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  1. Wasn't the first series of the Tunnel a remake of the Bridge? Same story...so the whiff is understandable. Actually I preferred the Tunnel.
  2. Would definitely suit him more than playing in a back 4. Still you'd expect a wing back to have to defend from time to time. We'll see how it works out for him, I genuinely hope he does well.
  3. He is not a good defender, at least he has an awful lot to learn in that department. In the Premier League I fear his weaknesses will be exposed again and again. His strength was always going forward with the ball at his feet.
  4. Not his fault, but didn't Ronaldo limp off injured early on in the final? So he can't quite claim to have won Portugal the Euros. Playing European Qualifiers means Ronaldo has had the opportunity to fill his boots against the likes of the Faroes, Andorra, Armenia etc. There are no South American teams of that nature in their qualifiers. Also Ronaldo has been consistently playing as a striker for Portugal. Messi has been expected to be the creator for Argentina. Ronaldo could claim to be the best goalscorer of all time. He certainly has a plausible claim on that title.
  5. Everything Bartomeu does is ridiculous. The sooner he is gone the better for everyone at Barca.
  6. Apparently there was a clause in his contract that he could activate to allow him to leave for free before the end of the season (strange clause to agree to from Barcelona's point of view) The delayed end to the season will complicate that. There is a chance that this is Messi's attempt to force Bartomeu to resign. It might work.
  7. Apologies for bringing up a week old comment, but that's news to me. Doesn't that apply to people born before 1948 only (and therefore born within the Commonwealth)? The CTA will hopefully trump FIFAs rules anyway.
  8. Clarke for me. He's been consistently good and has a great attitude, particularly for a loan player. Not too many players have played a full season, so the choice was somewhat narrowed. I think it should only be about performances on the pitch. Trying to assess a player's impact on the rest of the squad, as in Rooney's case, is guesswork really. Form is every changing for football teams, and while it makes perfect sense that Rooney's presence helped those around him, who knows how much of our improvement in the second half of the season was down to Rooney or how much of it was due t
  9. Should have caps for.........whatever nationality he is. Especially if he bags a second...
  10. That's a somewhat bizarre post. I wasn't commenting on the rally attendees as such, who would have been more comparable to the protesters. I was commenting on the man who organized the rally in his own interests. I think I did question the timing of the protests, or at least I agreed with the many others that did. I also suggested that anyone engaging in violence or vandalism during them was doing the undoubtedly worthy cause more harm than good. But you are not comparing like with like for so many reasons. The BLM protests happened in response to a brutal killing by the police,
  11. The problem will be that he may just refuse to believe the result and claim voter fraud or whatever. He's been laying the groundwork for that for months now, stating that mail in voting is riddled with cheating and so on. Of course he would simply be removed from government, the army won't back him or anything like that...but the problem what will his most loyal supporters do (of which there are inexplicably large numbers), when he will tweet that their rightful president has been cheated out of office. After witnessing Trump hold an indoor election rally in a state with a considerable
  12. So like @Van Wolfie then. A) with a big explanatory plaque. ? The Hitler/Stalin comparison is interesting. Even without their statues, it's fair to say they haven't been forgotten by history. I feel the slave trade is in a similar category.
  13. I really should had that choice as option d}. 😀 I'd find it difficult to choose between options b and c myself.
  14. So let's say if you lived in Bristol in 2020 and the city is having a vote on whether to keep the Colston statue where it is or not. Do you vote to; a) Leave it where it is. b) Take it down and put it in a museum somewhere. c) Take it down and roll it down the hill and dump it in the harbour.
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