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  1. ronnieronalde

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Miroslaw Klose and to a lesser extent Thomas Moeller (spelling?) Have been two of the greatest goalscorers in modern world cup history. Neither of them scored belters and of I'm honest there were a lot of games where they did bigger all and walked off with two goals. They won't give a rat's arse about that in the history books. They scored goals, Germany won tournaments. Harry Kane is a world class finisher. That's all that matters. How he gets his goals doesn't come into it. He gets them. How many previous tournaments have we lost that kind of game, a game where the opposition had set out to wind us up. Argentina twice, Portugal twice just off the top of my head. We've had a layer sent off we've had goals disallowed, we've gone out in extra time and on penalties and each and every time we've been guttef at how hard done by we've been and how the dirty cheating foreign bar steward's have done is again. Not this time around, this time we kept our cool. If we'd have lost that game it would have been a travesty. One shot from forty yards, one corner, one header and 92 minutes of cheating in the most despicable dirty cheating foreign bar stewards way. Fair play to Gareth Southgate who has absolutely restored my pride in our national team and has reinvented himself as an inspirational leader of men.
  2. ronnieronalde

    World Cup 2018 thread

    If we win the game will you be calling him a tactical genius and demanding a contract extension? Neck on the line here but I think Slaven is spot on, we've built up Columbia more and more as the game gets closer. We've got too much going forward for them to handle. As long as we play our game we'll beat them, we're are the better side.
  3. ronnieronalde

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Not been this excited ahead of an England game for a long time. Come on lads.
  4. ronnieronalde

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Bigger picture is obciously more important but I reckon if Harry notches tomorrow he'll win the golden boot. Especially if Japan can keep Belgium down to a single goal tonight. I can't explain why but I've got a feeling in my bones it's going to extra time. Who's left to challenge him other than Mbappe and Lukaku.
  5. ronnieronalde

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Bris you had five, six, seven chances to play someone into the box when you had runners left and right. There was a real hesitance to play the final ball even when it was an easy pass and some poor decision making from the young lad who otherwise looked very dangerous. Sorry to see you out mate, some of the play was very easy on the eye. Neymat, I know this is a ridiculous thing to say but he's poo. Not good for the game at all to have such a high profile player like him be such a twit. I really do dislike him, he's set himself up as some kind of God don't touch me I'm neymar. Little piece of poo.
  6. ronnieronalde

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Brazil spoil any good will I had for them by cheating. Really disappointing to see them resort to rolling around. I hope the Mexicans snatch a goal.
  7. ronnieronalde

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Did they forget to mention that he'd missed 423 games due to suspension? 🙂
  8. ronnieronalde

    World Cup 2018 thread

    I've found a huge amount of new levels of respect for you during this thread young man. Knowledge, predictions and some spot on observations with the odd belting one liner thrown in for good measure Fair play. Keep it up!!
  9. ronnieronalde

    Where Has The Money Gone?

    The wages alone have gone from less than ten million in 2013 to thirty five million last season. Where has the money gone? Probably an extra 60-75 million over five years?
  10. ronnieronalde

    Do the club lack a true director of football/chief scout with nous?

    Clough didn't sign Liam dickinson
  11. ronnieronalde

    Former Deby Fan?

    She mustn't have heard you 😉
  12. ronnieronalde

    Steve McClaren to QPR

    Has Holloway officially been given the boot then? Wouldn't like to think terms have been agreed while Ollie is still around. Be a bit of a slap in the face.
  13. ronnieronalde

    Well done and good luck

    Really delighted for you lot and think you should go into the play offs with a fair bit of hope of not confidence. Over two legs I think you'll beat Fulham and then at Wembley it's game on. Fingers crossed.
  14. ronnieronalde

    Clough and Burton

    Not quite able to pull it off but we gave it a bloody good effort. Pummelled them for 20 minutes in that time we got the goal, their keeper pulled off a world. Clawing one from under the bar and after that we just couldn't find that last bit of quality to get the second our play deserved. Worse thing that happened was forest going two one up, we took our foot off the gas. Even a draw keeps us up. We probably started playing for the point and then forest concede and we go hung ho, there's no way we lose that fame of bolton don't go three two up Just fell short, nowt to be embarrassed about, they gave it all they had. An important couple of months coming up, keep hold of boyce and a large part of the squad AND keep NC and there's no reason to see anything other than a playoff push. Gutted but still proud overall.
  15. ronnieronalde

    Sunderland sack Coleman

    I know at least one person who would be keen on that job. Irrespective of where they are financially they'll be a massive pill at that level. There is a rumour tom naylor may go there to double his salary. Dropping down a division and doubling his money, that's how big they are. One season of pain to buy out contracts of all the wage thieves, buy the best of league one and they'll be back whoever is in charge. They don't need to pay fees. Wages and playing in front of 30,000 will be a huge pull. I know the fans are anti club but any sniff of a top two push and they'll be back in their droves. Massive club. Massive job that a lot of managers would struggle to turn down.

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