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  1. Haha
    Anna reacted to SIWY in Football chants 2019/2020 season!   
    To the tune of Can You Feel It...
    Krystian Bielik! Krystian Bielik! Krystian Bielik!
  2. Haha
    Anna got a reaction from ariotofmyown in Cardiff City (H) Match Thread   
    I'd be interested in seeing a higher res version of this... coz I wanna spot myself 😂
  3. Like
    Anna reacted to angieram in Cardiff City (H) Match Thread   
    I just liked this view with the moon rising over the South Stand tonight.
    Pride Park under the floodlights. Something special.

  4. Haha
    Anna reacted to Mostyn6 in 1988 blue checked away shirt   
    Mine arrived too. Got weirded out by the Ram facing that way!
    you should zoom in on the Ram’s eye for Burton Ram. 
  5. Like
    Anna got a reaction from angieram in Attending Football Abroad   
    Currently at Providence Park watching Portland Timbers v Real Salt Lake 😄
  6. Haha
    Anna reacted to Van Rammeister in Next.   
    If he does, would he be a Knight in Shinnie armour?
  7. COYR
    Anna reacted to Mafiabob in Noooooooo   
  8. Haha
    Anna reacted to Mucker1884 in Today's game - where can we watch it?   
    Not the most apt turn of phrase, under the circumstances!  Why would you even have a tree in the first place, to be done in?  How many fingers you got, just as a matter of interest?  ;-)
  9. Haha
    Anna reacted to Boycie in Today's game - where can we watch it?   
    That moment you realise that it isn’t a big game outside the East Midlands.
  10. COYR
    Anna reacted to DesertRam in v Forest (A) Carabao Cup Match Thread   
    Afraid I can't find it anywhere over here, good news is we are gonna win this 2 - 0 with goals from Dowell and Paterson👍
  11. Haha
    Anna reacted to FindernRam in Positives   
    I said a few days ago I was going to shed my negativity and become a happy clapper as far as the team goes. So!
    Grass was a nice shade of green, sprinklers made pretty rainbows in the lights, shirts maintained their whiteness throughout the match. 
  12. Haha
    Anna reacted to 86 Schmokes & a Pancake in 'mo55ys' 2019/20 DCFCFANS 'PL' Tables..   
    Division 3 😪 Oh well, this was always going to be a 'transitional' season for me. It's all about next year 🤣
  13. Like
    Anna reacted to therams69 in Derby County Flags   
    Brighton Pier. Made the local rag over there as well!

  14. Haha
    Anna reacted to Inverurie Ram in Derby County Flags   
    @Ellafella I take it, that's just the tent for the carry out.......yeah.
  15. Cheers
    Anna reacted to Ghost of Clough in U23s v Southampton   
    “Each team can field a goalkeeper over the age limit and up to three "over-age" outfield players in every match”
  16. Sad
    Anna reacted to MK in v Bristol City (H) - Predictions   
    Derby 2 - 1 Bristol City
    FRGS Lawrence 
    (Side note - after I type FRGS my phone's suggested words are Mount and Wilson 😥)
  17. Haha
    Anna reacted to Van der MoodHoover in Gary Rowett on Quest   
    We were first match on tonight.
    snakey was analysing in the studio and it was a bizarre performance.
    firstly, calling out stoke for “playing so poorly last season just after they’d come down”. Er - you mean under you Gaz?
    secondly for faintly praising Cocu “seems to be trying to build a philosophy at Derby. I was speaking to Mel Morris and some of the staff recently and they’ve been trying to play the same way throughout the club”. You mean he’s doing what Mel has been talking about for yonks and which you completely failed to do.
    honestly does he live in some parallel universe? 😂
  18. Haha
    Anna reacted to Alpha in Lawrence up to 30 minutes in a game   
    You want to do what to him at half time? 
  19. Haha
    Anna reacted to Tombo in Turn off that Engine!   
    Very upsetting to hear this.
    I am fuming
  20. Haha
    Anna reacted to Paul71 in Pre match drinks   
  21. Haha
    Anna reacted to Millenniumram in Pre match drinks   
    If you’re drinking carling I think I’ll stay here
  22. Haha
    Anna reacted to Will Hughes Hair in Turn off that Engine!   
    Any chance you could sort out the UK's future relationship with the EU next? Ta, from all of us.
  23. Like
    Anna reacted to angieram in v Stoke City (A) Match thread   
    It's not really got anything to do with tomorrow's match but I just let Kelle Roos into our office block and wanted to share! 
  24. Haha
    Anna reacted to Van der MoodHoover in v Stoke City (A) Match thread   
    OBE for services to midfield? 😂
  25. Haha
    Anna got a reaction from Pearl Ram in Stoke is now a sell out   
    I have no reason why I didn't get my ticket the day they were released, other than the fact I'm an idiot 😂
    No thanks to hoovering!!!
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