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  1. Hope she gets it keep Labour un electable for a few years .They are probably daft enough to do it they didn't get Corbyn was part of the problem.
  2. That's what remainers and pro EU people don't get I like Europe happy to be part of a trading block [which is what it was originally] I don't want to be ruled by an undemocratic , organisation that can't get it's accounts signed off.
  3. The only thing you can say is the public didn't go with a massive incentive because it was undeliverable.
  4. Well gents the peoples vote has given it's verdict , most of the high profile people that tried to thwart democracy have lost their seats .After the referendum I posted the Great British general public don't very often get it wrong [which did produce a fair amount of laughing emojis] well they didn't get it wrong twice . You have to respect democracy if you lose suck it up and make the best of it ,if you win suck it in and enjoy your time .Whatever your political persuasions stick to your principles what you believe in and cast your vote but when it's done and dusted respect the outcome.
  5. Well the first happened under Labour and the second ,well we are still in the EU .Does that help?
  6. We should have an English referendum to see if we want to ditch them .The result might surprise you having said that personally I would like to keep the union .
  7. I'll be happy if I'm still alive in a decades time.
  8. A like for the post above it was meant tongue in cheek ,fair play to you.
  9. I'm a Tory I was at work must have missed it sorry
  10. There's also more people in the 50 to 54 age group than any other so that fecks that theory up for a few years.
  11. They did actually start the process before privatisation ,BT was the first utility to be privatised but yes I agree entirely with your first paragraph.
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