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  1. I'm not on the right. My political compass says I'm bang in the centre. I've had to work nights since late March 7 on, 7 off, due to corona and more illnesses and self harm in prisons due to their lockdown. So extra, experienced staff were put on nights permanently to deal with it. My posting history will show you it is massively patchy. I don't know who the other big hitters are?
  2. You spend too much time on social media and trying to ban people for calling you a hypocrite.
  3. Think I only made a few posts in the last 2 weeks or so in this thread, haven't I? And I only posted about the match yesterday evening? Oh well. I will take the fact that you follow my posts so closely as a compliment.
  4. Just finished nights. 7 x 12 hour shifts. Don't really fancy being social. Especially with people like the ones you find in this thread. Check my logins. Then stop the rude insinuations.
  5. @maxjam seems to back the right horse. You don't, and neither do the polls. I remember the good days when Labour queues were round the block and Corbyn was getting in.
  6. The crowd noise reminded me of World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Brought back memories of Carragher at CB and Rob Green in goal. Eurgh. Rams TV is top notch though.
  7. What if he told him he scored too many?
  8. Wisdom gets a 4/10 from me. Clarke a 6. Interesting that Rowett put a man on Sibley, which didn't work, and left Bird and Rooney free. I mean, you can't really man mark us at the minute. You would need a man on Rooney to stop the distribution, a man on Sibley to stop the transition and you still leave Bird free.
  9. For ducks sake. He used a figure quoting a massive over-representation to prove a point about under-representation. The amount of black players who have taken up coaching courses, failed to get a job etc would have been more helpful figures to quote. I thought it was ironic.
  10. He also quoted that 33 percent of players on the Premier league are black to back up his statistics that black people are underrepresented in coaching and management roles. Which I thought was quite ironic.
  11. Think it's just a case of rich white man telling others what the problem is. All very Corbynista.
  12. Can't quite believe we are at a point where Churchill and the Cenotaph have to be covered up to facilitate a riot.
  13. It's not blather. I'm advanced in restraint techniques. Sickle cell is at the top of importance for me as I don't work with women and don't have to worry about pregnancies. It's drilled into us. It shows an anomaly, yes. But further evidence from @maxjam shows a lot has to be taken into account. Just wondered if there was a good solid base to argue that our police use racist brutality when making arrests. It's a massive thing to accuse the police of. Was just making sure the facts were being presented right. And the Twitter handle wasn't a joke. I'm actually interested to see y
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