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  1. Haha
    Anna got a reaction from mozza in v Swansea (A) - Predictions   
  2. Like
    Anna reacted to mozza in v Swansea (A) - Predictions   
    I'm a sucker for a pretty face , 3 points heading your way ..
  3. Like
    Anna got a reaction from BriggRam in v Swansea (A) - Predictions   
    FRGS Waggers 
    Kick off not happened yet so pleaseeee let me change it!
  4. Clap
    Anna reacted to RadioactiveWaste in EFL charge Derby over ffp   
    Once the legal aspects have been resolved, this is a point that shouldn't be lost.
  5. Like
    Anna reacted to SaintRam in EFL charge Derby over ffp   
    It all looks bad now, but when we inexplicably sneak up via the playoffs; utterly bizarrely win the FA Cup (through I imagine primarily own goals) AND win the legal battle - things will look rosier than they've ever looked before.
  6. Angry
    Anna reacted to Millenniumram in My favourite photo   
    Good times 👀

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    Anna reacted to Kinder in My favourite photo   
  8. Like
    Anna reacted to REDCAR in My favourite photo   
  9. Haha
    Anna got a reaction from Mucker1884 in Season Ticket Renewals   
    Oi! Or find one who loves The Rams 😀
  10. Clap
    Anna got a reaction from angieram in Season Ticket Renewals   
    Oi! Or find one who loves The Rams 😀
  11. Haha
    Anna reacted to Srg in Season Ticket Renewals   
    Close the forum, we've peaked.
  12. Haha
    Anna reacted to ThePrisoner in Season Ticket Renewals   
  13. COYR
    Anna reacted to Squid in Season Ticket Renewals   
    Me when Chris Martin returned.
  14. Haha
    Anna reacted to Van Gritters in Season Ticket Renewals   
    Which ground are you going to?
  15. Like
    Anna reacted to Mucker1884 in Season Ticket Renewals   
    Hey, @B4ev6is, I admire your passion and commitment to The Rams, but I'm going to say something that you most certainly won't like to hear just now...
    I seriously hope that one day, you miss a match for someone else.  Someone so special... so wonderful... so beautiful... so charming... that you are happy... or at least prepared... to miss a match, in order to put their feelings first.  Someone even more important then DCFC.  Imagine that!
    Spending the rest of your life being in love with the Rams is fantastic.  I get that, I really do.
    But finding someone you want to spend the rest of your life with... and making them your number 1 priority... is truly 100 times more fantastic! 
    Trust me now.  Thank me later.
    Ooh... see how I kept that gender neutral!  How very modern of me!  

  16. Haha
  17. COYR
    Anna got a reaction from SunnyRam in RamsTV Feedback   
    Was my post invisible/unclear 😂
    Hope you've all got it sorted. COYR!
  18. Cheers
    Anna got a reaction from ilkleyram in RamsTV Feedback   
    It's there and available to purchase 🙂
  19. COYR
    Anna reacted to Millenniumram in FA Cup Fifth Round Draw - 27/01 19:19   
  20. Cheers
    Anna reacted to OwenB87 in RamsTV Feedback   
    It’s actually at the discretion of the home team, so Luton could decide not to stream the game, and that would mean we & Sky can’t either. That’s the reason we couldn’t show Wigan domestically on Boxing Day too.
    Luton might decide nearer kick-off that they want to stream afterall, so keep your eyes peeled.
    And if you happen to see Sky advertising it on the red button, that’ll mean we’ve got it too. 
  21. Clap
    Anna reacted to G-Ram in v Northampton Town (A) - Matchday Thread   
    Savage & co keep going on about this sending off... Ffs we should have enough to beat these. We have England & man United all time top goal scorer & they have a player that was a PE teacher last year 
  22. Like
    Anna reacted to OwenB87 in RamsTV Feedback   
    As it stands, it's a worldwide stream.
    But we'll do our best to make it available to UK viewers, too. Might be a late decision but keep your fingers crossed . . . !
  23. COYR
    Anna reacted to Ellafella in I love Derby Fans.   
    “Pride Park stay-dee-um,
    prob-lee worth £eighty-mill-yon
    Mell Morris is forkin brilll-yant,
    fork the E-F-L...”.
    Actually brought a tear to my eye.
    That was brilliant. Thank you. 
  24. COYR
    Anna reacted to Shipley Ram in Jack O’Connell is a Ram   
    We all knew he was a Ram but his Q & A in the Guardian cheered me up on an EFL blighted morning
    Highlights include
    What or who is the greatest love of your life?
    Derby County.
    What does love feel like?
    A bit one way when you support Derby.
  25. Haha
    Anna reacted to Paul71 in how dare you elf   
    I agree. They just seem to want to punish clubs. Its becoming a bit of a hobbit.
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