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  1. Mr Mrs works at Asda in Grantham. She has been very ill and diagnosed with a serious illness. They have been great with her. They also pay above minimum wage, discount, double discount days, share schemes, savings cards etc etc. Great place to work. The new contracts I know a lot about. Tbf, because she is on short shifts, she is actually better off on it.
  2. In fact, no, duck it. Increase it overnight. Teachers, fire fighters, police officers, prison officers, border patrol, nurses etc. We can all go and work at Asda and Lidl 6 days a week instead of what we do now and come out with the same money. Pension might not be so good though. But all those years in education and trying to better myself will be for nothing. Brilliant. Society will be wonderful.
  3. No, Im not. I am stating that people like me who are in skilled employment, doing dangerous jobs, but are not well off, will quit their jobs if a 20% rise to the minimum wage is done overnight. Why would I do my job when I can sit on a till at Asda? Increase the minimum wage, just like the massive increases it has already had compared to my job. Nothing against it. But there will be problems in society if you do it overnight. Not hard.
  4. Yeah, I would quit my dangerous job most people can't do and go clean. That's the ducking point. Then what would society do? Let me just go and ask the government for more money. Who do I go to, Boris Johnson? Why don't you tell people on minimum wage to 'find a new job'?.
  5. My employer is the government. Yes, inequality runs deep, but raising the minimum wage by 20% will piss people like me off even more.
  6. I hope you've included Corbyn and Thornberry etc in that statement. If you have, I will agree with you.
  7. Right, so I risk my life sometimes by entering my workplace. And a cleaner is going to be a pound or two an hour less than me overnight. I ain't going to work. And millions more wouldn't either. Unless that is what you want. Unions.
  8. Your argument is weak. I don't think every single small business will be 20% worse off overnight, do you?
  9. Sometimes than plan is necessary to grow a business to employ people on more money and create more jobs. Small businesses would suffer.
  10. I sometimes risk my life going to work. If someone cleaning an office gets 10 quid an hour, I want a 20% payrise too.
  11. Agreed. Don't think it's right. We should be voting on manifestos, not tactically voting for Brexit or not.
  12. Don't forget those fundamental rights this country implemented first. We need help with those.
  13. I would say it is because they are the biggest player, yes. Glad we agreed it has nothing to do with wars etc. Which makes them the puppet masters. Which make their self-interest far more powerful. Just ask those saddled with huge debts and austerity.
  14. Yeah, morally they are right up there as a model to follow on taxing the rich.
  15. No, for the benefit of this country.
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