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  1. King Kevin

    watches....to dream on for

    My mate's just bought this one ,tried it on the other day ,it's a nice thing to own.
  2. King Kevin

    Come on lads beat forest

    Sorry for your loss B4 grandads are the reason a lot of us support Derby ,I know mine was.
  3. King Kevin

    New joke thread

    Little lad goes up to his dad and asks " dad what's the difference between realistically and theoretically" His dad thought for a minute ,son go and ask your mum if she would sleep with someone for a million pounds . The lad disappears comes back a minute later " dad she said she would ". Go and ask your sister the same question ,the little lad comes back "dad she said she would as well" Well then son theoretically we are millionaires, realistically we are living with two tarts.
  4. I am glad you made the transition I never have, to me watching Derby meant the BBG .I suppose a fair part of that feeling was it was the most successful part of our history . The old city / urban grounds that didn't move to business / retail parks have a feeling about them that PP and similar can't replicate. Newcastle is one that springs to mind as well as Villa Park . Maybe one of the reasons [as well as winding us up] that the red dogs harp on about the success they had is they can still visit the site of their success every week . I feel totally detached from our former glories as it only exists in the internet .
  5. King Kevin

    Hilda is ill.

    She' a reet looker yon lass.
  6. King Kevin

    Ashley Cole

    Thought him and Cheryl had split up?
  7. King Kevin

    RamsTV Meets John McGovern

    There you go he owns his own house ,car no money worries and he sells his Derby medals which obviously mean nothing to him . https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/news/rams-legend-john-mcgovern-selling-864349
  8. King Kevin

    RamsTV Meets John McGovern

    Not going to watch this one , he's a red dog .
  9. King Kevin

    Hilda is ill.

    Dunna go to soft ya daft ha'porth.
  10. King Kevin

    Strange Flag

    Dunno ,but maybe the the four stars signify the four countries of the UK .Only guessing.
  11. King Kevin

    v Wigan (a) match day thread

    I was sat in the main stand so hard to see how that was populated ,the other two home stands had more empty seats than occupied the away end was about 2/3 to 3/4 full .
  12. King Kevin

    How do you cope...

    Are they all fit? You could have some brand new best mates .
  13. King Kevin

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    I live in Notts and there's more Derby fans where I live than red dogs.
  14. King Kevin

    Why Morsy should be charged with at least

    I was sat right next to the HW /Morssy incident and Morsy was well out of order .His manager is a class act though.
  15. King Kevin

    v Wigan (a) match day thread

    This ,just got back from the match ,we are badly out of form the team as a whole are not working hard enough. Certain players were a waste of a shirt today ,no names because they are good players but they ain't doing it at the minute . I have to say I wish FL was a bit more animated when watching a display like the second half I hope he isn't satisfied with the effort today. That could easily have been a draw a more focused team would have finished that by half time .

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