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  1. What the duck is wrong with some of you? Someone presents a non-peer reviewed medicine, and questions why there is such a body of people trying to stop even having the research done - and people are more interested in semantics.
  2. @RoyMac5and @Jimbo Ramas joint managers.
  3. And all those experts and scientists who said it defo didn't come from a lab in Wuhan. It can't have, they said.
  4. So, I work in a place where multiple people getting pinged would lead to a very dangerous environment immediately. Staff cannot just go off. You can be named a close contact through work, but you won't be told to isolate. You get tested daily instead. A close contact has to be over 15 minutes within 2 metres of someone with no mask on, who has tested positive. Hence why everyone I work with has had it. Because masks don't stop it. Not in such confined areas. So, us peasents have been involved in this trial for over a year. Tbh, I think running the country and economy is quite important. If everyone around them is vaccinated, then daily tests should suffice.
  5. It will be like my workplace. You can't have the app on, even in the car park, and you have to spend 15 minutes or more with no mask under 2 metres away to qualify to isolate from a close contact. You can't just have people self-isolating. You get tested everyday too. Basically, you can't be off work unless positive.
  6. The best that can happen is he makes 15 appearances, scores 3 goals, and because he is on a 1 year contract, leaves in January to a top 6 Championship club. What a time to be a Derby fan.
  7. Mason Mount definitely has his Granddad's nose.
  8. 5 at the back is the right thing imo. Keep their fullbacks defensively busy, and wingers outnumbered when they attack. Means we will have to do a lot of boring passes between defenders to keep the ball and then bypass the midfield when the ball is on. Don't think Kane is the boy for holding it up against the experienced Italian CBs. Ah well, we will soon find out. Set pieces will be crucial.
  9. Denmark are ranked 10th in the World - above Germany, and will stay there by getting to the last 4 of this competition. You're never going to completely control a game against opponents of such quality. We were better than them. We dominated for large periods against a very good team. We should be proud of that performance.
  10. I know you're taking the piss, but it's ducked me off. I want my works leaving do. I want my mate to have the wedding he planned for. I want to go to live football with my Dad I want to go on holiday with my family I want to go in a pub with my mates and then on to nightclubs I want go on the lads holiday we had planned I want away days I'm looking forward to not having sporting events cancelled. I want to go watch sport, including the Olympics with a full crowd. How much better are the Euros with near capacity crowd? My job, without restrictions means less violence, less chance of being assaulted and seeing less self-harm. A small list that took about a minute to compile. I have to commute still. I can't work from home, and I don't get more time to myself. Everyone's different, and everyone's life depends on different things for happiness. You do you, I will do me. But don't make out other people aren't missing out. Maybe you weren't, but that's how it came across. I feel like I haven't been living. I've done a house up, a house that had no central heating, a few electrics, and no plaster on the walls. It's been a drag. That's not living to me. That's doing something to make myself money to live.
  11. You say the squad is weaker, and it is numbers wise. However; 57 appearances between Roberts, Waghorn and Gregory managed a massive 9 goals. Not hard to replace. In midfield only Rooney and Holmes have left or stopped playing that had double figures appearance wise last season. Both will not be missed. Which leaves us with Clarke, Wisdom and Edmunson in defence missing. If we aren't capable of signing a striker who can score 10 in 40 odd games to replace the dross up front, a midfielder to cover the 'loss' of Rooney and Holmes and a couple of defenders then we will be in trouble. If Mengi can perform as well as Wisdom, we can get a replacement for Clarke, sign a decent midfielder and get a half decent striker, we will be no worse off. Possibly better off. It really isn't a lot to ask for. I'm sure if we sign 5 or 6 players, they will add more to the squad than what has left on the fraction of the wages. And I'm sure with the youth players having more experience, the management team having more experience, we'd get more points. Only my opinion, but I'm not really panicking.
  12. They need to attract a 'big' target audience.
  13. Screw the takeover, screw the embargo - as Sum 41 said, we're in too deep. Appeal the fine, sue the EFL for the time spent under embargo and being put at a competitive disadvantage, sue Gibson, sue the Wycombe chairman and play the youth players. Not really, accept and move on might be the best for the future if the club. Would love us to go after them, though.
  14. Around 80 percent of adults have antibodies. 67 percent have been fully vaccinated 85 percent have had one dose The Pfizer vaccine is 96 percent effective against hospitalisation from the Delta variant and Astrazeneca 92 percent. Those figures are from the ONS and range between the 10th and 20th of June. We are at the point where you can't really do much more to stop it.
  15. I'm glad we aren't going to be paying Waghorn 10 or 15k a week from the end of the month. Waste of money.
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