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  1. Yeah, it all makes sense now, I understand where you are coming from. It's a shame that missed penalties may well have cost us 4 points this season. Can't be sure of course, who knows how the games would have finished if Waghorn had scored those pens. but it's highly likely to be the case.
  2. I'm not arguing whether he should be the penalty taker or not. On this season's performance alone you'd have to say that he should be replaced. My point is merely that it was decided before the game that Waghorn was to be the penalty taker, and he then scores the first penalty...why then would you change penalty taker for the second kick ?
  3. Yeah, his penalty taking has obviously been poor this season so far. How many did he take/score last year? I guess the designated penalty taker for any team should be a role that's always under review.
  4. I don't understand. Why shouldn't he take it? He is the designated penalty taker and he's just scored the first penalty. I can understand taking penalty duties off someone who has missed a penalty earlier in a game, but why someone who has scored? What advantage did Johnstone really have facing Waghorn a second time in one game? Presumably he had his homework done and knew Waghorn's preferred penalty before the game even started. For either penalty, he didn't know whether Waghorn was going to use his favoured kick or not, so nothing has really changed. It's a suggestion you hear a lot, that penalty takers should be rotated in a game if there is more than one penalty given, but I'd like to see if the stats back it up. Do players who score one penalty in a game suffer a reduction is success rate when taking a second penalty in the same match? If they do, I'd like to know why.
  5. Absolutely, no argument there.
  6. We don't know what young bad apples of the 19th century, or whenever, got up to. Very little record of their behaviour exists. I'm sure they did plenty of bad stuff. Of course this generation have a whole new set of problems, and weapons are surely far more widely available than they were in the past. Which can't be a good thing. Generally, where there is depredation, a lack of opportunities and poverty you will get some who turn to criminal activities, regardless of the era you live in. And yes, bad parenting is also a huge contributing factor, It always has been. I worry about the influence and pressure the ubiquitous social media culture is having on young people these days (I know it's a bit ironic to say that in an online forum) and also the effect of some over attentive and indulgent parenting, giving a child, in our ever smaller families, everything they want whenever they want it. Adult life might prove more difficult for these children. On the other hand the younger generation is far less racist, less sexist, less homophobic than previous generations were. Also and most encouragingly of all, the younger generations are far more environmentally aware and responsible than their parents and grandparents are and were. So clearly society is doing something right.
  7. Older generations complaining about the youth of the day. Some things never change. Bad parents exist and have always existed. But there is little doubt now that it will be up to the younger generations to fix the mess that the older generations are leaving for them.
  8. You said they never did a days work. They have. In fact they've done loads of it, if they've got 3-4 kids. You may call raising children a lifestyle choice, but you have to concede if people didn't make that choice, the country, or any country, would simply cease to exist. No more kids, then no more UK, (unless you want to depend 100% on immigrants). The most important job for any nation is the raise it's young people to adulthood as best and as fairly as it can. To consider that crucial task not work, or not 'job' is just ludicrous.
  9. My point is a fairly obvious one, it's surprising that I'm having to make it 3 times. You said those parents never worked a day in their life AND they are raising 3 or 4 kids. That's a blatant contradiction. Both those statements can't be true.
  10. They still have to do the full time job of raising the kids. The situation for those families may be far more complex than you think.
  11. Raising 3 or 4 kids is a full time job. For one parent at least.
  12. But Prime Minister Frederiksen was 'nasty'. How dare she consider his description of Greenland as 'real estate' absurd? It seems a perfectly reasonable response to cancel a state visit to a friendly nation because someone hurt his feelings. In other news Jews who are thinking of voting for a Democrat in the next election are now disloyal. Bad news for Bernie Sanders.
  13. Berlin for me. Nairobi is very likable though.....
  14. I watched the first 2 series....about to watch the 3rd. Hugely entertaining if you don't take it too seriously. Whoever played Berlin deserves some sort of award. Along with Patriot on Prime, it was most enjoyable TV series I've seen in quite a while. 9/10
  15. Judging by the post match interview, Cocu is well aware that Marriott is the best striker at the club and he will start matches as soon as he is 100% fit. Bogle and Holmes returning from injury will add a lot to the team. They are bright and creative in possession. I think Keogh and Clarke will prove to be a decent CB pairing. Mistakes will be made of course...but that's true of all Championship centre backs. Bielik looks like he might prove to be a very good signing. In all honestly I think Cocu has only a very average squad (by championship standards) at his disposal at the moment. If we are in touch of the top 6 come January I'll be delighted. With Rooney arriving and hopefully another decent signing, we would still be in a great position to make a strong promotion push in the second half of the season.
  16. Not really sure I'm qualified to answer that...can I ask why you are asking me such a difficult and apparently random question?
  17. I feel those people should think a little harder then. The democrats are divided, there is no doubt about that.
  18. But people should realize that economics is often quite independent of government policies. The economy was doing great at the end of Obama's reign too. How much of the good economy is to do with the president and how much of it is to do with the prevailing global conditions is anyone's guess. A decade of recovery is about what you'd expect after the deep recession in 2008/09. Also if people are looking at Trump's economic record, why are they not thinking about the spiraling national debt that he is so actively contributing to? Is his approval rating pretty high for a sitting President? Isn't stuck around 41%-42%, isn't that actually quite low for a sitting president with a healthy economy ? I don't even think there is such a thing as a far-left in the US, and those that you describe as such, haven't gone 'off the deep end' in my opinion. If the environment was placed at the top of people's agenda like it should be, then it would be obvious to everyone that Trump's presidency is nothing other than a calamity for the US and for the rest of the world.
  19. Fair enough. I can never get my head around the fact that some people don't see Trump as a calamitous obnoxious farce wholly unsuited to be a leader of any country, let alone the most powerful country on Earth. And it's not just some people is it, it's lots of people....some even seem to genuinely like the guy. How is that possible?
  20. I hope he get plenty of minutes on the pitch at Oxford. There is no point going out on loan just to sit on the bench. like at Luton. I would love to see GT get his career up and running again. Even if it's another club that benefits.
  21. Trump is waiting for intelligence to be gathered before he says anything on the subject? All of a sudden he is overcome with caution and reticence ? Donald Trump ? The same guy who just a couple of days ago announced to the world that he wants to buy Greenland, before first mentioning it to Greenland or Denmark ?
  22. If Lampard manages to get Chelsea into the top 4 this season, he'll have done a superb job. His squad is relatively weak after the departure of Hazard.
  23. You know you are lost when Jordan Peterson is the only person making sense to you 😂. I'm not disagreeing with your point of view that they are 'lost lonely individuals', but I think you could say that of many young jihadists recruits too. Equally you could say that White Supremacists are organizing around their particular interpretation of human evolution that leads them believe that people with lighter skin are superior to everyone else.
  24. I take it you mean the views of the vast majority of white people. People know that already, why would the media waste time stating the obvious? I think you are right about the motivations of religious extremists being something of a taboo subject. Based on that last post alone I'd say that's a pretty safe assertion. But then we are all a mixtures of various prejudices and biases, some just more extreme and doggedly adhered to than others. The entirely objective and unbiased observer of events doesn't appear to exist.
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