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  1. Shows you care I suppose. I can't understand how there is even one Derby fan who isn't similarly upset. It's a huge blow for the club in my opinion..and a self-inflicted one. As much as i like GT, there was only one Will. How any manager can take over Derby and not want to build the team around a Thorne-Hughes axis is beyond me. Been on the Watford website, they seem to realise they've mugged us on this.
  2. That's the sort of anger and disillusionment I was expecting to see more of on this forum as soon as this news broke. Sums up the feeling of betrayal (by the club) perfectly.
  3. I don't think a team that could play like Barcelona would be in the Championship in the first place. Unrealistic to think that Championship teams could play like them. Asking whether we would rather play like Fulham and stay in the Championship or play like West Brom and Burnley in the Premier League seems to imply that direct football will automatically lead to more success than 'beautiful' football. A more relevant question may be, do Derby fans believe promotion is more likely to be achieved playing direct/conservative football like Burnley or playing more open/attacking football like Bournemouth? I'd rather try the Bournemouth route. If direct football were the only way to succeed in the sport.....I probably wouldn't be a football fan at all.
  4. Of course it can. If quality football could not succeed against the more direct Route 1 style, I wouldn't be a football fan at all. There is more than 1 way to succeed at football there is no denying, but why is it often implied that quality technical football has to be played by luxury players afraid of a bit of hard graft? Will Hughes exemplified the fact that quality players can also work hard for the team.
  5. I despair because there is clearly a vast gulf between us in terms of what constitutes good or effective football. Will has been terrific for us, particularly before his injury (last season was difficult for him) and likely would be again had we kept him. He is technically superb, has a good work ethic, can pick out a pass and has terrific awareness of what is around him. He can easily operate in the centre of midfield or attacking midfielder, depending on the formation being played, although preferably not as the holding midfielder. He maintains possession well and is the base and creative spark for many attacks and works hard to get the ball back when the opposition is in possession. I find your view than genuine footballing talent is ineffective and disposable in a Derby County shirt deeply dispiriting but I fear Gary Rowett shares your opinion in this regard.
  6. I despair.
  7. Speak for yourself. Blinkered partizan support of your club is what supporting a football team is a all about, no problem there. But blind faith in a manager stinks. Lets analyze his decisions and assess his teams performances and results and then decide whether he is good for Derby or not. Given that he has just inflicted a deep wound on the club by selling off our most talented player on the cheap he better hope the results are excellent next season.
  8. Yeah, because how on earth could talented footballers help a team gain promotion? 11 determined cloggers booting the ball as hard as they can that's what we need. Now if we could only get rid of that pesky Ince too! And get that hyper conservative Whelan in as quickly as possible. Go team Rowett ! It's like people forget that Hughes used to work hard for the team too. Why do some fans want Derby to devoid of footballing talent?
  9. It's easy to have good passing stats if you rarely risk a forward pass.
  10. I haven't been this depressed about football since that Zamora goal at Wembley.
  11. I'd say the Democrats are right of centre, and the Republicans are even further to the right containing a large 'lunatic fringe' element.
  12. It makes no sense to me at all that you would have as much confidence in Rowett after he agreed to sell Hughes as you would before, unless of course you think it's a good decision. If you do, then I just can't understand where you are coming from at all. For me, Hughes was more important to the future of this club than Gary Rowett. I can fully understand why he might wish to leave (but i haven't heard he has been demanding it) but i simply can't understand why our club wouldn't fight tooth and nail to keep him. Nor can I understand fans who don't take a dim view of a manager who failed to prioritise keeping the most talented player at the club.
  13. Of course there is doubt. And having watched Whelan for years with ROI, i can tell you he breaks up as many Irish attacks with his ponderous and conservative passing (usually to the closest full-back) as he does opposition attacks. Simply never seems to want the ball at his feet. Hughes out and Whelan in would be a gargantuan backward step.
  14. And are you just as confident in, and trusting of Rowett now, as you were before you knew he was willing to sell Will Hughes cheaply?
  15. Could people stop being sure about things. Plenty of managers will be sacked next season because they simply don't know what they are doing (not to the required standard anyway). Why are there so many Derby fans that always have faith in the manager, regardless of who he is. Not simply supporting him, but 'sure' that they know what they are doing. It's fair to say that Rowett doesn't appear to rate Hughes too highly, that alone should set alarms bells ringing. I can't see how a talented manager would fail to recognise footballing talent when it's right in front of them. We may be stuck with a fairly limited manager. He's probably got some motivational and organisational skills but possibly not much more. I don't see why any of us should be 'sure' about his ability at this point. Lets wait and see. Why MM is allowing this is another worry, given that he has shown slightly dictatorial tendencies in the past, is he ok with this folly? Or maybe he promised GR freedom in the transfer market. If so, he must be kicking himself now.