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  1. How many of those were regular starters in the Premier League or a league of a similar standard in the previous season, which is the only season that is really relevant to their form? That's what a team that sneaked up via the play-offs was going to need. Lewis was 33 and playing in League 1 the previous season, how was that going to work. How many players go from League 1 to the Premier League in their 30s and succeed ? Earnshaw was a reasonable punt I guess. I remember being quite depressed about the recruitment that summer....although I'd no clue the season that was to follow would be as wretched as it was.
  2. And we have a winner! And that was in preparation for stepping up to the Premier League unbelievably, not another season in the Championship. Writing was on the wall come Sept 1st unfortunately and the rest is history. Bisgaard's contract expired that summer too didn't it ?
  3. Highgate


    On VAR, I'd agree entirely with that Leicester fan. Even if VAR was to get the correct decisions 100% of the time, which it clearly isn't doing, I would be still against it. As infuriating as refereeing errors were, they didn't actually make football a less entertaining game to watch. VAR as it is designed now, even operated perfectly, clearly makes it less entertaining by robbing fans of the immediate joy of the goal celebration. For me, unless VAR decisions could be all but instantaneous like goal-line technology I'd bin the whole thing altogether at the end of the season. Fans, managers and pundits would just have to accept that football officiating is flawed, but that the VAR cure was worse than the disease. I can't see that happening though, I fear VAR is here to stay.
  4. Yeah that's what I'm afraid of and Cocu's 'out for the season' would be very much a best case scenario. It depends on the severity of the injury I suppose as well as the success of any surgery. A bit of research reveals that a 9 month recovery period seems to be the very best we can hope for with this sort of injury. Regrettably12 months would seem to be a good estimate then. Cocu has been very unfortunate since he arrived.
  5. To be honest with an ACL injury I'd happily take Bielik being out for the rest of this season and back to fitness in time for next season. I hope that turns out to be the case.
  6. I didn't rank the country at all. You ranked it......at number 1. I gave you to an Economist compiled list which ranked the UK as the 14th most democratic. I did live in the UK from 1996-2001, quite a while ago now admittedly. I think very highly of the UK and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone thinking of living there, for a wide variety of reasons (not sure how Brexit might alter things in that regard...hopefully not much). Not too fond of the furiously flag-waving 'bring back the Empire' brigade though, in the UK or other countries.
  7. You read an entirely different post it seems. No surprise really. It was you who brought up 'historically democratic'. So the Empire is relevant.
  8. I would say that Europe as a whole is still more racist than even the US. Probably a legacy of having distinct mono-ethnic (or at least the perception of such) nations as opposed to the 'melting pot' of the US. That said, things seem to be heading in a disturbing direction in the US of late.
  9. Well lets just say your phrasing was ambiguous then. You are going with an overall score it seems! It would have to be a country without an Empire then. And that goes for all Empires. Tolerant and liberal at home is of little comfort to other nations, habitually treated as second-class and denied the right to their own country by force. You should have left democratic off your list entirely. All countries still maintaining a monarchy should be discounted really (which can still be used to bypass court judgements, as with Orders in Council in the UK). The UK has never had an elected head of state and maintains FPTP electoral system that effectively doesn't allow minority political viewpoints to develop. As for direct democracy, referendums in the UK are very rare (maybe a good thing come to think of it). But in 2020 at least, the UK cannot be considered the 'most democratic' country in the world. 14th in 2018 actually, according to the this list. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democracy_Index As for diversity. It's a very welcome attribute for a country to have and the UK scores very well here no doubt. But it's hardly the fault of some countries, that haven't had an empire or an historically strong economy that attracted migrants, that they are less ethnically diverse. As long as they are not trying to prevent it, there is nothing at all wrong with a country lacking ethnic diversity. When will all you SJWs finally accept that? 😀
  10. Not really sure that qualifies as a caveat. 😉 But I totally agree with your point that nobody from this generation need to feel guilt or apologize for the past. Not their fault, not their responsibility. But having an awareness of the full complexity of your own country's past, both the good and the bad, is surely a good thing.
  11. It would be perfectly natural if you were biased. I think the UK would rank highly on a global scale for liberalism, tolerance, and diversity. But first in all 3? That's quite an achievement! More liberal than the Netherlands?, more diverse than Brazil? And who could rank tolerance without living in a country first.....but are you completely sure the UK is more tolerant than Canada, Finland and New Zealand? As for historically the most democratic, that's more difficult to assess. No doubt hugely influential and pivotal in the development of parliamentary democracy and the transference of sovereignty from the monarchs to the general population (a bit of a shame it never quite finished the job in that regard, in my opinion). Instrumental in creating democracy as we know it, of that there is no question. But as an Empire, committed to, in fact often violently committed to preventing other nations from enjoying democracies of their own. That's not to be overlooked. A complicated legacy.
  12. That's a pretty good review, a touch of patriotic bias there maybe? Incidentally you are right racism and xenophobia are labels thrown about far too often, but they aren't just words. They are still very real problems. Less so that in the past, no but but to dismiss them entirely as just 'words' is as misguided as throwing them about carelessly to win an argument.
  13. Well those aren't climate activists then, they are something else. Political activists or anarchists hitching a ride on a climate protest. They have nothing to do with the Global Warming debate. With the technology that is currently available vast reductions can still be made in GHG emissions. And the general public need to be helped and incentivized to make green choices. You are right..technological R&D in this area is still crucial to our chances of coming to grips with this crisis successfully. And ambitious projects, such as tidal project you mentioned, (although I haven't studied that in detail) need to be planned and delivered.
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