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  1. Wayne is now focused on next season - we are looking safe. At the same time, MM seems to have given the Sheikh an open ended contract to sign, which suggests it’s difficult for MM to sell to anyone else in the near term. So most likely Wayne will - now or very soon - be asking MM how much cash will be available in the summer. Problem is, even if MM has one last push, P&S rules will limit what we can spend if we don’t attract new sponsorship
  2. But aren’t pretty much all records broken eventually ?
  3. He’s experimented with selection before, successfully. And he’s shown a lot of innovation at set plays. He overdid it last night. Not because he thought Cardiff was a free hit (that’s not Rooney). But because the crowded schedule doesn’t allow him to work on a new set up for long enough on the training ground. Cant forgive him for playing Wisdom at wing back though. That was quite simply foolish Feel sorry for Sibley, this was his big chance and he found he was playing for the misfits. But does he have enough pace ? Waggie may be endlessly pilloried but last night there were clear si
  4. Strongly agree. It’s a great shame the football authorities will not address this issue in their sport. Especially given the influence that players have on kids’ behaviour... There seems to be an idea that ‘the passion’ would disappear from football if respect for the ref was enforced. That’s rubbish, as anyone who watches rugby can see
  5. Can you tell us how many kms each of Shinnie and Bird cover on average? I’m guessing Shinnie would cover much more
  6. Weird. Rooney very quickly built a good defence and tonight he’s dismantled it
  7. The fact Rooney disclosed that JI was subject to disciplinary proceedings seemed a bad sign
  8. Really looking forward to seeing him back. Hope Sigmund Rooney has transformed him into Neymar
  9. It is. But when MM wanted to tell us about his health and about the status of his deal with BZI, it was a Mail journalist who wrote about it. Suggests MM trusts at least one journo there more than any of the others at the National papers.
  10. By the end a draw in the forest game was a decent result. The rugby today was just a bizarre game not least because of the ref. Surely not a grand slam... ??!
  11. Good to see the French still don’t like the English. Not sure the ref was wrong about the knock on (try) tho First Welsh try was a joke england will still win comfortably I reckon
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