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  1. As oppose to none of the tory manifesto, which no one knows what it is as they annouce some policy, piss of 25% of thier core voters and change it 3.6 days later, so why bother costing thin air pledges that disappear like aircraft vapour trails. I'd sooner have a party with a plan, and a plan on how to fund it, as appose to a party that comes up with a plan and then chages it, because it was not thought out in the first place. If you actually read the Labour plans, none say it will happen the day after the election, if and a big if they win, it is costed over x amount of years. Just like extension, replacement of windows and new garden and patio we decide to. Me and her sat down and planned it and knew it would take time and cost money, we did not know how long or how much as there are too many variables to calculate, we knew we where going to get it done, as we had a plan what order and had a plan where we could speed up, slow down or change.
  2. You where enticed with an optional extra for your new toy, crafty these marketeers, making you briefly think you need it...
  3. It may prove too challenging for you...
  4. Good idea in principle, however will also end up blocking Anthony, and he's a good egg 😢
  5. Can you just upload files to dropbox or other cloud storage instead of paying a a subscription? Will you have WiFi? What is that cost, I assume you won't hook up on your phone data? I would go and buy 2-3 64gb micro SD cards and swap them when close to full and edit it back in the UK
  6. Liverpool or Man City #itk....
  7. PM me when she leaves the planet, I'll pay to change the locks.
  8. Nope.
  9. Thatcher cut the education budget when she was home sec, race to bottom since then.
  10. It is highly political. Policy actions dictate outcomes.
  11. The timing will never be right because this country sucks at talking about the elephant mammoth in the room. Good to see someone actually talk about what is actually going on and how policies impact it.
  12. Firefighters might struggle, not to mention people who spray cars...
  13. Policies outlined in the UKIP manifesto include: Reducing net migration to zero within five years A ban on the wearing of face coverings in public places An extra £11bn every year for the NHS and social care by 2022 A rise in the threshold for paying income tax to £13,500 A cut in taxes for middle earners Cut VAT on household bills End sex education in primary schools Axe tuition fees for science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine Provide up to 100,000 new homes for younger people every year Maintain the triple lock on pensions which sees them rise by rise by the higher of prices, average earnings or 2.5% A new public holiday on 23 June to mark the anniversary of the EU referendum, known as Independence Day I am sure some points will be popular, love the fact nothing has been costed.
  14. Paying attendance isn't measured figure. It makes sense to sell seats cheaper for games that are not a big draw. Better to have a fiver for a seat than an empty one. Forest also sell kids for a quid. Probably literally.... Phone offer ended several seasons ago, and they not free, you payed a higher monthly rate. Helped spread the costs. Finally you can say, we pay our bills before its dragged to court...