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  1. I bought 12 bees from a beekeeper. He gave 13. I told him he'd given one too many but he said "that one's a freebie "
  2. After watching an episode of Plebs where Grumio was going to make Surf and Turf meals that rhymed, such as Eel and Veal or Clam and Ham, I decided to make Salmon and Gammon. Not a match made in heaven. Not recommended.
  3. When they say "it couldn't have been closer" when the ball just misses the goal post. Yes it could.
  4. I lived in Chaddo for many years but left nearly 40 years ago. I seem to remember that there were two estates- Breadsall Priory and Breadsall Hill Top. Is that still the case or is my mind straying?
  5. I'm only a WHU season ticket holder because a) I live nearby and b) it's so cheap. I was a Rams fan from birth in 1946 (cup year) and a BBG season ticket holder for about 15 years before I moved to London with work
  6. Just had an email from West Ham where I'm a season ticket holder. They are offering either a refund for the 5 home matches left or it can knocked off next season's ticket. Won't be much for me though because as an over 65 I pay only £145! Think I'll carry on with the next season ticket hoping that Derby will play there (either in the PL or championship)
  7. Haven house is about a half mile from me. It's a hospice for kids. Get choked up when I go to the annual fete and see the kids. Good for Harry.
  8. Don't quite understand. If I was allowed to go, why wouldn't I ? Think the poll question needs a little tinkering
  9. Totally agree. (It's "flummoxed" by the way.) "Flummox” is a very useful word, meaning not only “to confuse” but also “to confound,” i.e., to frustrate so much that the only course is to give up and abandon the task which is what I've done. My brain hurts
  10. Agree. @Archied seems not to realise that targets do focus minds and are meant to. A target is a goal that we are aiming to reach. But targets don’t just tell us what we are aiming for – they let us measure the distance by which we fall short, and the amount of work we need to do to make it up. You need to have a target in order to judge whether you are making improvements.
  11. Brighton is a good ground but getting out of it is a real pain. Orient is my local club. A lovely little ground and the supporters' club bar has won the CAMRA award twice
  12. To get back on thread, I saw him at West Ham. Looked to have lost confidence. However I think that given a good run he will easily prove to be a very good keeper at Championship level. Get him!
  13. I do most evenings. Take the car for a drive to charge the battery (and mine). Virtually empty roads. Back home in about 40 minutes. No contact with anyone. In fact hardly see anyone.
  14. Agree. There are more disasters but these 10 will do. I assume you are 50 plus? Because you've used a term for a girl I haven't heard in years. Bint. A good old army word from Arabic or Hindi. It was commonly used when I was a kid until the term "bird" came along in the early 60s.
  15. I'm deeply distrustful of all these statistics. The figures for deaths are recorded when the virus is present in the body but it's not known how many died because of the virus or would have died anyway. The figures for deaths don't include those who died in care homes or at home either. And the number of people infected don't include those who have isolated at home. I suppose at least the figures provide some sort of consistency in showing increases/decreases.
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