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  1. Nancy boy
  2. Not going to happen 10 years too young.
  3. Don;t worry mate another twelve months and another round of stella transfer deals and we will be mid table Div 1
  4. The thing is guy's we will have to wait and see if this is an inspired piece of management [aka Jim Smith] or a disaster [aka Tommy Doc.].Only time will tell but at moment there seems little difference between GR and NP except we are cutting GR a more slack as an ex ram . If it starts badly the manager merry go round starts again around Oct /Nov time. It does look like both GR and NP have made the same decision to change the personnel but NP has a better track record than GR along with greater experience.Toss up who's committed the worse deal GR with Will or NP with CM.
  5. With our transfer policy he won't have to wait long.
  6. Who mentioned where they were in the career ,Gemmill to Forest was a bigger crime than this ,and don't assume I don't rate will ,it was a frivolous response to some one who is more gutted than me ,stupid sale.
  7. Suck it up son ,apart from a few brief interludes I have seen 59 years of mediocrity we've sold far better players than Will in the past and I dare say we will in the future. You just need to enjoy going to the match with your mates have a pint and stuff the football ,it's worked for me
  8. I know ,that's why I pointed out that you can't judge all business owners/employers the same .At the end of the day the risk takers [with there own money and property at risk] who provide employment should be praised not held in a dim light. BTW some large corporate treat their staff very well ,I work for my self now but I have worked for a few corporate's all good . Maybe it's because I work hard , not had a day's sick in 26 years ,I deliver what I say I will and I have been well rewarded. Funny that .
  9. That,s not always the case I know of many instance's where someone has taken a big financial risk with their own money to start a business and employed people .If it goes wrong they lose everything the employees just move to another job.
  10. Your Political Compass Economic Left/Right: -1.75 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.92 I;m shocked always thought I was a right facist ******* ,having said that some of the answers were not the right fit, needs more options .
  11. With PE you usually have a key pad to put in your reg number to stop you getting a ticket in the hotel /shop/pub etc they just need to put one in the shop.
  12. Bloody hell now you've done it ,que Dawny and his mates telling us how they won it twice etc. Opened a right can of worms .
  13. Age

  14. All goes back to when Maxwell owned the Mirror and DCFC , why there should be an agenda at the Mirror against Derby [if indeed there is one] I don't know . If I was being paranoid the reports on Derby are always tiny for such a well supported club and they are never glowing in fact Derby's was always after the results page stand alone from all the other championship reports .
  15. I'm sure keeping wives happy happens at Derby too.