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  1. Did you watch her speech the other day? Brilliant, difficult to disagree with anything she said and pretty inspiring. I've not paid attention to what she's said in the past so maybe she's been a bit of a nut job and I've missed it but that speech has elevated her to a different level.
  2. I agree. You must see that I've been fairly consistent in saying get us a deal and get us out. Whether I agree with the result or not is a different story. What I'm both pissed of at and worried about is a) how the country let itself get to this stage and b) the consequences the country "may" face by pushing through a no deal at any cost. Note the use of "the country" and not "we". This isn't being done in my name. None of it. I can't be enthusiastic about something I don't believe is right.
  3. I think i've agreed with everything you've posted on this subject highgate and I 100% agree with you on this one as well. I think it will be a huge mistake to crash out with a no deal. I think it will be a huge mistake not to have a second vote. Unfortunately pal, I'm not in charge. I should probably have put my "for the sake of democracy" line in ironic speech marks. In terms of anti democracy, that's one stick the leave voters would be able to beat the country over a stick with though. A democracy SHOULD be allowed to change it's mind, hell we get the chance to vote for a new Prime Minister every 5 years so having another opportunity to vote for something you think you got wrong last time around is nothing new. The stick that could legitimately be used is that the democratic will of the people was never implemented first time around. That's why I think we've just got to bite whatever bullet we need to bite and get on with it. I am genuinely terrified at what we've been voted into doing to our own people though.
  4. Isn't it a democratic vote ? 😉 If they win the world cup I'd be surprised (but not disappointed( if the Ladies won team of the year. The lasses have been superb and have broken down a lot of barriers this year. The overall issue of course is in the coverage. The fact the Woman's World Cup was on the BBC meant the entire country was able to watch it, the fact that up until now the CWC has been on Sky means it's a drastically reduced audience and there's nowt like watching a game on TV to help you get behind the buzz. Was it 6.5 million who watched the Lionesses in the Semi's> Compare that to how many were able to watch Sky today. Fair play to Sky for opening up the Final but I think there is a massive case for putting ANY World Cups. European Championships or Olympics on terrestrial TV. Oh and by the way. It's coming home 😉
  5. Unfortunately there can be no "winners" in a second referendum, so even though my own view is that I'd like to have the chance to "test" whether the mood has indeed changed, I think the only way to stop the ridiculous levels of nationalism and hatred that is sprouting up, we simply HAVE to get out. 17m people (maybe less but couldn't possibly be more) would simply not shut up for years about the fact they were denied their democratic rights. It would kill us as a country. So even though leaving without a deal would be a huge leap into the unknown, for the sake of democracy we've got to see if they were right or not. The biggest issue for me is IF in or 20 years we realise we've dropped the huge bolllock I think we're dropping, there is literally nothing I can do about. there is no comeback and no consequences. It would be like the banking crisis all over again. In the end everyone knew they'd ducked us all over but nothing could be done about it. And again just in case there is any attempted twisting of what I'm saying. I don't mean we should stay unconditionally but I certainly don't think we should leave in a "no deal" which will throw us into short term uncertainty. We literally have no idea what's going to happen and that's one hell of a gamble to take.
  6. You know I waiting for that don't you. So many times yet still absolute comedy genus every time you dust it off. Good man 😉
  7. So you made up the part about being attacked and being intimidated by messages from a poster on this forum? And to think I was genuinely worried. Poor form that. I hope you read this reply.
  8. Especially in a sport where players are very quick to "walk" if they even suspect they'd nicked it. You could see from Roy's reaction he'd got nowhere near it. Very poor, fortunately I think we've got enough quality with Root, Stokes and Morgan to see us over the line pretty comfortably.
  9. What a disgraceful decision that was. Review or not, when the Umpire gets it as wrong as that he should be over-ruled. FFS it would have taken 30 seconds and one replay on the big screem. Where's VAR when you need it.
  10. The best part of that was they were both promoted from the Academy Gary has set up for them 😉
  11. Hang on a minute lads and lasses. You can add cricket scoring rates back onto that list of things I'm a genius about 😉 It's gone straight back in a number 4 on the list, behind the first 3 but edged back ahead of "how to eat 4 trfiles in an hour without making yourself sick." Happy days.
  12. One for @GboroRam and his Polish missus here. We had two dogs when we lived in Warsaw. Called one of them Hodge and the other one Two Tie. Oh how we laughed. Anyway don't let me interrupt, carry on as you were.
  13. I'd love if it you did. Being serious as well. I'm always keen to see somebody else's explanation of something I'm struggling to understand Is it just as simple as saying we'd like a free trade deal with you on our terms or you can duck off to the back of the queue with the rest of them? Sign here. Cheers.
  14. It's not the winning that counts me old Mucker. It's the taking part 🤣
  15. Well that was just brilliant. All we can ask for really, we're in the Semi Final going into the Second Innings with every chance of making the final. For the first time in a generation our cricketers could make a World Cup Final. With everything that has been going on in the country, the sporting side of things has been a brilliant distraction for the last couple of years. I'd love to see the openers make a century partnership here, something like 50 for 0 after the first 10 just to settle the nerves. Come on lads. Come on!!!
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