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  1. Oh dear. Hate to rub sand in your Vaseline but for me it will be Villa 2 Derby 1 Lawrence
  2. Irritated rather than annoyed but it's that much overused word "absolutely". You hear it all the time in answer to a question or anything requiring a yes or indeed Q Are you going out tonight? A Absolutely!" I think it's going to be hot today. Absolutely. Q Do you think we will win? A Absolutely Ok I've had my say. Do you think I should now go and lie down? Absolutely!
  3. I rang the secretary of my local Ramblers club but he just went on and on and on...... C.
  4. Oh dear. Thought it was me so have opened another bottle. Sorry Jimbo, Shuff, BC and Haribo. Especially sorry to Elgin. Was there at RNAS Lossiemouth HMS Fulmar many many years ago. Really liked it.
  5. Have you tried the Dovetail in Jerusalem Passage in Farringdon? Loads of Belgian beers and food
  6. Blimey Mozza I know I'm a crap soothsayer but I seem to have crashed out of even the Non-league! But then I have just downed a rather splendid bottle of Malbec so may have missed my name. Hic
  7. Pretty sure Eddie that it's more of a restaurant and you need to book. Me, I'll be in the nearby Craft Beer Co if I can get in
  8. Actual age 72. Age after that, 98. Need a lie down in a darkened room now.
  9. Enervating? I feel the opposite on a bit of a high and really looking forward to the match
  10. Really? So a striker who has good all round play but doesn't score many goals is better than an all out striker who scores loads? I think the key word here is "striker"
  11. I would have thought that being a better finisher was just what a striker needs to be
  12. I ex spectre low bid
  13. We don't want anyone who's infirm.
  14. Feeling what? Yourself? Under the weather? The next door neighbour?
  15. Agree. It's widely known about monkey chants and banana throwing towards black players. How on earth can a man like Baker who is closely associated with football not even connect the image of a chimp in those circumstances with racism. The man is a poltroon
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