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  1. How many minutes before someone comes up with the old chestnut “Ben Dover and Phil McCracken” oh I just did, Damn
  2. Too late. I’ve already suggested that. Still think it’s the best
  3. At my age every day is special if I wake up
  4. Ooh, heart says 2-1 Lawrence but brain says 1-2. Hmmm let’s go with a Derby win
  5. On my iPad it’s a normal round sad face or emotional face emoji
  6. Hmm have you had a humour bypass operation? How could anyone think that he was being serious.
  7. Well, after reading all these songs, I wish I was 12 years old again
  8. Taking blood pressure tablets grumbling about menus that say “jus” instead of gravy, remembering who Bill Curry was
  9. My brother in law was told yesterday he has aggressive lymph cancer and it’s terminal. About 12 weeks is the prognosis. It brings things into perspective.
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