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  1. bigbadbob

    A question for Derby fans...

    Don't worry about it
  2. bigbadbob

    Funny Pics Thread

    Yea, it'll do.
  3. bigbadbob

    Christmas Dinner

    Nah. Maybe a bit of mint. I'd forgotten, when I was a nipper, mum used to make her own mushy peas for Sunday dinner. Think I'll do the same now previous poster reminded me
  4. bigbadbob

    Christmas Dinner

    I'm cooking for 10. Goose, rib or beef and boiling a big ham. And now also, mushy peas
  5. bigbadbob

    Homeless guy

    Have you got a spare room?
  6. bigbadbob

    Homeless guy

    Apologies ramnut. Wasn't meant to be a cheap shot directed personally at you but more as iram describes above. A bit like when various. Celebrities/politicians(across the political spectrum) said how they would happily give a home to.the Syrian refugees. All.fine words but how many carry it through?
  7. bigbadbob

    Homeless guy

    Invite him to stay in your spare room
  8. bigbadbob

    Jack Marriott

    #bringbackbris. I might change my username.
  9. bigbadbob

    Homeless guy

    I blame .... Oh never mind
  10. bigbadbob

    Rate the last film you saw partie deux

    The Debbie does Dallas shower scene?
  11. bigbadbob

    Jack Marriott

    Has he been removed completely or just banned from posting?
  12. bigbadbob

    Homeless guy

    No you dont
  13. Try singing the words as you type. Worked for Ggareth ggates

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