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  1. No of course not. Im suggesting our fan base are so unintelligent they can't understand that a player needs support, love and applause in order for him to play his best and if he is playing crap (which he often does), the best way for him to turn this around tends to directly link to the amount of poo he takes from the stands. Most of our fans, me included are intelligent enough to realise they forum opinion has chuff all relevance to match day outcomes. The other? I'm not so sure.
  2. It is glaringly obvious that he is a massive confidence players who needs to feel loved, valued and respected. You can see how he interacts with the fans and fellow players when he is doing well and when he isn't making an impression in games. He was right on it today, the fans were supporting him and he had a fantastic game. If we want the best from him, a player who can win game single handedly, we have to support him, cheer him, motivate him. It is clear that moaning, jeering and frustration does not help "improve" his performance, in fact it simply makes him think "duck you" to an element of our fan base. Some fans now need to make a decision. What would I like best? Tom to potentially win us games, or my desperate need to be proven correct about him being useless and a waste of oxygen (terms I've seen on here) cone to fruition?
  3. Has he been declared the new Bob Malcolm yet?
  4. Failing that buy tesco value squash and get a local tramp to piss in a glass for you and mix it together. I can't talk really as do like a summer fruits koppaberg when its hot out
  5. Will score the winner in the playoff final.....
  6. My dad leaves early as he walks with a stick and can't move fast in crowds and finds it hard to keep his balance if rushed.
  7. Think a few I told you so posts have had to be put on the back burner for another week....
  8. Loads of people talking about Reece James on loan. Been linked with a £10mill move to palace today. If he is worth that I think fans need a reality check with regards to tomori and possibly buying him (which the guy behind me at the game says we can do for £5 mill) no chance.
  9. I love mase and thought he put himself about and showed for the ball at every opportunity but he had a trampoline first touch today. Couldn't get the ball under control at all. Wont gold it against him though. We needed a win, got the win and he contributed on the pitch. Nugent deserves a mention too. Like a wasp at a picnic he was there and involved.
  10. Kenny burns there was he?
  11. I use the 11 point season as a footballing badge of honor. Some tries to give "mad bantz" about it I just simply say "I was there, saw the games and still kept coming back every week and still do" "oh you support man utd, city, Liverpool, arsenal, Chelsea (insert as appropriate)..... Ever been to watch them?
  12. Wondered hen this old chestnut would reappear. He is "undroppable" because as a young , creative, flair player he can create a goal out of nothing, score a goal out of nothing and can win you a game singlehandedly. He is "droppable" because as a young, creative, flair player he can go missing in games for long periods of time, get marked or kicked out of a game and be on the fringes of games with little or no impact. He owes us nothing this season for his effort and his impact. In the team for me every time.
  13. The way I see it (just my thoughts), is that is we want to stop leaking goals from set pieces and be more of a threat in the opposition box from ours then a complete change of defensive mentality and team roles is the only way it will happen. We use our defenders, including central defenders, as a way to start potential attacks. We (well some), as fans, want ball playing defenders who can bring it out from the back, use the ball wisely, start potential attacks and be assured in possession. I find those type of defenders lead to a compromise in defensive stability. Not all of them will be stimac, most will be Keogh. Want to stop neadless goals from set pieces? Get a couple of 6ft 4 head it, boot it, block it merchants and that may well be reduced, however the whole mentality, shape and game structure of our team will be changed. At our level, budget and potential attraction to players means we have to acknowledge there will be a compromise somewhere. Dunk, flint et al will stop that, but long balls and needless lumps up the field in possession will then become the norm. Big Darren Moore was superb for the role he did in our promotion season, but Rio Ferdinand he wasn't. We have to embrace the fact and I think our players and coaching staff have, that if we are going to try and play a passing, progressive style, then unless you are buying van djyk, this will come with limitations. Our players can't do it all, otherwise they wouldnt be playing for us. Sorry. But I feel that's the way it is.
  14. Him, loftus cheek and Hudson odoi will be a great front 3 for us. Can't wait.
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