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'suspicious' man outside Derby County's training ground

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1 hour ago, KCG said:

How is that even remotely funny?! Some very sad people on this forum.

We don’t mind the odd Forest fan tbh.

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Our two erstwhile managers might be feeling a tad nostalgic.

They are watching what might have been.

One’s out of work and the other is facing a nine goal deficit in the second leg of a semi final!

Frank’s still in the FA Cup and the top six.

Who’d be a manager?*



* Me for one if I could walk away with a few million quid for failing to fulfil a contract!

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It would be odd that if it were Leeds, that they'd send one spy the day before a game. What about everything else we've been working on this week? There haven't been any reports that I know of of Leeds spying on anybody else, why would they be so worried about us specifically?

It's most probably someone interested in watching training and taking it a little far, but because of the game tomorrow, conclusions are jumped to prematurely. Would the same concerns be written about if we had Ipswich tomorrow?

However if it is a Leeds tactic, then that's got to be a 20 point deduction minimum I reckon.

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