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  1. Norman


    Oh, you stole the bounce from Rangers too.
  2. Norman

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Sam Allardyce 😂😅 not srs.
  3. Norman

    Mid table at best next season I reckon

    All it takes is one or two youth players to come from, 1 or 2 young signings and 3 or 4 older ones to leave and it will all of a sudden look completely different. I think Lowe, Bogle, Elsnik and Thomas will be around the 18. Sign one or two 20-25 year olds for the midfield and ship a few out where possible. It really won't take a lot to sort out, in my opinion.
  4. Norman

    Fulham F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Regretting not getting hammered before this game. Time goes so much faster.
  5. Norman

    Fulham F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    First thing we do when we go up is buy him back.
  6. Norman

    Landscapers help!

    👍 Looks so much better sealed.
  7. Norman

    Derby are the only team to have...

    We didn't lose
  8. Norman

    Derby County F.C. v Fulham FC

    My Dad said Fredericks looked knackered on about 30 minutes when he came over to the SW for a corner. I only worry about Huddlestone, Weimann and Lawrence. Jerome and Vydra had good rests. Johnson, i think, is fit enough. Weimann amd Lawrence should recover enough. And if one player doesnt need that extra yard of pace, it's Huddlestone. We will be fine. If not, Mel can stick hia ******* hydrotherapy pools up his arse amd Rowett can stop the old scool running sessions.
  9. Norman

    Derby County F.C. v Fulham FC

    The main gripe on the Fulham forums seems to be burn-out. Too many young players playing too many games because of their good form and have seemingly played themselves out of it. Maybe they have. I doubt many will be mentally switched on as the likes of Davies, Jerome and Huddlestone etc, either. We can get a draw. When a team has something to hold on to, it can be incredibly hard to break-down.
  10. Norman

    Boxing Thread

    Lomachenko is a heavy favourite. Which is suprising. Linares, being the taller might look even more skilful. I expect him on the backfoot and to try and outscore with the better looking shots. Can't wait.
  11. Norman

    Landscapers help!

    Thompson paving seal. We seal all our patios and driveways with it. Preasure wash first, let it dry. Tip the paving seal into a paint tray and roller it on. Don't leave any excess on the slabs. Stay off it for a day. Don't do it if there is any chance of rain that day. Driveways and patios always look better wet.
  12. Norman

    Derby County F.C. v Barnsley F.C.

    The current Fulham team are, in my opinion. In the last 5 months they have lost 2 away games. They haven't lost at home. They outplayed Wolves and won 4-2, beaten Cardiff comfortably, beaten Villa, beaten us away from home easily. I hope we don't need to go down there needing more than a draw. The Derby team in 2013/14 was brilliant. So is this Fulham team. Plus Muespach agrees with you. So you know you're wrong 😅
  13. Norman

    Derby County F.C. v Barnsley F.C.

    Not one for defending @Bris Vegas, but come on. Fulham last lost on the 16th of December. 2 league defeats in nearly 5 months. Both away from home. Not a brilliant team? Ok then...
  14. Norman

    Boxing Thread

    Well, round 5 starting and i got this all wrong 😂😂
  15. Norman

    Is the left eating itself?

    I'm going to assume we are all decent people on here. People can write about nationalising this, caring about the poor that. However, humans can be ******* terrible. Economics can be ******* complex. Good people want the best for everyone. I assume that is all of us. Some try and apply it to a country and a world where it is impossible to achieve. Then assume those who take a more realistic approach are tory voting, cold-hearted racists.

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