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  1. All I was doing was asking the question. Just making sure you weren't being hypocritical, which I believe you're not. I do believe some on here are. And they are showing mock outrage for a number of reasons. Brexit being one.
  2. Except that's not true. The police have said he committed a minor offence, but like with everyone else, the force does not punish retrospectively. Nobody is using the lack of action for point scoring. It confirms he should not have gone to check his eyesight. If that's the reason the police are going to believe.
  3. Having someone in a shadow cabinet doesn't answer the question. I would hold MPs to higher standard than advisers. Who I hold to a higher standard than candlestick makers, butchers and people who masturbate in kitchens. You made my point for me by bringing up those job roles. It's not really that hard a leap to make. You wouldn't want Walker playing for England, so you wouldn't want him at Derby. Never going to happen. You disagree with Cummings' actions, so you must surely disagree as strongly with Kinnock's? Just wondering where your mock outrage for him is?
  4. You do know what I'm doing, hence the evasive tactics. Imagine whatever job you like. The question is the same. Would you sack Kinnock. He's an adviser. Do you sack him? He's a butcher. Do you sack him? He's an MP? You can't sack him, but if you could, would you?
  5. It's Dave, actually. Out of interest, would you have sacked Kinnock if he was an adviser to Starmer?
  6. Yeah, I realise what you wrote, but that doesn't answer the question.
  7. I'm not asking if he would be on your shadow cabinet. Or if he is a dick. Or asking whether Kyle Walker should play for England. I'm not detracting from Cummings. I'm asking what I thought was a simple question. You are Starmer. Kinnock is your adviser. Do you sack Kinnock based on his actions. Yes or no?
  8. I asked for your opinion. Not the procedure involved. If It was down to you, you'd have dismissed Cummings last week. Would you dismiss Kinnock for making the same journey in miles, with a very weak excuse for doing so, baring in mind both did not break social distancing rules and the police haven't charged either of them?
  9. Let's be honest, all of this aside 40 percent of the population vote one colour all the time, 40 percent vote the other colour, some weirdos vote for a colour that isn't red or blue and very few change their minds. That's more sad, if you ask me. It doesn't matter what anybody in any party does, the vast majority will vote the same way regardless. Do you think people are going to waver voting Conservative on 3 years time because of Cummings? And it's the same in the Labour Party. Most people are dicks, and we all have many, many faults. To pretend otherwise is futile. Humans are massively flawed.
  10. You didn't answer the question. Should they resign, in your opinion?
  11. I agree, apart from the bit about demanding their resignations and the part where you suggest we should hound them. I'm not going to demand Kinnock or anybody else resigns. That's up to the police to decide if they are to be charged with doing anything wrong, and the political party to take the right action once the full facts are known . If you don't agree with the action taken, don't vote for them.
  12. Probably because nobody is defending Cummings. Just some disagree with the punishment others want to hand down and were waiting for the police investigation to finish. Out of interest, would you sack him following Durham police's report today? Because he would probably sue and win I'd have thought.
  13. So the second sighting of Cummings was false. Shock. The 260 mile round trip was legal and within the rules. No social distancing rules broken. Trip out to test eyesight was a poo excuse.
  14. Don't point out hypocrisy on here. Not many like it.
  15. You ask 2 questions. But you don't know the answers. Weird. You'd have thought the media and some of their own party would have gone in on them by now.
  16. So you're Jeremy Corbyn's brother. No wonder you're so flouncy over answering who you voted for. You don't want your brother to know you didn't vote for him.
  17. To rule out that some of those more outspoken politicians don't have other motives is just stupid to dismiss. It isn't a conspiracy like others are trying to make out. Or the hypocritical nonsense of saying politicians are acting on morale purposes. Despite the same people bashing politicians, especially Conservatives, for not having morales. Weird.
  18. Not sure that hearing hollow words makes a difference. I'd rather hear what he actually is thinking. Which he seems to have said. Makes for a better judgment.
  19. Anyone still disagreeing with opening up the economy? Looks like the government have got the timing bang on. Expecting a huge rise in figures today, due to the weekend and Bank Holiday and how deaths are recorded, but that's hasn't happened either. I'm sure another smaller spike is coming from the easing of the restrictions, but it really doesn't seem like the dreaded second wave is coming. Good news. Less damage to the economy etc.
  20. What does it say about the 48 percent who believe the myth?
  21. Obviously he should. I'd calm yourself down a bit, though. Sounds like you're getting ready to announce Starmer has the new PM. Which won't happen. More likely that Clinton will replace Biden.
  22. Funnnily enough, my sister spoke to JVT a few days a go. He now no longer wants anything to do with his position due to the unfair mocking he has received by saying February 30th instead of March 30th. He can't go anywhere without a mask etc for fear of being called a hypocrite or the newspapers stoking up more unfair criticism of him. He can't go anywhere as he is followed by the press. A witch hunt has begun. He isn't an MP either. A reputation hanging by a thread for no reason other than it being used as a stick to beat the government with. Every micro detail of how he lives his life now under a microscope from one slip-up. The media are disgusting.
  23. How can illegal immigrants be a boom to our economy? They can't open legal businesses. Not sure what you've been reading. Either way, economic migrants that aren't fleeing war torn countries. Which is what is protrayed. If they have the money, skills, language, apply. Legally.
  24. So we are down to families with kids all aged under 12, who are unable to look after themselves. Kids aged 4, 5 and 6, with those aged 9/10 also not included. That would make hundreds of thousands able to go back. That would make a huge difference. Not only to spending in the economy, but the stability of markets, the amount claiming the furlough scheme, house prices, value of the pound, spending available for services..... You could go on. Our economy is about to be ruined. Cuts far deeper than ever before. Job losses on a scale not seen for a long time, wage compression, house price crash, bankruptcy, austerity leading to cuts in services, healthcare, the NHS, the public sector.... I can't believe people don't think it's a risk worth taking. If you're not fat diabetic and old, it really isn't coming to kill you. I read you have more chance of dieing in a car crash. If you are those things, don't send your kids to school.
  25. Some interesting points. But there is a significant amount at the moment of comparatively wealthy Iranians trying to get in via boats and dinghies. They come through Serbia via a trade deal. They don't have family ties, they don't have a war to flee, they don't have the language skills. So why risk your life with a high chance of arrest?
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