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  1. I'm sure 14 million voters must have seen at least one of his proposals written somewhere.
  2. Why would he wait until the last few days to hand over the actual proposals. One blank sheet of paper, looks like any other sheet of blank paper.
  3. Johnson as reportedly handed his proposals for leaving over to the EU. I wonder when he'll show them to us?
  4. Journalism and the Sun rag, it can't be called a newspaper, parted ways many years ago. What they printed on their front page today, shows the depth they will sink to. Instead of telling their readers the real issues of the day. Like how our Prime Minister refused to attend a press conference with the PM of Luxembourg, for fear of being shown up as a fraud and liar regarding how the leave negotiations are going.
  5. Goring set fire to the Reichstag, to stop any opposition to his party. Maybe Rees-Mogg or Govs could do the same to Parliament, so Johnson can achieve his aim of delivering a hard brexit.
  6. Wether we end up with the original back stop deal, a border in the Irish Sea deal or heaven forbid a hard border in Ireland due to leaving with no deal. Any solution is going to antagonize one or another section of the Irish community. That could easily result into the return of the troubles and the possible deaths of many innocent people.
  7. Johnson meets Juncker today still insisting he can get a deal. To get a deal he'll need to resolve the problem that scuppered May getting her deal through Parliament. So what will his solution be for the Irish border and will he be able to get Parliament to agree to it. As Johnson actually got a working solution to the Irish problem? Is his claim to want a deal just a sham and that he's more interested in forcing through a no deal brexit.
  8. So after three years of brexit madness. What the first thing we are going to back control of. A chocolate bar. As the Snickers bar reverts back to being called a Marathon. Brexiteers will be dancing in the streets.
  9. Which counties will we get a better trade deal with, than we already have. We have control of our own borders we just choose to not implement them.
  10. And the facts to prove this are?
  11. Can you point out what you think are my opinions. I know the only people who will be collecting millions if not billions of pounds from us leaving the EU are those that are gambling on our country's economy collapsing. I've yet to see hard facts that show the whole county will benefit by us leaving the EU. All I heard from leave campaigners were opinions and that many of these same campaigners are trying to now distance themselves from.
  12. Watched a speech Dominic Cummings gave back in 2017. Don't ask for the link, I haven't got a clue how to do it. Cummings spoke about the strategies used by the leave campaign he head during the referendum. He stated how they targeted voters with specific advertising that didn't have anything to do with the EU. That they targeted people who were feeling disenfranchised not just by the government but by anyone they deemed to have power over their lives. People who were unhappy with the long period of austerity and having to pay for the financial crash, while seeing the bankers who caused it, still living the good life. So the the leave campaign implied that if you voted leave, you were also getting one over the establishment. The funny thing is, is that the establishment, the billionaires the rich bankers, who these targeted leave voters thought they were voting against, were the very people who were bankrolling the leave campaign. As a lot of people are now realising, it's the billionaires and rich bankers who will be the only ones to benefit from brexit. So much for, as the Americans would say, sticking it to the man.
  13. The irony of all the madness that our country is putting it self through. Cameron allowed a referendum to be held, so as to stop the conservative party fragmenting and tory MPs defecting to Farage's ukip party. What have we now got after more than three years of this whole sorry mess? Farage and his recently formed brexit party, the ukip party under a different name, offering to have a pact with the conservatives in the impending general election. The tories are refusing this offer at the moment but it will be interesting to see what they'll do nearer to an election if thing aren't going well for them. As for stopping the fragmentation of the tory party, that's gone well hasn't it.
  14. The land of milk and honey version as already been released. It's what Johnson, Farage, Rees-Mogg and the rest of the ERG mob were quoting from back in 2016.
  15. What laws of Parliament did he break? I'm sure the forces behind the ERG would have found it and had him removed from office.
  16. Supercar and Fireball XL5.
  17. Will be interesting to see who becomes the next Speaker of the House of Commons. I thought John Bercow the present Speaker did a good job of keeping order during some very difficult times.
  18. A week booked in Southern Spain next to the border with Portugal, during the next international break. Hoping to fit in trips to Seville and Cadiz, to soak up a bit of culture in between lying on the beach doing sod all.
  19. I, like you, your mother and most of our nations population, irrelevant of who as been in government, have grown up in a socialist society. A society that cares for the old, the sick and the poor. Your mother was fortunate that she had a council house to live in. Due to Thatcher's government forcing councils to sell off much of their housing stock, this is something that many families today can only dream of.
  20. Did Southgate pick his best team? No. Did he pick a team capable of winning the game? Yes, as proved by the result. Most top league managers don't play their best eleven, when they play a weaker team in the early rounds of a competition. They utilise all of the players available to them. Why would an international manager not do the same? England play again on Tuesday. It's highly unlikely that Southgate will pick the same team. Will it be his best team? Probably not. Hopefully he'll pick a team capable of winning, while at the same time giving others in his squad game time and gain more experience of playing international football. I'd worry about Southgate's team selection ability or lack of, when England come up against tougher opposition.
  21. I await your post to enlighten us all on what working class is like.
  22. Unless it brings about a large majority for one party, then an election now won't resolve anything.
  23. After watching the Channel 5 debate last night about our MPs and seeing the polls showing how poorly the public perceived them. It came as no surprise when watching the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab compound these views while being interviewed this morning. He constantly lied about how we, the tax payer, were having to pay a billion pounds for every month we remained in the EU. This is an outright lie. After rebates and moneys paid back in grants to the UK the monthly bill is actual between five and six hundred million. This money is then deducted from the final payment of 39 billion.
  24. It's very two faced of Johnson and Rees-Mogg to stand-up in Parliament today and call other MPs, who are supporting the bill to stop us leaving without a deal, undemocratic. They both said that all MPs should support the government in leaving the EU and complying with the wishers of the people as voted for inthe referendum. I seem to remember both of them voting against their own party leader and the deal agreed to by our government and the EU more than once. Glad to see they're both now taking their constitutional responsibilities more seriously. But there again isn't changing your mind suppose to be undemocratic?
  25. I noticed that the company responsible for HS2, picked today as the ideal day to announce that the cost to build it will be 20 million pounds more than the last estimate. Also the first train may not run until as late as 2031.
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