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  1. Halls now demolished and replaced by flats. When I first went to London with work, I lived in Upton Park (Lonsdale Avenue) before moving a bit more upmarket to Woodford Green where I now live
  2. Born within earshot of the BBG in Abingdon Street, so always a Rams fan. Second and third teams are the ones nearest where I now live in NE London. Orient are a great family club and just 3 tube stops away. Their supporters club bar regularly wins CAMRA awards. Next, and one tube stop further away, is West Ham where I became a STH 4 years ago, mainly because of the over 65s price which has now gone up to £160!
  3. Remember him very well along with Havenhand etc. A polished performer
  4. Or hear ducking hear But agree with the post
  5. It was like watching Derby. Backwards, sideways, forwards, sideways, back to goalie. Pathetic performance
  6. I was obviously watching a different game then
  7. Think she was confusing Joz with another player. I watched the whole match. There’s no way he was one of their best players.
  8. Also I seem to recall from my days at the Wardwick local history library that the area near the Ground was bought from the Reeves family hence Reeves Road. Their farm was Leacroft farm and so Leacroft Rd. Dairyhouse Road was where they milked the cows.His daughters were Catherine and Augusta (both streets) his son was Malcolm hence Malcolm Street. And Grayling Street is named after the farmer’s donkey! There’s probably more Reeves family connections such as Douglas Street and Olivier Street but my memory isn’t what it was
  9. Just thought, to anyone under 20, a pipe for smoking is completely unknown
  10. I used to live in Dairyhouse Road and can recall those evening matches complete with localised smog from all the cigarettes and pipes.
  11. For most of the game Joz has been waiting patiently on the wing but players hardly ever pass to him. Do they know something we don’t? Or do.
  12. Anyone with the same surname as me is going to be great! When I went to Nigeria I was introduced to the President of the Court of Appeal. When he heard my name he “oh we have lots of you in Nigeria”
  13. Yep they still have the song but a record not a live band. It’s hardly a rousing song to get the blood up is it “I’m forever blowing bleeding bubbles” My nearest team is the Orient, a lovely little family club with a supporters club bar that has won CAMRA awards. I go there now and again, once wearing a Rams shirt and didn’t have to pay for a drink all night.
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