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  1. RodleyRam

    Chris Martin

    Remember last year when we were winning and the majority of fans claimed GR was an alchemist and Martin was finished...? in the back half of the season we really missed a player of Chris Martin's quality to help us control games better. He could still have done a job then and he could now. However, now we have a lot more choice and a style of play that is less susceptible to gifting the opposition possession so they can dominate us. Chris won't play for us again, doesn't mean he's become a bad player, we've just moved on and he needs a fresh start.
  2. RodleyRam

    Our Defence

    If it ain't broke don't fix it. That said we have players who have been out injured for long periods and youngsters who will dip in and out of form. It's a squad game and all have to contribute when called on as demonstrated by Malone this eve.
  3. RodleyRam

    Tom Lawrence - Fan criticism

    Has ability, works hard on the pitch, confidence player. Tries to do way too much, feels like he's trying to prove himself and can only do that by taking on a whole defence and banging it in top corner. He needs to grow up and use his ability to also let others shine. That's what Russell was good at a lot of the time. He needs sitting down for a serious chat and telling that he'll waste his talent if he tries to do it all himself... Get your head up son and pass to someone in a better position. Then get yourself into a better position and you'll reap the rewards. If he can't adjust his play, he'll only ever be a slightly frustrating forward who shows the occasional moment of genius.
  4. Terrible attitude that Chris Martin... Hope it works for him, not had the best run of it since Pearson and he's a quality player. Hope he can find form and get himself a permanent move.
  5. RodleyRam

    Will Cardiff take our record from us?

    No team will ever be as bad as we were that season. The only way a team will do worse is if they incur heavy points deductions... We have to find a way to revel in our record and come to terms with it!
  6. I'm guessing it's like work experience. We'll give him all the shitty jobs so he can see how rubbish the world of work is and if he lasts the distance we'll get him a WH Smith's voucher.
  7. RodleyRam

    What's happening with George Thorne?

    It's a fair point we have started strongly. Last season we came unstuck because Rowett stuck rigidly with the team that was 'doing the talking' despite it being a long season and the need for depth and variety. Sending Martin out on loan and freezing of George was an epic mistake when we needed to stop the rot and control games. I appreciate it's different now but i think we would be unwise to freeze out a player of George's proven ability. He may yet be integral. Possibly not the point you were making but I've had a beer and I heart George...
  8. RodleyRam

    Mason Bennett

    To be fair he has said that every season for the last 7 years... I'm glad Bennett seems to have settled and engaging football brain. He has good natural abilities always needed to improve his decision making and a lot of that can come down to personal maturity and good coaching. He's making an impact and long may that continue.
  9. RodleyRam

    What's happening with George Thorne?

    It is odd he hasn't had a loan. Completely near sighted if he isn't given the chance to prove his fitness and talent in training and squad reps where possible. If he is fit and mentally right he has to be part of the reckoning.. he's simply too good to be discounted. Come on George prove your worth kid...
  10. RodleyRam

    What are you eating tonight

    Treated my wife to a 3 course midweek date night Teriyaki Sea Bass with pickled cucumber. Beef rendang with mushroom rice Raspberry & chocolate cheesecake Bottle of Vina Sol Notes: Tough too much ginger in the rendang paste Otherwise bang on the money
  11. RodleyRam

    Feeling strange

    @froggg wouldn't stand for this kind of nonsense on the teatime thread
  12. Would love for Mourinho to get fired on the back of a drubbing from us...
  13. RodleyRam

    v Hull (A) (League) - Predictions

    Hull 2 Derby 1 Bryson with ours I'm never right
  14. RodleyRam

    The loan signing

    When you have Martin and Thorne on the books in positions we need variety and quality I really don't see the point in more new blood. We have a silly number of players as it is, I'd rather see players not going to be involved get moves away. Anya, Butters etc. surely we're better off getting them deals out on loan even if we take some of the wages.

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