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  1. Define cheap? Most of the players listed in here are players coming of the back of brilliant seasons in league 1 or 2 or free transfers released from premiership clubs. Take Jerry Yates at Blackpool as an example. Could have had him for a couple of 100k a year ago. Now, after last season, Blackpool will want big money, same for clarke harris. Cheap they ain't. As for some of the premier league's released lists. Wages, wages, wages. Not aimed at you at all mate,but have we learnt nothing as fans from our transfer dealings in the last 4 years or so? Buying players, often play
  2. KBB

    Callum Elder

    That sir, is possibly the finest post on this forum. That'll do pig. that'll do.
  3. Could you imagine how that would go down with other clubs and efl?? Derby sign Buffon despite the papers and twitter saying we are getting a million points deducted and if someone switches the kettle on the electric bill will put us in administration. Think a few chairman would explode. It would be hilarious so give him a five year deal at 100k a week please.
  4. 5million fine and 12 points suspended (to be implemented the second we slip on anything ie. Late payment of wages)
  5. Fair question. I'm one of those who chose not to watch. Season ticket holder, watched all previous games on ramstv. For me it was a combination of nerves totally shot and baseless superstition. I knew I would be turning it on, off, on, off, on, off. I dont regret it in the slightest. My baseless superstition means I honestly think me watching the game would have caused us to lose and get relegated (I know how stupid that sounds). I'm the hero in all this. Not waggy. Not curtis. Not Rooney. If I hadn't have missed watching the game we would have gone down.
  6. Mate is a baggies fan and really knows his football. He doesn't rate Bartley in the slightest.
  7. Anyone do what I did and not watch the game? Couldn't bring myself to watch it. I'm pragmatic and football is just football, but let's be honest it means quite a bit to many people. Had a look around Sheffield forums and twitter feeds over the last 24 hours. Their fans are exactly how I would have expected our fans to be if we went down. Other clubs fans and a few of ours are laughing at the "celebrations" after the game. I honestly believe this game could be a "sliding doors" moment for the club. I shudder to think what would have happened if we had gone down. I've kept my powder dr
  8. Anyone not in league 1 team of the year you think we should sign? (Good suggestions though)
  9. "We want communication from the club, we demand communication from the club, we deserve communication from the club, we are entitled to communication from the club" *communication from the club* "Actions speak louder than words" Some of our fans deserve nothing.
  10. I've already decided that despite it having no impact on the result I'm not going to watch the match and instead take myself away from civilisation for a couple of hours and check the result at full time. I'm a wimp and wont be able to take watching the game. Silly I know, but that's how I'm going to do it. If we could go to the game in person I'm not sure what I would do.
  11. Who are the money men in this deal then? Does he still have links to the Thailand backers who wanted in at sheff weds? Interesting times.
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