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  1. One out of every four adults in the UK will suffer some form of mental health issues during their live time. I'm one of four family members who are season ticket holders. Whether one or both of the above best describes me, that I'll leave for others to decide. The avatar represented my hair colour and my temper. Though both have sadly faded with age.
  2. In the game last night against WBA, the stats said we committed 14 fouls while they committed 11, just 3 less than us Yet we got 4 yellow and 1 red while they got none.
  3. We always get poo refs, we always get poo refs.
  4. If the number of death due to RTAs came down due less traffic on the roads during lockdown. It's probably give people a good argument for the need for better public transport so reducing the amount of cars on the roads.
  5. ONS statistics show that the death rate is below the five year average. This must prove that by keeping people isolated, prevented the spread of all contagious diseases, no just the coronavirus. It doesn't prove that the coronavirus isn't as serious as some people have tried to claim. If the death rate for seasonal flu was at it's normal level, what would the death rates be for coronavirus if there had been no lockdown? We've already seen the re-lockdown of Leicester in the UK along with similar events in other countries. So even with the lowering of the number of deaths due to coro
  6. Got exactly what our performance deserved. For a game against our local rivals,we never turned up. This was shameful.
  7. I'm no medical expert but I wouldn't think putting Capol on your tits will be of any benefit to your health and I feel sure it will have no affect in stopping a second spike of the virus.
  8. So how many Boris Johnsons and Donald Trumps amongst others will we soon be drinking in our local?
  9. Spent many a Saturday night there, back in seventies.
  10. I was going to point at Trump as my answer. Then realised he doesn't do two hours of work never mind two days. So we should be thankful for small mercies, that Johnson is only slightly less of a buffoon than his counterpart across the pond.
  11. Now, now. Don't go calling people stupid. You'll have all the brexiteers getting paranoid, thinking you're talking about them.
  12. So the government are funding schools with an extra billion pounds, to help children who have missed out on their education. One of the proposed schemes that this money will pay for, is one to one tutoring of pupils that have been disadvantaged during lockdown. This all sounds very good but where are they going to find all the extra trained teachers that will be needed to carry this out? Or will it be done by untrained staff, that are supplied by a private company. Wonder who'll get that contract
  13. It's a good job all those great trade deals that Johnson boasted about, will be so easy to get. I'd hate to think of the shambles he and his cabinet would make of them if they weren't.
  14. As Chris Grayling been put in charge of the government's procurement of PPE. Why have the government given a contract to supply PPE, to a pest control company. A contract that is worth over one hundred million pounds. A company that has assets of less than twenty thousand pounds. Is this just another case of gross incompetence by a government minister. Or is it more serious and is a blatant case of corruption within the government.
  15. Why would anyone in the future feel embarrassed about supporting BLM now? As for for them getting a job in the real world. Acquiring thousands of pounds of debt, while obtaining an education, I think they are already living in the real world.
  16. Good to see a government spokesperson saying that the development of the track and trace app is going well and hope to have something going by the winter. I mean we don't want to be rushing to get it out and running, well not until we've got the best track and trace app in the world. We don't want any of that off the shelf rubbish from Apple and Google do we. Its not if it will have any baring on the health of our nation.
  17. Why are they not using VAR and goal line technology?
  18. Seems odd that the NHS would be terminating nurses contracts. Didn't the government promise the funding for thousands of extra nurses, during the last election?
  19. Another day, another thunderstorm. I hope @uttoxram75 took his goggles and flippers to work today.
  20. So Marcus Rashford is now setting useful government policy. Well I suppose it's better than waiting for Johnson to do anything comparable. What as johnson managed to do in the last few weeks that is of any use to the majority of the British people? Set out a workable plan, on how the country can start to get back to normality. No. Set out a plan and supplied the financial backing that schools will need to get fully open to all. No. Made any progress in the talks with the EU in regards to his oven ready trade deal. No. Talking of the trade deal negotiations with the E
  21. Resisting arrest doesn't allow a police officer to kill that person, even in the USA. The Police should only discharge their firearm if their or others lives are in danger. The man killed, did indeed take a weapon from one of the policeman, it was a tazzer a none lethal weapon. So the two policemen's lifes were in no danger and therefore should never have fired their weapon. A completely unjustifiable killing.
  22. Don't give up hope @Eddie. Just wait for when that wonderful deal with the EU comes out of the oven, all golden and lovely at the end of the year. When our splendid manufacturing industry begin selling it's wears around the world. With the factories and mills at full capacity, the people of Great Britain enjoying all the benefits of full employment and the rewards it brings. Then we will all come together as one nation in the celebrating of our heroes, in erecting statues of Johnson, Sunak, Raab, Gove, Hancock, Patel, Sharma and the rest of our glorious leaders and maybe one for Farage an
  23. There definitely wasn't hundreds of football hooligans gathered together. As there was no football match in progress, I'd hazard a guess that there wasn't any.
  24. Once we've removed all the statues, renamed our city's streets and deleted a few tv programmes or films that have been deemed offensive. What next, have a few buildings demolished that were constructed using slave trade money. Well that should change the skyline of a number of cities. Will all of this activity, have answered the questions raised by the death of George Floyd or resolved any other inequality within our society? I very much doubt it.
  25. Will we now have Barnsley fans protesting outside Pride Park. Demanding prompt punishment for Derby and the removal of the Clough Statue because it symbolizes our club's dodgy bookkeeping, as historically he was our manager the last time Derby was punished for financial irregularities.
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