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Derby V Wycombe Player Ratings


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Half -marks allowed; please rate all subs. Closes Tuesday  @ 18:00. Results  by Thursday 22:00. Average is 6.00. Therefore when a sub steps on the pitch he is on 6 - that's the baseline. 











Bird ? 




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8 minutes ago, Ellafella said:

Half -marks allowed; please rate all subs. Closes Tuesday  @ 18:00. Results  by Thursday 22:00. Average is 6.00. Therefore when a sub steps on the pitch he is on 6 - that's the baseline. 

Wildsmith 7.5

Chester 7

Knight 6

Roberts 6

Cashin 6

Davies 6

McGoldrick 7

Sibley 6

Hourihane 7.5

Mendez-Laing 7

Bird ? 5 5

Collins 7.5

Barkhuizen 6.5

Forsyth 6.5


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11 minutes ago, Ellafella said:

Half -marks allowed; please rate all subs. Closes Tuesday  @ 18:00. Results  by Thursday 22:00. Average is 6.00. Therefore when a sub steps on the pitch he is on 6 - that's the baseline. 

Wildsmith 8

Chester 7

Knight 7

Roberts 6

Cashin 6.5

Davies 6

McGoldrick 7.5

Sibley 6

Hourihane 7.5

Mendez-Laing 7.5

Bird ? 6

Collins 7

Barkhuizen 6.5

Forsyth  6


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Wildsmith 7.5 - good saves, good handling. Mixed kicking. Being harsh, maybe a little bit slow to get down for the goal.

Chester 7 - very good debut aside from the mix up for goal.

Knight 6.5 - not a bad performance especially when deeper. The issue I’ve had with the calls for him in midfield is if Bird and Hourihane play it still doesn’t work. Will be interesting to see what LR does.

Roberts 6.5 - did a good job but isn’t a LWB. Would be an excellent LCB if we play a 3 but that is the same position as Cashin.

Cashin 7 - largely very good. Match saving tackle at 1-0

Davies 5 - below par by his standards. Nearly cost us when he decided to go on an adventure and gave the ball away.

McGoldrick 7 - far too good for L1 but not a lone striker. 

Sibley 7 - key to moving the Wycombe defence around and making things difficult. Needs a league goal but confident that will come and very happy he is establishing himself

Hourihane  7.5 - point for each goal and showed why Bird will go off over him in these types of games. If LR can get the midfield balance right we will be play offs at least but it won’t be easy.

Mendez-Laing  7.5 - excellent, liked him as a very attacking RWB but not sure how he’ll be there in games where we need to do defending. Lucky to have him.

Bird ? 6 - some good things some bad. Having a sub par season overall and am a little worried for his place in the team. Again just seems to want half a second too long on the ball but confident he’ll adjust. Once he does I’ll be more settled with him and CH in midfield. Fans at matches need to stick with him

Collins 7 - much needed focal point up front.

Barkhuizen  6.5 - always good until he needs to provide end product. Seems to love crossing first time when a bit more care taken might be good.

Forsyth  6 - no time to do anything good or bad.

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Wildsmith 8 Three crucial saves including a 90th minute finger-tipper that would’ve ripped the net.

Chester 7 Mix-up with Davis led to WW goal but went on to give an assured debut.

Knight 8 Midfield perpetual motion; we ran the game when he finally got the central position - who’d have thought players in their natural positions would work this well?!

Roberts 7.5 Very good game. Notably further up the field. Was tactically subbed 2nd half but played well.

Cashin 7.5 Very good display including a 25yard shot inches wide. Drops half a mark for the limp challenge for their goal.

Davies 5.5 Below par. Mix-up with Chester led to their goal. Stray pass 2nd half let WW in & Wildsmith saved. 

McGoldrick 8.5 A joy to watch. Tricks, turns, flicks, dummies & dinks. Should have scored when 1v1; standing ovation at 90 minutes.

Sibley 7 Wasp-like but the ball didn’t quite fall

Hourihane 9 MotM Conor was running the show before scoring the brace. We need this sort of game engineering regularly Conor

Mendez-Laing 8 Power pace passion. Game-changer when coming off the bench.

Bird ? 6 Has lost his sparkle & needs a rest. Subbed 2nd half then we clicked.

Collins 7 Did a stint for the Team. One beautiful arrowed 45 yard pass to NML 

Barkhuizen 6 Needs to have more impact.

Forsyth 6 Saw the game out.


We won, so many will forget the absolute shambles of the first 15 minutes. We seemed to go through a cocktail of formations with LR typically over-thinking what is fundamentally a simple game. Who would’ve thought a central midfield pairing of Knight & Hourihane would win us a game? After the first set of subs we didn’t seem to have a LB but nobody seemed to notice such was the quagmire of tactics: a back 3 when we have the ball with Roberts going advanced which transmogrified into a 4 without. So one thing LR learned yesterday - Knight is a very good midfielder. Hopefully LR will learn his best 11 come the last Saturday of May. ?

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Wildsmith 8

Chester 7.5

Knight 7.5

Roberts 7

Cashin 8

Davies 7

McGoldrick 8.5

Sibley 7

Hourihane 8 (includes an extra 1.5 for the goals!)

Mendez-Laing 8

Bird 7

Collins 6.5

Barkhuizen 7

Forsyth 6

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was at the game


                                      Wildsmith-7.5  top class saves at crucial times

                                      Chester-6  stuck to his task


                                      Cashin-8.5 back to his best


                                      Bird-5  really not happening for Max

                                      Hourihane-7.5  best game so far



                                      Sibley-7  always had Wycombe on back foot when on ball

                                      Mcgoldrick-7 excellent 2nd half


                                      NML-7.5 magic


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Wildsmith. - 8. Good all round game. Kicking still suspect. Extra point for that 92nd minute save. 
Chester. - 6.5. Good debut.  Looked much more solid defensively bar the mix up with Davies. 
Roberts. - 6.5. Best game so far in a Rams shirt. 
Cashin - 8. Fantastic recovery tackle at 0-1. Showed the sprit and desire we all crave from our players. Involved in both goals. Great celebration after the winner. 
Davies. -6. Still not up to speed. Went on a expedition into the opposing half and almost us a goal. Will get better. 
Bird.- 4.5. Too slow and laboured. Showed a glimpse of what he can do in front of goal with a couple of long distance efforts. Gave the ball away too cheaply at times. Surely his last start for a few games. Needs a rest and an arm around him. 
Hourihane. - 8. Partnership with Bird failed again. One was destine to be hooked. Thankfully it was Bird. First goal was a thing of beauty. Second showed his class. Two extra points for the goals. Quiet for 70 minutes. MOTM purely for the goals. 
Sibley. - 7. Always busy and wants to run at players. Exciting and gets fans on their feet. Needs to establish himself this season. Drops 0.5 point for not running the ball into the corner in the 90th minute. Cheaply gave possession back to Wycombe. Could have been costly. 
Barkhuizen. - 6. Looks good until final pass is needed. Busy but still lacking end product. 
Knight. - 6.5. Finally released from his defensive shackles. Good game. Busy and got about his business well. Provided good energy. 
Mcgoldrick.- 8.5. Great touches and energy throughout. Drove us forward. Link up play was on point. Fantastic addition to our ranks. Easily a championship player.


NML.- 7.5 Gutted he didn’t start but his introduction lit the fuse and started the come back. Exciting every time he gets the ball, pace, power and a truck load of step overs! Unlucky to see his rocket tipped onto the post. Another far too good for League One.

Collins. - 6.0 Good cameo and put the work in. Drops 0.5 point due to gifting possession back in the 92nd minute when trying to chip the keeper. Poor decision making from him. 

Little Liam- 7.5  A plan B. An actual change of tactic. Paid off. Made positive  subs unlike the Plymouth game. Long may this form continue.




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