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  1. All hotels do “A” so the paper doesn’t brush against the wall when you tear a sheet off
  2. Totally agree. It has to be close relatives or friends for me to be upset. However just one celebrity’s death did hit me and that was Glenn Frey. The Eagles are my band. Have been since the early 70s. Seen them several times and met him once. His passing was very sad for me. Played The Heat is On and You Belong to the City, and Take it Easy for days after.
  3. Oops too late. Others have taken it up
  4. But what if he sits on the bed and puts both legs in at the same time?
  5. Totally agree GP (but I suspect you mean you are “uninterested”. “Disinterested” means unbiased, like a referee or umpire)
  6. Yes we want each player to put their best foot forward, put their shoulder to the wheel, their nose to the grindstone, and bend over backwards for the team. But try not to do themselves a mischief in doing these
  7. Quite. When I heard this possible takeover my first thoughts were whether or not the owners could bring investment and success to my club. But some others seem to look at his politics first and trot out the same issues as for the previous would be owner. Some even said that politics are more important than Derby County! Sacrilege!
  8. More like scrabbling around the market stall
  9. Uninterested and disinterested. There’s a difference but so many posters say that “he appeared to be disinterested”. Should be “uninterested”. “Disinterested” means unbiased. The noun of “disinterested” is “ disinterestedness” but confusingly the noun of “uninterested” is “disinterest” so it is correct to say “he appeared to play with disinterest” but wrong to use “disinterested”.
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