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  1. One of the few positives tonight. Hopefully not replaced with Dowell
  2. Aye, I'm out too. Double standards everywhere in this thread. Hypocrisy at its finest.
  3. I would say you try and tell working class people what being working class is like, and you have no ducking idea. Apart from your mum telling you some stories.
  4. Wealthy middle classes telling educated working class lads how to vote and think. Like actual politicians some of this lot.
  5. I think you will find that describes Corbyn very well too. Doesn't like the EU, promises to deliver the result of the referendum, no policy in the European elections, wants a general election, now he doesn't. They are all as bad as each other
  6. Personally don't think we would have one. But back to austerity.
  7. But you can vote for different parties here. You can't vote out a person elected on an 8 year term by heads of governments who may not even be in power anymore. How many have we had in 8 years? We will be forced to take the currency. Maybe not for another 20 or 30 years. And that will be worse than any form of Brexit. Imo.
  8. Legard admitted that austerity wouldn't work in the EU but backed strict austerity anyway. Wonder how that would benefit the EU?
  9. No i didn't. I just stated the EU likes imposing austerity. You hate the Tories for doing it but won't criticise the EU for doing worse. We can vote to end austerity in this country. The EU imposes it via an undemocratically appointed board.
  10. I was talking about austerity. He quoted me. If he wants to ignore the point of austerity, don't quote me. I agree about austerity in this country. You can't deny who had done it. Just whether it was needed or not. But you can't accuse the Tories of one thing and ignore the EU doing the same. It's really odd.
  11. I would consider reading my post before spouting off. Where did I say they impose austerity on us? If you think they haven't imposed strict austerity measures on member states, then good for you.
  12. Something the EU like imposing too.
  13. No. Do I trust a Corbyn led Labour Party? No Do I trust Farage? No. Do I trust the democratic process? No
  14. But Brexit isn't about parties. And i think you will find the snakes and liars are spread evenly throughout parliament.
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