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  1. Because he and Eddie are desperate, and i mean desperate, for their agenda to be correct. Sad.
  2. Don't go to Stanmore. I know where to park for free. Not sure i have mentioned it on here before.
  3. Got any pics? Bath and shower?
  4. He's also not posh. He was born in Grantham. Nobody here is ducking posh.
  5. Yeah mate. 4 in block 526. When i got through it only went up to 525, and i couldnt grab the seats fast enough. Then 526 opened and i got all 4 in a row. The 10500 one i stayed on in another device and when i got through there was 2 tickets left in 526. So i reckon the cut off was 10000 on the dot to get tickets next to each other.
  6. I'm confuzzled. Everyone got a random number. No queues were opened before 2pm. I got allocated 8200, 10600 and 19500. The 19500 i logged out of and tried going back in. Got the same queue number. Anyway, after I logged into the 19500 one later to make sure it was in my Dad's ticket history, but it sent me back into a queue. Number 41000. That was about 4pm. It had been sold out for about 20 mins at this point. So no idea how you managed to get such a high number. Mine wasn't that high and it had already been sold out.
  7. Actually really ducking happy for you mate
  8. Mate, the queue will only go down when we are sold out. Do not leave it. There won't be enough tickets for the demand.
  9. Don't park in there mate. You can't get out. I would tell you where to park for free just up the road, but that's where I park 👍
  10. Sounds like you could write a Harry Potter novel tbh. There are now more EU nationals working in this country than ever before. Maybe your mum's home should pay a better wage? But then they don't have to, do they? Plenty of workers to choose from.
  11. No, i mean posters on this thread were stating EU nationals were leaving in their numbers. Apparently not. Even with uncertainty. Not debating if its a good thing or not. Wage compression, housing and services etc is complicated. But if you want to make out i'm on benefits or that I think all immigration is a bad thing, then pipe down.
  12. Record numbers of EU nationals now in work. Number surpasses the dip after the original Brexit vote. And the trend is set to keep rising.
  13. Can't be srs. Surely.
  14. Tbh mate, is there a Derby fan that doesn't have a dismal away record this season 😂. Apart from my Dad who has been to one away game. Norwich away.
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