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  1. I'm trying to this in a prison car park surrounded by phone blocking technology.
  2. 'The CFR has fallen substantially from its peak in April. We now present data suggesting that the CFR as of the 4th of August stood at around 1.5%, having fallen from over 6%' I will have a look for your quote. I'm sure it was you talking about it. Or a figure around there. If it wasn't, I present the above.
  3. Steroid use. Heart condition. Covid. Dead.
  4. I'm not conflating. If I changed the word to ratio you still wouldn't answer the ducking question. The death ratio has changed too, so why is one naive and not the other?
  5. You have no reason to believe it's the case? To save me writing loads and wasting my time, how can you possibly come to the conclusion that there wasn't a massive underestimate when our own government and ONS say there is one now. Never mind back then? OK, I call it the death rate. And I could quote you quoting 6 percent. And i know where the 6 percent figure came from. So don't then tell me it hasn't gone from 6 percent to 0.5. And that it isn't still falling. Don't go off track here, Albert.
  6. How is assuming vast underestimates naive? And isn't using death figures naive if you're comparing to infection numbers you don't have the answer to? Plus the obvious problems with the death rate falling from over 6 percent to between 0. 5 and 1 percent in the same time period? And the fact that the death rate is continuing to fall?
  7. That's a moot point. In my opinion. Oh no, I mean in my fact.
  8. 26,000 extra deaths between March and September in private homes recorded. 3% of which were Covid. Obviously that's a redistribution away from hospitals. Worrying that people's life may have ended early, or the right end of life care was missed for so many. Covid is responsible for much more than the headline death toll, it seems.
  9. I try not to write my opinion as fact.
  10. You're not sure what point I am trying to make? Honestly? I thought my point was clear. Your economy will open up, restrictions on travel will ease, people will become weary of the measures, your quarantine period will probably be halved as new, faster tests come in (that will cause more problems than it solves) . Sports stadiums, concert halls, bars, clubs all open. It will happen. You can't stop it. Only then will I judge what a gold standard is. I'm not going to argue on the point that our lockdown should have been harder and longer. It's not worth it and it's been do
  11. Albert, one day someone in Oz with no symptoms will walk in to a stadium and infect hundreds, rapidly. That will turn into thousands, and most won't have symptoms. The track and trace will be largely pointless. It will happen. We were estimated to be at 100k a day infections at the end of March. Our poor testing regime still manged to get 5x as many positives as Australia at this point. The virus had gone too far here. Germany did a better job, but still couldn't manage to track and trace a few hundred cases a day when they opened up their economy. Now they are at 8k a day and have
  12. Are you accusing him of hypocrisy? Lol.
  13. Nearly 8,000 confirmed cases in Germany today. A big rise in the last week, and a new daily record. When it gets to that number, with the amount of people who experience no symptoms and therefore don't get tested, you'd think the track and trace system would be struggling to get it back under control again. Bearing in mind it hasn't worked for it to get to this many infections.
  14. Wasn't aimed at you. You made some good points. It was aimed at a few posts about an hour a go. We all have our own individual views, and experiences of this virus. Don't stop posting in here because you feel you may have upset someone, trust me 😂
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