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  1. Big Bad Bob

    Next season

    Passions are obviously running high at the moment. And I'm BITTERLY disappointed after last night, but I'm pragmatic enough to say that Fulham were the better side. I think they will get promoted and actually have a decent season next season in the Premier. I'm also kind of disappointed in myself for allowing me to get my hopes up again for them to be dashed near the finishing post. But that's football. We need to stop the revolving door policy we have with managers of recent years. Gary has had one summer and one winter transfer window. He needs the same again, and then come March 2019, if we are languishing, then we can say he's had a fair crack of the whip to get it right. I'm sure Gary has learned a lot of lessons this season about his squad and tactics. I don't think he's blind to the faults of some of the players in the squad and I think he will address those problem areas. So let's settle down, stop the rash, panic and passion fuelled decisions and let Mel and Gary prepare us for next season.
  2. Big Bad Bob

    What going wrong lately

    Happy to have not taken lookman if his heart wasn't in it.
  3. Big Bad Bob

    What going wrong lately

    I like the way Rowett is open about his thoughts (within reason). What he says makes sense. And I think the things he says a lot of people agree with. Like the need to make changes from Saturday. 6 changes from the previous game. I thought maybe one or two too many. But it's hard to argue the people he dropped and the people he brought in have also played well. I would like us to think about going from a 4231 to a 442, but I'm not sure we have the right people. But again this is where Gary has been sensible. I applaud his approach in the transfer market. He hasn't rushed into panic buying and isn't over spending. January is a notoriously difficult month to recruit sensibly in. We could have taken a boom or bust approach. But that has backfired in the past. Most, if not all, of the players in the squad are talented and capable players. Given Rowett's sensible approach, I don't think we are far off and this is our wobble. Probably the right time to have it and not in the last 5 games.
  4. Big Bad Bob

    What going wrong lately

    I don't want to sounds negative, I am trying to be pragmatic. Whilst we have some great results and we arguably deserved to be where we were. We scored more than we conceded and we have had a strong defence. But I have thought we have had a lack of consistency through the game. We seem to play well one half and then seem to be a little more lazy / less in the oppositions face in the other half. But for the half we have been good, we have been able to defend the other half when not so good. I also wonder about the consistent 4 2 3 1 formation. Under Mac we played a 4 3 3 and did well until teams started countering that. In the last 5 games we have 6 points from a possible 15. Are teams starting to counter out 4 2 3 1? Do we need to tweak the formation slightly? Do we have the personnel to tweak the formation?
  5. Big Bad Bob

    Sam Winnall torn ACL, out for the season

    Keogh up front?
  6. Big Bad Bob

    6pm live announcement with Mel

    Announcing a coup signing, but have waited to make sure the contract was signed in the correct place?

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