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  1. Current Squad Values

    I was just saying that he DID break into the Watford team but got injured - The fact he didnt play from the start of the season doesnt show he didnt have a chance the play.... as I remember it, he had some good games for Watford before the last injury. Personally I think that Hughes never played by the standard before his long injurybreak after his return! He looks a bit slower, out of form and without the class he had a couple years ago. But that just my opinion.
  2. Current Squad Values

    Hughes is injured .... Was pkaying before the injury
  3. RamsTV

    Working now????
  4. RamsTV

    Missed the last two games... was looking forward to the games today ... ?
  5. RamsTV

    Dont know. Got the same problem
  6. 17/18 Loan Watch

    Try midfielder
  7. Russian Dolls

    Look injuryprone
  8. Cameron Jerome - Signed 18 month deal

    Can we change the clubname to Derby Old Boys now or do we have to wait to the end of the session? ,??
  9. Emil Riis Jakobsen joined VVV Venlo on loan

    Think its a good idea for him to go too. Vernam og Zanzala are both two years older and not even near the first team. If he wants to play first team football now he needs to find another club because its not gonna happen in DCFC as things are going now.
  10. Going to VVV Venlo on loan for the rest of the season. Want to play "Adult" football. He dont think Derby is the way for a young player like him (to much money to buy) and have been told the chance is better in dutch football. Do not sound like he thinks, he will be back in DCFC https://www.bold.dk/fodbold/nyheder/ung-derby-dansker-rykker-til-aeresdivisionen/
  11. Rowett Signs 3 and a Half Year Contract

    Sorry. But based on DCFC and football history the chance of GR not getting sacked at some point before 2021 is on my side, SaintRam . Not saying I want him out. But footballclubs (and footballfans) do not tend to love a manager when things going get tough...
  12. Rowett Signs 3 and a Half Year Contract

    Now it will cost us more WHEN Uncle Mel sacks him
  13. RamsTV

    Use the webside not the app.... My expirience too.
  14. Middlesbrough v Derby County match day thread.

    Like Reading at home?
  15. U23’s v Wolfsburg

    Have many over-23years can we use in these matches? 3?

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