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'suspicious' man outside Derby County's training ground

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1 minute ago, David said:

A fair bit yes, like I say though, thought more would be pissed off by this but clearly not.

Maybe we should invite other clubs to our training sessions, brief them of our tactics, possible lineup, give them a friendly heads up to make the game more challenging for us.

I take the view that the “powers that be” either at the Club or FA will take action if there is a proven case of spying.  I could post some faux outrage for balance, but l am sure B4 and a couple of others will shortly inform us about the cheating Leeds scum.  Can’t believe there is too much advantage to be gained anyway; hopefully it will be another reason though for our lads to ‘turn up’ tomorrow.

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C'mon guys all the evidence is clearly in the picture, we or the club or the police require no further leads on this to suggest it's got anything to do with Leeds.

He/She/It is wearing a pair of Nike F.C pants and was clearly just having a look at our current Umbro training gear and was just getting a look to see how Nike can improve it for next season when we are back in the Premier League.

DCFC probably took loads of publicity fashion type photographs and RamsTV were probably filming it and getting lots of footage to make some trendy advertising media work to launch the new kit manufacturer for next season.

Anyway stand back it's The Police. I wonder how much they got paid for the whole escapade.


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Was it not Vicky27 with a short hair do?

Edited by Boycie
You’ve got to be pre DET forum refugees to be “in” on this one.

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