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  1. Mentioned on Sky yesterday and I quote "Derby just don't concede in the last 15 minutesĀ£ [Championship games] .First thought, bugger that's done it but that's quite and achievement if true . I do think we are much fitter under Frank maybe that's part of the reason.
  2. King Kevin

    My Lads op.

    Corporate innit ,it's the right thing to do.
  3. King Kevin

    Corporate buzzwords

    Numbers are vanity ,profit is sanity.
  4. King Kevin

    Jack Marriott

    You're having a fricking laugh.
  5. King Kevin

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    They ain't happy with him at all. http://oatcakefanzine.proboards.com/thread/282821/rowett-out?page=16
  6. King Kevin

    Geriatric Floresta

    It's bust again tonight apparently.
  7. King Kevin

    Jack Marriott

    Good assist.great goal the boys got quick feet, he'll be fine .
  8. King Kevin

    Number One when you were born?

    Prefered the Bachelors version myself but here you go.
  9. King Kevin

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    Bloody hell ,best wishes to Mrs Cone for a quick recovery mate .You are definitely due a bit of luck.
  10. King Kevin

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    In which case people would stay in the pubs later ,there would be nobody in the ground and big queues outside.
  11. King Kevin


    I despise FB with a vengeance why someone wants to live their life through social media is beyond me .When I go out with friends and they start tagging themselves in and I don't want the world to know where I'm having a meal etc ,they get the" next time your phone goes in your pint warning".
  12. King Kevin

    Memories @ramtique

    Anyone remember this scarf?
  13. King Kevin

    The missing 78 seconds incident

    I am in that video somewhere the guy that took the kick was only a few yards away.
  14. King Kevin

    Smart Meters

    Other than via a cheaper tariff I fail to see how they can save you money unless they encourage you to cut back .I'd rather smile pay up and look happy in my warm cosy house with all the lights on . Having one wouldn't change my habits ,so pointless.
  15. Frank Lampard is a quality bloke and I hope people remember that it's his first management job and could go tits up. If it did [ and I don't think it will] we will just have to shake hands and hope it works out later for both parties .

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