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  1. If we get beat, then yes its disappointing, however I'm not doing this to sound condescending, but wouldn't it be great for Northampton to play man utd at their ground. Obviously hope we win, but I would be too gutted to see the team that beats us get that game.
  2. A part of me thinks it would be funny to not sign anyone just to see your reaction on here. You have been steadily building to a crescendo nicely over the last few weeks and I for one would love to see your final act.
  3. Hear they are getting the blame for the virus in China too.
  4. Forum meltdown in 3.2.1.......
  5. Shame real Madrid and barca didn't have scouts at the wolves v Derby game when Bob malcolm made his debut........
  6. I think you will find the foundations were in place way before clough as well. Hughes and Hendrick were not the first two players through our academy. George burley and his staff had as big, if not bigger impact on the academy during their time.
  7. Past 10pm finish on a weekday night? Joke and a manifestation of modern football being ruled by TV. For midweek Derby home games my head doesn't touch the pillow rarely before 1am. Up for work at 6am. Thanks sky.
  8. Possibly not cheap. They have publicly stated 10mill is his price (although they have no chance of that)
  9. Had to take my recycling out last night. Where was England's top scorer then eh? He better pop round to jet wash my patio for me on Saturday considering we don't have a game that day. Not a nice man.
  10. Ramage really is in his element. He also couldn't wait to hammer Holmes. Something along the line of "did he play well though? Only 1 goal and 1 assist this season" Mouth piece of the fans? No chance.
  11. Might make a couple of grand then with the amount they normally bring....
  12. Hasn't it already been stated multiple times that his wages are not simply 50/50? I thought I saw somewhere this was explained as early "thoughts" or rather fans jokes seemed to think it would be 50p for players and the other many thousands as a coach. This was rubbished early on I believe.
  13. They teased it with the robbie savage interview the other week. Bielik injured? Need a midfielder to sit and break up play? Short term deal? P.s all of the above is a joke, not my opinion and is not happening.
  14. KBB

    Dwight Gayle

    Never heard of him
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