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  1. Norman


    Not had a runny nose for about 2 years now. Think it's cos I work outside all year.
  2. Norman

    Christmas Dinner

    I thought I was the only one. Never dared tell anyone...
  3. Norman

    Roll eyes emoji is pathetic

    I love how you only use my real name 😂 I see what @CornwallRam means now.
  4. Norman

    Roll eyes emoji is pathetic

    I only have 1 roll eyes and 3 angry faces reactions. I will accept your apology before it is made.
  5. Norman

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    Amen to that. Been waiting 3 years for this moment.
  6. Norman

    Homeless guy

    I'm really clever.
  7. Norman

    Homeless guy

    You'll be making @CornwallRam jealous flirting like this!!!!
  8. Norman

    Boxing Thread

    Bellew tries to intimidate Usyk at the weigh in, he replies by not letting him have his arm back. I'll give Bellew credit, I would not want to look that bloke in the eyes. They're dead lol. Also, Usyk is a top bloke out of the ring, like @Alpha says. 5th round stoppage. It's going to hurt, i'm afraid, Tony.
  9. Norman

    Suzy lamplugh

    Yes, extensions, driveways and patios. All of which need hardcore or have footings, so just pm if you need someone burying. Cash in hand.
  10. Norman

    When is your birthday?

    28th Dec
  11. Norman

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    What's this about an offer? Anyone know?
  12. Norman

    Forest at home moved to the Monday

    I'm having the day off work then 🍻
  13. Norman

    Snake City watch

    Well I haven't missed being wound up by people spouting ********.
  14. Norman

    Snake City watch

    Don't steal the punch line and take the credit. Don't know why I bother 😂
  15. Norman

    Snake City watch

    Somebody who needs to go stand in a safe place, mate. There might be enough snowflakes there for you to build a snow person.

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