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  1. Dogs

    Easy solved just scoop it up and post it through their letter box.
  2. Brexit or Eurin?

    Better dead than red AR.
  3. Brexit or Eurin?

    Money well spent to get rid IMO.
  4. Favorite Non-Derby Goal

  5. Just an old jacket ?

    Great thing you are doing with your dad ,I spent quite a long time with KH and have several photo's with him I have to say he did not have a bad word to say about anyone and certainly not the club.
  6. Isak Olafsson

    Can he play midfield ?
  7. Brexit or Eurin?

    I understand your point however we are in the current situation because Tont Blair took us fro economic union to political union without a vote .Unforgiveable.
  8. Derby City Centre

    The route into Nottingham city centre from the West is a nightmare ,the tram at Toton is not designed for local travel from Toton as it's too far out it was obviously meant for people travelling in on the A52 /M1 it also takes about 20 minutes longer than the bus . The road from Long Eaton through Chilwell /Beeston is the slowest journey time in rush hour of any road outside London .Pollution in the City has got progressively worst due to the City's "green policy" of making the roads obstacle course's. If I drive into Nottingham it takes 30 -40 minutes ,Derby 15 -20 minutes ,apart from Goose Fair I have never seen a tram leave Toton more than half full the car park is far too big and is often used for outdoor cinema for what 3-4 years of chaos whilst building it. As I say an awful lot of people round here us Derby as an alternative to Nottingham .
  9. Derby City Centre

    I live in Notts and I used to think it was a great city ,which has been spoilt .Some of the demolition to build the Broadmarsh centre bordered on vandalism ,Drury Lane could have been something similar to the Shambles in York . Maid Marion way also saw the destruction of many fine old buildings and pulling down the Black Boy Hotel to replace it with Primark was a disgrace . Many people I know including myself always shop in Derby instead of Nottingham as Nottingham is so anti car it will eventually kill off the city .Many business's I know will leave when their lease expires dur to the car parking levy and building the trams has killed off many suburban shopping area's . Unfortunately people begging and anti social activity is not confined to Derby but I think it's better than a lot of places.
  10. Brexit or Eurin?

    Every time we have a general election a fair proportion of the electorate do not get their desires outcome .They suck it up get on with and I have never know a re run election . Remain lost suck it up, you never know it's a big brave world out there with more oportuntities than a closed uncompetitive shop .But that's the issue I have with remainers no vision, no bottle..
  11. Brexit or Eurin?

    Leave and still leave and to be clear it's only difficult because of MP's etc who think they know best and working against the democratic vote and weaking the negoiating process
  12. The best performance by a Derby team?

    If you read that report with sentences like wave after wave of attacks ,outskilled ,over 34 k in the Baseball Ground and the best crowd performance ever ,I am happy to be an old git because the youngsters bless em will never ever have what I and other folk the same age had . Read it and weep.
  13. October 16th 1973

    Will not see his like again should have been England manager
  14. October 16th 1973

    Exactly how I felt ,used to go out in Notts all the time ,blanked everthing out pretended it wasn't happening .
  15. Derby County on ATV today - Archive...lots of clips

    This is gold ,if I could give yoi a dozen likes I would ,cheers

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