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  1. Did Mason Bennett or Tom Lawrence take a pay cut after getting behind the wheel after drinking? I'm not condoning the actions of any of the players. I just want us to show our appreciation for the years of service Richard gave to us.
  2. I for one wish him all the best. The circumstances of his departure were deeply unfortunate. But he was a long serving player and I'm pleased to see that he appears to have overcome his injury. If he does play against Derby I hope we do give him a warm welcome for all the years he played for us. But I suspect there won't be a warm welcome 😔
  3. I understand where you are coming from. When I was young in the 90's I used to enjoy the walk to the pop side of the BBG trying to find a shortcut through the back streets, but always enjoying coming out again in the crowds walking to the stadium. Standing in the stadium and literally being carried off my feet (actually when lifted off my feet was a bit scary as I couldn't breath), but the general hustle and atmosphere in there. Then the walk back to the bus station and people stopping in cars to ask the score. I could name you more players in the team in the 90's than I could for a team from
  4. Is my red button not working or is it not on sky?
  5. It's bit of a depressing thought that for the second year on the trot our POTY isn't actually a Derby player ☹️
  6. Dude, have you ever been there???? If he gets stuffed with Middlesbrough then we will have lost the hearing and that would be punishment 😂
  7. I thought all games were being shown on Sky and costs £10 for non season ticket holders? I'm not what that means for Sky Sports subscribers?
  8. This, I have Sky Sports and I don't know if I can watch any of the games, or is it just season ticket holders?
  9. I vaguely remember being at that game and that goal is in my memory as the best goal I have seen. I think that's the first time I've seen it replayed since I saw it live. I thought it was a volley straight from Shiltons' kick, but it bounced once. But jeez, what a goal!!!
  10. It's funny how work has been suspended there during the COVID-19 lockdown that they have somehow managed to finally make progress with it ........ 🤨
  11. Why? The furlough scheme pays 80% of salary up to a cap of £2500 per month. £2500 per month equates to an annual salary of £30k. If you earn £60k and are furloughed, then you will lose 50% of your salary without any say in the matter. Is that wrong too?
  12. I don't agree with it being reasonable for the players to see evidence. By and large I have not read articles in newspapers, so I am not getting swayed by the Daily Mail. What I am doing is looking at it from an employer perspective and the very survival of a business. I have been furloughed without the difference being made up. And the expectation is 9 million applications for furlough so that would suggest a significant proportion of the country being furloughed. There is a difficult balance between people's finances, the requirements of a customer (who also may depend on the company you wor
  13. I'm struggling with seeing the players side in all of this. I'm sure in their contract, legally they are entitled to be paid. Players insisting on their full pay is likely to put many clubs at risk of collapse given that they are the largest cost to a club (and arguably their biggest asset). Morally I think they should do what they can to help the club. For the vast majority of people who work for a business and have a 'normal' contract, they have no say in the matter whether they are furloughed or not. The players at this club I would imagine are well paid and could better afford to take a wa
  14. Since he was young, I followed him, Louie Sibley, The player for me la la la laaaa
  15. Who's going to get dropped if Lawrence and Rooney are available next game? Would be really harsh. Great performance from the youngsters and Shinnie.
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