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  1. Yes we scored. Yes we got a point. Yes we have found a good CF. But overall and particularly in the second half we were poor against a poor side. I am sure that Rooney will be a good manager, but in time. And that’s what we haven’t got.
  2. I think we’ve been watching him in different time warps.
  3. The hardest thing for a professional player is to recognise and accept that their playing time at a decent level, has come to an end. Rooney, although he has said that he would hang up his boots if he were to be a manager, said that otherwise he would continue playing. His recent performances have been poor however and it’s sad to see a once great player reduced to a shadow of his former self.
  4. You’d have to dig him up first though
  5. Hee hee. The lesson is - read the message before pressing send
  6. The incorrect use of “either”. Such as “either “a”, “b” or “c”. No. Either is like “both”. It can refer to only two options. Either “a” or “b”
  7. Do you think he’s thinking “bloody hell they can’t spell 3 Chefs properly!”
  8. Was that the year they moved Christmas to March?
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