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Unexpected fellow Rams fan meeting


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Was on honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast last month and we got chatting to a couple from the South West. We were discussing future holiday destinations and Latvia was mentioned. I said "if you go to Latvia you may as well go to Estonia whilst you're there, I don't much about it but one our old keeper's was from there". The chap goes, "Mart Poom! I don't believe it, what team do you support?" so of course I told him, and he told me him too!

So if you're that chap and you're on this forum - hello!

Small world eh ?

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I took a bird to Sorrento back in the early 90’s thank god it wasn’t my honeymoon. I must say the place was lovely went down the Amalfi coast, Capri, Rome, Pompeii etc what a great place. Met a couple from Yorkshire who I think were Halifax or Huddersfield fans and I chewed their ears off about my hero Bobby Davison loved the food and wine.

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