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  1. They didn't have a vote, the English, Scottish and Welsh tories backed the Yes vote, all parties in the Republic all backed the Yes vote too. The NI tories, who did have the right to vote, voted No.
  2. You have neatly contradicted yourself. When you know the facts, please feel free to come back. Please stop thinking I am a Labour supporter, life is not black or white, unless you are a deluded brexiteer and have to work for someone. Going where ever the reaction takes it. Very few can 'trace' there lineage back to being 'english'. This land we live in is a bunch of mongrels, interbreeding is rife throughout the centuries. I just like yanking the short chains of jingoism.
  3. There has been one. That was in 1973, 45 years ago. The other NI exclusive ref was the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, which was voted NO by the conservatives and DUP. Funny that, being as the tories and DUP are now screwing around with the border. You do know that Ireland was a peaceful country, until the English decided to invade it, divide it up and take land off the people there? Since then the legitimate residents have campaigned to reunite the country.
  4. Hmm...yes you are right, I have issues with people not actually fact checking the BS they post on here. It's not hard to do the research, there are better search engines than google. They say it's the snowflake age, more like it's the Gamon age. Eyes shut, fingers in ears and shouting no, no, no, no.
  5. Delusional ones, they think that England single handed won WW2 and everyone in the EU owe it to them from then till eternity.
  6. When you start with insults you lose. The majority of Unionists are descendants from people that worked for the lorded gentry, of which there where four, that divided the island up. Actually their own greed brought on conflict in the isle, long before Bloody Sunday. When ROI and NI became separate entities, the Unionists in the rest of Eire where moved to Belfast and surrounding areas, displacing Nationalists, usually by force. Oh by the way, it actually goes back to the 12th century, if you want to be accurate, but hey don't let facts get in your way.
  7. Boris's house. Or your's, that would be a sight to see...
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_that_have_gained_independence_from_the_United_Kingdom Please get your facts right, otherwise it's simply embarrassing. Just one for you. Australia, Independence on 11 December 1931 Acts of Parliment: Statute of Westminster 1931 and Australia Act 1986 Papua New Guinea gained independence from Australia on 16 September 1975. As for Adolf, his approach was to blame the immigrants, ie the Jews, and his idea was to annex Europe, until Russia stopped him.
  9. Yes there is, let Eire become one united country. Remove the Unionists, that where exported over there in the first place, and give the land back to the people that where originally disposed (polite word for murdered).
  10. One thing we call all do is chomp at a pun...
  11. Snickers have always been called snickers, the name changed for the UK only, in an attempt to come across as an 'energy' bar. They are now being renamed Marathon, as of this month. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snickers https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/snickers-to-be-called-marathon-again-30-years-after-rebrand-a4237101.html That will be manufactured in France...subject to import duties...
  12. This government has massaged the unemployment figures for the last 10 years. If you are unemployed and you do one days work or attend a training course, you are not counted as unemployed for that month. I expect the government to find another way to 'count' the unemployed and massge the figure downwards, again.
  13. Not really, I actually meant The Tomorrow People, it was a late night last night, is my feeble excuse.
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