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  1. It's been mentioned a few times
  2. Who cares call them whatever you like. Won't make a difference they're still in power because there were so credible alternatives
  3. I 'd love to give my mam a hug mate but better safe than sorry and most important thing is just seeing her and having a chat and being with her. Get in the garden with her, bit of social distancing, Bob's ya uncle. That's what I'm doing. She can make me a bacon sandwhich, gonna FaceTime wife and kids. It's not ideal but she's cool with it, it's all we can do and it'll hopefully be back to relative normality in a few weeks.
  4. Go for it. I'm more or less in the exact same position as you and I'm off to see her tomorrow. Taking her some shopping, she's letting me in back gate, sit in garden 2m or more apart no physical contact, give her someone to talk to face to face, do her more good than harm. Just got to be sensible and balance things up. Go and see her mate.
  5. https://www.5gexposed.com/finland/
  6. You're just like JC then. That's why he went out with Diane abbott.
  7. I may be wrong but didn't she become a baroness when Jeremy corbyn appointed her to the house of lords? What did she do to earn this appointment from jeremy? Not sure but maybe it was her sterling job on heading up labours anti Semititism inquiry?
  8. Exactly. 2 wongs don't make a right
  9. Here you are lads, I found this for you. I've not read it 'cos I couldn't be arsed but hopefully it'll help you sort it out. Happy to help. COYR https://www.gradesaver.com/rudyard-kipling-poems/study-guide/summary-the-ballad-of-east-and-west#navigation
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