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  1. Yes please. Mate is a baggie STH and he was raving about leko when he first burst on the scene at 15 or 16 i think. Looks a handful. Quick, direct, creative and can beat a man with a trick. End product is hit and miss,but he is young and will improve I would go to baggies and get him and Oliver burke. Both would give us much needed pace and goals from wide positions.
  2. Will be a test for him outside the comfort of Bournemouth. Would be interesting to see him at a big club abroad. There are some huge clubs in Spain and Italy in particular that could be reignited and really up his stock in 3 years for a chance to step back into English football at one of the big 4 or 5. He is above Newcastle and west ham imho. Imagine him going to italy and winning something with a club like Roma for example. Italian cup followed by a Europa league then slide in nicely at spurs when Jose eventually ducks it up......
  3. Moment last night when right infront of the benches their player was trying to shield the ball and knight simply grabbed him by the shirt and threw him to the ground like a rag doll. Obvious foul but I love when players simply wont let another get away with a simple ball shielding out of touch without leaving something on them. Martin does it too.
  4. Would people take someone like Matt Smith up front with bjsycreative players buzzing in and around him? Think I read somewhere that he has a great assist stat in the champ from knock downs and flick ons.
  5. Same Ryan Fraser linked with spurs, newcastle, west ham and Everton? You had me at "very unrealistic suggestion"
  6. Simply not true. Fans ticket money is a drop in the ocean. Also dont forget season ticket money they will already have had. Wigan ain't going to get many walk ups are they?! Wigan going bust has nothing to do with lack of fans in the stadium, nothing at all.
  7. No to butland, yes to everything else. Think Wilson could be a special player. Keeper wise I'm not sure who would be achievable as a potential target. Would love a big, tall keeper. Missed out on Forster from Southampton when he was in the wilderness before a good loan move for him. feel we could have got him in as a number 1.
  8. Jesus christ. Hope he is ok.
  9. Nah. To be honest I agree with you and was only pulling your pud. 🥰
  10. Amazing we won with those ratings. Should have lost by a fair few with only bogle out of the back 5 getting a 7.
  11. Yep lupoli from a seria c club... lets get him in. What's Manel up to?
  12. Who is saying it? Not saying you have, but don't get your news from social media ie. Twitter, Facebook. Use trusted sources (although many will say they cant be trusted) If in doubt bbc news app is very useful on your phone. I'm gutted for you that the football is not on, stay strong and think how good it will be when it returns. It will be really special first game back. Keep that as motivator and maybe enjoy a few highlights of this season's game on YouTube.
  13. Sorry mate but there is not a chance in hell of that happening. I'm not being harsh when I say this, as I miss the football too, however a moment of clarity is needed for you in regards to this as hundreds of people are dying every day and will continue to do so every day for the foreseeable future. The football is not going to start again and restrictions are not going to be lifted, short term and possibly medium to long term. Sorry mate, but it needs to be said. Stay safe. Rob
  14. Somewhere, in a 2 bed semi in Derby, Paul Jewell and Bob malcolm are isolating waiting for a call.......
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