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  1. KBB

    Jack Marriott - a dud?

    Reduced to posting click bait on an internet forum. Pattern emerging here I think.
  2. KBB

    Derby shoot for moon

    Sorry mate but if you think derby are better than the team who finished second in the premier league last season then nothing I say will sway you
  3. KBB

    Derby shoot for moon

    I'm sorry B4, I share your hope of doing big things this season, but optimism sometimes needs to be tinged with realism. We will dream of knocking out man utd and if we are at our very very very best and they are way below par we might get something. although they are "struggling" at the moment they should still wipe the floor with us and if I'm honest they most probably will. They have world class players who can beat teams better than us, just like they did to Burnley the other week. Keep dreaming mste, I for one hope we get our moment in the spotlight and you thoroughly enjoy it.
  4. KBB

    Bored now

    Lol. Was waiting for this. Sir. I salute you
  5. KBB

    Joel Asoro - Signed for Swansea

    Rate this guy. Only seen him in fits and starts, but he looks like a decent player with potential. Got a trick, direct and works hard.
  6. KBB

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Ali was poor, but dier is not an international standard player. (Watch him score now hopefully)
  7. KBB

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Watch an england player get sent off by him for reacting to something
  8. KBB

    Matej Vydra - Signed for Burnley

    Packed out elland road? Has vydra got a time machine as well?
  9. KBB

    Matej Vydra - Signed for Burnley

    All it takes is a couple of decent runs and a signing that comes really good and any team in this division can be top 6. If they get someone who can score 15-20 goals, forest can be right up there. Would I bet on it? No. Would I bet against it? No
  10. KBB

    Jack Marriott - Signed on a 3 year deal

    I only went on wiki to be fair.
  11. KBB

    Jack Marriott - Signed on a 3 year deal

    At luton He played 79 games in 2 years, scoring over 20 goals and won their player of the year and young player of the season.
  12. Why do people keep thinking mason Mount would come to us, or be allowed to come to us. Lampard aside, mount has been linked with permanent deals with 3 champions league sides in Europe, plus 3 prem sides who want him on loan or a big deal. Chelsea are also talking about him being a first team option. Would I love him here? Of course, he looks a fantastic prospect. Can we attract him? I would be astonished if chelsea think this is the level for his next progression, even if we have lampard.
  13. KBB

    18/19 Home Kit

    The kit reminds me of a young training top. I like that kit a lot. Has a retro vibe with the umbro sleave trim.
  14. If we bring in lampard we need to be sure he brings in an experienced club man, older head with him (not frank lampard senior). Someone wo knows what day to day football club management and organisation is all about. Anyone can pick a starting side and put some cones out for a shooting drill, but club management is much more than that.
  15. Failed at every club bar Milan (where he essentially did what giggs at man utd did) didn't he just relegate deportivo only winning a couple of games in about 25 game spell?

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