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  1. Not a massive fan of goalkeepers being captains but with Davies out for the season, Rooney not on the pitch and Bird dropping down the pecking order is it time to assess who we have and select a new captain? For me I would like to see CKR take the arm band. After listening to his interviews and watching his performances on the pitch, he always seems to be the one talking and encouraging others, leading by example and giving his all. I think it’s clear the players respect him and he seems an excellent role model for youngsters. This, for me puts him in front of others such as Wiz or S
  2. But of fun but who is your Derby County Marmite player? The one guy who’s back you always had in discussions/arguments when everyone else was anti them. For me it was Theo Robinson. All legs and energy without the brain required to be a footballer. Watching him play was painful but I always knew he had a scuffed shot that would trickle over the goal line in him. #theotheotheo
  3. Same team for me. Thinking the spine looked solid, Davies, Shinnie and Waggy. Build around that. Need to be positive from the off, Moore and Wilson need to be kept quiet. Losing Rooney may be a little blessing in disguise...... COYR 🐏
  4. So, 7 games in to what had been a miserable season so far. Week after week we have been subjected to watching awful sideways negative football. Then, last night comes along and we looked good. Really good at times. Waggy back and providing a target man, how we have missed that. Jozwiak looks like he could become a hell of a player. Knight, phenomenal again. Shinnie snapping at heals and breaking things up. Davies playing the captain and leading from the back, not sure about his passing though🤭. Marshall, could be the next Poom for us. Enjoyed seeing Kaz get a few minutes and be the battering r
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