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  1. Brexit or Eurin?

    Go look up aspersion, and stop making it all about you.
  2. Brexit or Eurin?

    Stop playing the poor me, and stop making out you don't know that assualt can be physical, verbal and written. I never attacked your reputation or integrity, but hey your own arguement says that you cannot attack/assault people on a forum. I questioned your opinion, you didn't like the question so you posted before thinking, there has been plenty of reminders not to get personal, YOU choose to ignore it. So which way is it??? Attack/assault is pretty much the same in my book, and I wouuld guess other peoples...Not in yours???
  3. Brexit or Eurin?

    You say don't physically assault people unless it's in self defence, how come is it OK that you can attempt to assault people via a forum? Special rule for you? Double standards I think. I saw the the Mods had to do a little editing as you can't help going to the personnal insult when you are struggling for a straight answer.
  4. Brexit or Eurin?

    So what stance are you then?? (bet you don't answer that to any reasonable detail). You like to dish out your 'judgements' on an array of posters on this forum, try to dispell critic responses to your posts with long posts that don't really say anything, and if you haven't got an answer you just turn it into an arguement about a phrase by the poster that you totally take out of context. Add to the fact that over time you completely contradict yourself time and time again. WUM, my conclusion.
  5. Formula One Championship - 2017 Season

    If any other team caused that crash penalties would have been given, however Ferrari can never do anything wrong.
  6. Brexit or Eurin?

    BS is his strong point, and not making a point are his skill set, yes that statement is a contradiction, as is he.
  7. Formula One Championship - 2017 Season

    Vettel, always has a mistake in him.
  8. Ryan Air cancelling up to 50 flights a day

    I started with managing the tour operators relationships in the UK and Europe particular requirements for seat allocation and finished up directing the move to e-ticketing, cross carrier flight coordination* and harmonising of standards and procedures across partner carriers. I spent a lot of time inside aluminum tubes, airports and hotel rooms. *basically you could fly from East Midlands to Sydney and it would be one flight number, eg UA245, however the first flight would be - for example - a British Midland flight to Heathrow, a United flight to Los Angeles and an Air New Zealand to Auckland and then a QANTAS to Sydney, you would just have to look for one flight number and your baggage would just get transferred with out you having to keep rechecking it.
  9. Ryan Air cancelling up to 50 flights a day

    You pay peanuts, you get monkeys. The old saying 'you get what you pay for' is what the passengers need to be reminded, everyone knows that the weak laws surrounding travel and refunds allows so called 'budget' airlines to treat passengers as cattle, actually cattle would be treated better...
  10. Ryan Air cancelling up to 50 flights a day

    Funny that they had a wheel fall off a plane and suddenly their is a huge backlog of 'staff leave' that they 'forgot' about. When I was in the industry, questions always came up about some budget airlines maintenance schedules and how they pushed the flying hours to the limit and went over them for recommended maintenance. But hey, you get what you pay for, I would never set foot on these 'budget' airlines, as they are always looking to cut costs, then suddenly the wheels fall off...
  11. Brexit or Eurin?

    Some details of the grabbing at straws from jabba. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-41289080 Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has repeated the controversial claim that leaving the EU would save £350m a week, which could be spent on the NHS. The figure was used by Leave campaigners ahead of the referendum but concerns were raised over its accuracy. Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Mr Johnson said: "It would be a fine thing... if a lot of that money went on the NHS." Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said his words "dredge up the fantasy".
  12. Brexit or Eurin?

    Yes the anti EU crowd that opposed to the UK joining 30 odd years ago and have moaned and moaned and moaned for decades until they conned 37% to vote leave. If the vote was rerun remain would poll at 60%, leave less than 30% and about 15% not giving a toss.
  13. Delusions of Billy

    Someone could offer him a zero hours contract...
  14. Apple

    I find this works well on cashpoints when you forget your PIN
  15. Anyone ever had hypnotherapy?

    Hypnotherapy might help with the fear side, however go see your doc regarding the vertigo as it is a treatable condition.

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