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  1. Yeah, because there is no money to be made on collecting coins. Not like the Royal Mint makes any money from it either. What disadvantages does a piece of metal bring. None that I can think of.
  2. We've lost 750 million pounds a month due to ridiculous delays We've taken 4 years for democracy to go through Relations with the EU have soured as a direct result of the struggles to get a country to accept a result and get behind the country and its decision Wahhhhh Chlorinated Corbyns Wahhhhh 50p coins. Pathetic.
  3. Not sure how you get on it, or how it all works, but I reckon the Internet is the place to go. So I have been told.
  4. Think you have misread. Again.
  5. What about scum? Let's be honest. He's another Lilly Allen. Got some good points but doesn't know the subject well enough to survive the scrutiny. He will end up deleting Twitter. Oh well.
  6. You've made a mess of telling someone not to comment on something they don't know enough about. But then there's a study which has shown that people who read tiny bits on the Internet suddenly believe they know everything in the subject. Quite an interesting read.
  7. What a very simplified version of economics presented as fact. Well done you.
  8. The irony of posting about the cost of Brexit and how long it has taken.....
  9. He's a strange one. A left-winger in some cases, but it's cancelled out by common sense when needed. And can't sing. Bit like 52 percent of the population.
  10. Racism: a term thrown into an argument by left wingers when losing a debate online White privilege: a term thrown into an argument by left wingers when losing a debate online
  11. Yeah, but you have. And it is stupid.
  12. Can't believe we have at least 2 Jason Dix's on the forum.
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