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  1. Van ginkel will be this seasons Hudson odoi on here. Expect him to be linked with a £50mill move to a European giant in the coming weeks and some of our fans thinking he would still be available on loan to a championship club. (Above said in jest. Can we attract him? Would be mega if we could)
  2. Ask anyone at Southampton's youth scouting and coaching set up how they develop players based on "racial profiling" Worst kept "secret" in football and as someone who has previously been involved at that level one I find astonishing that its almost celebrated by them.
  3. Any ideas or whispers as to who? If you don't went to pm nor put names on here I totally understand as sources might then not be so forthcoming or it may not yet come to fruition, so do you think we/you will be happy and is it someone already mentioned in twiter press? For me Hughton is the obvious choice, Gerrard is the lampard replacement choice, monk is the slight disappointing choice (all three could do a job here though)
  4. At the start of the year he was linked with Chelsea, Liverpool and arsenal and has recently been linked with Lazio and Napoli. He either has a fantastic agent or is half decent. (He is actually a decent player, small issues with concentration and decision making, but he could be a top player in a year or two)
  5. Allegedly offered. Its all speculation at the moment. When will we learn that the "truth" is very rarely reported. Its all guesswork, if, buts and maybes. It will get to the stage where some fans will convince themselves that lampard turned down a contract extension to join Chelsea and showed us no respect or loyalty. Wait for the statements from dcfc, Mel, frank and Chelsea.
  6. Traore, if played through the middle, can be very dangerous at this level. I would rather have him in our team then playing against us for sure. Yes there are doubts about his consistency and quality of end product, but IMHO he can be a top player player through the middle.
  7. Wenger Obviously no chance. Hope we don't go with hype of the Cowley's (done brilliant job but their football is pulis era stoke at its worst) Bowyer would be interesting (shame the Leeds connection as if he didn't he would be an obvious choice) Hughton is a really obvious and pretty safe appointment. Like him very much as a person and a professional, football style is very much designed for the players and situation he finds him and the club in. Unknown foreign link? Don't think in a million years young up and coming will be attracted here. Maybe arteta? Maybe keep morris and offer him his break into being a number 1.
  8. Think people must be on the opium pipe. Wilson. For around £21 mill. To a championship club. To Derby. Done deal. I will nail my colours to the not a chance in hell mast and be surprised if that changes.
  9. Holmes? Yeah, OK mate.
  10. Buffon? I think you answered your own question.
  11. Was talking with head of youth development at a current premier league club about young players the fans rate being released. His response? "all players eventually find their natural level" Sure there will be exceptions that come back and haunt clubs and the staff who thought they weren't good enough, however many many times they are proven correct. Shame for timi, maybe he will pass us on the way up.
  12. Best pair up front since Saunders and Goddard
  13. Should rename this thread "players I've heard of"
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