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  1. Hucknall Ram


    There is a chap on YouTube called Mike Browne, he covers a lot of aspects of photography
  2. Hucknall Ram

    Sam Winnall

    Or you could look at someone like Hughes (all be it younger) and maybe he be fine. Also I am right in thinking that Winnall as had the same injury but on the other knee earlier in his career. Also Fozzy has struggled that his two ACL came close together, and with Thorne a ACL then a leg break is proving hard to come back from.
  3. Hucknall Ram

    unforgettable thats what you are...

    I did hear once it was Soils that Smith wanted to sign but the deal was for both players or none from Herediano
  4. Hucknall Ram

    unforgettable thats what you are...

    Marino Ramberg
  5. Hucknall Ram


    I don't get to play on the PS4 much but I love Fallout 4. I think if I like out Far Cry as it looks the same sort of game.
  6. Hucknall Ram

    SBW 21: Burton balls-up

    WOW! don't think I heard you swear that much before lol
  7. Hucknall Ram

    The Worst Performance

    Not sure if this counts but we lost 5-0 away to Shrewsbury in a pre-season friendly, It was a stronglish side with Warren Barton there.
  8. Hucknall Ram

    Ray Wilkins

    RIP Ray
  9. Hucknall Ram

    RamsTV Meets Archie Gemmill

    Named my 1st son after him
  10. Hucknall Ram

    RamsTV Meets John Barton

    I be honest, i was wwwhhhoooooooo?
  11. Hucknall Ram

    SBW 20: Paul Peschisolido

    Loved it, just wished he did go into "training with the youth team" under Phil Brown
  12. Hucknall Ram

    Season tickets for next year, whose renewed

    Renewed on Saturday, Derby win, lose or draw
  13. Hucknall Ram

    Forest's Greek Tragedy

    Was there no pitch invasion at full time? or is that sooooooooo last season?
  14. Hucknall Ram

    Weimann in the number 9 role ?

    Not for me, his overall finishing and composure is to me the areas that are lacking in his game, something a number 9 needs,
  15. Hucknall Ram

    WiFi Boost

    Yep, still works. Lived in the house for over 10 years had to change a fuse wire once

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