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  1. bigbadbob

    Forum Issues

    Yea inside posts, like this
  2. bigbadbob

    Forum Issues

    Is it just me or have adverts started appearing in the mid!e of posts? Or have they always done tbat and I've only just noticed?
  3. If you feel that bad about it you could always offer them up to some of the more deserving fans who may have missed out
  4. They've got some for sale on eBay apparently
  5. Soz you didn't get the result you wanted yoof.
  6. So why did he send someone down to watch us then, if he already knew everything and wouldn't gain any extra by 'spying'
  7. What happened at the neptune?
  8. bigbadbob

    Forum Issues

    Yep me too
  9. When my daughter was about 2 we got her one of those toy car steering wheel things,with a horn, you attach to her car seat. Anyway I was driving one day with her next to me when she started papping her toy horn and saying "ducking twit, ducking twit ". Don't worry, I told the wife she needs to curb her profanities and road rage when.driving with the children
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