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  1. KBB

    Jack Marriott

    Was going to say similar, maybe a bit like Danny inngs too.
  2. First half Holmes was trying to turn between players, take the ball in to space and was always making himself available in all areas of the pitch. Difference in the second half was when he turned into space other players were making runs off the ball in space for him. Bogle in particular was playing 10 yards further forward and offering an outlet which holmes used with great effect. Lawrence also got into more advanced positions and found pockets of space in the final third. Birmingham are no mugs and when they for their goal got back into shape and pressed our fullbacks so they couldn't get on the half turn, fozzie was getting pressed by jota everytime he had the ball and was forced back inside and square quite often. Second half he looked in the gaps over the fullback and inside to Holmes who was easily the best player on the pitch for impact with the ball. Huddlestone could have played in his match suit and not got it dirty. Calm and assured in possession and vital in taking the pressure off Keogh and Davies bringing the ball out from the back. He is world class at taking the ball under pressure, bringing their press out of midfield and then bang and little flick round the corner or a quick one two and he can take 3 or 4 players out of the game. Birmingham made it very hard for us and we could easily have felt sorry for ourselves, but kept playing, trusted our ability and for the rewards. Happy.
  3. KBB

    View from the outside 2018-2019

    What is even more brainless about that is that Wilson pretty much single handedly kept hull up last season with goal and assists galore in his loan spell there.
  4. Just you wait until the 10,000 unused seats are taken with Japanese tourists in Chelsea kits hoping to get a photo of their hero at our next home game. Still would rather sit next to a tourist who sticks his Nikon in my face for 90 minutes talking about Franks goals for Chelsea then the guy who sits behind me for the last 4 seasons drivel about the club he "supports" (is slate everything to do with it)
  5. KBB

    View from the outside 2018-2019

    All of the CGI poo around him looks like an 8 year old who has asked for his bedroom to be done up in man utd wallpaper, lamp shade, duvet cover and posters.
  6. Didn't he stick 2 away in the same shootout when elsnik scored the winner? I've been by water stick a peno in the top corner and jay macs in the playoffs against Southampton was up there as a great peno.
  7. Lampard looking at Keogh "that'll do pig, that'll do"
  8. KBB

    Derby shoot for moon

    Sorry mate but if you think derby are better than the team who finished second in the premier league last season then nothing I say will sway you
  9. KBB

    Derby shoot for moon

    I'm sorry B4, I share your hope of doing big things this season, but optimism sometimes needs to be tinged with realism. We will dream of knocking out man utd and if we are at our very very very best and they are way below par we might get something. although they are "struggling" at the moment they should still wipe the floor with us and if I'm honest they most probably will. They have world class players who can beat teams better than us, just like they did to Burnley the other week. Keep dreaming mste, I for one hope we get our moment in the spotlight and you thoroughly enjoy it.
  10. KBB

    Bored now

    Lol. Was waiting for this. Sir. I salute you
  11. KBB

    Joel Asoro - Signed for Swansea

    Rate this guy. Only seen him in fits and starts, but he looks like a decent player with potential. Got a trick, direct and works hard.
  12. KBB

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Ali was poor, but dier is not an international standard player. (Watch him score now hopefully)
  13. KBB

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Watch an england player get sent off by him for reacting to something
  14. KBB

    Matej Vydra - Signed for Burnley

    Packed out elland road? Has vydra got a time machine as well?

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