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  1. Well done for Rooney and the coaching staff for picking him for this exact reason and him for helping us pick up the 3 points. You know your football mate.
  2. Sorry mate, but that bit in particular is utter dross. Are you gonna be here all night mate? With due respect I think you've made your point now.
  3. The ignored user list grows ever longer.
  4. I remember speaking with an academy director at a current prem club about young players and giving them debuts. He said for every 10 players you give debuts to only 1 or 2 will ever go on to do anything long term. Sadly I think there are a few there who wont have a long term future at the club, however there are players there i now class as first team regulars and key members of the team. That's quite a return.
  5. Dan happe from leyton orient. 6ft 5, decent on the ball, young. Leeds, spurs and Leicester have had very low offers and interest in the past. Think he has a big future. Perfect for us.
  6. Bielik last night. Swansea trying to put us under pressure? No worries I will just flick the ball with the outside of my foot over their players head on the edge of my own box and play a half volley pass perfectly weighted into the path of the advancing fullback. It's easy this football lark ain't it?!
  7. The player he is now is not the player he was 10 years ago. He seemed to be used more as a wide forward for his pace and skills on the ball. Sometimes the intelligence of hold up play and the ability to be a focal point only comes with age and experience. As the body slows down you have to play a different way. I'm thinking Glenn Murray here. He is the new shefki kuqi and thats good enough for me.
  8. Ah sorry mate I misread that as putting another one on. Sorry if reply came across as digging you out. For what it's worth I agree with you.
  9. Ain't that what wassell did away at rotherham? 3-0 up, get the subs on, get some game time lads, fill yer boots........ We needed to win the game. We won the game comfortably. Sure stretton could have come on, bagged a goal and given us more to celebrate. I agree it could have been an ideal opportunity. However I remember Birmingham and qpr games where we were coasting in the 90th minute. Imagine if we had only got a point today having been 2-0 up and playing well. People would be stringing themselves up on here.
  10. Darren Moore. Bloke behind me used to go mad "all he does is boot it and head it" That's why I loved him.
  11. Get him the finest physiotherapist money can buy, get him an oxygen tent if needed. Keep him fit and getting fitter each week and he could be key.
  12. It's bad enough that others have to read my posts on here. I'm not doing it too. X
  13. PM mate. I will keep quiet and then back you up later when what you says come true. Sharing is caring.
  14. Curse you fat phone fingers. Straight in.
  15. I'm a bit 50,50 on this. Part of me is excited and reassured and part of me is worried we are going to appoint someone with very little experience to manage the team. The fact that we havent gone strigg tin for someone like cook speaks volumes to me.
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