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  1. My favourite couplet is by Sir John Betjeman, poet laureate, lover of buildings and railways, voyeur, and fetishist. Sounds unlikely but true "I often think that I would like, to be the saddle on your bike"
  2. Brilliant! Not the one I've in mind but even better. You're a poet and didn't know it. Will post mine tomorrow.
  3. Good try but no. There is one better rhyme that rhymes the last two syllables.
  4. Hmm. Aberystwyth and biscuit doesn't quite rhyme......
  5. e e cummings for me. I can get lost in his works. Love the way he writes even to refusing to use capital letters And here's a challenge for anyone who thinks they have some poetical bent. Pen the next line to this:- ( as far as I know there is only one possibility) "There was a young girl from Aberystwyth...
  6. Never been radished. Oh perhaps it's not that common
  7. According to several Nigerian football sites in December:- "22 year old Anglo-Nigerian midfielder Joe Aribo has agreed a switch to Portuguese giants Benfica when his deal expires with Charlton Athletic next summer according to several sources in Portugal. Aribo has refused the offer of a contract extension proposed to him by ‎the club with his contract set to run out in the summer with reports suggesting he is keen on a move abroad after shunning interest from top teams in England. According to several respected sources in Portugal, the midfielder has agreed personal terms and a pre contract with Benfica where he intends to play once his contract at Charlton where he has played in almost all their games this season comes to an end"
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