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  1. Is Rowett up to the job

    Bless. Been waiting for this ain't ya?
  2. Zak Brunt - Academy kid

    I'm sure when he is banging in his third goal, to seal his hattrick and hand Real Madrid back to back European championships we will look back on this thread. Or maybe when he is rotting somewhere or playing for his 8th non league club in 3 years his dad might wind his neck in a bit. I've worked at academy level. This guy ain't got a f****** clue.
  3. Thorne to Start against Leeds?

    Thought he was brilliant in his 5 minutes. Is this like Bennet changing the game in his 8 minutes as a sub when you wanted him to start the next games? Come on B4. Maybe Martin or Winnall for their impacts, but Thorne, based on his 5 minutes, is the man who should get the nod against leeds?
  4. Billy Davies wants the Rangers job

    He should get a job at a "big club" in league 1 or 2 and try and rebuild his reputation . someone like cov or pompey. Get them promoted and doors will open. Hate the bloke, loved him during the promotion season. Just like Warnock he knows his way around this level.
  5. Norwich City V Derby County

    Oh and Keogh is a colossus
  6. Norwich City V Derby County

    Amazing really. For what seems like the last 10 years or so we have been crying out for a manager and a set of experienced players to get results no matter what. We get that combination and all of a sudden it's "past it players and a negative manager" This team with the experience of Carson, Keogh, Davies, Ledley, huddlestone at the heart of a back 6 is exactly what we need. Some may not see what we have here, but I bet rowett is happy with their contributions.
  7. Norwich City V Derby County

    What team would you have picked?
  8. Moor Farm visit.

    Pretty much all those cars will be on lease deals. Players get very good rates on lease cars from specialist companies who only lease to footballers. Matt black wrap is a standard finish on a vast majority of their cars.
  9. RamsTV: The Review Show

    Can't have fan involvement. The old "mouthpiece of the club" or "Mel has told them what to say" would get trotted out every time they opened their mouths and made a positive, constructive comment and didn't just shout "FORWARD!!" as loud as possible to every possible question asked. Amazing how "GET IT FORWARD" can solve all of dcfcs "problems". Fans opinions should be kept to forums, the terraces and the pub. Or in some cases, kept to themselves.
  10. Deodorant (for men)

    All blokes should use a fragrance free antiperspirant then a good quality after shave for the smell. If in doubt driclor (very strong to stop sweat) then Chanel egoist platinum is a good combination.
  11. Ryan Giggs

    I hope he gets one of the jobs. Purely to see him fail.
  12. Next two away games

    My first game was derby 1 Liverpool 7 when I was 8. Took a lot in that day. Still a season ticket holder even after that.
  13. Derby County V Sheffield Wednesday

    Shame there hadn't been an explosion at a nearby cannabis factory at the same time. Might have made the game a bit more entertaining for a few people.
  14. Chinese business delegates

    "Me so Solly" (said in the style of krusty the clown with flapping dickie)
  15. That's modern football. Agree with what you say though.

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