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  1. And in both cases it needs to be someone he will listen to.
  2. Apologies for being blunt but I think your conclusion is some way off. Look at it from the point of view of a purchaser: Buy now, not knowing whether covid will continue to ravage the revenues, not knowing what the EFL will do to us, and seeing that ffp seriously limits our ability to invest in the squad. Or wait to see what (other) clubs come on the market in the coming months and take your pick in a fire sale. We know MM is a more than willing seller. Seems unlikely it’s the terms he is driving that are the problem. It’s just a terrible time to be selling a club - and particularly this one
  3. That rings a bell. But it makes commercial sense only if third parties are paying for alternative use whenever the club is not there.
  4. Surely the true value is mostly based on the npv of the cashflows it generates as a stadium. Not least because it’s subject to a lease for God knows how many years. One problem incidentally with the complex web MM has woven is that the stadium lease rental appears to be at an undervalue which may be an issue the EFL has got its teeth into - the stadium co is a related entity and so the rental should be in arms length terms for FFP purposes
  5. Sorry, said this before. Still worried about this despite all the posts saying the efl does not have a leg to stand on. EFL’s view may be: the disclosure of change in policy was inadequate. And we think it was inadequate because the club didn’t want us to focus on the change because the club didn’t want us to challenge it. The harsh interpretation is that the accounts were intentionally misleading because they underplayed the change in policy. Also, the suggestion in the Sun that the EFL has decided to delay publication of the judgement/sanction until after season’s end has a ring o
  6. ‘Matches of a High Order will be arranged.’ Love it, no hoofball in those days. And even better, annual subs only 5 shillings !
  7. As honest a footballer as you will ever see. Even to admitting his ‘poor run of form’ in his interview a couple of months back. Has had trouble getting on the same wavelength as those around him of late.
  8. Weird that they need to ‘address the subject of ownership’. That minor issue. What’s that about ?
  9. Understand that pov. I wasn’t debating that though
  10. I think you need balance. Most players will give you more if they think club decisions are decent and fair and if loyalty is rewarded
  11. Also hope sage is right. But underlying the lesser charge was an insinuation that our accounts were deliberately misleading. If accepted by the panel that is v bad Mods: why is this not on the EFL appeal thread?
  12. MM addressed all this via the daily fail two or three months back. Everyone seems to have forgotten
  13. Why has it taken so long? The only reason I can think of is that the panel has found the issues more difficult that our fans think it is
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