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  1. the school governors have appointed a stand in Head in case there is squabbling between Liam and Wayne in year 11. He knows Wayne from kindergarten and they reckon he can cope with him. I think it means we have caretakers all season provided they turn it around. And it'll be next summer before we see real money spent and a permanent manager. May be driven by residual FFP concerns - the club's year end is 30 June. Perhaps the 32red contract is a factor. Looking forward to 21/22
  2. Rab a dab doo, another entry for the poetry competition: 1895 An innocent mistake was made in Normanton that day, they thought she was a gypsy and they thought she said “FA”. But it was cold and blustery, and hard to see and hear and she had quite an accent so her meaning wasn’t clear. She was in fact an Arab lass, a nomad too, God help her, a Bedouin by birth and on the way to friends in Belper. She’d had a long, exhausting trip, her camel had got cramp and now her tent was leaking, she was tired, cold and damp. So whe
  3. surely knight, sibley, buchanan, bird, bogle, whittaker (weren't they all from the academy?) is a good haul, all very recent leavers. Bogle went for nearly 4m and Buchanan and Knight will soon both be more valuable, Sibley not far off. The number of good players coming through has increased massively
  4. look at the 16th minute in the Bristol game We had started strongly. Rooney collared Lawrence and was telling him what to do. Lawrence's response seemed to say 'can't quite agree with what you're saying but if you're trying to demotivate me you're sure going the right way about it' There's no denying his God given talents with a football - and he was good against Bristol - but imo you take a big risk if you appoint him as manager. And if you don't he just has to go, clean break
  5. we should be hoping that the new owners won't give a rams bolloc about fans bitching and moaning in Derby but that instead they will be focused on growing a global fan base and a group of profligate international sponsors Global domination that's what we should all be dreaming about just now and beating boro 0-4
  6. not heard these warnings the ncstle fans I talk to spend their whole time complaining about how awful their existing owner is
  7. well, I meant 3 FUTURE wins, but shall we say 4? I just can't stand all the doom and gloom We were GOOD today (except for ...)
  8. it's an incredibly flat division, 3 wins and we're mid table Today was really encouraging, except for the final third where tom and waggy were lacking and holmes was played hopelessly out of position. It was SO much more positive and direct than the dishwater we have seen most of the season. Wisdom was back to his best after his trauma, Bird and Knight just getting better and better, Clarke was Mr Dependable, and WR more engaged and as good as he's been since lockdown But up front we were just so weak That will somehow get fixed, we have a few options, but maybe it will not be fixed til
  9. quite. MM's biggest nightmare would be div 1 with a championship cost base. Because he's burning cash in the championship and if things get worse he's in a right pickle the sheikh's lot know that, so they will drive a hard deal where points still need to be agreed. Feel a bit sorry for MM just now. But I still think the deal will happen
  10. rooney played his best since lockdown but also true that with CM we would have scored 2 or 3 btw, I thought 32red paid most of wazzer's wages ?
  11. Very weird that in 20 mins of pre match warm up there’s been no reference at all on RamsTV to the take over. It’s like an enormous elephant in the corner of the screen
  12. isn't this what's happening ? The caretaker phase is a trial. No signs they are anywhere close to appointing anyone else The question is whether Alex Ferguson football will work for our team and whether WR/LR can select the right 11 to make it work
  13. agree, LR has the final say but one thing WR has said is, 'keep it simple' and I think that's what we'll see tomorrow
  14. newcastle fans are saying he'd never heard of Derby county yes it's going to be rooney but only as a caretaker. I hope we don't win too many too soon or he will become our ollie gunnar solshjeaaeeeoer
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