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  1. Take them like Mount and the majority of penalties will be goals; only danger then is with nerves and either putting it wide or too high.
  2. Wow War and Peace doesn't come close to some of these contributions.
  3. Certainly not the way he is playing, he seems to have no self confidence and makes the wrong choice everytime.
  4. How has Dowell managed to not get subbed?
  5. There's a lot of fouling off the ball by Albion.
  6. Shinnie for Dowell maybe because he's not doing a fat lot.
  7. What's Austin's, scoring record like against us?
  8. Final word on this?! Malone has no defensive nous and frequently loses his bearings (!!), he is OK as an attacking left-sided midfielder as long as he remembers possession is the name of the game. The crowd has every right to moan when he forgets the basics!
  9. That is and has been a major problem. I wonder just how many of the latest intake Cocu really approved of?
  10. I agree, tbh it's been our failing from McClaren to-date (won't mention Nigel Clough, I try to forget that period!).
  11. I thought in the 2nd half he looked much better, and with better movement and retention from others would have had a greater impact.
  12. KCG


    Is that fair, personally think deities should remain aloof 😉
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