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  1. Proper class from Tyson Fury.
  2. He was gone and finished right from round 3. He never looked like getting back into it, you kept hearing him ask his corner what punch caught him, it was like he was stuck in a daze. A real shock but fair play to Ruiz, he totally outclassed him speed wise. I know there's a rematch but not sure how AJ comes back from this, especially in America, hearing them boo him, they were angry. Almost as if they felt cheated by the hype.
  3. Never been a huge fan of women's boxing, I know it's not for me to judge and it's a bit old fashioned but to see 2 lasses clubbing the living daylights out of each other just didn't sit right. I've just watched the Katie Taylor fight and gone absolutely mental screaming and cheering. I can only remember getting into 3 or 4 fights so much. Tyson v Bruno where Big Frank rocked him AJ v Klitchko, to see Joshua come back and finish it the way he did was incredible. Tyson fury getting up off the floor when it looked like he was out cold. Rocky v Drago, nobody kills Apollo Creed and gets away with it. It really was a stunning fight to watch, I think the Belgian lass was unlucky not to get the decision but I'm delighted for KT, so much courage it's not true. The atmosphere as well was incredible, she really is Box Office even on the men's under card, I honestly think people would pay to watch her if she was the main attraction.
  4. Good lad Alpha. I thought exactly the same. Jenas who has never played in a game like it was way too critical. It might not have been one for the purists but it was still a decent enough watch. Commentators have talked us all into thinking a game needs to be 4-3 and free flowing to be a good game. I love a battling 0-0 just as much.
  5. If they'd have let that blonde lass run a bit longer the chances are it would have been very climatic indeed. At least for me 😉 You don't see quality like that on a football pitch very often
  6. Let it go man. It's not healthy.
  7. For anyone who isn't a BT Sport subscriber, they're showing the game live for free (I believe) on their youtube channel. Fair play.
  8. I lived in Rushcliffe for close to 15 years. Since 1973 there's only ever been one election period where conservative hasn't been the overwhelming majority. Despite slightly coming around to Kenneth Clarke, I've never voted for him, nor would I ever. I've stood in queues at polling stations 6 or 7 times knowing that my vote is a wasted vote. The "I'm alright jack" brigade have ruled over West Bridgford for as long as I've been alive.
  9. We're all doing quite a bit of posturing on this thread. Me as much as anyone else. I'm spending a lot of time reading up and learning things I'd never have gone near 2 years ago, so Brexit and the "other" main topic on here at the moment have certainly had its plus points, for me at least. I feel it's made me more open minded and ready to learn than I was but it's also confirmed a hell of a lot of what I already suspected. I read or listened to an interesting quote yesterday which is so right it's just right. You're either an activist or you're an in-activist. We've all got our knickers in a twist (can we still say that these days?) but how many of us are actually getting up off our backsides to do anything about it? I know I'm not. That is worrying me as much as anything else. I've never been so disillusioned yet still all I do is sit on a forum and waffle. Hopefully when I wake up on Monday I'll have had an epiphany. I'd have one tonight but it's the Champions League Final tomorrow and I'll be having a couple of beers and a trifle instead. The revolution can wait till Monday eh?
  10. You should be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky.
  11. Hang on a minute Paul, have you been sitting outside my cottage for the last couple of months? 😉
  12. I've been on forums at different clubs up and down the land since 1999. Trolls usually pick a name of an ex playing great, stick a number or a beard, or a "captains armband" after their name and off they go. You have two types of troll, those who aren't fans of the club and it's so clear and obvious it's not true. You might as well just laugh at them. Then you have actual fans of the club who just love the controversy and pissing people off. I personally think they are worse than the trolls from other clubs, 'cos what kind of person do you need to be to pull apart your own club? It's why I get myself into so much trouble. I've got a "troll radar" and I can't stand people like that, Not in football and not in real life either.
  13. please also remove the post where bob says I brought tommy robinson into it. It's not true and I find it really hurttful and insulting that anyone can see that and form a wrong opinion of me. I won't get my apology but I would appreciate it disappearing.
  14. I agree with that MJ but here's the quandary. The "buying" of followers on social media, the creating of false accounts, the number of "bots"in use, the algorithms set up to make sure the message is one of repetition, figure and fact manipulation, it's everywhere. Even TV news, you just need to see how many newsreaders repeat exactly the same phrases 1000's of times in order to hammer home any message they want us to take in. They repeat it so often it sticks. The "sharia law" is taking over myth is one that is spread across social media like a cheap margarine. One prominent US congressman uses the phrase more than 1,200 times in one year on his twitter account alone. What is he trying to achieve there? I don't think anyone really knows or trusts what is real news, real stats or real information anymore.
  15. When you say cut by almost a half in April, do you mean from March 19 - April 19, 'cos that chart above shows year on year and is closer to a 20% drop than 50% I'm on your side brexit wise as you probably have noticed but someone will pick you up on those figures very quickly indeed 😉
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