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When is your birthday?


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OK,  so @Carl Sagan's post over in the Duane Holmes thread about two people in a group of 23 more than likely sharing a birthday seems to have caught our interest.

This leads me to wonder how many of us share birthdays? 

I would imagine we'll get there much sooner than 23 as someone is probably more likely to post if their birthday is already up here.

I will start with 12th March.

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2 hours ago, Geriatram said:

Christmas day

Jesus Christ!

It's a weird coincidence that this thread came up. I noticed that two of our player's mothers had the same maiden name and it got me thinking if that was the case with anyone on here. Mine's is Phisher.

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What @Carl Sagan said is correct regardless of the result of this experiment. We simply have a very close to 50/50 chance of having two people with the same birthday in the first 23 respondents in our first attempt.  We'd need to repeat this many times over, in an unbiased manner, before we have proved or disproved anything.

23rd March.

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