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  1. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Well I bought the missus a Derby top before the game and it seems to have broken the curse. Well happy we won. She's finally seen the rams win. Great game to see her first win
  2. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Erm, I see a slight flaw in that plan
  3. Oh Crap! Its Madley

    When it comes to referees, I'm afraid I can never forgive Uriah Renneh for the pointless abandonment of the first competitive game at Pride Park. A game that we were winning when the lights went off. After the lights came back on camd the shock announcement that the games had been abandoned.
  4. Derby County V Notts Forest

    It's a no win no win situation. On the one hand I know all the games she has been to they have either lost or drawn. On the other hand the gf says 'let's go to the Derby v Notts Forest game'. What would you do?
  5. Derby County V Notts Forest

    Sorry to do this, but I am going with my girlfriend. Every game she has been to with me, we have either lost or drawn
  6. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    I understand that he would be a' free agent '. I'm sure there could be some sort of arrangement between the clubs with regards to the transfer fee. I wasn't sure if the principal of termination and signing as a free agent was possible.
  7. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    I'm not going to trawl back through all 43 pages. But I do have a question. If both Kieftenbeld and Birmingham agree to terminate his contract, won't that make him a free agent and therefore able to sign?
  8. FFP

    Gary was quoted in the DET on the 25th August : "We have got targets. we have got people we would like to bring in but based on keeping the squad at a certain level we know that is going to be a little bit dependent - not financially dependent, but number dependent - on the outs." Going back to the OP, it would suggest outs weren't driven by FFP requirement.
  9. Sunderland v Derby County - Match day thread

    In that game, I don't think we looked like a team. Maybe one or two players from a team, but not quite yet.
  10. Sunderland v Derby County - Match day thread

    Is it me, or are we missing Will Hughes. That bit of calm and quality on the ball in dangerous area's?
  11. Sunderland v Derby County - Match day thread

    Mmmm. Mixed views first half. Some reasonable balls. But too many mistakes giving the ball away. Well worked goal for Derby with a bit of fortune with a deflection on the pass. Well taken penalty for Sunderland.
  12. v Northampton Town Match Thread

    Can't see many changes :-(
  13. v Northampton Town Match Thread

    I thought Bennett looked useful early on. Good pace and got his shots on target. Olsson. Wtf? After Butterfield lost the ball, he just trotted back. Nowhere near a defensive position. I hope rowett rings the changes second half.

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