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  1. Some of my old haunts back in the day, I probably know you. I started to fall out of love with it about the same time. Became a bit too commercialised and mainstream so lost the edge a bit. Up the rams
  2. Aye, different strokes for different folks.
  3. Maybe. Either way it's up to them how they spend their time.
  4. Maybe they fancied a pint whilst watching the match
  5. What's he saying his reasoning is?
  6. Is it wrong of me to hold this happens?
  7. Rangers fans are completely innocent of course and never sing anything remotely sectarian
  8. A welcome return to the Cheryl gifs. Keep 'em coming
  9. What have juve been accused of?
  10. Suits me, I was never a fan of his work.
  11. Thank you. What do you propose DCFC do?
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