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  1. Haven't played in ages. Kiss of death imminent... 3-1 to us Wilson FRGS
  2. Congrats and thanks to all involved. It's been feast or famine for me over the years with the forum. My most active time coincided with a real period of unhappiness and relationship break-up. The forum was a great escape, brought a smile to my face and allowed me to project my dismay at the world onto a number of unsuspecting members! Sozza. Despite the ranting and disagreements, it's mostly good natured and people seem to be able to see the funny side, which is a stark contrast to the rest of the internet! That's a great achievement all said and done. I agree with the poster (can't be arsed to check who it was) that said the forum's main strength is that it brings different folk together. Too much of the internet operates in a vacuum and you only see people who have views and life experiences that mirror your own or the complete polar opposite, which results in fingers in ears shouting. There's a great mix on here and you can learn a lot by just taking the time to read other's opinions and point of view. I don't post much anymore but I like to check in every now and then to see which transfer targets people have seen in Homebase, what breakfast is available at the training ground and what @froggg has had for his tea... Keep up the good work @David and your minions...
  3. To improve this team... a quality LB and a midfield destroyer. Chris Powell John Eustace There are players with a lot more ability but these guys would fill in some gaps and give us a bit of steel and experience.
  4. Remember last year when we were winning and the majority of fans claimed GR was an alchemist and Martin was finished...? in the back half of the season we really missed a player of Chris Martin's quality to help us control games better. He could still have done a job then and he could now. However, now we have a lot more choice and a style of play that is less susceptible to gifting the opposition possession so they can dominate us. Chris won't play for us again, doesn't mean he's become a bad player, we've just moved on and he needs a fresh start.
  5. If it ain't broke don't fix it. That said we have players who have been out injured for long periods and youngsters who will dip in and out of form. It's a squad game and all have to contribute when called on as demonstrated by Malone this eve.
  6. Has ability, works hard on the pitch, confidence player. Tries to do way too much, feels like he's trying to prove himself and can only do that by taking on a whole defence and banging it in top corner. He needs to grow up and use his ability to also let others shine. That's what Russell was good at a lot of the time. He needs sitting down for a serious chat and telling that he'll waste his talent if he tries to do it all himself... Get your head up son and pass to someone in a better position. Then get yourself into a better position and you'll reap the rewards. If he can't adjust his play, he'll only ever be a slightly frustrating forward who shows the occasional moment of genius.
  7. Terrible attitude that Chris Martin... Hope it works for him, not had the best run of it since Pearson and he's a quality player. Hope he can find form and get himself a permanent move.
  8. No team will ever be as bad as we were that season. The only way a team will do worse is if they incur heavy points deductions... We have to find a way to revel in our record and come to terms with it!
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