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  1. Donald Trump - Re-Tweeting anti muslim videos

    There will be a meltdown if he does. Surely he can't be that naive? On the other hand, Trump's lawyer accusing Mueller's team of improperly acquiring their e-mails does hint at a White House desperately looking for a pretext to sack Mueller.
  2. Thomas Ince

    I've always seen those 'sympathy' penalties as more of an insult to players than a potential confidence boost. You are too **** to score by yourself, so here is a gift from the regular penalty taker! All seems a bit childish to me. But there seems to be plenty of players who appreciate them as it's not an unusual thing to see teams do. I wonder how Ince would have viewed the act of charity. And what would it have done for his confidence had he missed?
  3. Automatic Promotion

    Certainly can't blame the fans for starting to dream at this stage. How sweet it would be to go up, without having to bother with the play-offs. But let's hope the players aren't thinking too far ahead and keep just taking it one game at a time. in fairness, I trust Rowett to be pragmatic in that regard and not let the players get ahead of themselves. Seeing as Wolves look all set to claim one of the automatic places, the rest of us are competing for just one. So it's not going to be easy, but with our defence looking so solid at the moment, we've got every reason to be optimistic.
  4. Pets

    Do you know what species it is ?
  5. Pets

    Did that Jack Russell take a selfie ?
  6. Brexit or Eurin?

    Your notion that they are all equally biased is implausible whether you read the papers or not. Clearly, newspapers agendas may change, along with their journalists, as time passes. The fact that you can't remember when you last read one just makes you particularly unqualified to assess the current levels of bias in the print media. You formed an inaccurate opinion in the past and it's an inaccurate and antiquated opinion now. This post is more critical than i would like it to be...but it seems to be the only way to get the point across. Sorry to hear you are enduring a bit a barren spell with regard to other pastimes!
  7. Brexit or Eurin?

    That would seem to be an entirely unreasonable coincidence. Random chance alone will surely preclude equal bias across the board, and that's not even taking into account the differing standards of journalism and the potential agendas of the owners, both which could affect the levels of bias at any newspaper. It's very surprising that someone who admits to not reading the content of the print media (apart from the sport) has acquired such a precise measure of each paper's bias that they can confidently declare them all equal in that regard.
  8. v Villa (H) - Predictions

    Derby 0-0 Villa
  9. Man City discussion

    Can't help but think that Ferguson might be slightly biased towards his own former player. But his assessment of Ronaldo's attributes are accurate. Ronaldo does have some abilities that Messi doesn't. He is much better in the air and he is physically stronger. It's also to his lasting credit that he works so hard at his game. But the reverse is also true, Messi sees a pass earlier and plays it more accurately generally speaking. He's also a better dribbler. I think Messi would tear it up for Stockport to be honest, although maybe Ronaldo would be better suited to lower league football in England than Messi, even if he would spend an awful lot of time whinging at the refs. Can't deny I'd like to see them both have to try it for a while. Has any player really dragged their nation to a tournament win bar Maradona in 1986? And even he had a quiet final...bar one good pass to Burrachaga
  10. Man City discussion

    Strange to argue that Guardiola isn't a truly great manager because he's never managed an average side. Do we have similar reservations for great players? Messi isn't really the greatest player in the world because he's never done it for Stoke or Burnley ? Surely what they do with the teams they have at their disposal is what matters. Incidentally Pep did do a very good job with Barca B, in the Spanish third tier.
  11. Man City discussion

    Iniesta ?
  12. Man City discussion

    I think the Premier League was generally of a lower standard then, than it is now., and less financially dominant when compared to the other leagues Looking across Europe today, the top 6 in the Premier League look really strong, whereas in the early 2000s, Arsenal (even their 'invincible' team) managed nothing at all in Europe. For me, it would take a higher quality team to go unbeaten in the 2017-2018 league than it did the 2003-2004 season. It's very difficult to compare teams from different eras, but right at this moment, I really think Man City look like the real deal.
  13. Donald Trump - Re-Tweeting anti muslim videos

    Scary stuff definitely, but I don't think it's incredible. When you consider how conservative much of Alabama is and you look at the relative positions of both candidates on issues like abortion and gay marriage, then there it's no surprise that many of the voters of Alabama still supported Moore. Take abortion for example, Doug Jones is pro-choice, which for many pro-lifers is nothing short of murder of unborn children. Therefore, considering their viewpoint on abortion, it makes sense for them to think that it is worse than harassment of teenage girls, bad as they probably consider that to be. For them, the choice may have been between two evils, Jones, and Moore, and they chose the lesser one, as they saw it..... Roy Moore. Then you have the partizan voter, who would vote along party lines no matter what. So, i don't see it as too much of a surprise that the Moore vote was nearly 50%. Let's be honest, had the allegations against Moore not surfaced during the campaign, he would have won. And had Moore not run at all, and a relatively sane Republican ran in his place, it would have been a comfortable win for the Republicans in Alabama as usual.
  14. Donald Trump - Re-Tweeting anti muslim videos

    Right, well i fear you may be correct on his reasons for moving the embassy. If so it's a terrible motive for making decisions on complex foreign policy issues. A match ticket for any Derby league game (premier league hopefully!) of the winners choosing? Home or away. Does that suit? If he does simply choose not to stand, bet null and void naturally. Although impeachment in his first term won't count as 'not seeking a second term' obviously.
  15. Donald Trump - Re-Tweeting anti muslim videos

    I don't quite follow, are you saying that he would make such an important call based purely on how he thinks it will make him look in comparison to other presidents? Fancy a modest wager on that prediction?

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