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  1. King Kevin

    Nick Blackman return?

    Rowetts questions would be, 1 Can he run 2 Can he take the ball with him [optional] If yes to both he's in.
  2. King Kevin

    Who has read this?

    I have ,referred to it many times when commenting on the many clusterfucks we have had over the past few years .
  3. King Kevin

    Gary Rowett could be a wanted man again?

    He's been gone too long ,ok I'll get me coat.
  4. King Kevin

    Do the club lack a true director of football/chief scout with nous?

    Do bears **** in the woods ,is the pope catholic ? thought it was pretty obvious.
  5. King Kevin

    Gary Rowett's Ears

    Bloody hell the close seasons only just started.
  6. King Kevin

    Keogh and the culture of failure

    You could look at this two ways ,most of the other "underachievers " have gone and we are still in the Championship .He's only a part of a team so to lay it at his doorstep might be unfair. On the other hand for a team that plays defensively and invites pressure he's hardly the ideal don't panic Mr Mainwaring defender .
  7. King Kevin

    Is Rowett's style boring?

    This is what I want and how ironic it's against a team which are now light years ahead of us .
  8. King Kevin

    Is Rowett's style boring?

    What he said ,if we had better quality in the final third and a more mobile midfield I could live with it . Thinking about it Rowett wouldn't get the counter attacking bit can you have counter defending?
  9. King Kevin

    Can we have a new manager like Slavisa Jokanovic

    So it's an advantage that nobody wants our players?
  10. King Kevin

    Derby likely to sell Vydra plus others

    Yeah but we've got Rowett he'll spend the money on two 35 year old defenders or similar . I'm not against selling him if we got 3/4 top class loans in .
  11. King Kevin

    I am so sorry guys

    Mate supporting a club like Derby is a lifetime of ups and downs mostly downs.We ain't big enough to win things on a regular basis , so enjoy the good bits when you can and when we are **** ie the rest of the time just have a good time with your family and mates in the pub or whatever before and after the match. Just enjoy match days or support Man U /Man City [only joking]
  12. King Kevin

    I'm the most purist fan me

    This ,just this.
  13. King Kevin

    Top 6 was a decent season

    Stark difference between the two teams last was technical ability of Fulham and our very poor passing that put us under greater pressure than we might have been. Rowett is never going to play attacking fluid football he was a defender and that's his mentality ,he has surpassed my expectations in our final league position and succeeded at the same time to disengage me because of the standard of football. Two shots was it over two legs is not the future we lack ability on the ball in the final third .In the first leg he played AW at left wing back to accommodate Vydra and for the life of me I don't why we loaned Palmer . He has sold the better players for a gamble on experience which was a brave thing to do and it's ultimately failed .We now have an old squad with not a lot of cash to repair the team . The loan market looks to be the answer and I believe the best way forward ,have to say it's debatable if GR is capable of put together the team to finally achieve something.
  14. King Kevin

    Fulham F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Well that's three playoffs and three defeats for GR which ever way you look at it.Guess he's unlucky.

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