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  1. Hucknall Ram

    B****y Fellaini!

    Well the goal cost me 5 points in my Super6
  2. Hucknall Ram

    B****y Fellaini!

    Not the greatest for timekeeping mind but I had to get updates via twitter last night, and from people tweeting about the red card to Mount's free kick hitting the wall was about 2-3 minutes
  3. Hucknall Ram

    Derby ladies F.C.

    Watched the highlights and the standard of football looked shocking, but that's my opinion
  4. Hucknall Ram

    Members Xbox Gamertag/PSN ID/Steam ID

    PSN - HucknallRam
  5. Hucknall Ram

    Derby County Tattoo

    £250ish, best get saving
  6. Hucknall Ram

    Derby County Tattoo

    God knows where that came from. Also please don't call me a muppet, I think numpty is more suited to me 😄
  7. Hucknall Ram

    Derby County Tattoo

    That's why I would get it on my left arm lol
  8. Hucknall Ram

    Derby County Tattoo

    YES!!! Brilliant thank you!
  9. Hucknall Ram

    SBW 29: Millwall madness

    Listened to it this morning, now the world is at peace that we know what the profile pic is about lol
  10. Hucknall Ram

    Derby County Tattoo

    No, just which cliff
  11. Hucknall Ram

    Got a question for John Percy?

    Like his twitter profile pic but what is it?
  12. Hucknall Ram

    Derby County Tattoo

    It’s not that one I got Swedish Ram in my head for some reason
  13. Hucknall Ram

    Derby County Tattoo

    Looked at them earlier, sadly none of them.
  14. Hucknall Ram

    Derby County Tattoo

    Might be a strange request but on Twitter a few months ago I saw a picture of a Derby County Tattoo on the arm of a fan. The wife wants me to get a similar tattoo but for the life of me I can’t find the picture anymore. Does anyone know who’s it is or got a photo of it? It was similar to the photo below, less going on the chest but the Rams head was interlinked with Patten at the edge (not in the middle of the tattoo)
  15. Hucknall Ram

    v Mansfield Town (A) Match Thread

    Couldn't agree more with your match report, the 2nd half back four was terrible, constantly pulled out of position. Davies and Wisdom dealt with the directness of the Mansfield attack but Keogh and Pearce seem to struggle also Mansfield added pace in the second half which had Bogle caught out a few times. Byson looked superb even in a friendly he but some hard tackle in. I did think Butterfield did ok, maybe not enough to show for 1st team place. Thorne was very poor, I just hope this is because it's his first game in 3/4 months but he couldn't make a pass, got knocked off the ball. The trouble was our build up was too slow, it gave Mansfield time to put two banks of four to defend. Nuge missed a absolute sitting after we did manage to hit mansfield quickly. I just wished some of the players took a few pop shots at goal especially when their cut inside onto their prefered foot from the wing, after all this how we scored a pop shot saved by the keeper and we followed it up.

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