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  1. ronnieronalde

    Karen Carney and trolls

    Surely there is a difference between saying something out loud in the heat of the moment and then actually taking the time to track down her Twitter or Instagram feed and post rape and death threats on her feed? Trolls are scum, I've said it for years, anyone that posts poo on the internet just to try to get a reaction is the saddest form of life possible. It's about time these kind of people were held accountable, trouble is most of them are so thick as pig poo they think it's fine and allowed. That's if they're not cowardly hiding behind an anonymous user name. Pure scum.
  2. ronnieronalde

    Burton Albion Watch 18/19

    I am but have no soft spot for the team First time I went to a Sunderland game my brother got his head kicked in for being dark skinned. We got in for free for the last twenty minutes against Gillingham in the play off semis when they opened the gates to let people out, it went to extra time and finished about twleve eleven, so shouldn't complain really.
  3. ronnieronalde

    Burton Albion Watch 18/19

    Wasn't just the result. We were brilliant and it could have been four or five easily. I missed the game but have mates who are connected Sunderland fans so got the full game to watch this morning. Some of the play was very pleasing on the eye as well. We've suddenly got threats left right and centre. Stephen Quinn has been a brilliant signing, he's holding and knitting everything together and the two Scottish lads are very creative and forward thinking. We'll cause a lot of teams problems and won't lose many at the Pirelli playing like that. Should have beaten Accrington last week a couple of points more and suddenly we're a point outside of the top six after a poor start. Squad size is still a concern but if we can keep the first fifteen fit we should now start to see us climb up the league as they learn each others style of play. I think the first eleven, which we probably still haven't seen is plenty good enough for a play off push. Some of the link up play between Boyce, Templeton and Fraser really is great to watch. Just over 4500 went to watch it, hopefully a few of them will come back next home league game.
  4. ronnieronalde

    Birmingham City face points deduction

    I think this is a bit different QPR and villa though. Sure those clubs massively overspent but they didn't do it while in a transfer embargo. Birmingham had been instructed not to spend, they had been placed under a transfer embargo and still went out and spent two and half million quid on a full back. (He looks decent as well) You cant do that and expect to get away with it. If Burton had finished third bottom I'd be screaming for instant relegation, as we didn't a points reduction is fine 😉 12 is steep, they'll have it cut to six after a costly appeal.
  5. ronnieronalde

    Steve McClaren on Tactics

    A lot of effort has gone into that. They either should have tried harder with the "lyrics" or not bothered at all. I don't think there was one line that either made sense or made me even smirk never mind chuckle. Poor effort and I'm not his biggest fan.
  6. ronnieronalde

    18/19 Match Thread

    Watching that though the gap is still much bigger than any rangers fan or pundit is trying to suggest. I don't thinl Celtic look great either but Ranges have zero quality on the ball. Can't imagine what it must be like to play in such an atmosphere or on an occasion like the old firm derby. It must absolutely take your breath away as a player. Not a great game to watch, surely Rangers have to try to offer a bit more second half.
  7. ronnieronalde

    Burton Albion Watch 18/19

    Comments are fine just no more fighting 😉
  8. ronnieronalde

    Burton Albion Watch 18/19

    I think Wimbledon brought at least six as well. Really disappointing but to be fair we were sitting in the bottom four Home form and way of playing has been pretty good but we probably need to be challenging top 6 to get over 3,000 Only 1400 brewers showed up for the Villa cup game, talk about disappointing. A few years back a cup tie at home to Villa would have been close to a 7k sell out. A lot of fans have chucked the towel on way too early, they'll start crawling back soon. Three great goals today. A makeshift and patched up defence with Lucas Akins at centre half, Ben fox at right back an on loan keeper and am 18 year old left back. Wimbledon had chances, we rode our luck but the goals were quality. @CWC1983 both Fraser and Templeton were brilliant. Dave is looking fitter every week and oh my god the lad has some real skills. He has the ability to pass the ball into the net anywhere from 20 yards out. His two goals have both been classy curlers in off the post. I love him already, the fat barrel chested little bugger is going to be just as important as Boyce.
  9. ronnieronalde

    Burton Albion Watch 18/19

    I usually come on here for informed and balanced Burton updates. How did they get on today? No comments or links to dodgy Twitter posts or radio interviews where Nige has destroyed some poor young buggers life. I'm assuming their game was called off?
  10. ronnieronalde

    Johnny Russell in the MLS

    I'm 45 now with arthritis in both knees from playing way too much when younger. The standard is so poor I'm thinking of getting a green card and some new boots. Some of the finishing would embarass a six year old dwarf with one wooden leg and the other one he'd had amputated just above his knee after his evil slightly taller twin brother and striking partner Kunegunde had bitten him in a fight over who got the last half time Oreo. Possibly the worst sending off I've ever seen in my life as well. Blimey I had no idea it was so poor.
  11. ronnieronalde

    England Squad for September games

    There's got to be continuity and a it of loyalty as well though lads. We've just had our best World Cup for a generation it wouldn't be right or fair to dismantle that. I think he's done ok, I'd habeike to have seen Will in for Ruben Loftus Cheek who isn't getting a game while Will is starting and influencing games in the premier league on a regular basis. I may be biased towards Will though. Interesting to hear Gareth's comment about English talent coming through but not getting game time then he picks players who aren't playing ahead of those who are regulars. Strange contradiction.
  12. ronnieronalde

    Geriatric Floresta

    I agree, he's the Phil Jones on the championship, can't play lunges in and just cos every now and then he wipes someone out the fans seem to think he's ok. Special mention for Kennedy who was absolute pants, he was just as bad in the Cardiff game as well, if Rafa is pinning his star players hopes on him they're in trouble. Forest deserved to win for their endeavour going forward but the ref wants struck off for not seeing that as a penalty Joke decision.
  13. ronnieronalde

    Burton Albion Watch 18/19

    Brayford off injured, Bywayer off injured, Quinn off at half time. Three subs used in the first half. Rhys Hutchinson (18) at left back. Harry Campbell - hadn't played a minute of first team football in goal. Ben fox (19) in central midfield. Marcus Harness on as sub. Lucas Akins filling it at right back. 3600 fans of which close to 2000 were villa. Mcdafzean sent off, Buxton, brayford, McCrory and Bywater injured. We're now down to two fit defenders and one of those is the 18 year old left back who has played two games. An unreal and much needed win. Deserved and could have won by more. If there is a football god well draw Man utd, Liverpool or Everton away god knows this time around we need the money more than that famous fa cup draw.
  14. ronnieronalde

    Burton Albion Watch 18/19

    I watched the game and am keen to find out what you mean by cheating?
  15. ronnieronalde

    Will Hughes on Rowett

    I'm not commenting on Frank I'm commenting on Gary. I'm not asking him to shoe horn a player into a system I'm asking him to pick the club's best midfielder. Was Gary's system so bad it meant he didn't play a midfield? I ask that genuinely as I didn't watch many of your games with him in charge What kind of system does Will not fit into?

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