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  1. KCG

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    I see him as an attacking midfield player and not as a left-back.
  2. KCG

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Shh... don't speak too soon, you'll jinx us!
  3. KCG

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Who knows, I don't go in for speculation, I don't see the point. It will all come out in the wash!
  4. KCG

    Derby vs Reading Match Thread

    Not sure about Johnson because he's actually played well for us when he has played, whereas Jozefzoon has offered us very little.
  5. KCG

    v Reading (H) - Predictions

    Derby 3 Reading 1. FRGS Waghorn.
  6. KCG

    Kelle Roos

    I'm not so sure about that, his distribution in the first 20 mins or so wasn't very good. I'd have to see a lot more of him to be able to make a judgement call on whether he is a good all round keeper.
  7. Why encourage him to respond?
  8. Great result and ultimate performance. The start didn't bode well though. For the first 20 mins it was the same old Derby we have been watching for several years now; you to me, me to you across the back line. Bogle was especially frustrating during this period, because instead of passing forward, he would suddenly stop, stand still, then turn back inside and either pass back or sideways. However, for some bizarre reason someone decided to pass to Waghorn and the ball zoomed around our midfield and attacking players, and we nearly scored. From then on we controlled the first half. Frank needs to play the first half back to the team if we ever return to that very annoying me to you nonsense across the backline.
  9. Please don't keep responding to Cjay. He will then disappear back to his humdrum life.
  10. We should, if we can, sign him, but not as a centre-half. His best position for me is as the DM dictating play.
  11. Nah, it's just pretentious crap!
  12. Southampton 1 Derby 3. FRGS Marriott.
  13. A bit stumped by some of our own supporters defending Leeds over this, but some get off on trolling. All teams openly watch their next opposition and look at stats about how they play. Absolutely nothing wrong with this at all, however, that is not what Leeds is guilty of. They have spied on training sessions just prior to games against their opponents. There's only one reason to do this and that is to see how the opposition are going to set up to play against you, and to see if there are any specific corners and free-kick routines. It is cheating and unacceptable. Leeds should be deducted points, but won't be.
  14. We are their feeder club. We should be proud!
  15. KCG

    Are we Overreacting?

    Ah, a realistic, intelligent comment.

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