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  1. The forth form girls are better fun. Bonk them all you might miss a good one .[real advice I got from my uncle] 40''s a great age nothing too young or too old.
  2. Early doors still mate plenty of good could happen this year..Nobodies died is an over used but very true expression keep going.Good luck.
  3. Was tongue in cheek ,sometimes it's lost on tinterweb.
  4. Dunno about anything else but I reckon we should shut the Transfer Forum can't see us buying anyone this window.
  5. FFP designed to stop clubs getting into financial difficulty by over spending v the EFL trying to relegate clubs and put them into possible administration.
  6. I'll have a pint of whatever you've been drinking.👍
  7. Tom Ince's mum init she's the one that brings them here.
  8. Ha ha ,he's normally quite sensible but lost his marbles on this one ,hi Paul.
  9. No, been watching football a long time I know a footballer when I see one and he ain't it.
  10. Hmmm ,had a debate with my mate over the value of Mason taking the remaining length of his contract out of the equation. My mate whom I have high regard for his football knowledge reckoned he'd fetch £2-3m . He's gone down in my estimation because I'd snatch someones hand off at £500,000.
  11. Why ,nothing to do with Joiners Arms incident he needs moving on .This is a prime example of how far we have regressed.
  12. I agree but the fact remains that Labour just don't get that this country will never elect a government that far left.
  13. Well so far I have been a Cocu in and there is a player in there somewhere with Lawrence kinda guy .But he buggers about with the team too much for my liking so if we don't get a performance today I will be changing my mind.
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