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  1. Serious question. Does being clinically obese count as an underlying health condition?
  2. But this is the problem. If there was a crowd there, Cocu would have gone ages a go. Rooney would know what we think of his efforts and Lawrence would be thinking twice about wanting to play for us again. So, really, it's Covid's fault.
  3. I think he stands off because the overlap is constantly on. Byrne even went past Lawrence to win a header from their GK. The winger runs into the space behind Byrne hoping for they win possession and he's in.... What is Lawrence doing? Stood there. It should have been his header in the first place. And what happened? They got in behind Byrne.
  4. Might help if Lawrence tracked the extra man. He's a ducking Bamford for leaving the overlap.
  5. Mac taking notes from the stands. Now he's in the dressing room. Thank duck. Ipswich at home anyone? Nah, no chance.
  6. Except those numbers are correct and won't be challenged. Unlike the 11.7 that has been done over and over again. With lots of important data missing. But, it's OK. Some people are impressed by a big wall of text and a never ending desire to bore people to leave the thread.
  7. Just to add to the debate. I've heard rumours we will be in the first round of vaccines. A quick chat with my colleagues suggests many won't have it unless it is mandatory. Which led to the debate of whether we would be forced to have it to continue working. Who knows what that answer will be when the time comes.
  8. Rooney's comments do not surprise me, nor do they worry me. It was what Rosenior had to say. We have 2 amateurs bigging themselves up on a webcam, claiming their stake to be our new manager, whilst also supposedly joining forces to coach us over the coming weeks. Yeah, ok then. That will work wonders, I'm sure.
  9. Can Cocu do this, though?
  10. The fact that they measure expected life against the general population. If they measured expected life in care homes and included the vast difference that would make to to the data, then I'd take more notice. I can't believe that you don't think missing out that crucial, large amount of data doesn't change their findings? Because it does.
  11. I know. I quoted it. They also don't use care home figures from what I can find. It's flawed.
  12. I believe those studies also do not take into account care homes, and the average life expectancy in them, rather than the general population. Which is where a vast amount of deaths in the UK have originated from.
  13. "Both of the above calculations may overstate the loss of remaining life in that they assign the remaining life expectancy based only on age, without taking into account that COVID-19 deaths are disproportionately occurring among those with compromised health status. Hanlon et al. (10) estimate that those dying from COVID-19 have only about 1 y less of remaining life on average than those at the same age in the general population, which would mean that the overstatement is not very large, around 8%. On the other hand, our calculations will be an understatement if the epidemic damages the healt
  14. How many minutes is it from the last time we scored from open play?
  15. He's not a Championship central midfielder. Has the odd decent game and people jazz about him. Don't really care if its just me and you who thinks it. We are bottom of the league because we cannot dominate, create and score from midfield.
  16. Shinnie is League 1 standard. So is Holmes, so is Bird (at the min). We're crying out for a good CM. Hopefully that is Bielik soon.
  17. I'm trying to this in a prison car park surrounded by phone blocking technology.
  18. 'The CFR has fallen substantially from its peak in April. We now present data suggesting that the CFR as of the 4th of August stood at around 1.5%, having fallen from over 6%' I will have a look for your quote. I'm sure it was you talking about it. Or a figure around there. If it wasn't, I present the above.
  19. Steroid use. Heart condition. Covid. Dead.
  20. I'm not conflating. If I changed the word to ratio you still wouldn't answer the ducking question. The death ratio has changed too, so why is one naive and not the other?
  21. You have no reason to believe it's the case? To save me writing loads and wasting my time, how can you possibly come to the conclusion that there wasn't a massive underestimate when our own government and ONS say there is one now. Never mind back then? OK, I call it the death rate. And I could quote you quoting 6 percent. And i know where the 6 percent figure came from. So don't then tell me it hasn't gone from 6 percent to 0.5. And that it isn't still falling. Don't go off track here, Albert.
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