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  1. Moaninho

    To be fair to the bloke outside of guardiola (who hasn't exactly been at struggling poor clubs either) Hes at least the second greatest manager of this generation. I'm amazed at how many football geniuses who have won sod all are ready to have a go. He's every right to be arrogant. He's won everything the game has to offer multiple times. Koeman, now there's an arrogant price of garbage with no right to be. Mourinho up against anything but guardiola with a bottomless pit and he wins the league at a canter. He's unfortunate to come up against s freak manager putting together a one off team of pure brilliance. So many experts having a pop at him, put your medals on the table alongside his or shut up.
  2. Rowett

    You've not won a game at the city ground since NC left I believe? His first job is to stop that rot. You might not like to hear this but the Cloughs knew how to handle Derby days, you didn't win too many when BC was in charge down the road and NC was a player. First rule, don't lose to the shithouses down the road. If you look back youll see my posts on rowetts style of football and even the teams i thought would over take you. I like him as a person but he's not my style playing wise, never was probably never will be. His squad so his responsibility but considering the midfield he put together you're doing better than expected. He has won games and he will win games, youll finish top 6 and then it's anyone's guess. Hope you don't hang the bloke for getting you at least your third most successful season in ten years. Winding up the opposition fans, players and manager of your biggest rival should be part of his job description . Top job Gary and I bet both Clough junior and senior would have had a little chuckle at his antics.
  3. Rowett

    I already quite liked Gary but watching the snippets of his pre and post match rocketed my opinion of him. Top top banter and well played that's exactly how it should be when it comes to Derby v forest. You might not have won the game but no doubting at all who won the banter battle.
  4. Clough and Burton

    I said for years David that you should post more often with your football views, most of which are either spot on or at least well thought out and you usually post calmly. Fair play. Again your post is spot on, the only thing I would add is that in my mind it's the fans as much as the money men who have driven this get rid mentality to the point where it's a joke. Tying it in to the Was joining burton if NC leaves. 5 years ago you had a manager who tool the long term view, who had such an open door for players coming through the academy that Was must have been in dream land. It was do easy to see what a great job him, pat Lyons and Lee glover were doing cos there was two of their lads in the side every week. Two of those made Derby 15 million quid in fees. That manager got sacked for not moving forward quickly enough. (Let's say rightly sacked to avoid that argument again) Fast forward 5:years, Gary might want to play the kids but can't, he saw what happened last time, he'd be a fool to try. Wass keeps producing them but now the door is closed. Where is the next 15 million kid coming from? It's coming from Mel and in my opinion that's not right. Short termism will end up killing the game, Wass will have to go somewhere else and Derby will end up losing one of its best ever producers of young talent. Games gone mad pal, mad I tell you.
  5. Clough and Burton

    Don't disagree at all David pal. Football is full of self entitled folk. On and off the pitch. I don't post much on Derby matters these days but those calling for Gary out are out of order and have moved the goal posts on him. His remit was to have you challenging for promotion had you challenging Style or no style. Doesn't matter. Results matter. Similar set of circumstances but different ends of the scale. Some Derby fans are missing out on the excitement of a play off campaign cos it's not good enough for them? Over at Burton these days a cup draw away to Birmingham is seen as *****, playing teams they never dreamed they would be playing week in week out, not good enough. Fans like that spoil the enjoyment of what should be the best time in the clubs short history. *******, nothing more nothing less. PS I REALLY hope Gary pulls it off for the good Derby fans and for Mr morriss who had pumped a fortune into the club.
  6. Southampton - Mark Hughes

    Same here. Was sure it was one of his former clubs. Bloody hell shows how absolutely spot on @Alpha s post is. Nailed it, theres a group of about 6 managers probably managed 30 clubs. Don't over mind Hughes, he's not my cup of tea but they could have done worse.
  7. Clough and Burton

    And just quickly on your last point, you think they need to adopt the old Crewe model to improve? Sorry but this is where my direct nature gets me in trouble. What a load of *****. Burton have gone from northern premier league to champiomship in less than 20 years and you think they should adopt someone elses policy, worse than that a club they have comfortably overtaken Sorry pal but that just sums it up. You've clearly either got a burton supporting mate or family member who supports them but who is clearly an ungrateful fool who cant or doesn't appreciate the magical journey the club has been on. Burton fans have finished football for me. If they can get angry and turn on the players and manager after the success they've had then there's no hope. I've been consistent, at least 80% of football fans are idiots who wouldn't know football if a mitre delta smacked them in the face.
  8. Clough and Burton

    Again very well put together but I could pull it apart piece by piece starting with Lee Collins the left back, how many times during his 14 games side get sent off, booked or stamp on someone? The bloke was a nutter and a liability. NC got his character wrong and as soon as he spotted he was a bad in, bombed him out. If Lee colkin is your argument very about him constantly bringing in quality only to ship them out then you haven't got a leg to stand o before we get started. The names were so unforgettable they escape you. That's not what you indicated in your first post. His last two seasons there he looked clueless? Was that during the run up to losing on the play off semi against Cambridge? Or was it the last season where he set the record for most wins in a row before leaving 13 points clear? Biggest budget in the conference? A) garbage and B) why don't you mention they were also the only part time team in the division? Got lucky or used the man utd cup money well bringing in players like Daryl Clare and Kevin Poole. Yes some idiot put a Clough out banner up, it was a lad called Lee brewer and its that banner that I refer to when I say football fans are total idiots. Lee included if you know him. League one, if we'd have beaten Wigan at home we'd have won the league and gone up as champions it was that tight. We smashed them at the pirelli and drew 0-0 and as good as Walsall were I the run in, they never got past us at any point, what more did he need to do. I've given you a like cos you're pretty well informed and took the time to it together a decent effort, unfortunately looks like it might have been young Lee brewer , the Clough out clown , informing you. Ask him how right he was back then and ask him of is still proud of being the idiot who got it so far wrong it's not true.
  9. Clough and Burton

    Ben has a history of appointing young coaches/ managers with potential. Would be a good opportunity for Dazza and a good fit.
  10. Clough and Burton

    My own feeling is he'll quit in the summer EVEN if he pulls off another miracle. Maybe Andy Garner will get a chance. Some burton fans will get what they want. I hope for the sake of the club and Ben it doesn't signal the start of a downward spiral. They did ok last time he left to be fair.
  11. Clough and Burton

    Well structured but basically ********. Despite scraping over the line they were never out of the top two. Summer transfers haven't worked out great but hardly scattergun. Then the biggest load of waffle I've read for a while. Reminds you of the conference days? For someone who loathes him your memory goes back that far? If you can name one quality player he brought in then either shipped out or more ridiculously sold? I'll concede your point. His transfer policy during the conference days was to build around the squad he had and add one or two to it. I don't mind you having a pop but base it on something other than made up stuff.
  12. Would you rather........

    Probably a fundamental flaw in the voting system right there pal. Could someone do me a favour as I also voted for both, could you add a burton Albion staying up button so I can vote for that as well please 😎
  13. Motty to hang up the mike at 50 years

    That post didn't get the respect it deserved pal. Very good 😀
  14. 17/18 Championship Relegation Battle

    A confusing post for me as a Brewer. i should give you s like because I fully agree with you, if fit he'll be an unreal asset at this level. i dislike it 'cos it's bad news brown for us. It's going to be hard enough to stay up without our rivals adding quality like that.
  15. Barton on Ince..

    If I could like that one hundred times I would. well played dimmu my friend. Very well played indeed. 👍

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