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  1. Thank God we beat Bristol City. Now we can build up to Burton. A far bigger team. Unbeaten as well.
  2. Those who have to control him in custody have a right to life. Those people's families have the right not to live in fear. If court dates or the mention of the crime itself is a trigger to violence, self-harm or suicide, would you have the same opinion? Say he likes to assault staff when triggered by upcoming court dates. He likes to strap his razor blades to toothbrushes to slash their faces. Or maybe he just prefers to walk up behind staff and smack them. Maybe he has mental illnesses or learning difficulties that are yet to be understood or diagnosed that lead to this behaviour. Maybe he likes to throw buckets of poo on staff, or cut himself to the point his cell looks like a murder scene. If he does this because of upcoming court dates, or the inability to face his crime yet, what do you think his behaviour would be like after sentencing? There may be a time and a place for that statement to be read to him. Just not now. Not everyone thinks and behaves like you, unfortunately. Like i said, there will be a very good reason why that decision was taken.
  3. Lampard is such a ducking Bamford
  4. Depends if the murderer is at a high risk of self-harm or suicide. You have to think about the people who are now in charge of his care. I'm not defending anything here. The murderer will serve whatever our society and therefore the courts decide. He still has Human Rights. Someone is in charge of that person and decisons are therefore taken under law. If it was me, i would let them read the statement. If i was in charge of someone who kept running into cell walls to split their head open because they couldn't deal with what they have done, then i might choose not to let him hear it. Not yet, anyway. I don't know anything of the case. But sometimes decisions might not seem what they are at first glance.
  5. It was a massive vote winning policy for a general election, yes.
  6. Nobody do this. Please. Not again.
  7. Let's get Cocu in so we finish 6th and have to put up with Barcelona chasing him all summer? No thanks.
  8. Welcome back. Now we just need @Angry Ram and @StringerBell back.
  9. I thought Article 4 only pointed to an exit from the EU, with a negotiation period of up to 3 years? A no deal is an exit.
  10. He knew nothing about FTA and the NHS a few weeks a go.
  11. None of which are free. Not to us, anyway.
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