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  1. Highgate

    Max Bird

    Fik was really good. But I'd rather have Max, i wouldn't even consider a straight swap between the two (not that it would be offered). We need to keep Bird for now. Hopefully he will make it to the Premier League with us, if not there is every chance that he'll be worth bags of money in a couple of seasons if he keeps up his current progression. By then if we are still stuck in the Championship, we won't be able to hold him back any longer and it will be time to cash in and wish him all the best. He was oozing class just when the virus shut the season down.
  2. I don't know what particular conversations you are talking about, we all know there are subjects that are proscribed on this thread and on the forum in general. The referee analogy isn't really valid, as referees aren't actively taking part in the football match. Are there any permanently 'neutral' posters? If there are, they sound dreadfully boring 🙂
  3. We are all going to have our biases, that's human nature. Posting point of view and reacting to other points of view something all us members of the forum do, moderators included. And that's how it should be surely. Unless you want moderators to be excluded from discussions entirely then I don't see what you are actually asking for. If you think the moderators are performing those duties that the rest of us do not have (like removing posts for example) with bias then complain about that by all means. But complaining amount them sharing their views on a subject/post, like all the rest of us do, is entirely unfair and unreasonable in my opinion.
  4. Excluded by the First Past the Post Electoral System, which largely forces the electorate to ignore smaller parties in General Elections. An affront to any genuine democratic system really but it seems it set to continue for the foreseeable future.
  5. Several people tried 🙂 And 'taking people out' in football should be frowned upon even more than a deliberate handball.
  6. And miss out on his second goal in the same match? Now that would be a crime against football.
  7. That's true enough I suppose. But I suspect Mr Young isn't entirely sincere, and his motivation is largely to generate a strong reaction to the controversial point of view he is putting across. I don't know, that's just the impression I got.
  8. That's worrying. Just how much of 'let 230,000 people die to save £350 billion' do you agree with ? Looking for savings of £350 billion to cover the cost of saving all those lives? Easy, just scrap the HS2 project and Trident replacement project and that will suffice and leave some money left over (factoring in the inevitable overspend on those two projects). Job done....now where do I send my consultancy invoice to? Mental note: Never read Toby Young again.
  9. Maybe we are all reading this wrong and Farage is actually delighted at the prospect. So much so that he can scarcely believe it to be true. 😉
  10. Occasionally some of the posters in the argument thread become somewhat over stimulated and resort to insulting fellow Rams in support of their own point of view. One of the regrettable hazards of this thread.
  11. This is the Argument Thread 🙂
  12. The next generation will surely be influenced by what we call it. Anyway as @maxjam said, this is all pretty academic right now.
  13. Highly unlikely. Regrettably Covid-19 and coronavirus are words that are likely to live long in our collective memory.
  14. That's true to an extent. Although, we can't just dismiss all media reporting as 'fake news' or biased. For starters some of it simply reports or shows a leader speaking about the subject themselves. Surely any leader is responsible for their own words and actions, regardless of who reported it. The numbers will prove a lot I guess, although some countries have unfair disadvantages so we can't compare them all equally. Italy got a lot of infected people before other nations it seems, giving them a serious problem while others still had the chance to react. Other countries are suffering from having a high population density or being a cog in a global transport hub...while other 'quieter' regions will have a better chance to isolate. So it won't be as simple as just looking at the numbers when all this awfulness is over.
  15. Now Trump is handling it badly. But that was to be expected. He can't even manage social distancing at the press conferences about the coronavirus. Why does everyone have to stand shoulder to shoulder in the background? Is the photo-op that important, more important than setting an example on social distancing? I'm sure other leaders are also doing inexplicably badly too. I shudder to think what Bolsanaro is up to in Brazil.
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