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  1. Portion sizes are too small in this thread. Also, the food has funny names that aren't needed. 3x fish, chips and coleslaw. I call it a pre-weekly shop night tea. Already half eaten. And yes, that is a Finding Dory cup you can see. Can't drink out of glasses or mugs.
  2. Woah there, mate. Different kind of offence. New thread for that one?
  3. You can't grasp why the bloke did it, Simon. Not getting what your argument is?
  4. If you can't understand why a human makes stupid decisions, then that says more about you than anything. You should have been named Simon.
  5. Local Derby? Yup Chance of play-offs each? Yup Too many beers? Yup Hate stupid haircuts? Yup Hate small shinpads and socks? Yup Henri Lansbury not available to punch? Yup Egged on by mates? Yup Never thrown a punch before but put on a flat cap and feel all 2002 Football Factory? Yup Run on to pitch to smack him Then you remember you don't know how to throw a proper punch and realise Grealish is taller than 5'5. Miss of the season for me.
  6. I can think of many reasons why he did it to be honest 😂.
  7. Obviously not. I find people walking into lamposts funny. Don't find people walking in front of buses funny.
  8. Got a good feeling. For the first time in weeks. Easy 3-0.
  9. Norman


    Like an episode of Secret Eaters this is. The amount of take aways open means either people who eat alot aren't voting or some of you are eating pizzas and forgetting about it 😂 I have a McDonalds on a Saturday night with the mrs. Although, this weekend we had a Chinese. Then I eat probably another 1 or 2 a week as extra teas on my own. Large Big Mac meal with 20 nuggets and a double cheeseburger. Sometimes I drop the cheeseburger from the order Theyre great for cheap, quick protein.
  10. And the news from the WBC is that Fury will not fight Wilder next. But we have Joshua v Miller to look forward to lol. Fury v Pulev is my guess. Wilder v nobody.
  11. But we are.... Strike that. Jr is...... ducking love it when he does that. Makes it appear he is using his words carefully, but not carefully enough in the first place. Love the police badge. Master level troll. Hopefully.
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