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  1. Woeful. Again. Had enough of this. Does Marshall have a bet on us going down? Get AC12 here. For the Mother of God.
  2. If that's the case, then if a Rotherham player is found guilty of racism, they would be back playing in 2 weeks.
  3. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9460389/Pentagon-scientists-invent-microchip-senses-COVID-19-body-symptoms.html#article-9460389 Microchips. Love a good conspiracy theory, I do.
  4. Bird is showing more on his weaker foot. He's also trying to play balls between the lines and carrying the ball more. He's getting there. Next season should be a big one for him. Shinnie's main improvement is that he's using his low centre of gravity to make little half turns and play the ball forwards. Both have been far too guilty in the past of playing sideways and backwards too much.
  5. And the Biggest Fanny Of The Year award goes to: Buendia.
  6. Nah, let's not talk about Churchill in this tread.
  7. If I've ever learnt anything from football, it is not to worry too much. Time seems to move quicker in the game than real life. I remember getting back to the car as a 13 year old after another loss at home, worrying about the contracts of players such as Michael Johnson and Peschisolido, the average age of the squad and what the hell we were going to do with no money. All completely wasted energy. The funniest part is that we're almost back in exactly the same position 20 years later. Mortgage on the stadium, little investment in the playing squad, potential takeover, thin sq
  8. I'm sure I'm about to get quoted about Lawrence, but he has just nearly cost us 2 more goals by losing the ball again and again. Credit where its due, though.
  9. I ducking hate Lawrence. Dangles his ducking foot. No proper attempt. Scores or assist once in a blue moon. Costs far more goals than he will ever create.
  10. I don't think so. We will have to push up chasing the game. They will keep playing over the top and probably get another on the break.
  11. Sibley and Mcdonald going to sleep. Exactly why we struggle with so many youngsters on the pitch
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