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  1. The odds for our promotion are skewed by a possible points deduction and a load of bad press. Fact is we’ve escaped being bought by Alonso, we’ve had a fabulous result from the efl (so far) and our youngsters (sibley, bird, Watson, Buchanan etc) are a year older. Plus we’ll land some good old heads. That combination of experience and youth can be powerful. We’re on the way up
  2. Surely there ARE prospective buyers. The problem is MM is saying, the stadium will be full all of next season. And the buyers are not so sure ...
  3. Some of that, quite possibly. And also, we might just have the perfect combination of youthful talent, and experience. My only hope is that the youngsters are played in position. And that we’re positive not reactive in our set up. No chance of relegation if it all goes our way, even if we get a points deduction
  4. He spent most of his energy when he was with us preparing for a media career On the pitch he resembled a tug boat
  5. That season was horrible. Worse than the Docherty period for me. But the worst moment ever was reading that Mel had signed a contract to sell to Alonso. Things are on the way up
  6. Why did he slip in a flash of Eddie Howe towards the end ?
  7. Yes. Unless the lenders to the stadium co required their special purpose borrower to stay out of the tax group Which they would have done if they had thought about it
  8. Maybe the reason Mel wasn’t at the ManU game is, he’s gone into space
  9. From this club statement, doesn’t sound like this is PAYE. And if it was, other clubs would be in the same boat. Sound more like a dispute about historical returns
  10. Think he’s getting quite tense
  11. Loved Rioch’s left foot but some others would beat him into the top 5 imho. Charlie George at his best of course ... but he had many disappointing games.
  12. Yes delivery date is after season starts and before window closes. @Charlotte RamI think pointed out that we might wait for the season to start before ‘agreeing’ our accounts with the EFL. That may be the safest option for us But it makes a Rooney’s job very difficult in terms of getting a squad together
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