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  1. England Rugby 2017

    I really don't know what happened either. Not many people would have predicted England to finish 5th in the 6 Nations at the start of the campaign. Hard to feel sorry for Jones though, after some of his comments. But it's probably not be the worst thing in the world for England, to have some weaknesses exposed 18 months before a World Cup. Plenty of time to put things right.
  2. England Rugby 2017

    I'm not bad considering, thanks for the concern! I'm glad i didn't see your advice earlier in the day though, that could have tipped me over the edge..
  3. England Rugby 2017

    Thanks @CWC1983, Way too drunk (ish) to respond properly... Could be you guys next year !
  4. England Rugby 2017

    Wonder what Churchill would have made of that . In fairness, you guys really know get St.Paddy's party started. I should be sober by Tuesday!
  5. Rowett

    I hope your overconfidence (in my view) in Rowett won't be proven unjustified. Don't know where such remarkable faith comes from if I'm honest.
  6. Rowett

    How can you possibly have no doubt ? Hope, absolutely! Confidence, I can understand. But no doubt, how can that be possible? Is Rowett some kind of religious figure for you or something like that? It's football, there is always doubt.
  7. v Forest (A) - Predictions

    ****** 1-2 Derby Frgs Vydra
  8. England Rugby 2017

    England's most important job next week will be the guard of honour before the match for the new 6 nations champions ..
  9. Mea Culpa, I was wrong.

    You may be right, but who knows the mind of Mel really! He seems to be the sort of man who can change his mind quite rapidly. If we were to slip out of the play-off places, would GR deserve to keep his job any more than some of his predecessors did ?
  10. Mea Culpa, I was wrong.

    If we miss out on the play-offs this season, then would anybody be surprised if Rowett was sacked? It won't be the entertaining free-flowing football that saves him, will it? If GR's year's work consists having little use for our most talented player in Hughes and not trying to prevent him from leaving the club, playing dull uninspiring football effectively until a post Christmas implosion causes us to miss out on the play-offs, could anyone really consider the season to be a step in the right direction? However, I do think we will still sneak into the play-offs and that will be enough to save his job.
  11. No UK representatives at the World Cup?

    True, but at least there is the 2022 World Cup to look forward to.
  12. v QPR (A) - Predictions

    QPR 1-2 Derby frgs Vydra.
  13. White Privilege

    Well this thread has turned into a major love in. Didn't see that coming. Well done everyone, I'm genuinely impressed with poster's complementing those they appeared to be debating bitterly with. To think that only a few pages back I was considering asking @StivePesley to drop another bomb to get this thread shut down too.
  14. Brexit or Eurin?

    Is he going to share his breakthrough with the rest of us, or is he keeping it to himself? I still haven't heard a solution to the problem that will satisfy all sides.
  15. Will Hughes Watch

    Some comments from a Watford fan site: 'Poor first half. Carrillo, Rich and Pereyra providing no quality Get Hughes on asap' 'The albino Iniesta made a huge difference.' 'I love will hughes' 'Hughes is our best attacking mid.' Seems like they are starting to appreciate what they have, I hope Will goes from strength to strength, such a lovely player to watch, even when he is wearing the wrong colour shirt.

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