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  1. Big Bad Bob

    Scottish Winger we bought

    Holy thread resurrection! I wonder where McAllister fits into the plans after the close of the transfer window? I think we all had high hopes for him if he ever got fit. Not sure now with all the recent signings.
  2. Big Bad Bob


    Anybody know how many season tickets have been sold as of today / last published figure?
  3. Big Bad Bob

    Booing Butters’ Every Touch

    Unfortunately I was busy doing other things today so I didn't get chance to see the game. But why do we need to boo Butterfield? I can understand his frustration and want to play football. Put yourself in his position. If you thought you weren't going to play would you want to just sit on the bench? Probably not. There is a reason we paid the money we did for him. He was highly thought of at Huddersfield and if I recall he was their player of the year. So he obviously has ability. His style of football didn't suit the rowett style of play. However, I think Butterfield is a similar player to Frank Lampard. So I can see him being the player we know he can be in a Frank Lampard team. So let's get behind him so he can get his confidence back and be the player we need him to be.

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