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  1. There once was a club from Derby, Whose players all loved to party, While the owner broke every convention the manager shows little invention, Will somebody please buy this poor club from Derby.
  2. At one point yesterday Sky Sports referred to us as 'Derby manager Wayne Rooney's team' I guess our full title is Derby Manager Wayne Rooney's Team F.C.
  3. Reasons for keeping Rooney on as manager: Sacking him will cost money given that he is under contract. .........I honestly can't think of another. Reasons for sacking Rooney: Unqualified Inexperienced Player development seems to have regressed alarmingly, especially the young players. Team selections and tactics are chaotic and constantly changing. The lack of continuity can't help players settle in their roles and suggests there is no settled game plan. His teams generally play ugly boring football. His lack of effort to stay fit when still on the
  4. I know the feeling. The bottle you want is always somewhere at the back.
  5. Why is every minute 12 minutes long all of a sudden ?
  6. Well those aren't the best examples admittedly. A shorter presidential term would be a defence against loons like Perez or Bartomeu however. No, I definitely wouldn't want the president signing players, although they could limit the amount of money being paid. I would always favour the manager controlling the choice of transfer targets.
  7. Not as a club member. But remember, you would have the option of running for club president...and then you would have the final say! So I can assume you are signing up? 😀
  8. We wouldn't need to. We'd vote and elect a president, and they would be the chairperson for a couple of years...until we decided that they didn't know what they were doing and we'd elect another one. They wouldn't have unlimited decision making power. Some issues, if they were important enough, would have to be put to the club members for a vote. It will all work flawlessly, trust me.. 😉
  9. One member one vote. £4,000 for membership...any extra you give will be considered to be a donation to the transfer kitty 😉
  10. Any chance there are 20,000 Derby County fans, each with £4,000 or whatever to spare? We could buy the club ourselves if that were the case. A fan owned Derby County.. our club would really be OUR club then. I just need to find 19,999 people to agree with me now.. 😂 If all clubs had this model, what a far better state football would be in. Just look at the Champions League, Man City, Chelsea, PSG, the petrodollar gang were all there. The inequity, and the distortion of football due to the billionaire owner model has reached crisis proportions. For all the stupendous awfulnes
  11. I can see your point about League 1 being a better place for a manager to learn his trade, rather than the championship, but this approach would be effectively rewarding failure. The evidence suggests that Rooney would struggle in League 1 also, so keeping him on would surely damage our chances of promotion. League 1 is not an easy division, just look at Sunderland and Ipswich struggles to get back to the Championship for example. I agree completely that he has to go if we somehow manage to survive, although the cost involved will be a problem as you say. Obviously all rookie manag
  12. That's a bit harsh considering Cocu and Derby managed 64 points and 10th place last season. Cocu's miserable run at the start of the season was still marginally better than Rooney's end of season form. I can't see any justification for believing Rooney will ever be a good manager, anywhere. There is simply nothing to back that up. I also can't understand why anyone would think we should give him another season at Derby to pursue his flailing managerial apprenticeship.
  13. The bookies are generally quoting us at 11/10 to go down. Put another way, they are stating that in their opinion there are 10 chances in 21 that we will be relegated. Now, obviously they overstate the chances of each team slightly in order to make a profit...but not by too much (only about 10% generally). Therefore if the bookies are to be believed, there is roughly a 40% chance that we will be relegated on Saturday.
  14. Perfect!, although when I think about it...sack him after 1 game.
  15. I agree. To be honest, I'd rather no manager at all than having Wayne Rooney as manager. But I can't see him being sacked with one game to go, so I'm not getting my hopes up in that regard before the season ends at least.
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