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  1. I like the fact the mighty Derby County have held up the PM's speech and now demoted her to BBC2.
  2. So the line has beem drawn on the wrong place. Great.
  3. Going to be a lot of people looking for holes in their fencing tomorrow morning. Can you imagine if pictures from different Championship training grounds started to make the news showing multiple holes cut out of their fencing 😂
  4. This. The guy has no integrity. He isn't honest. He's a see you next Tuesday. A clever one, but a see you next Tuesday.
  5. Bielsa must be concerned too, otherwise why defend yourself so hard before an investigation has even contacted you. He obviously feels as tbough this is an attack on him, and has gone about this press conference the wrong way because of it. Either that or he has been very, very poorly advised.
  6. Ah, that man Pep. The guy who also likes to get competitive edges by taking a banned drug. Twice. Then taking the same Dr with him to Barcelona. Mourinho calls him Dr. Needles. Man of integrity, that guy.
  7. I clapped this post, but I just want you to know @i-Ram, it's only because I love them 😂.
  8. You sound very Nigel Pearson.
  9. You aren't very good at this are you? You can't write honest and principled in a paragraph describing a man who spies on other teams. It's not how it works. You obviously aren't this CJ are you?
  10. Places a spy in bush, been doing it all season but didn't tell anyone. All done secretly. Conclusion: most honest man I know
  11. Norman

    Ticket phone line

    I don't mind it. Apart from when youre counting how much it has cost you for the lady with a nice voice to tell me that from June 1997, the ticket office hours have changed. She then tells me the hours they are now open for the cheap price of £10.55 or something.
  12. Norman


    I would have gone further on the Beta point, but I couldn't be arsed with the replies it would have gotten. Look at the new Gilette advert. We'll be crying into our tampons every time we score soon as a way of celebrating in a none manly fashion.
  13. Yeah, it's ludricous. Take your tin foil hat off.

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