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  1. Oh right. So you don't actually know this then. Opinion as fact etc. Oh we'll never mind. Cheers anyway
  2. I did use the internet. This forum is on the internet and I asked you as you seemed to have specific information of where he has his money invested. I already have a fair whack invested in good so I've got that base covered. Anyway, back to johnson. Are all his investments offshore and in what does he have his money invested? The link you provided didn't give any information. I've tried using the internet, as you've suggested, but I can't find anything that answers my question. Apologies for asking again but, as you do seem to know, if you could enlighten me I'd appreciate it. Many thanks
  3. Are all of his investments off shore? and what has he invested in? I might as well get in on the action so if you could fill me in I'd appreciate it. Cheers
  4. Oh, and racist of course.
  5. It's hilarious isn't it. All the leave voters are so thick.
  6. Yea sounds like it. Fair play to him.
  7. Embarrassing. You love that word don't you? If anyone is embarrassing themselves, it's you.
  8. Oh right. Ok, cheers anyway.
  9. By ' legal process to leave ' did that mean triggering article 50 ?
  10. baalocks. I'm gonna have to sell the private jet after all.
  11. As soon as.Chelsea started sniffing around he didn't give a flying duck about us and hasn't since.
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