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    Moscow being busy?
  2. You only spout up to take a dig, pipe down if you are incapable of adding anything, or go have a row with your other half.
  3. I was part of a team that negotiated a $3 billion deal that got 5 international companies to work together (each in a different country), that reduced costs, improved efficiencies and massively improved the customer experience, which led to an increase in profits for all 5, and got other companies to join - in a nutshell. That took 3 years just to get it off the ground, and every company was on board at the beginning, it mutually benefited everyone involved, however there are so many things that need to be brought into line. I would explain further, however you will only read what you think you see. So yes, I reckon I do know more that most people, and if you actually read my post, I said some...thanks for biting and proving a point.
  4. Hmm a lot of people on here no very little about trade deals, the impact of no deal brexit, and the fact that the referendum isn't actually legally binding, and a lot of lies, from both sides, was told. The tories have hamstrung the investigation in to the vote leave, and a tory judge has declared the politicians are free to lie. The irony is the the UK is rapidly becoming the USA, politically, and are looking at falling out of the top 30 countries in terms of GDP; and the next PM is likely to be a buffoon that was born in New York. https://www.businessinsider.com/the-richest-countries-in-the-world-2018-5?r=US&IR=T
  5. I was going on the information at the time, they had not come forward at that point.
  6. That is the exact point. Knife crime soaring, not enough coppers. BJ has a row, 2 cars and a van attend, to a mild domestic, which had no screaming or threatening language. The police and their priorities are the contradiction here. Yes, they are massively underfunded, just like the NHS. Just shows what they deem as important.
  7. Two cars and a van, for an incident involving 2 people...hmm Bet a knife incident doesn't get that much of a response.
  8. Just in case any of you use them. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-48719098 You maybe getting ripped off...
  9. It actually shows that an 'incident' that has a significant politician involved gets president over anyone else, also probably because the neighbour had said they have recorded it. If you called the police about your neighbour, they would not bother, after one call. If you called 4 or 5 times and told them you heard breaking glass, gun shots, or threatened to intervene, then they may turn up, and probably arrest you. Police are massively underfunded, and the quality in the service they provide is awful. They are a result driven service provider. They will go after the little fish, no backbone, or funding to go after the bigger ones. On a side note, if a politician lived next to me, I would 'grass' them up at any opportunity.
  10. Quebec On a serious note. Start at Lyon, down to Monaco and follow the cost, west, till you run out of time or money.
  11. Future of this country now lies in the hands of 160,000 (alleged) gamons, who are also immune any negative impacts that the brexit process is causing, and any impact of leaving the EU, if that happens. Both have already ruled out a general election before brexit, so neither of them have the interest, or self belief that they are wanted by the rest of the country to run it.
  12. McRamFan

    New joke thread

    This thread is shocking, two weeks away and only 3 jokes!!
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palace_of_Versailles In 2017 the Palace of Versailles received 7,700,000 visitors, making it the second-most visited monument in the Île-de-France region, just behind the Louvre and ahead of the Eiffel Tower.[3]
  14. https://diabetestimes.co.uk/diabetes-uk-says-controversial-deal-was-rigorously-scrutinised/ https://www.dietdoctor.com/charity-diabetes-uk-signs-a-500000-deal-with-soda-company
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