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  1. It might help if we regularly played Lawrence in a position where he's most suited, instead of on the wing, where he quite obviously does not fit in. Brain-dead people posting crass comments about him on his birthday say more about themselves than the lad. Re. the comment above about how people react to the loss of a loved one. We are all different and respond in different ways. Those who just get on with life don't necessarily deal with the grief, but just bottle it up.
  2. Be interesting to know all the facts, but will we ever?
  3. This forum has its fair share of "wrist slashers", but it's also got more than its fair share of "happy clappers", who just can't cope with any criticism of anything Derby County. I don't think it is unfair to say we have played badly in the majority of our games this season and that our manager loves to tinker (when he doesn't have to). He is also responsible for how the team is set up and the tactics used. We have seemed far too worried about how the opposition might play, rather than concentrating on how we should play. When it comes to football styles I like managers with the min
  4. My comment was about the constant changes. We have rarely, if ever, put the same team out for two or more games in a row. Injuries aside it just smacks of meddling for no good reason.
  5. I suspect he's leaving. I also suspect he will score lots of goals for whomever he moves to.
  6. Is he injured again? I can't keep up, nor can I keep up with the constant team changes.
  7. Boro 2 Derby 1. FRGS Lawrence.
  8. It wasn't just the head butt, how about the number of times he lashed out at Huddlestone with his feet? Everyone seems to have missed that. He was rightly dismissed for violent conduct.
  9. Go back a couple of matches or so and there were many saying how poor our squad was, whereas people like Ella and me were saying we could get them into the top 6!
  10. It would be nice if everyone could just comment on the match, rather than always looking to start/continue fighting. Personally feel that Rooney has already had a big influence. Rooney in!
  11. Palace 4 Derby 1. FRGS Lawrence.
  12. Yeah, but it's an illogical made up argument from you. All that's relevant is that match and the consequence for that season only!
  13. Rowett rightly got a lot of stick for being overly negative and so should Cocu. We could easily have conceded in the last 10 minutes.
  14. Wtf is going on? It's the return of Nigel Clough!
  15. Should have put this to bed age's ago. Not sure that I understand the substitution.
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