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  1. Don't recall anything wrong with having to work out financial projections. Just as important, no? Not saying you can't favour some posters over others, it would be impossible not to. But that post, and you agreeing to it was unfair. From 2 moderators point of view, imo. Not worthy of anyone taking it any further or getting anyone else involved. That may be the prison officer in me talking though. As for the highlighted part, there is a post 3 posts under with someone agreeing about having to rip up projections.....nobody questioned it. Plus, let's have it right, that post has nothing to do with food production lines. And everything to do with telling someone you both clearly don't like to get his head out of his arse
  2. I just though clapping Utch's personal attack on G Star was poor taste for a moderator. To post and to applaud. Considering other posters in the same sector who agreed with him didn't get the same response? So it's easy to conclude the intent. Couldn't really care about warning points etc. Never reported a post, never will. You probably do a good job as moderator. Just thought that was a poor choice of post to applaud.
  3. And applauds posts that personally attack people for no reason. The only one to applaud that post. A fellow moderator too.
  4. He's having a pop at you for no reason other than he dislikes most of your opinions.
  5. Think it might be more data protection than anything in most workplaces.
  6. Prisoners were banging their doors and clapping us last night. Weirdest noise ever.
  7. And my main point, which has been poorly worded, is that nurse and doctors dealing with deaths etc can't be expected to do the same. But they will be. And I fear a lot of them will be completely drained on 2 months, nevermind 6.
  8. Yeah, I've got side tracked. My point isn't my holidays getting cancelled. I don't care. Bigger things going on. But I'm sure I'm going to be expected to go through to Christmas with little down time. Detail office will be fun in August.
  9. We are in an operational state. They can cancel leave legally. Always have done, always will. My prison is full of amazing officers, who work hard and long hours. We are adequately staffed, but not for a pandemic.
  10. It's a prison. We have no choice. We're in operational mode. If we refuse to work we can be sacked. They have legally cancelled 3 weeks leave for me in April and May. The bonus makes it impossible to turn down. We won't be able to take all the holiday. That's my point. I've got 215 hours to use. I already have 2 weeks in September booked, 1 in October, 1 in December and 1 in January. With a week of nights and a rest week in February. Just to clarify, a chunk of that 215 is in Toil. But still, my main point is they will cancel our leave legally, then when this is all over they will be inundated with leave requests that they won't be able to honour. Plus I have carried over a lot of holidays. But not really my point lol. My point is I will apply for leave and not get it due to 150 others wanting a break all at the same time.
  11. Holiday as in sitting in my pants drinking beer and relaxing. I am choosing to do it. But really there is no choice. The money is too good. They've done it on purpose. But they can't have us doing 75-80 hour weeks for 14 weeks and then say 'sorry, everyone wants leave, youll have to wait until October'. 4 days leave between December the 18th and October. Could be longer.... Going to be a lot of burnt out staff in the services at the end of the year.
  12. My concern going forward is the following. I'm being given a whopping bonus to do 108 hours overtime in a set period. I'm doing 88 hours in the next 8 days. But come August, I'm going to need to take some holiday. I'm going to be burnt out. All my holiday has been took off me. We're in an operational state, so they can do that. So having took 4 days in February, I'm not going to get any holiday until 30th August. But everyone else will want holiday too. Its going to be a massive mess when all this sorts itself out. Would not want to be a nurse or a doctor come August to find out they haven't got enough holidays for everyone to get a break.
  13. It's not about race. You can apologise in 20 years when nobody can remember the strain or the viruses name. Only us codgers.
  14. Yeah, I'm sure kids born in 2040 will call it Covid-19..... Lol.
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