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  1. SBW #12: Burton, Ipswich, Boro

    Think I can get it 1st time this time, Francesco Baiano (1st goal) 1997 Vs Leicester away 2-1 to the Rams Robbie Savage ******* up for Baiano's seconf goal
  2. Billy Davies

    Watched both parts, agreed with a lot what he said but at times he came across very aggressive. Should of he been sacked? IMO no, would he kept us up? I don't think he would of but it would of been less embarrassing. Jewell ripped the spin out of the team Bywater, Moore (who did stay), Oakley and Howard. Could say right man at he wrong time?
  3. Decent Radio Stations

    If I have a podcast to listen to I will listen to that over a Radio station
  4. Decent Radio Stations

    Really depends what you are into, Radio 2 and Absolute for me, (sometimes Radio Derby)
  5. RamsTV

    I got a Amazon Fire Stick, and installed the AirPlay/DLNA Receiver (PRO) app. not sure if would work when it comes to live games but I can use to it play Rams TV videos from my apple devices to my TV
  6. Zak Brunt - Academy kid

    No 5-a-side
  7. Zak Brunt - Academy kid

    Hucknall Town play Matlock reserves this weekend so we will see if he gets dropped dwn for game time
  8. RamsTV

    I also found the videos run better on my iPhone or Ipad compared to the desktop. Keep up the good work, really enjoying the stuff you put up
  9. SBW #11: QPR & Fulham

    I struggled with Who Ram I, but I think it was more the fact I chose to forget him
  10. Away kits

    Just to further that, England away against Scotland, I understand that Nike insist on England playing in their away kit to matter what when playing away, so we play Scotland they are in blue of course and England are also in blue, so natural you would think England would go back to their home kit of white, no Nike got England to dust off the old red away kit which now all of a sudden is now the third kit.
  11. SBW #11: QPR & Fulham

    Doncaster 2-0 2014?
  12. SBW #11: QPR & Fulham

    Chris Martin, won 4-1 (6-2 agg) vs Brighton in the play off semi-final in the 2013-14 season
  13. Best Debut

    I think your right. Edit Full debut lol
  14. Best Debut

    I said it once, and say it again worse Hucknall Town keeper ever!
  15. Best Debut

    Tom Ince - scored two, hit the post for his hat-trick Remember Will Hughes being unbelievable on the right wing on his debut.

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