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  1. Nobber sold Will for peanuts relegation please.
  2. We are I'm afraid in deep do do ,you can go down playing half decent football.We are light years away from a performance let alone stringing a few together.
  3. Listen, my post in the match thread was a joke you know .
  4. Dr Mr Rowett aka two shots, when you buggered off to Stoke I was delighted .Please don't hold it against me, if you fancy bringing your sexy attacking football back it's alright with me.x p.s I know after their first goal you would at least try for the 1-nil defeat.
  5. You went way off topic there, were did Dawny mention anything about backing pride with violence .That's your link not his.
  6. Although I would for some strange reason like the Union to stay together [I particularly like the Union Flag] ,if the English had a vote on ditching the Welsh and Scots you might be surprised at the result . Pisses me off that they are subsidised and still winge all the time ,and don't get me started on them voting on English issues whilst they have their own parliaments
  7. It was the start of the slippery slope to political union with the outline to centralised power in Brussels . Any EU document is awful.
  8. This is where it unravels , the UK was supposed to have a referendum which never happen ,democracy hey they just don't believe in it . National referendums on the European Constitutional Treaty Superseded by the Treaty of Lisbon (2007) Czech Republic: cancelled; never held Denmark: cancelled; never held France: No (55% with 69% turnout) Ireland: cancelled; never held Luxembourg: Yes (57% with 88% turnout) Netherlands: No (62% with 63% turnout) Poland: cancelled; never held Portugal: cancelled; never held Spain: Yes (77% with 42% turnout) United Kingdom: cancelled; never held
  9. Went down to watch that game just in case he got on the pitch at some stage .I stood next to this guy slagging off Chivers ,Arsenal fan are you I asked .No mate I support Spurs but he's crap.
  10. Took me months to get over that ,was there as well .Still pisses me off to this day.
  11. No, but if you follow social media comments you're certainly in the minority.
  12. Not the sharpest tools in the box,if you're going to disrupt commuters don't pick an East London station.
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