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  1. bigbadbob

    Lampard too expensive?

    Have you applied yet?
  2. bigbadbob

    £10m FFP Bill

    Close thread
  3. bigbadbob

    Proud to be British

    Did the search thing, read the comments, don't know what you're on about.
  4. bigbadbob

    Next Manager Poll

    Put him off what?
  5. bigbadbob

    Who is feeling positive for DCFCs future?

    Who would you like to see come in?
  6. bigbadbob

    Feel sorry for Mel.

    What's he said to ya?
  7. bigbadbob

    Surprise departure ?

    And last
  8. bigbadbob

    Chris Martin

    We haven't accepted it yet
  9. bigbadbob

    Proud to be British

    She wouldn't but I would
  10. bigbadbob

    Will be on BBC news channel at 1220

    Wont do any harm though will it ?
  11. bigbadbob

    Yanny or Laurel

  12. bigbadbob

    Play-off final

    I just want football to be the winner COYF
  13. Great away days in div 3 though weren't they!?
  14. bigbadbob

    I'm the most purist fan me

  15. bigbadbob

    I'm the most purist fan me

    as long as football wins. That's more important than the rams winning. COYF

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