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  1. Season tickets for next year, whose renewed

    Renewed on Saturday, Derby win, lose or draw
  2. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    Was there no pitch invasion at full time? or is that sooooooooo last season?
  3. Weimann in the number 9 role ?

    Not for me, his overall finishing and composure is to me the areas that are lacking in his game, something a number 9 needs,
  4. WiFi Boost

    Yep, still works. Lived in the house for over 10 years had to change a fuse wire once
  5. Funniest Scenes in Movies

  6. WiFi Boost

    I don't know how much of a issue this is but my eclectics are old, the cables are black and red rather than blue and brown also the fuses are fuse wire. Also does it have to be on the same ring main? or the fact it "comes" from the same fuse panel what matters?
  7. WiFi Boost

    I don't really know a lot about them tbh. can the second adapter became a wifi signal from where it plugged in? or are these just for ethernet devices. Everything I want in the attic is connected via wifi
  8. WiFi Boost

    I think I need an extender/booster, the router in the living room, and the wifi speed is slow in my attic, On my phone the wifi is either 3 or 2 bars on strength but the speed is slow, Downstairs the speed is over 100mb/s but the attic dips down to 1-7 mb/s. If I get an extender do I get one which is dual band but double the price? I won't be used for gaming maybe just streaming amazon prime video etc.
  9. Youngsters at matches

    I sit with my 8 year old lad in the North East corner , TBH am lucky because he sits and watches the game and takes in all in, I took his brother on Saturday who is 6 and spent 90 mins eating sweets. lol
  10. Forest's Greek Tragedy

    Clifton All Whites and Basford United, Bulwel had a team but folded about two seasons ago and played on Basfords Ground
  11. RamsTV meets............ who would you like to see?

    Eranio Stimac Paul Mcgrath
  12. Virgin Media V6 Box Free upgrade

    The Tivo box was so bad that I almost went back to sky, I had a month left with my contract with Virgin then they phoned me up offered the V6 box with no having to sign up for a longer period. Best thing I/they did. The V6 box so a lot better.
  13. Was Anya offside?

    What makes it harder to judge for the linesman, the Millwall defender is leaning away from the goal while naturally Ayna is learning and moving towards the goal. from that maybe offide, maybe level.
  14. Boring Sports

    You know me too well lol, Yes Egg-Hand is the sport I don't play
  15. Boring Sports

    Out of the top five I play four of them

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