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  1. I like Marriott but I don't think we should dare to compare him with Charlie, even in jest! Half these ridiculous topics get started because people are bored and want to moan about something.
  2. KCG


    That's better, because you were implying hoofball. Agree we need to adapt it, let's do what better teams do and keep possession in the oppositions half. They manage to be direct as well.
  3. Maybe someone should suggest Evans dropping into the centre-back position? Hopefully, Clark isn't too badly injured and will be back soon.
  4. KCG


    We don't want hoof ball, we don't need it, but we do over play it. Having said that Bogle's back pass was to no one in particular and was just lazy, stupid and very costly.
  5. Pity we didn't go more direct earlier in the game, their defence looks shocking.
  6. How about the 2 lunges on Lawrence, the ref is poo.
  7. I hope so will shut the Gumps up for 5 mins.
  8. Gumps 2 Derby 2. FRGS Marriott.
  9. Another 10-year plan and God knows how many transition seasons ahead then! Well, that's what it seems some are saying. Let's just point out the obvious flaws: Other teams have just got on with it, without excuses, and sailed past us. Big teams will poach our better players who'll get frustrated playing Championship football. 2nd point leads to us rebuilding and transitioning again. Etc. etc. etc. etc.
  10. God, is this topic still going 😲
  11. I think you are guilty of having a convenient bad memory. Remember, when he is given his chance, that you heard it here first.
  12. I'm surprised at those stats because his distribution is poor, especially when under pressure. TBH if he had passing ability he would have been playing in the Prem, because his defending used to be good.
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