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  1. While I don't like that some portion of the population are refusing to get vaccinated, I accept that they have a right to do so. But don't equate these anti-vaccers with previous generations who gave their lives to preserve the nations freedom.
  2. I take it you've still no longer got the girl.
  3. It would help if we were fit. I don't think we are any where near has fit enough as a team as when Clough had them running up and down the hills at Allestree Park.
  4. Fully agree if there's a requirement to have a vaccination passport it should apply to the entire population. Will this government put a bill before Parliament to make it a law to carry a vaccine passport. Of course they won't, this is a government that's lead by a buffoon and they don't want to antagonize their voters.
  5. And the reputable source for this 'fact' is?
  6. Does the statement that a lot of people take what 'reputable sources' say as fact, come from a reputable source and can it be taken as a fact?
  7. Never. I've always looked older than I am, even as a teenager. At the tender age of sixteen I was stood at the bar of The Spotted Horse in Derby having just ordered a pint of Double Diamond when two young lads walked in. The barmaid immediately turned to them and told them to get out. As she handed me my pint, she said " how annoying it was when kids tried to drink while underage". All I could do was nod in agreement and sip my pint while keeping a straight face.
  8. Saw nothing positive in this game, that gives me much hope for the coming season. A lot of the failings we had last season are still evident today. Our present attacking options are more limited than last season. We desperately need a dominant centre-back, Wisdom is not and never will be a centre-back. Offering him a new contract is just another example of how poor this team is. As will offering contracts to the other CBs we have training with us, will any of them be are capable of completing a full season. Our youngsters are not showing the full potential that many fans were hoping for, this is either due to being badly managed or they are not as good as we thought. Personally I think some of the problems we have now, are due to the present inexperienced management. I'm not laying all the blame at Ronney's feet. The problems he inherited and now faces began as far back as Clement or even Mac 1 and have been compounded upon by every manager since.
  9. Is it just the BBC's reporting of the covid epidemic that you consider bias or is it all of their news and current affairs programmes?
  10. Lets not stop the list there The scandalous amount of taxpayers money wasted on a test and trace system that has been a total disaster. The taxpayers money that was given to friends and relatives of government ministers for goods and services, that were either totally inadequate or never turned up. The amount of times there's been an announcement by Johnson at a Downing Street briefing, only for him to change his mind the next day.
  11. Getting my ticket for the Man U game printed was difficult, having to get a ticket printed for every game is going to be a right pain in the arse. Why can't they issue a new card for those fans that had renewed last season.
  12. Don't go giving the EFL any ideas, they'll be calling for a ban on white kits.
  13. Should we apply to join the Northern Premier League now or wait until the EFL force us into administration.
  14. Why is taking the knee more divisive than standing has a group at the pitch side? Are not both actions a protest against racism? Anyone that boos ethier of these two actions, must mean they disagree with the reason why these actions are taking place. As the reason for these actions is to raise awareness of and the stopping of the endemic racism in our society. So anyone booing these actions must be condoning acts of racism.
  15. I worked with a guy who was often late, he too lived close to work. Once when the boss asked him why he was late, he said it was because he lived to close to work. He went on to explain that if he over sleeps by 10 minutes it's impossible for him make up that time on his short walk to work, unlike someone who over sleeps that lives 5 or 10 miles away, as they can make that time up during their longer journey into work. The boss just walked away smiling and shaking his head.
  16. The club like any other business can set the rules for who they allow to enter their premises. They could insisted eveyone had to wear a hazchem suit before they gained access to the ground, if they wished
  17. Southgate's stated that the players taking the penalties were the best during practice, so he had no problem with the younger players taking pens before the more experienced players. This is all well and good but out of the three youngsters why did he have the youngest and least experienced player at number five. The last penalty is sudden death. This is the position that puts the most pressure on any of the first five players.
  18. After a lot of swearing at my phone and tablet I've managed to get 4 tickets. I just have to work out where and how I can get the tickets printed.
  19. 1of4

    Tennis 2021

    One Italian down in a final, one to go.
  20. Watching this on TV yesterday reminded me that unlike today there was no instant replays, not even for the goals. Which meant you had to watch the game more intently than you have to now in case you missed something During a lot of games I now watch on TV, I sometimes will look at my phone or even read the newspaper, knowing if I miss anything important it will be a replay of it. Which means watching a game on the TV doesn't hold my interest the same as actually being at the game. Probably why I'm watching less and less sport on the TV.
  21. I still have my doubts about Southgate. I think with the squad he's had available to him, he could have permed any number of players into the starting line and still have got the same results. What worries me his ability to change his tactics mid-game, when we are having to chase the game. These doubts are all down to my normal pessimism, something that seems to get worse as I get older. So hopefully I'm wrong and Southgate is the greatest manager since Ramsey and we beat Italy with no need to go to a plan B
  22. Southgate still has five substitutes available to him, so we'll see what calibre of manager he his in the next 30 minutes.
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