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Deodorant (for men)


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23 minutes ago, KBB said:

All blokes should use a fragrance free antiperspirant then a good quality after shave for the smell.

If in doubt driclor (very strong to stop sweat) then Chanel egoist platinum is a good combination.

Driclor is brilliant stuff if you suffer from sweaty pits.. Bit itchy when you first use it but that is a small price to pay for not having large sweat rings on your shirt. The good thing is you don't have to keep using it.. 

Tom Ford for the aftershave..

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I was told ages ago that you shouldn't wear the same deodorant all the time, as your body will get used to it and it'll become less effective. No idea if that's true or not but as a result I buy whatever happens to be on offer at the the time - usually one of Right Guard/Sure/Nivea/Dove and alternate between brands.

I don't sweat much at all on my body - even at the gym, so am lucky in that respect. My head, however....


As for Lynx...Hell no. Are you 12?!

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Usually get a years supply of Lynx, shower gel and cheap aftershave at Xmas. Don't use any of it. CBA reminding family for the nth time I have a severe itching reaction to SLS so can't use the shampoos/gels anyway. I wish people wouldn't bother buying me anything but that is my Xmas grinch side coming out :P. I wear issey miyake and dricolor for the pits (often wear light blue shirts which don't look good in summer if you're sweating!).

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4 hours ago, Mr Tibbs said:

Ever since we ran out of mens deodorant whilst away on tour I've been accustomed to our opposite gender's products. 

Sure Cotton Dry or Invisible personal fave's. Way better than products aimed for us IMO.

Let the stick commence. :lol:

I always wear the missus's Sure cotton dry - it makes me smell like fresh washing :) 

The risk associated with stealing girls deoderant is that you might end up spraying dry shampoo all over yourself - which i did once, and that's how i learned what dry shampoo is.

No it's not ok for a grown men to wear lynx. My father in law wears it and I'm thoroughly embarrassed for him.

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Never sweated enough on a night out to need to use a deodorant.

Only times I've ever worked up a sweat were, playing football, working in a foundry and in bed. The people with me while I participated in these three activities usually sweated as much as me and never seemed bothered by my sweating.

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