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  1. Without attacking the posters and readers on here, i'm afraid this whole racism thing shows first of all how utterly thick as pig poo some football fans are, also society in general. First of all for having such moronic narrow minded views, then for being idiotic enough to still try to get away with it. Pure scum. It's about time something serious was done about it. They're in danger of killing the game as we know it.
  2. Oh yeah. I forgot about the red button. Good luck today, you need a favour or two as well as doing your own stuff. Fingers crossed.
  3. This is similar to the i-pro deal in my opinion, the club needed to find an income stream and to increase turnover. Until the rules change you can't break the rules. The only reason I disliked the i-pro deal so much was because of the individuals involved and the way the deal was announced. Mel needs to do whatever he needs to do within the rules. If he can sell the stadium to himself and that get's the club over a difficult period, it's the leagues fault for allowing it to happen. I like Steve Gibson but think he's clutching at straws and isn't exactly someone shy of throwing the cash around chasing the dream.
  4. Based on his ability or the fact you've got inside info on his 3m move to Man City as Raheem Sterling's understudy? 😉
  5. Looks like we're going to come up short, although we're giving it bloody good go. We've been brilliant since January +16 goal difference in the last 13 games and we've beaten some of the top side. Not only beaten them but totally outplayed them football wise. I know you lot have your own business to take care of but for anyone not going to Brum, Burton are on Sky against Portsmouth. Give us a watch if you can, we're playing some lovely stuff and Portsmouth are a top side as well. It should be a good game. Top ten finish, League Cup Semi Final, brilliant entertaining football and some more brilliant cheap signings in Scot Fraser and Jamie Allen who are both now worth a few quid more than we paid. It's been a great season and should go some way to finally proving NC is a very decent manager. Burton are the 84th best supported side in the top 4 divisions. Talk about well and truly punching above our weight. Get your money on a play off place next season, we might have to sell Liam Boyce but if we do at least we'll have a few quid to spend. *** note on potential surprise player of the year in League One next season in Marcus Harness, if this lad starts to get confident in his own ability he'll tear a few teams apart and be worth a few quid as well****
  6. £5 ew on Jury Duty and Go Conquer. My knowledge of horse racing is not what it should be.
  7. Interesting and I think fair comment on Sky last night that even with VAR it wouldn't have been disallowed. The ball was crossed twice AFTER the missed offside. Southampton defence had 2 chances to reset before the goal was scored. Couple of points. Southampton were brilliant for 25-30 minutes each half. Ralf has really got them playing high tempo stuff that is good to watch. Exactly what he said he would do. Liverpool were careless with the ball and apart from his cross Trent Alexander had a shocker. Gunn should have done better with Keita's header. Can't believe that wasn't pulled up on last night. Nice to see how much it meant to Jordan Henderson and thought the interview at the end was very good. Lovely to see and hear so much enthusiasm and togetherness from the 3 lads Sky spoke to. Salah seems to have a very good sense of humour. Good game. Great run in.
  8. I want Liverpool to win it. I like Man City and have started really liking Pep, he is pure class. I grew up hating Liverpool, probably even more than Meuspach hates them. I still want Liverpool to win it.
  9. Also shows how TV has got football by the short and curlies. There is no way commercial revenue would be as high a percentage IF the game wasn't so widely/over exposed and over hyped. Blimey if the telly man ever gets the hump, the game at the top two levels certainly in England would be thrown into turmoil.
  10. I got to know Colin quite well, he's a nice man. He certainly was among a small group of Brian's closest friends, although the "access" he had didn't even come close. I'll try to get hold of it as I imagine it will be a bloody good read though. I got a message the other week from someone very close, didn't know whether to smile with pride or to break down in tears. "you knew him better than almost anyone still alive" - how lovely is that? It's not the publishers not wanting to touch it, they are as desperate as me to see it in print, it's not getting permission from Nigel or Simon that is stopping it from being out. Until that comes I'm in limbo. It still doesn't sit well that people like Colin/Duncan Hamliton have made money from selling their stories though. I see why but it just leaves a bit of a sour taste. The memories and time spent with him was payment enough.
  11. Good post! McVey sounds like a potential genius in he making. You could have just posted the pics though, and I'd have agreed with anything you said after that 😉
  12. I've got a lot crossed that things align for you and Derby get themselves flying to give you a lift. I'm the same but opposite. Unless the brewers get a win or at least a point, my week is in ruins. I've had to stop going to games so only have the "text" on bet365 and the forum which I've taken a self imposed time out on. Football sure does have a lot to answer for. Highs and lows.
  13. There was probably a very good reason I try to stay away from any Derby/Forest banter. I should keep my big gob shut but as a "neutral" I find the to-ing and fro-ing fascinating. I want to make two points but I'm worried about the backlash both sides of the fence. One good, one bad for either club. The bolded bit above. It drove him nuts, even in the late 80's. I remember "we'd" stuck six past Villa and Norwich and maybe even seven past Chelsea then Liverpool rock up at the City Ground and there's only 21,000 in the ground at ten to three. There was an electronic clicker on the turnstiles that fed the numbers through real time to a TV in Ken Smales/ Paul White's office. He said fairly regularly what does he have to do to sell the place out. So in terms of fans, I think there is a solid argument that Derby is indeed more of a football town than Nottingham. As for on the pitch though, I struggle to see how you lot give Forest so much stick when if you look it in pure black and white, their on the pitch achievements eclipse anything the Rams have done, apart from the last decade or so. Certainly since Mac 1 landed on his feet with a squad built for him, Derby have edged it and looked the more likely of the two "ready" to go up again. Before that? Cups, leagues, European trophies, wembley visits, league finishing positions, time spent in the top division consecutively. Forest come out on top. Certainly since I've been alive. Recent history? Both clubs have chucked boat loads of cash at too many managers, through various owners and various dodgy CEO's so I don't see how either set of fans tries to paint the other club as the villain. other than for pure banter (hatred as well!!) Now the fact that neither club has achieved sod all in the grand scheme of things since Brian was no longer in charge brings little satisfaction but it does go to show how spoiled both sets of fans were during his reign The stadium plans look very good but let's be honest, their owner doesn't exactly inspire confidence and long term trust so it could just as easily go tits up. Then you lot would have something to really chuckle about. As for today though, this is probably the closest you've both been to being the same as the other for ages. I couldn't split you in terms of current quality or potential as both clubs could go either way. My get out of jail free card is I'm allowed to want both of you to do well. Annoying, I know!!
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