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  1. Watching the debate on Sky tonight, christ but it's a minefield of a topic, Massive respect to anyone brave enough to discuss it openly on TV. It's a potential career ender if you get something wrong either side of the debate. Picked up on a mention of a documentary on ITV4 called "out of their skin", unfortunately I think only the first episode of two which is available on youtube and I won't directly link the vid as I think something like that means it has more chance of being pulled as thread. For anyone interested enough, its about black players and the challenges they faced in the early days. For those not interested, no need to google it and just ignore the post. For me personally, even though the overall change has been unbelievably positive, it was a really tough watch, I felt sad, uplifted, angry, disgusted and hopeful all within forty odd minutes. In my opinion it's a brilliant watch and gives more insight than any chat, article or discussion I've ever seen anywhere else. The Paul Canoville story literally had me blubbing, but then again I'm a bit of a blouse these days. I'm not after this thread opening up old arguments or turning political again, so no worries if it gets no replies. In fact that might be better. Watch it if you want, don't watch it if you don't want to.
  2. ronnieronalde

    Homeless guy

    There are times when a rant is perfectly timed and perfectly placed and although we don't interact as much these days I'm not a proper rams fan, I think over the years I've been on here, you do that so much better than anyone else I can remember. If there were more people like you and less people like this see you next Tuesday the world would be a better place. As long as there are people like this man and his friend doing the filiming, in the world, society and the human race will continue to make me not want to be part of it. https://www.lbc.co.uk/news/crime-caught-camera/police-hunt-drop-kicked-tent-containing-homeless/
  3. ronnieronalde

    Ex Rams

    Paul Jewell is back in football as DOF at Bradford It must be his brilliant record at picking up bargains in the transfer market and strong minded will to see a job through when things get tough.
  4. ronnieronalde

    Alex Scott

    Is it just me or is this lass a brilliant addition to our footballing TV screens as a pundit? Not as a "token" female either. She is there on merit as far as I'm concerned. Doesn't over waffle, get's her views across really clearly without going all Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher tactics wise. Get's better week after week as she becomes more relaxed in her role. Up there with the best on offer currently, I really look forward to listening to what she has to say and as someone who is a bit old fashioned/protective men's football wise I didn't really want to like her. (I know, sexist pig) A real breath of fresh air.
  5. ronnieronalde

    How do you cope...

    nope it's two polish poems and a tongue twister. Mam trzy latka, trzy i pol. Prosze panstwo oto mis, mis jest barrrrdzo grzeczny dzis 😉 and my favourite Stol z powylamywanymi nogami. They love it 🙂
  6. ronnieronalde

    How do you cope...

    Learn a couple of poems meant for five year old's. Her friends will love you forever, even if she stops. It's proper cute!! Learn a couple of their really tough to say words, equivalent to our tongue twisters. It's amazing how far having a three and half year old, presenting a bear who is very cute today and a table with no legs will get you 😉 Write it down phonetically, the fastest way to learn without having to go through a load of balls.
  7. ronnieronalde


    Outside of the twitter video which deserves a full investigation on its own. The way he's made his point is brilliant. Putting the 2 stories side by side means it's impossible to ignore or argue against. A watershed moment for the press me thinks. Who DO drive and in some cases encourage a lot of the racism in our society. Well played young man, well played.
  8. ronnieronalde


    Strange that. I was reading the John Terry thread from 2011 and it's just been pulled. Nothing personal of course.
  9. ronnieronalde


    Disproven, unproven or denied? Keen to get folks views on John Terry v Anton Ferdinand. I'd love to see the views on that thread from a couple of years back and compare them to posters views on this. He denied it. So did John Terry. I know how I viewed the John Terry incident, I'd be a hypocrite to change the rules for this bloke.
  10. ronnieronalde


    Watch the vid slowed down until the end mate. I think you'll change your mind. I won't link the vid as that would probably get the post rightly pulled. If not the first time, then for sure the second. Try it yourself. Make a Ma with your mouth now make a Bla with your mouth. Look at the last second of the vid. Disgraceful from that bloke. Pure and simple.
  11. ronnieronalde

    Why Morsy should be charged with at least

    Just seen the very brief clip on quest and even on there Morsy wants banning for trying to con the lino. He stars by holding his hand over his left eye/cheekbone then switches the ball and his hand and puts it to his right eye. What a tool.
  12. ronnieronalde


    I don't hold any sway on this forum, goodness knows I've caused my fair share or arguments but.... Don't duck controversial threads pal, it's brave talking about things and having the balls to put your views out there even when you know you're going to get a bit of a negative backlash. It's by discussing things that things get better, I used to force myself to sit in a room with racists to hear why they felt the way the did. I once played half a season for one of the biggest racist football teams in Sunderland. I hated every moment of it but it gave me the chance to tell them why I saw it as wrong, Did it change anything? I don't know. I then wen't to play for a team where I was the only white lad and got lumps kicked out of me every week, and that was in training as well as in games. Football has a great power, it forces people together who wouldn't usually give each other the time of day. I'd rather people's views were allowed to stay, at least that way you know where you stand. I understand and agree the moderators have an almost impossible job though and remember they are just people, people with their own views. Don't give threads like this a miss, get your voice heard and your opinions made. As long as we don't insult each other or post stuff that will get David into trouble, healthy discussion is what makes this place as good as it is.
  13. ronnieronalde


    An overly harsh reply pal. Making a lot of assumptions and insinuations that simply weren't in my post. I made the comment about Gazza's celebration mainly in response to @BathRam72 who made the waterboarding comment and mentioned that there was a reason it had been banned by the geneva convention. I didn't make it to be flippant, my own view is that anyone claiming what they saw there was waterboarding was wildly exaggerating. At no point did I say it wasn't serious, or laugh it off. I like you, I won't fall out with you over this, I hope you can re-read what I wrote across the whole thread and see that the only point we disagree on is the extremity of what was a cowardly attack.
  14. ronnieronalde


    I didn't say anything about it not being terrible. I think you need to go back and read m,y quotes. I just didn't see it as waterboarding or against he geneva convention. I don't think over dramatising things does it any favours either. The poor young lad got up and walked away, no coughing, no spluttering. Yes it was bullying and yes it was bad. But waterboarding? Geneva convention? Secondly and I'm doing this almost grimacing cos it's not all about me but feel in light of your post I need to respond by helping you understand the upbringing I had. That's me underneath my "dad's" legs. This was Sunderland in the late 70's. I was bullied probably more than most kids can imagine, terrified to walk the streets and sometimes terrified to go home. I'd have my shoes taken off me and made to walk barefoot in the snow, I'd have groups of eight to ten taking turns to punch me in the face. I'd have people taking turns to sit on my head and fart in my mouth (sounds funnier than it is). All because my mam married a black guy. Every day at school was a nightmare and sometimes it was the teachers who did the bullying. I saw what racism did in it's purest form, to us as kids and to him as a dad. it broke him,our house would be petrol bombed, if we could ever affrod to go away for a day we'd come home and the house was wrecked witth spray paint and human poo on the walls saying go home nigger. So when you say it does me no favours. I'm not sure what you mean. I don't post to do myself favours. I post what I see is the truth. The second picture below is my mixed race step brother. I went everywhere with him and that was the biggest reason I got my head kicked in most days. If you were fighting him, you were fighting me. He was bullied a school, he was bullied in the army, he drank himself to death last year living in a one room bedsit too proud to ask for help. So yeah, I',m white, I'm middle aged and I say other sides can be racist as well but I say it coming from a position of more education and more first hand experience than most. Please don't use my post as any indication of racism. It makes me incredibly upset and it's just wrong. I hate racism in any form. I hate bullying in any form.
  15. ronnieronalde


    Maybe a better idea if you're going to give a few quid. Go to the supermarket. Do a weekly (or a three daily) shop and take it to one of the many food banks that will be open and accepting donations. I believe in order to get a food bank parcel, folks have to prove they're eligible and be given a voucher. At least that way you know every penny you spend goes to someone who really needs it.

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