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  1. It's got duck all to do with politics. Young lads are on coke rather than drinking. It's everywhere. It's so cheap. That's the problem. Bit of sniff and a fight with your mates against anybody else is the new Saturday night. Honestly, if you think 18 year old lads are catching a train to a poo hole, getting coked up and therefore thinking their harder than they actually are is down to populist politics, give your head a wobble. It's called fighting powder for a reason.
  2. What's your point? Someone posts facts, you ask if they refuse vaccinations. Such odd behaviour.
  3. Well, there's 250 pages in the second installment of this thread discussing just that.
  4. Aye, I was in there for a few games. Only about 30-40 of us by memory, but we managed to get heard by Clough who gave us a wave. Loads on here denied they could hear us or Clough waved. It all got a bit silly. Tbf, we all got our move to the South Stand from the South East Corner soon after, so it was redundant really. There really wouldn't be enough to ever make it work.
  5. Perhaps. Schools of thought or school teacher's thoughts? I think we have at least 2 on this thread.
  6. I'm just going to put an idea out there. Maybe, just maybe, our vaccination programme was rolled out quicker. A lot quicker. Is our immunity through vaccination now waning? You'd think so from all the studies. So maybe this will start happening in all the other countries who were so slow to get their population vaccinated in a month's time or however longer they took to get to our levels.
  7. The only thing I miss about prison is the fact I knew what the next years lingo and outfits were going to be. Belieieve it or not, but white sports socks and flip flops will soon be worn as acceptable footwear during the day in town. Or as they would say - on road, fam.
  8. The poster only said if we had a 20 goal a season striker we'd survive - 21 points. You were wrong. It's OK. There's more than you thought. You don't need to try and change the point that was made.
  9. So now you're going to play the victim? Pathetic.
  10. So what are you up to? Are you trolling? Looking for a bite? Get kicks out of trying to wind him up?
  11. Come on, let's not flounce around the point. You're doing your best to paint a person's views as horribly as possible with no evidence. Do you think he doesn't like the changes because he is homophobic? Yes or no.
  12. I am sick of people sat on massive horses, twisting words, over-dramatising, purposefully missing the point, trying to compare a gay storyline in a made up comic to taking the knee, go on about inclusivity whilst showing none of that to differing views, exaggerating posts and making tenuous efforts at proving someone is bordering on hate speech. Have a ducking word with yourselves. And now it's going to get turned into a thread on free speech because they can't address the points being made. Every argument comes back to Hitler, or Farage in the case of this forum. And the same people think they are inclusive. I will throw a label in. It's called bullying. Snide remarks about flouncing, not having a life, accusing a poster of verging on hate speech etc, but the same posters will be first to be inclusive of an online bullying campaign, i'm sure. Drop the flouncey, over-dramatic, exaggerations. Don't like the point being made? Move on. When you're belittling, mocking and assuming and suggesting some pretty distasteful stuff, it's not a debate. I'm interested to read the views. I'm not interested in all the above.
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