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  1. Both have strenghs and weakness's personally not fussed one or the other .But I would only have bought one and spent somewhere else if we are only playing one up top.. We have played too many games with Waghorn out wide and Marriott in the middle and it's not the answer.
  2. This, I would have liked him as manager but I believe he wanted a share in the club when we had talks with him and it wasn't to be. Well past his sell by date now.
  3. I think Chelsea's transfer ban may have a big influence on who we may retain for next year.
  4. King Kevin

    New joke thread

    Dorothy ,the lion from the Wizard of Oz and Quasimodo are walking down the street , You know says Dorothy I think I'm the prettiest girl in the whole widw world. "I think I'm the bravest lion in the wholw wide world "says the lion "I think I'm the ugliest person in the wholw wide world says "Quasi I know says Dorothy we''ll ask the witch she will have the definitive answer and off they go . Dorothy comes out smiling from seeing the witch, I knew it she says I am the prettiest girl in the whole wide world The loin goes in next, I knew it he says I am the bravest lion in the whole wide world looking very happy. Quasi goes in and come out with a long face "who the feck is Peter Beardsley he says.
  5. On the other hand discourages teams going away and parking the bus ,so hopefully better games of football.
  6. Thanks for these ,now wheres my time machine I need to go back.
  7. Their best player was James? on loan from Chelsea .FL made a bee line for him straight after the whistle love him here next season .Can't see it though.
  8. Do you want to borrow my air rifle?
  9. FL is addressing the right area's which is more than some of our previous managers did.
  10. This ,if the proposed extension to the East Stand [ shopping leisure / area]had planning permission then the increased value would be feasible.
  11. Must be sad not having a sense of humour.
  12. Irreplaceable ,hate to see beautiful old buildings lost .
  13. Yep ,there go I by the grace of God and many others of my generation that shoe horned ourselves onto terracing [Popside ]and others and got away with it . You never forget where you were when the news broke .Can't believe it's 30years.
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