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  1. Just as we were getting out of the bottom 3. Our luck keeps getting worse.
  2. I like to think Gang Way D from the terrace didn't edit his post because he forgot to put his name and his regards, but because he missed a word out or something.
  3. Not being funny, but that was you for the last 3 years.
  4. I've been critical of him. Played well tonight. The game suited his style. Massive performances from Bielik and Shinnie tonight. We just need another option for games like Rotherham where we need more creativity.
  5. They are falling into our traps. Make them push it out wide to Carter-Vickers, Knight angles a run to force him down the line so he can't play back inside where they ideally want to go. Must have won possession 20 times from that alone. They look like we did 10 games a go. Naive like you say. Hopefully they don't change style, formation or tempo second half.
  6. Anyone involved in both the perspective takeovers of Newcastle and ourselves should be banned. Outright banned.
  7. Judging how deep our full backs were against Rotherham, this might be the thinking. But I have a feeling they will be pinned into a defensive 5 for large periods.
  8. I'm not positive. Not if it's 5 at the back.
  9. Knight and Bielik carry the ball well. Both should have a bit more space tonight.
  10. Yeah, bought in Grantham last March. I've listened to Phil and bought a house in the right location in town but needed rewiring, central heating installed, new windows and doors, landscape job in the garden, work on the garage and a new kitchen and bathroom along with most of the house needing the plaster taking off the walls and boarded out. 10 months later, I'm still not in. Done 90 percent of it myself, which is why. Nearly there, though. End of March hopefully. Yeah, the housing market is really strong round here for the type of house I bought. Can only see prices going up
  11. Houses with a good-sized 3rd bedroom, or an attic conversion with a good-sized garden are probably going to be hard to find soon. Flats, apartments, tiny new-builds will probably see a sizeable fall in price. Location probably more important than ever now too. Phil Spencer has been saying that for what feels like decades, though.
  12. At least. By December. We've been running at an estimated 1 million infections a week since then. 7 million more since. Plus vaccinations to 4 million plus. You're talking 20 million. Or 30 percent of the population. When that many have had it, you'd suspect it will start to slow down when you get to to that 50 percent mark.
  13. They were saying we didn't need to test. It only caught 7 percent of the cases. That was all I was offering. I gave a direct link to that from the Vaccines Minister quoting Witty and Van Tam on why we haven't been testing at airports. There are quotes on the 7 percent figure from months a go as well as SAGE backing it at the time. I won't be providing evidence. Because you're someone on the Internet. And that means you have Internet. **Having read your post again, it's more to do with the islolation. My bad. I just read the first paragraph about testing. But
  14. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=j8xkRI4LnFs&t=480s 6 minutes and 20 seconds I think. 'near pointless' according to the experts.
  15. Because the experts told us we didn't need to as it wouldn't make any difference. Quote after quote after quote available on that.
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