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  1. I'm currently in Dubai on business. It's 43c and a bit sticky. God knows what I'll be eating tonight but who on earth (apart from some strange individuals on this forum) eats moussaka and curried chickpeas for breakfast? Very odd hotel
  2. He's a foul mouthed thug. He doesn't train much either. A pity because he's a pretty good tennis player
  3. Well there's been lots of Dutch managers but only two had some form of success - Gus Hiddink and Ronald Koeman
  4. Exactly. I'm more than well qualified in my profession and I'm useless
  5. Not too bothered about Frankie going. True he brought the buzz back and got us to the play offs (just) but for me the season was one of inept performances and bizarre team selections punctuated by a few fantastic games. If he had stayed I imagine the good performances would have increased but all history now and I look forward to the new manager.
  6. Turk Thrust


    Or even the Premier League
  7. It's reported that Ashley Cole has bought a house very near to Chelsea's training ground in Surrey. Make of that what you will. Probably just coincidence?
  8. Just watching France v Nigeria. France by far the better team but the standard of football is very poor. National league stuff. A pity because one or two games have been pretty good
  9. Oh dear. you've obviously been asleep for a few weeks.
  10. What? Of course you do given the circumstances.
  11. If FL was going to stay I would have thought that he would have come out and announced it by now rather than continuing all this uncertaincy. The fact that he hasn't does not bode well.
  12. Well I've seen scores of our shirts since my first trip to see us play in the early 50s and for me this is one of the best designs.
  13. I have followed Joel's issues on here for some time. Whenever I'm feeling a bit low or have pains and aches, I think of two people:- Joel and The Victorian explorer Sir Richard Burton. (He had a spear go through his cheeks in the Sudan and knowing he would bleed to death if he pulled it out he held onto it and walked about 30 miles to the British camp.) so my little problems fade into insignifance when compared to those of Joel and Sir Dick. They both provide a slap in the face and a challenge to stop moping around. I really hope all goes well for Joel
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