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  1. Bloody hell never knew that ,but are they reclining?
  2. No chance he'll stay ,I was watching a preview of Soccer Aid ,Chelsea have heated reclining seats in their dugout ,who could resist that?
  3. I would be absolutely amazed if he wasn't in the ground .Big charity football match being played there with ex team mates playing and other footballing associates .
  4. And ,your poblem is?
  5. Hmmm ,after watching our under 18's dick Arsenal in the final in May I am of the opinion that I would rather hang on to our talent and tell them all to feck off.
  6. Bloody hell that's absolutely awful.
  7. Yes I heard that ,also when it rains the rails rust and the whole street gets covered in a rusty water residue .This gets on the cars and into the residents homes . It' losing nearly a million pound a week despite passenger numbers of 12million plus. added to the car parking levy which they used to help fund it driving business's out of Nottingham not sure it was a good idea.
  8. Why under 40? I might make it I'll only be 97.
  9. Whilst I agree fully with the idiot statement my mate's street in Beeston was dug up for 4 years .The engineer in charge who he was on first name terms with told him he didn't know how to build it down his street it had so many problems .
  10. I know L**ds fans who have already booked their London trips. God I hope they booked at the Marriott! Read more: http://downatthemac.proboards.com/thread/107365/ds-falling-apart-again?page=158#ixzz5oCw4KxoL I do like this one from the Huddersfield forum.
  11. King Kevin


    Not immediately but a large number of people will die sooner than otherwise .Some parts of the UK couldn't sell livestock because of contamination .
  12. Can somebody please lock this bloody thread everytime I see Fikayo Tomori signed I think we've done a deal only to click over and we're still dreaming about it.
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