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    upcoming gigs

    Being pedantic, the roof would still be at the same height, wouldn't it? Mine was an innocent pun on the quality of Ariana Grande's performance.
  2. McRainy

    upcoming gigs

    @reveldevil started it, blame him!
  3. It's nothing to do with sympathy or support, I just think he lost some credibility with misplaced exaggerations and denials. I realise it is sacrilege to say so.
  4. I disagree. Frank's reaction has turned a situation which should have earned us the natural sympathy of most neutrals into one where we are labelled 'fragile' and it looks like we've spat our dummy out. Nathan Jones' and Chris Wilder's responses were much more balanced and realistic. For someone with a high media profile I would have expected Frank to be far more savvy.
  5. I got crucified for saying this, but it's true, he lost his composure and showed it publicly. Is that down to inexperience or something in his character? Don't know, but he let the mask of consummate professional slip over something that didn't warrant it, imo.
  6. The grim reaper? For saying that we won't really be able to judge Lampard's progress until next season... Get a grip.
  7. Maybe so. A decent summer window and the clock will be ticking, no excuses from that point on.
  8. It still gives me the shudders just looking at him.
  9. Don't buy that one, personally, Norwich and Leeds also have injuries. It's how the squad is managed that makes the difference. As for next season, I wouldn't be surprised to see the wallflower years continue. We've been going round in circles since 2014, whilst others get their act together and pass us by. This is the context for our impatience. If we aren't seeing clear progress by the end of next season then I think, ultimately, the questions will have to come back to Mel Morris.
  10. The comparison we are making shouldn't be with Rowett, really, but with the managers and teams above us. Farke, Bielsa and Wilder are all playing good football, without huge spending, whilst also managing injuries. All are showing better returns than us, currently. Farke has had a year longer than Lampard, Wilder, two years. The test will be if we have achieved similar cohesion and consistency over a similar timeframe. If not, then we would have to judge Lampard's appointment as unsuccessful by that point, as someone else could have done a better job. The question we seem to be asking now, is does it look like we are on track for that achievement.
  11. Rowett is an abomination of a manager, and shouldn't be employed at this level again. Lampard has acted to move things in the right direction, but progress seems to be stalling somewhat at the moment. Ultimately none of us, or even he himself, know what he can achieve as a championship manager, because it is uncharted territory. There are question marks over some of his decision making, but only time will tell if he can develop the approaches to be effective. The real transition is in his own development. I expect a more experienced manager would be getting more out of our current squad, and showing more signs of how things were going to shape up, but we have chosen to let Lampard cut his teeth at Derby, so that is the ride we are on. I have mixed feelings about it currently, and no idea how it will work out, but that's football.
  12. Stuart Atwell doesn't seem to have improved much.
  13. The weight varies a lot, with 70s ones generally being the worst. You can get weight relieved ones with internal chambers, which are fine. It's the main reason I play an SG though. Robert Fripp plays a Fernandes LP for the sustainer - not sure how much that weighs.
  14. Things I have either bought or been tempted by: 1930s radio gear AA batteries Commando watches Russian tee shirts Mismatched Para boots LPG converted series 1 land rovers Beefeater hats Diving knives Hair bobbles
  15. Swansea no longer the well run club people used to admire. Key players out, but no one in. Can see them going on a downward spiral.
  16. Agreed under those circumstances that wouldn't be the player's responsibility. I still find it difficult to believe that, given the timescales involved, the player's agents or whoever couldn't have found them first team football somewhere. Then it comes back to the players refusing a drop in salary. No, I don't know that is what has happened, but it seems to me that too long has passed for it to simply be down to a lack of options. It isn't an 'assassination' of someone's character to question their actions and motives. Given the lack of information, people are bound to speculate, particularly when it would be better for Derby if certain players moved on.
  17. That's another angle to it, the example it sets to aspiring young players.
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