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  1. Hope she gets the fine that is associated with the offense. Anything less is hypocrisy.
  2. Nope, won't give up anytime soon either. Can't stand people who are just out there to line their own pockets and screw the workers. As for Eurovision, it's worth it just for Graham Norton talking the mick, as he slowly gets drunk.
  3. You are making sweeping generalisations, based on no actual facts....hmm where have we seen that before? The 'win' was a small 3.8% and has been proven to have been gained by illegal means. Don't see you argue against that fact. Perhaps you are fine that the country was lied to, manipulated and conned. Just for the record, I am lucky that brexit will not impact on me, personally, however I have seen the effect that that vote is having.
  4. Their season was over the day MON walked in, hope walked out. As a person I like MON, as a manager, he is 20 years too late to influence a bunch of players that only turn up 1 in 4 games.
  5. Wrong. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/politics/eu_referendum/results And Leave broke the law. https://www.electoralcommission.org.uk/i-am-a/journalist/electoral-commission-media-centre/party-and-election-finance-to-keep/vote-leave-fined-and-referred-to-the-police-for-breaking-electoral-law
  6. Or maybe the men have been driven to this, as women are now obsessed with fillers, lipo, implants, botox and the kardashians, or however you spell it. Wives and girlfriends in Chester/Essex/Bev Hills, really, that is any better than Avengers?
  7. That is because both Labour and Tories blamed everything on the EU, which was a bunch of lies. Yes they voted brexit as a revolt, however it has plunged the country into utter uncertainty and the impact will be on the people on the council house waiting list, those needing care in later years, and trust me, I have seen the impact already. Never mind the NHS and education, inward investment, exports, research and development and most worrying national security
  8. McRamFan

    Galaxy Fold

    I agree, total gimmick. Probably done to make Apple and Huawei spend money in RND.
  9. Please explain how a vote, that has been sold as a lie, with misleading 'facts', illegal expenditure and criminal across two vote leave groups, is representative of democracy? Also please tell me, with actual facts, how the UK and the working class will benefit from the UK leaving the EU. Please also explain why impact reports from Education, NHS and other front line Public Sector bodies have been silenced. Once you have satisfied those two questions, perhaps you can also explain why there is a massive staff shortage in the NHS and care homes, as no one wants to come and work here, and a lot of the ones that did, have left.
  10. Please elaborate, you are probably the only person that has survived that...
  11. McRamFan

    Galaxy Fold

    They took a risk, after all the real competition is Huawei, and they are coming along at a frightening speed, already passed Apple in phone sales, and not even scratched the West yet.
  12. Excellent word, most apt.
  13. Money, it is always about money. JRM has reportedly made £11m on crisis management, all legit and tax free in the Cayman's. People like him, ERG and Banks want out of the EU, as the EU are about to crack down on tax avoidance, favorable tax concessions (look at Google and Ireland) and everyone contribute fairly. Hence why the EU are 'forcing' laws on us, unfortunately a lot of people thought it was giving £350m to NHS, and the country bursting at the seams by foreign people coming here for a hand-out. What was not told was the £350m a month would be replaced with trade tariffs, not just the EU, but to other countries that had deals in place with the EU. Potentially costing over £500m a month. As for immigration, the highest number are non EU, leaving the EU would not impact those numbers.
  14. Looking bleak for the wormtonge.
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