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  1. I getting myself an Irish one so I can waltz by everyone on the way to benidorm, wearing my knotted hanky and union Jack shorts
  2. bigbadbob

    Flavio Briatore

    No. Might as well get what he can, while he can.
  3. bigbadbob

    Flavio Briatore

    Fair play to him
  4. Which 5 in midfield would you favour?
  5. Which 2 wide players would you favour?
  6. Which 2 wide players would you favour?
  7. I'm not worried about relegation
  8. Good for you mate. Enjoy your evening.
  9. I'll come. You could show your holiday slides
  10. Either way, he's been sacked.
  11. Put some pics up anyway. It's be nice to see a few holiday snaps to relieve the tedium
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