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  1. McRamFan


    Microsoft Works peacekeeper missile jumbo shrimp Advanced BASIC tragic comedy unbiased opinion virtual reality definite maybe original copies pretty ugly
  2. McRamFan

    least funny 'comedian'

    I thought they where just crap presenters?
  3. McRamFan

    Smoke alarms going off for no reason

    Depending on manufacturer they last 5-10 years. Take the unit off and the 9v battery out, if applicable, leave outside, in the shade for a few hours, get a new battery if its older than a year (battery that is).
  4. McRamFan

    Smoke alarms going off for no reason

    How old is it? When did you last take it off and clean it?
  5. McRamFan

    Google fined for pushing Android rubbish on people

    Is there an Apple app for that?
  6. McRamFan

    Rogue Trooper film

    British comic book, circa 80's https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rogue_Trooper It has a cult following, one that holds a hope that one day it will go in a singular direction. Very 'British'.
  7. McRamFan

    Tidal v Spotify

    Technology is great, however talking to your garden lights might been seen as a little weird...beside on, off, flash, I am struggling to see how you can have a meaningful conversation...
  8. McRamFan

    Tidal v Spotify

    Didn't think anyone would take that hook. Sound, by definition, is analogue. Digitising, CD, DVD, MP3 etc., loses parts the full sound wave of what is being recorded, thus distorting it.
  9. McRamFan

    Tidal v Spotify

  10. McRamFan

    Sonos Beam.

    Use to be semi-detached, 2 sub woofers sorted that...
  11. McRamFan

    Tory party eats itself

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-44857317 https://www.dw.com/en/eu-japan-free-trade-agreement-defies-protectionism/a-44695274 Yes I do, they are eliminating 99% of all tariffs. Not lowering. Did you know?
  12. McRamFan

    Tory party eats itself

    Even downscaling will have huge financial and job implications, especially in the huge supply chain that is involved, both inwardly and post production.
  13. McRamFan

    Tory party eats itself

    To a point, I agree, however his voting record is interesting. https://www.theyworkforyou.com/mp/10544/dennis_skinner/bolsover/divisions?policy=1065
  14. McRamFan

    Sonos Beam.

    Had the 7.2 set up for the last 20 years, still sounds as good as the day I first fired it up. Go get a sub, or two. Nothing better to channel low frequency effects.

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