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  1. But is says the opposite of what you put. And people have liked it without reading it too lol.
  2. Oh, I am. None of you read past what you want to, though.
  3. Oh dear. Again, I was pointing out why certain decisions have been made by successive governments. Sorry if that upsets you.
  4. Was I defending capitalism? Or was I stating something you are uncomfortable with?
  5. It has been the most successful model. Fact. You list the problems of capitalism, but then say the problem isn't population. The problems of capitalism has a direct consequence on a quickly increasing popualtion. Are you sure you haven't been manipulated?
  6. I dont care about the biggest squeeze. I'm talking about working classes. Not which one is getting poorer, quicker. Second link actually states the biggest impact on immigrants is on the lowest paid.
  7. Too simple. Far too simple. I'm not talking about austerity. I'm talking about the direct consequences of certain government decisons to prop up a model our economy is based on that is coming to the end of its cycle.
  8. First point, fair enough. I don't have time to read every post. I don't think immigrants are the problem. Not the people themselves. They wouldn't be a problem if one of the world's most advanced economies based on the most successful model (capitalism) could have the infrastructure in place to handle a vastly increasing population. And the ability to finance it. But your socialist views are at odds with the reality. You seem able to grasp that capitalism had various faults. Yet, can't see why those faults would come about from the problems it currently faces. Trust me, I am not manipulated. Do you disagree that an increased population of 15 million in 25 years has seen a decrease in the average wealth of the working classes. And their ability to access services and the quality of those services?
  9. Who said it was uncontrolled? And there we have it. A socialist view projected on to a capitalist economy. Do you know why there is a lack of investment? Get back to me when you've had a little think.
  10. Out of context. Socialism, in my opinion, would lead to a decrease in the average wealth of the working classes. So does immigration when a population rises 15 million in 25 years. That was my point. If you want to misquote, you can. Your agenda is ******* ******** anyway. Want to argue the financial points of the above? Want to argue the failures of successive governments?
  11. The Black Dog. But where is it?!?! Some people may be offended by the picture below. Viewer discretion advised.
  12. Do I put a serious answer or a random picture/YouTube video?

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