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  1. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    Rumours of NC being interested in speaking to them. not from any other source than the internet just in case anyone thinks it's inside info. i hope he doesn't leave burton but I've got a feeling this time around if it's offered he'll take it. Confusing couple of days ahead until they officially apprpach new fella st least.
  2. Who can we have?

    Haven't read any quotes or seen any of his interviews yet ramnut but you can usually tell from his body language or what he doesn't say. Have you got a link to the one you saw?
  3. Who can we have?

    There has been a fair bit of radio talk about Gary helping NC out with a couple of loans this window. worth keeping in mind we haven't got s pot to p in wages contributions, who would you like to see get a few games. we need a left back perhaps a strong but creative central midfielder and a centre forward. I'm thinking forsyth, Thorne and Martin maybe? 😜 I'm assuming you'll all be ok with that especially as it would help your old mate out eh 👍
  4. Ipswich Town F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    I read every post from the final whistle onwards seeing lots of praise and righty so. i made s bet in my own mind that the Mexican would come on and try to knock the wind out of your sails. he never lets me down. you're a real joy killer brisvegas. Always were. Dont let his trolling spoil your celebrations lads and lasses enjoy the good times while you can.
  5. Carlos Carvalhal Swansea Manager

    That and the fact he was useless in the first place. wanted him to do well and actually quite started liking him as a bloke but as a manager, not on your nelly. ever since he picked Chris Baird twice and stayed out of a team talk in a game he was losing. shifty eyes as well 😎 Another hyped up 'visionary' coach found out.
  6. Clough and Burton

    I came away from the game disappointed. thought some of Leeds gamesmanship (cheating!?) pushed the boundaries somewhat. The Vieira recovery being a case in point although to be fair it looked a bad challenge from Tom Naylor who was probsbly lucky the ref had turned his back. Also thought Alioski constantly dove, roofe cheated and a stronger ref would have clamped down on it. i rarely blame the ref but thought he missed quite a bit of the niggly stuff. stupid challenge from Tom Flanagan for the free kick and burton lost the plot for 5 minutes which cost them a point. the 2 chances at 1-0, we've got to score one of them then it's a different game. not seen the highlights but from where I was sitting we had an unbelievable chance to nick a point, I hope it wasn't as bad a miss as it looked live. still a cracking Christmas overall, we've put ourselves back in the mix. Brilliant.
  7. Clough and Burton

    Prior to Bolton and Reading I'd have said it was purely down to being expected to sit back and hot on the counter. We were setting up with 5 at the back and sometimes 3 in front of them and attacking when we could. It was worth a point and we might even nick it with a moment of quality. the last two games have been slightly different, we've gone to a solid back four NC has made 3 or 4 seemingly astute changes bringing in naylor and miller in midfield (miller is 19 or 19 on loan from spurs ). Thry both close down for fun. We've then get dyer skins and Murphy who are all incredibly hard grafters as well. hes dropped mcfadzean and warnock who although experienced were gifting goals and since then Buxton and turner have looked good together. probsbly the biggest single changevthough is the Bray has come back in and played well. He gives the rest of the team a huge lift. weve played well looked very solid and of course have had a couple of fairly large slices of luck. ice said all along we're a striker away from being ok. Huge 6 points and two really wonderful games to go to. i enjoyed Saturdays effort so much I drove back to the Pirelli to say thanks to the players after they got off the bus. Their honesty and effort really is a joy to watch. its going to be a scary ride and we may end up not being good enough but already it's been one hell of an experience.
  8. Christmas rituals

    Not been yet revel but tempted to go. The thing is I make very decent kotletki and golabki myself so manage to keep the taste buds going with that, as long as I don't run out of ogorki I'm in good shape :-)
  9. Griezmann

    and a bonus like/quote for the script writing. I'd probably giggle my silly little head off at the end of that if it were a sitcom. *edited to add as long as you were sufficiently beaten for your narrow minded ways, but no so badly that you couldn't immediately enrol on a self awareness course and do the paid community service so you can pay for the lads who hit you to have counselling as you no doubt left them mentally scarred. Boo you.
  10. Christmas rituals

    Top bombing David :-) Well played.
  11. Christmas rituals

    Kurcze.... zartujesz!? After all of these years Mama and Ciociu have been lying to me. We have them on Christmas Eve as well, must be cheating!! or doing it for the daft foreigner who loves them any time of the year... They do make lovely pierogi though.
  12. Christmas rituals

    Moj polski nie jest doskonaly ale.... od czasu do czasu ;-) I'm better at speaking than I am writing and that is entirely down to the grammar. All learned from M jak milosc and na wspolnej ;-) Poland was home for a long time pal, I feel more of a stranger here than I ever did there and I miss it for exactly the reasons you've listed above, just probably in a slightly different order ;-)
  13. Christmas rituals

    Pure genius, even more as it's been true too often for too many of us. Hat doffed. Merry Christmas pal :-)
  14. Christmas rituals

    I didn't realise there was such a large Polish influence amongst us males on the board. Can't think why ;-) Must be the food :-)
  15. Christmas rituals

    Blimey that sounds like a belter. Hope you're having the Polish tradition of keeping a seat spare (ask Babciu ;-) ) Having spent 15 years in Warsaw I'll be making my own pierogi this year for the first time of asking, just moved into a cracking little cottage in the country and 'll be knocking up 6 out of the 7 courses... I'll be stopping short at the carp though ;-) Smacznego I Wesolych swiat dla wszystkich :-)

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