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  1. There you go eddie making assumptions and being wrong again ,if I've been out for a meal with the grand kids I'm certainly not drunk but you are very predictable.
  2. So just been out for nice meal with the grand kids ,thought I might come on here and ask for permission first as I didn't want to upset the virtue signalling contingent that get their knickers in a twist over people going out .To be fair the post that set them all off was slightly exaggerated as I completely forgot the social distancing for pubs is now one metre not two but hey ho well worth it just to wind the small minded up . Have a nice night.
  3. You have know idea what I do or my wife regarding how we work or conduct our lives .Why don't you think before you post?
  4. That's what I like about you eddie you always look on the bright side .
  5. Got the same issue with my daughters wedding ,was due in March we were faced with going ahead but if lockdown happened we lose everything or postpone . To make it worse the place had gone into administration previously but thankfully the administrators were going to honour the wedding ,then the bloody place was flooded and then of course Covid 19. You have my sympathy mate but it will be ok in the end.
  6. So what's your day been like ? I went to my local which was supposed to be booked solid and it was absolutely dead .When to another pub which I won't name but was like a normal pub . No social distancing just like it was before all this Covid 19 started .Wrong I know but it was brilliant .
  7. Can't make my mind up on this one [not like me].I really thought Preston would beat us because we'd won 4 on the trot and they hadn't won in 6 . As we all know Derby like to give teams a leg up but no thankfully they proved me wrong .So come on lads lets make 6 on the bounce and give them twitchy arse time for the playoffs.
  8. I have to say he didn't convince me ,he does now.
  9. Some of the expressions on Mick Fleetwood's face are priceless.
  10. Lindsay Buckingham is absolutely kin brilliant .
  11. What a shock with all the street parties that have gone off etc .Not the sharpest tool in the box is he.
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