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  1. It is an overreaction but we have a newish side, newish manager and looking to build some momentum. Seems a little odd we changed so much. Don't really care about the rivalry to be honest but it does hold weight with lots of fans and the manner of the defeat will hurt some. I genuinely think we will get stronger as they bed in but I think it was an opportunity to build some form. On to the next, 3 points and a good performance will put it to bed.
  2. Same moronic comments about Wilson this time last year. Get a grip. Young player, away from home, new manager, new system. He'll play his part just like everyone else in the squad. Patience is a virtue. Idiocy, sadly, is not.
  3. Impressive performance. No more CBs required for me. Good cover there
  4. I'd prefer not become known as Chelsea B to be honest. The relationship between Chelsea and Derby was a relationship between Chelsea and Lampard as proved by the summer. Plenty more fish in the sea, let's become someone else's bitch or better still play the field and sleep around.
  5. Give me Mel over random foreign owners any day of the week. Football has lost much of it's soul and the money is just ridiculous. At least with Mel we have retained some of our local identity, growing emphasis on youth, decent football etc. We've had our fair share of embarrassing events under Mel but I think the intentions behind most decisions have been right. Can't knock the guy overall. The only thing missing has been promotion and that's not completely in his control.
  6. Every year I predict we will go up. So I'm trying something different this time and predicting a brutal transition season and mid table finish. Give Cocu time and we will go up autos next season.
  7. I think it's just being honest. Pre-season is about going through the gears, building fitness to match readiness, imposing playing style and building confidence. This just hasn't really happened. Match that with limited transfer activity and injuries and you can see why people are nervous. It might not make a scrap of difference but we aren't coming into the season firing on all cylinders and clearly have a bit of ground to make up.
  8. Technically a decent player, performed well for a time and looked the part. Indicative of our odd / desperate transfer policy at that point. Not sure it was his fault, just struggled to fit different systems and hugely lost his way. Hopefully he gets some games and finds some form. Miserable Bamford though...
  9. I predict we'll have a slow start. Purchase the captain of lesser nation international at CB/Sweeper. Get trounced away to some relegation fodder. Switch to wing backs. Get promoted in the top 2 thanks to a penultimate match victory against a promotion rival.
  10. Common sense would suggest that everyone on the books would have a clean slate. However, it's likely that info and profiles will be passed down. I doubt it's been solely the policy of successive managers to send the likes of Martin out on loan. I'd be very surprised if Cocu approached things differently. I like Martin, I think he could still be a great player for us. However, I expect too much water has passed under the bridge and he'll be sent out on loan before being released on a free...
  11. If Lampard was coming into football management this season rather than last, I think you would still see the clamour for him to join Chelsea. That's just how it is, clubs and fans can't help being nostalgic and irrational about these things. So, no, I don't blame Frank here, it was always going to happen and probably represents a lower risk to him going now than having a bad season with us and never getting the chance again... Some good memories, better team spirit, more attractive football. Wish them luck
  12. I think this is a really interesting conversation and there's a lot of change and acceptance going on in the world right now. Sadly, there's also a concerning amount of division going on too, which is often fuelled by a lack of empathy and fear of the other. Football has the opportunity to lead the way on issues like this and I'm sure lots of work is being done. Unfortunately though I think sport lags behind in many areas. Humans are tribal. We will always form groups around interests, cultures, preferences and things even more fundamental like gender, enthnicity, age, sexual orientation etc. I'm not sure if it's inclusive or exclusive, it's just how we form relationships attached to our identity, we have an inherent need to 'belong'. The complexity that many people find more difficult to understand is that you can be a member of more than one group, often simultaneously i.e. you are more than just one part of you. You can be LGBT+, Derby and whatever else all at the same time and at other times choose to identify more specifically with one of those groups. Suggesting that LGBT+ specific groups are exclusive is the same as saying being a Derby County fan is exclusive. Of course it is to a certain extent because that's often how people come together, that's the nature of identity. Some elements of identity are more powerful and emotive than others. Im' outing myself as a white, middle-class male. It's often hard for us to see the need for this kind of work, particularly if we are not racist, homophobic etc ourselves directly. The systems are still inherently designed to favour us and we don't always recognise the fundamental need for others to have better access into these spaces. LGBT+ and other groups traditionally marginalised still have a lot of work to do to ensure they are heard and represented in mainstream or traditionally white male dominated domains, where they have been excluded and often abused. As some others have said, there's still a lot of work to do on this. What will really help is if those of us from traditional power bases stand alongiside them and proactively support.
  13. All we have to do is win. We've proven we are capable of that 20 times already this season. I'm back Frank to fire them up an Leeds to wilt under the pressure like a poorly cooked soufflé. Early goal, 3-1 victory, Villa absolutely spank us in the final...
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