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  1. It's par for the course, but they still don't get it!
  2. So, the answer is NO then. I thought so. Are you an expert on FFP? Are you an expert on Mel's finances? Are you in the know about his mindset? All these questions apply to everyone else who considers themselves an expert. We might or might not be in serious financial trouble. I don't do uninformed conjecture, but many here do, so it seems.
  3. People were just arguing with him for the sake of arguing (a general theme). He wasn't very good at being able to ignore them, and didn't make use of the ignore feature.
  4. Why not? It was clear that he actually knew what he was talking about, unlike virtually everybody else, on this topic.
  5. At the bottom of the page is a heading called "Theme", click on it and make your choice.
  6. I feel your frustration. As you know I have also asked people to put up, or shut up, about the club's finances. They even provide articles to support their argument, but when you read it you can clearly see it doesn't say the things they have imagined it does. I would suggest that club's who have ambition will sail close to the wind around FFP; as long as they know what they are doing I see nothing wrong in this. What plans Mel has for his role in the club is his business and fans should, as you say, stick to the facts.
  7. Mount is too light-weight in that role and Johnson has proved his worth in the 4-2-3-1 formation, which has seen us improve our performance of late. I agree we need to take our (and create more) opportunities. I would swap Mount for Wilson (with Mount in the centre) and not tinker any more than that.
  8. Well it looks like we will be in the Championship next season and as there aren't too many better options for us it makes sense to sign him up; but this is DCFC!
  9. Think his defensive performances have been much improved in recent games, and that seems to have lifted his confidence.
  10. We need to find the answer to the problem we have had all season to finish in the top 6... goal scoring!
  11. Played well, but Holmes was MoTM.
  12. I found the second half very frustrating. I can understand why he took Lawrence off because he's been out a while, but how Wilson stayed on is beyond me. He didn't do anything right; he constantly makes the wrong decision.
  13. Yes, he creates a threat by having the skill, pace and temerity to run at players.
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