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  1. Apologies, my last post started off with a reply to your comment about Waghorn scoring for fun. Thereafter I went on a bit of a wander (I blame the IPAs) and started commenting on what I'd read elsewhere in the thread only to return to your post in the last sentence. An unseemly and poorly structured attempt at communicating I'll confess. Honestly, I think you've underestimated my capacity for gobshitery 😉 As for Waghorn, I agree that the market for strikers is a very difficult one I'd be delighted if he could get 15 for us next season. He's certainly the sort of player that you'd like to see prosper, given his top class attitude.
  2. He's never really scored for fun at any stage in his career though has he, and he is 29 now. Apart from one season in the Scottish Championship. I've nothing at all against him, I'd never dislike any Derby player who gives their all like he does, but I think the £5m was steep given his mediocre career record and his age. It's true that the best time to judge whether he was worth it or not is when he leaves the club, but that doesn't mean we can't speculate until that time comes. Incidentally I think the whole 'good dressing room player' concept is given far too much importance by some. Avoiding disruptive 'bad apples' is obviously important but a player's overall bantz rating isn't really going to make too much to a difference to a team's league position. I sincerely hopes he justifies your confidence in him and proves my skepticism about the price tag entirely wrong.
  3. A player doesn't become worth £5m just because he is willing to give his all in whatever position his manager picks him. That should be the minimum required from any professional footballer. That's what they are paid to do. I like Waghorn's attitude too but I've set to see anything that warranted the £5m fee, let alone an even higher price. Conor Sammon would probably have run all day long on the wing had he been asked.
  4. Highgate

    Declan Rice

    You can't be 100% sure about that @BurtonRam7 Plenty of English born and raised people in the history of the 'RA' (as Deccers would say). Most likely he didn't really know what he was saying, so it's forgivable. Still it's a stupid and embarrassing comment that I"m sure he wishes he never made.
  5. Highgate

    Declan Rice

    Don't see why your birthplace is considered to have such a crucial bearing on your nationality, any more than your location at any other time of your life. In all honesty we are just taking other people's word for where we are born really, I don't see why people attach so much importance to it. Where you are raised is obviously very important as is your family background if that sort of thing is important to you. Can't argue with 'you're born where you're born' though. That seems pretty watertight 🙂
  6. Highgate

    Declan Rice

    That's how your future teenagers are going to rebel. 🙂
  7. Highgate

    Declan Rice

    Seen people rebel and shock their parents in all sorts of ways...never saw anyone feign support for terrorists to shock their parents if that's what you are suggesting he did. Not buying that really. Still think his best excuse is that he didn't know what it meant. I'm alright up here @BurtonRam7, I like a bit of altitude. Maybe he did mean it as a 'joke', but I've never really heard that phrase used in that way. Wouldn't you at least admit that you would be alarmed if those were his genuine feelings when he was 16?
  8. Highgate

    Declan Rice

    I wouldn't know if he did or didn't. Either way, not something we can discuss here.
  9. Highgate

    Declan Rice

    What age was he then? 16? Surely old enough to know that terrorism isn't a joke. Seems to me that his best defence is that he didn't know what the phrase meant. Which as I said, is plausible given his youth. If he did know, then it is pretty alarming that he would have posted that even at age 16. I don't think rooting for indiscriminate murderers is natural part of most people's formative years. Not saying it's unforgivable if he has completely changed his views however.
  10. There was a proper premier league class midfielder there as far as I'm concerned. Unfortunately his body doesn't seem to be up to the demands of professional football. And successive injuries can damage a player permanently. It's a shame, he was a lovely footballer to watch and I don't think he'll ever have the career now that his talent deserved.
  11. Highgate

    Declan Rice

    Well that's embarrassing. I guess he could argue that he didn't know what 'Up the Ra' meant. Plausible for a kid his age growing up where he did I suppose. Ignorance is his only defence now, otherwise England's newest recruit is a former (at best) terrorist sympathizer.
  12. A lot of people find her a very controversial figure. Christopher Hitchens and Tariq Ali wrote a documentary about her titled 'Hell's Angel'.
  13. Those tweets were genuinely sick and you can but despair at the mentality of those that posted them, however I think the authorities have to take the punch more seriously than a tweet. It's very easy to ignore abuse on social media, very difficult to ignore a punch to the head. It's merely good fortune that Grealish wasn't hurt by the assault. Thankfully the guy was produced a laughably poor punch, but it's his intent that should be punished rather than the outcome.
  14. What's the latest on Lubos Kubik's transfer from Slavia Prague? I'm starting to think it will never happen..
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