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  1. you are the landlord

    I'd open a wine bar...
  2. Newcastle up for sale

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/42710412 Won't pay the £300m...
  3. Thought I would treat myself to G star ram/Nroman assumption of facts, Actually that is a fact, go find it, bet you cannot.
  4. Doesn't upset me at all, you didn't point out anything at all, not if we go down your fact checking route.
  5. Try reading the whole article and the others that are there. It isn't a fact just because you have read to the point you want too. Immigration built this country, built its roads, rail, hospitals and utilities such as dams and power stations. Capitalism is a failed model, just look at Carillion, got greedy, focused on profits and utterly failed, now the workers are worried about the pensions, the shareholders have lost investments, however in this great capitalist world the thieves that ran it, walk away with the bonus and fat pay packets.
  6. Think you should read this and the real squeeze is on the middle class: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/mar/07/vanishing-middle-class-london-economy-divide-rich-poor-england Says nothing about immigration. This does: http://www.migrationobservatory.ox.ac.uk/resources/briefings/the-labour-market-effects-of-immigration/ Immigration does not cause you to wait longer to be seen by a Doctor, it does not necessarily drive down wages in the long term. Facts are out there, just some people can't dig any deeper than the first result they get on Google - news flash there are search engines out there that are not commercially driven...
  7. The Stoke Job: Paul Lambert appointed.

    Good appointment, especially as relegation will now happen, they will be chasing Hull down the table next season.
  8. Giggsy

    Fresh pool of younger wives to go at now...
  9. Chris Martin

    Martin will score the winner that gets's us automatic promotion againest Middlesborough, so we can party at Villa, while they cry in their pies!
  10. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    The small plastic hot drink type?
  11. DIY Advice: Leaky Shower

    Will be cheaper to go through the ceiling. Sounds like it could be either drain, sealant or the base has a small degree of movement.
  12. Car Insurance Accident Advice

    The key word here is that they hit you. Regardless of you changing lane, they should be aware of the traffic, especially on a traffic island where road markings are, at best, not always clear. It is down to them to explain how they ended up hitting you. Stick to the facts, you used your mirors, signalled, etc, and they HIT YOU, their fault. Even if they come out with saying they have dash cam, it will still show them hitting you.
  13. My Lads op.

    Fingers crossed.
  14. POLL: The McClaren era(s)

    Yes, purely on potential, his stock was low, he had a point to prove. That's how I felt at the time.

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