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  1. One step back, two steps forward. So that's one step forward then.
  2. I've been watching Derby since the early 50s and there was never the nastiness between the two clubs as there is now. Just a friendly rivalry because of the closeness of the two cities. Started getting a bit aggressive when Clough moved there in the 70s.
  3. I'm feeling a bit sad today. My wife has ran off with the man next door and ooh I do miss him
  4. OK. On a grammatical point if the adjective is one syllable it takes the ending "er" so it should be "life would be so much duller without our Colin. Forgive me for picking up on a grammatical point but I'm an ex lecturer and pretty well drunk
  5. When I used to play for a team in Alvaston in the Sunday Social league in the late 60s we thought we were clever and had Roman numerals on our backs. I was VIII
  6. Oooh a newspaper snob.....
  7. I mentioned in another thread that today's Daily Mail there is an excellent article by their chief sports writer on all this and very pro Derby
  8. Excellent article in the Daily Mail today by Martin Samuels about this. Very pro-Derby
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