieronalde to over react to a perfectly calm situation? Plus, imagine how much respect you'll get from your wife for showing that kind of commitment to the cause. Women love it when you completely lose your poo over little things and worse case scenario, you get a free cheeseburger out of it. Winner Winner.
  12. Can't only be me who had to read that at least twice 😉 Best advice I can give, go all Michael Douglas Falling Down on their ass. Help yourself to a DCFC goodie bag of your choice and then pop to the nearest Mcdonalds for a relaxing cheeseburger. Just for christs sake make sure it's after half ten.
  13. I don't give a rats arse. The joy of watching football without hatred.
  14. Without boring the poo out of everyone else pal. In 1988, he took me to live with him and his family when I was a bullied little 15 year old, scruffy, scared of my own shadow and without a future. Despite the intervention somehow I've managed to turn the clock back and now I'm 46, scruffy and have no future 😉 🤣🤡
  15. to be fair mate, hasn't it felt like that on here sometimes as well ;;-) Brothers in Arms 🙂 ps - there's four so far and I haven't even asked my mam to sign yet 😉
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